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Chapter 562 – The Power Of Peak Soul Transformation

“Incomer, stop!” A roar came from within the army camp. This voice contained powerful killing intent!

At the same time, a ray of black light came from the wall around the camp, creating a black, mist-like protection barrier.

Inside the army camp, ten thousand black-armored demon soldiers stood at the center. Before them was a burly fellow in black armor coldly looking outside the army camp.

Sima Yan stood respectfully beside this burly man. From his expression, it could be seen that he was filled with respect toward the burly man.

Aside from Sima Yan, there were three more people in black armor. From their clothes, it was clear that they were also commanders, and their expressions were equally as respectful.

Wang Lin’s body moved like meteor and didn’t stop at all. When he got close to the black mist, he let out a snort and the celestial spiritual energy inside his body spread out. The black mist before him immediately scattered, creating an opening for him, and he calmly stepped inside.

The burly man in black armor coldly looked at Wang Lin as he waved his hand and shouted, “Anyone who dares to rush into the military camp will be killed without question!”

The three commanders behind him charged out without any hesitation. Sima Yan recognized Wang Lin, so he hesitated for a bit before clenching his teeth and charging out.

Of the four commanders, three of them were equal to early stage Soul Transformation cultivators and one of them was the same as a mid stage Soul Transformation cultivator. If it was before Wang Lin entered the cave, he could still win, but it would cause him some trouble and delay him quite a bit.

This was mostly because the four of them had a lot of demonic spiritual energy. As they charged at him, their demonic spiritual energy took the form of four demonic beasts that made them even more fierce!

But right now Wang Lin’s cultivation had reached the peak of the late stage of Soul Transformation, so he was currently standing at the top of Soul Transformation cultivators. When he saw the four of them rushing at him, his expression was completely calm.

“Back down!” Wang Lin stood still and only opened his mouth to say those two words.

Although his voice was low, it contained the celestial spiritual energy of a peak late stage Soul Transformation cultivator. The sound was like thunder echoing in the four commanders’ ears.

Only the commander who was equal to a mid stage Soul Transformation cultivator was able to resist it with only his expression changing. The other three were only equal to early stage Soul Transformation cultivators, so the difference in cultivation levels was too great. Their faces turned pale, and their bodies trembled and involuntarily stopped.

Although their cultivation could be compared to Soul Transformation cultivators, they were still too far below from Wang Lin’s level. Wang Lin was now at the peak of the Soul Transformation stage!

Wang Lin’s expression was neutral as he walked forward. Although his steps were slow, they were firm. The commander whose cultivation was equal to that of mid stage Soul Transformation cultivator immediately took a step to the side, as he didn’t dare to stop Wang Lin.

As for the remaining three, they were all filled with shock, especially Sima Yan, who was the most shocked of them all, and he didn’t dare to even look at Wang Lin. He felt he was very lucky back then. If he had known that Wang Lin had such cultivation, he would have never dared to provoke Wang Lin back then.

But his heart immediately trembled as he thought about what happened to Thirteen and Hu Pao. He secretly cursed and felt regret.

As Wang Lin stepped closer, all ten thousand demon soldiers dispersed to make a path. They all recognized Wang Lin, and the scenes from the past rushed into their hearts. Their complex feelings and fear for their mysterious former commander rose up in their hearts once more.

Some of the demon soldiers here were new and had not seen Wang Lin before. Although they had doubts in their hearts, after seeing how even the lord commanders didn’t dare to stop him, they all involuntary retreated.

In almost an instant, a long passage appeared before Wang Lin, and at the end of the passage was the burly man in black armor. His eyes were still cold, but right now there was an air of seriousness gathering around him.

His eyes were cold, but Wang Lin’s eyes were even colder. Wang Lin’s entire body was like a piece of nevermelting ice as he walked step by step toward the burly man in black armor.

As he walked by, the black-armored demon soldiers close to him all took a step back, as they felt a suffocating feeling come from the bottom of their hearts.

The serious aura around the burly man in black armor became even stronger as he let out a roar and took a step forward.

This step caused his aura to immediately rush out. This aura was invisible, but all the surrounding demon soldiers felt it, causing them to involuntarily back up even more.

Wang Lin’s expression was still cold. He didn’t pause the slightest and continued to walk forward step by step.

The aura from the burly man in black armor dissipated the moment it landed on Wang Lin’s body and was unable to affect Wang Lin at all. Wang Lin was able to see through the burly man’s cultivation at one glance. The burly man’s demonic spiritual energy was equal to that of a late stage Soul Transformation cultivator that hadn’t reached the peak of the late stage yet.

Wang Lin’s own aura increased like crazy with every step he took. As he walked, frost began to appear on the ground and spread.

The burly man in black armor was at a disadvantage when it came to their auras, so a suffocating feeling immediately appeared in his heart. He subconsciously wanted to take a step back, but he immediately forced himself to stop. He knew that if he were to retreat, he would lose his momentum and his enemy might take that chance to immediately attack!

