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Chapter 567 – Question Yao Xixue The Second Time

Inside the inner valley of the Soul Refining Tribe, Wang Lin touched his bag of holding and a ball of restrictions suddenly flew out. He sent out a seal at the ball of restrictions and then it suddenly enlarged and opened like a flower blooming.

Inside, Yao Xixue was sitting in the lotus position and her face was deathly pale.

The life seal placed on her forehead continued to flash. Every time it flashed, it would send a bit of life force into her body to prevent her from dying.

Yao Xixue opened her eyes and gave Wang Lin a vicious stare. Her hatred for Wang Lin was endless.

Wang Lin completely ignored Yao Xixue’s gaze as he calmly said, “Fellow cultivator Yao, have you considered my proposal from last time?”

Yao Xixue clenched her teeth. She couldn’t feel the passage of time inside this restriction, which made a feeling of helplessness arise in her heart.

Although it has only been a bit over a year on the outside, for her, it felt like an eternity.

Wang Lin looked at Yao Xixue and softly said, “My patience has its limits, so I’ll only give you three chances. This time you can choose not to answer again, but next time will be the third time. If you still don’t wish to answer, then we will never meet again!”

“Are you not afraid of my father hunting you down!?” Yao Xixue clenched her first.

Wang Lin faintly smiled and nodded. “I’m afraid! The Blood Ancestor’s cultivation is far above mine. If I’m hunted by him, I’m afraid I won’t even have the chance to escape with my low cultivation.

“However, I was forced into this situation. If it wasn’t for you scheming against me, I would not have plotted against you. Everything has a cause and effect. If I let you go, I will still offend the Blood Ancestor, but if I keep you at hand, I might have a chance to live!”

Yao Xixue quickly said, “If you let me go, I’ll swear to never tell my father about it and the grudge between us will be cleared!”

Wang Lin carefully looked at Yao Xixue and said, “I don’t believe you!”

“You!!” Yao Xixue took a deep breath and said, “What do you want?!”

Wang Lin said, “Follow my rule, answer one of my questions, and I’ll decrease the amount of time I seal you for by 50 years!”

Yao Xixue lowered her head. Her eyes showed signs of struggle.

Wang Lin patiently looked at her.

Half an incense stick of time later, she raised her head and coldly said, “Even if you seal me, with my father’s ability, he will still find me. At that time, I’ll personally see my father destroy your body, extract your soul, and lock it in the nether place. At that time, you will know what it means to be better off dead than alive!”

Wang Lin let out a sigh and said, “You wasted your second chance. I hope you will treasure the next time!” With that, his eyes lit up and he took a step forward. He arrived before Yao Xixue, grabbed her jaw, and with a little force, forced her little mouth open.

Yao Xixue’s face was completely pale. She wanted to struggle, but her body had no strength.

Wang Lin revealed a smile that was not a smile as he inserted two fingers into Yao Xixue’s mouth. When he withdrew his hand, there was a red needle between his fingers.

“You used trace amounts of essence from inside your body to form this needle. If given enough time, you might really be able to use this needle to block the life seal and die within this restriction!” With that, Wang Lin crushed the needle, causing it to dissipate in a cloud of red mist.

Yao Xixue’s body trembled. Her gaze toward Wang Lin could no longer be described as vicious…

Yao Xixue took a deep breath, then a rare trace of clarity appeared in her eyes and she softly said, “Wang Lin, if there is a day I escape, I’ll use any means to torture you in the most cruel way!”

At this moment, it was as if there was an invisible force working on Yao Xixue’s body. It was slowly condensing all her hatred for Wang Lin and gradually changing it to break open the void.

Wang Lin faintly smiled and said, “It looks like there are too few restrictions on your body!” He waved his right hand, and with a gentle breeze, Yao Xixue’s clothes were blow away, revealing her voluptuous body.

Wang Lin carefully examined her body. Yao Xixue’s eyes still maintained the clarity she had before, but Wang Lin could see that it was starting to dissipate.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up as his right hand reached out and poked several places on her body. Every location he poked was a sensitive spot for Yao Xixue.

Every time his finger landed, he sent a trace of celestial spiritual energy into her body. Yao Xixue’s body slowly turned red, and the clarity in her eyes disappeared and was replaced by endless humiliation and hostility once more.

Yao Xixue’s malice had reached its limit, and she hysterically shrieked, “Wang Lin, you are despicable, shameless! I, Yao Xixue, will never forgive you!”

Wang Lin let out a sigh of relief. This Yao Xixue’s talent was indeed amazing. At that moment, she was going to turn her incredible hatred for him into a type of understanding. To enter the dao through hatred, that was where that clarity from her eyes came from. If she was successful, then he wouldn’t be able to seal her with just the life seal!

That was why Wang Lin removed her clothes, stimulated her body with celestial spiritual energy until the clarity in her eyes disappeared, and destroyed the state she had just entered.

Wang Lin softly said, “There are too few seals on you!” His hands moved, creating countless restrictions that landed on Yao Xixue’s body.

Wang Lin’s restrictions mercilessly created a cycle on her sensitive spots. As a result, that kind of stimulation from before would constantly be invading her body. This was the only way to keep her from regaining her clarity and have that kind of enlightenment like before.

After doing all of this, Wang Lin pointed at her and the restrictions that had opened up immediately began to close. They turned back into a ball again and Wang Lin put it away inside his bag of holding!

“The Blood Ancestor’s daugher is a problem. The only way to deal with her is to find a secret place to seal her. However, I must get all the secrets out of her first! If my cultivation reaches the Ascendant stage, I can just use the soul search spell. If I were to use it now, a slight mistake might kill her and leave a lot of problems in the future!”

Time passed and more than two months quickly went by. There were only a few days until his promise with the demon general. On this day, Wang Lin walked out of the valley with Ouyang Hua behind him.

Wang Lin slowly said, “After I leave, dispatch hundreds of people to the surrounding tribes regardless of their size. Use any method necessary to integrate into the other tribes!

“Use the soul fragments to resist the various memory wiping potions the tribes have. Once inside, begin teaching them the soul refining spell so more people can learn them. As for the specifics, I’ll let you arrange them yourself!”

Ouyang Hua softly responded in agreement.

After pondering a bit, Wang Lin took out a piece of jade. He handed it to Ouyang Hua and said, “The soul refining spell actually has two parts. The first part is soul refining and the second part is soul extracting. This can’t be taught to anyone who isn’t a core disciple. Remember it well!”

Ouyang Hua took a deep breath as he accepted the jade with care. After reading it, he crushed it and said, in a serious tone, “Ancestor, I have memorized it and will not forget ancestor’s words. This spell will only be taught to the core disciples of the Soul Refining Tribe!”

Wang Lin nodded and his hand reached toward the sky. All of the black fog over the Soul Refining Tribe immediately gathered in his hand, forming a 30-foot-long flag. Then he quickly swallow it with his origin soul.

Then he took out several normal soul flags and threw them into the sky, creating a black fog to cover the sky once more!

After doing all of this, Wang Lin took a step forward and immediately disappeared.

A voice came from far away into Ouyang Hua’s ears.

“When I return, I hope the tribe will have more than one million members!”

Ouyang knelt down on the ground and said, in a serious voice, “I won’t disappoint the ancestor!” Although those words were for Wang Lin, who was now far away, it was more so a commitment to himself!

Wang Lin moved through the sky, creating a streak of light, and charged directly toward Ancient Demon City.

“I wonder what kinds of dragons and tigers are hidden at the Sky Demon Country’s capital. There will be more people from planet Tian Yun as well. I wonder if I’ll meet any of them on this trip to the capital…

“There are also those 10 or so people from the Da Lou Sword Sect. If I meet any of them, I must capture one and question them about Zhou Yi’s whereabouts!” Wang Lin pondered, but his speed didn’t slow down at all and he disappeared over the horizon.

Demon General Mo Lihai was wearing a green shirt as he stood on top of the eastern gate of Ancient Demon City. Behind him were the chief commander and commanders.

Mo Lihai looked into the distance and didn’t say a word.

After a long time, Mo Lihai withdrew his gaze and then turned around to carefully look at Ancient Demon City. In an instant, he saw the wreckage at the center of the city.

Mo Lihai thought, “After I leave this time, I won’t come back, and another demon general will take over the city, so that wreckage has nothing to do with me!”

“It is a pity that Thirteen was taken away by Wang Lin; I was only able to refine 17 of my 18 demon body techniques… However, if Wang Lin truly tries to help me this time, I’m confident I can enter the top three in the demon general competition! Then I’ll obtain the qualification to enter the demon temple to cultivate, and once I come out, I’ll be a Vice Commander in Chief!” Mo Lihai took a deep breath. His eyes concentrated in the distance and he revealed a smile.

“This person is someone who won’t go back on his word!”

Mo Lihai laughed and his voice spread out. “Brother Wang, I’m here!”

Wang Lin appeared in the sky above the eastern gate. His eyes looked at the group before falling on Mo Lihai. “I made Brother Mo wait!” Wang Lin smiled.

“No problem. This trip is very important for me, so I’ll be relying on brother Wang!” Mo Lihai took one step and appeared before Wang Lin.

Wang Lin laughed. “No problem!”

“It will take three transfer arrays to reach the capital, so Brother Wang, let’s go!” Two rays of red light flew across Ancient Demon City and into the distance, leaving behind only thunderous echoes.

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