But if he didn’t back down, that invisible pressure would continue to condense on him like crazy. He had only faced this kind of pressure when facing the demon general.

Finally, when Wang Lin was only 20 steps from him, the burly man in black armor, whose forehead was covered in sweat, shouted, “Commander Wang! What do you intend to do!?”

Wang Lin calmly opened his mouth as he continued to step forward. “This is my military camp; what do you think I intend?!”

The burly man in black armor immediately felt an enormous pressure on his body as if there were countless large mountains pressing down on him. He suppressed his urge to back up and shouted, “You have been missing for over a year, and the demon general has long ago stripped you of your rank as commander!”

“One year… So it has only been one year!” Wang Lin’s heart felt a hint of relief, but his aura became even stronger.

“Where are my two followers?!” When Wang Lin entered the army camp, his divine sense spread out and didn’t find Thirteen nor Hu Pao.

At this moment, there were only around 10 steps between him and the burly man in black armor.

Bursts of powerful aura came crashing down on the burly man like wild beasts. He suppressed his urge to take a step back, because as the chief commander, he couldn’t allow a commander to outpressure him, or else his position would no longer be secure! Even if this commander’s cultivation was more powerful than his!

Wang Lin immediately noticed that the burly man was reaching his limit, so he immediately sped up and took seven steps in a row!

The burly man immediately felt Wang Lin’s aura increase like crazy in those seven steps. It felt like countless mountains had just crashed down upon him. He could no longer resist this pressure and involuntarily took a step back!

The burly man took one step back and his own pressure weakened. In reaction, Wang Lin’s pressure immediately skyrocketed and reached a peak!

“Not good!” The burly man’s expression changed, and at the same time, Wang Lin’s eyes became cold. He bolted forward like lightning and charge directly at the burly man in black armor.

At this moment, his peak late stage Soul Transformation cultivation quickly revealed itself!

As the burly man backed up, his hands clenched into a fist and immediately threw a punch, causing a loud rumble, and the sound waves spread forward. At the same time, the demonic spiritual energy in his body surged out and immediately formed a black tortoise about 1,000 feet wide!

This black tortoise was covered with countless spikes on its back and tail. As its tail swung around, it felt like it could cause space itself to shatter as black lines appeared in the air.

Wang Lin stepped toward him through the air, moving as fast as lightning. His thumb lifted into the air as he used the finger of death. Now that his cultivation had reached the peak of the late stage of Soul Transformation, the power of his finger of death was several times more powerful!

If it wasn’t for the fact that the demon soldiers had already backed up, they would’ve had their flesh and demonic spiritual energy absorbed by the finger of death. Even though they had backed away, some of their demonic spiritual energy was still absorbed by the finger of death.

At this moment, waves of demonic spiritual energy gathered on Wang Lin’s finger from the heavens and earth. Some of the demon soldiers that weren’t familiar with Wang Lin were too close and they felt the blood in their bodies boiling. In the blink of an eye, the blood in their bodies turned into essence and flew out of their bodies.

Luckily, their companions quickly pulled those who were frozen in place away, preventing a massacre!

The heavens and earth changed colors from Wang Lin’s finger of death, and the entire camp was now covered in darkness. The soundwave created from the punch the burly man threw out immediately collapsed.

Wang Lin’s thumb didn’t pause for a moment as it pressed down with his body!

At this moment, it was as everything within 1,000 feet had gathered on his finger. As the finger of death descended, the burly man in black armor had the illusion that he was fighting against the heavens.

The burly man let out a roar and his body immediately fused with the black tortoise behind him. Now his eyes were filled with a demonic light. At this moment, Wang Lin finally encountered a native using a native demonic spell!

At the moment the burly man fused with the black tortoise, it seemed to come to life as it let out a roar and its tail whipped toward Wang Lin.

Wang Lin’s eyes became cold and his finger of death pressed down on the black tortoise’s tail. The tail immediately began to shatter inch by inch, and this began to affect the entire body.

The difference between a peak late stage Soul Transformation cultivator and a normal late stage Soul Transformation cultivator was a huge gap that could not be easily crossed! Not to mention the fact that his spell was very powerful, the finger’s strength was extremely close to the power of an Ascendant cultivator!

The black tortoise’s body shattered and the burly man’s armor cracked into pieces. He coughed out a mouthful of blood before being forced back several steps and kneeling down on one leg.

“The demonic spells sure have their own extraordinary powers!” Wang Lin coldly looked at the burly man. If it had been a cultivator, their cultivation level would have fallen, but this didn’t happen to the burly man. Although his injuries looked serious, his foundation wasn’t hurt at all!

Wang Lin’s right hand reached behind him and Sima Yan’s body immediately flew toward him and was caught by him.

“Where are my followers?!” Wang Lin’s voice was like the cold winds of winter blowing into Sima Yan’s ears.

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