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Chapter 563 – Saving Thirteen

Sima Yan’s body trembled. This voice that entered his ears caused his entire body to become cold.

“Half a year after you left, the two of them went missing… I don’t know where they went!”

Wang Lin coldly looked at Sima Yan and no longer wasted time with him. His two fingers formed a sword and immediately pointed between Sima Yan’s brows. He used the soul search spell once more!

Sima Yan’s body violently convulsed and blood came out of his orifices. His eyes bulged out like they were ready to explode.

Wang Lin’s divine sense continued to search through Sima Yan’s mind. The memories of the past year continued to appear before Wang Lin.

Half a year after he left, Thirteen and Hu Pao had a dispute. Hu Pao decided to not wait and returned to the tribe, while Thirteen was determined to wait here for Wang Lin.

Finally, Hu Pao left, but he wasn’t successful in his departure. Sima Yan easily caught Hu Pao and used the excuse of him violating army regulations to waste his cultivation and threw him into the Dark Prison. Three months later, Hu Pao mysteriously disappeared!

The Dark Prison was very well guarded, so even Sima Yan didn’t know how Hu Pao went missing.

As for Thirteen, he tried to help Hu Pao, but in the end he was not Sima Yan’s match. He crushed all of Thirteen’s meridians and bones and was about to throw him into the dungeon to die like Hu Pao. However, the chief commander saw it and took Thirteen away.

These various memories appeared inside Wang Lin’s eyes. His eyes became even colder as he let out an angry laugh and repeated the word “Good!” three times!

The coldness in his eyes became even stronger as he looked at Sima Yan’s bulging eyes. He activated the celestial slaughter art and then Sima Yan’s body immediately began to wither.

After several breaths of time, Sima Yan’s body exploded with a bang and pieces of flesh fell all over the surrounding area. Strands of grey gas came out from some of the flesh and gathered between Wang Lin’s fingers.

The celestial slaughter art was very difficult to use, but this time Wang Lin successfully refined a life seal from Sima Yan in a moment of anger.

After killing Sima Yan, Wang Lin looked at the burly man not far away from him. From Sima Yan’s memories, it was him who took away Thirteen, who was on the verge of death!

Wang Lin took one step and arrived before the burly man. He coldly asked, “Where is Thirteen?!”

The burly man in black armor stared at Wang Lin, then he pondered for a bit and said, “Is the person you are referring to the barbarian Sima Yan wasted half a year ago? If you are looking for him, then asking me is useless.

“The demon general set out an order to gather people with strong bodies. That barbarian had all his demonic spiritual energy gathered in his flesh and used a mysterious method to refine his body. I saw that he met the demon general’s requirement, so I healed him and gifted him to the demon general!

“Commander Wang, if you have the ability, you don’t have show off here. Do you dare to ask the lord demon general yourself? You can rest assured, I won’t lie about matters relating to the demon general!” The burly man looked at Wang Lin and sneered.

“You saved Thirteen and then gave him to the demon general. Your actions balanced each other out, so I won’t kill you!” Wang Lin’s expression was gloomy as his body turned into a cloud of smoke that charged into the sky and then flew directly toward the demon general’s palace.

The burly man said that in a moment of desperation. He was defeated by Wang Lin and didn’t expect to live, but now he was startled.

Raising his head, he looked at the green smoke Wang Lin turned into in the horizon. He hesitated for a bit and said, “Half a year ago, the demon general went into closed door cultivation and closed off all transfer arrays. If you want to enter, the only possible way is to break in!” He touched his chest as he walked away. He was heavily injured and needed to return to his palace to recover.

As Wang Lin flew through the sky as a cloud of green smoke, he spread out his divine sense and scanned the area. All of the transfer arrays inside Ancient Demon City that led to the demon general’s palace were closed. These arrays were closed from the other side and had nothing to do with the transfer arrays themselves. Unless the demon general opened them from the other side himself, it would be impossible to use them.

“Thirteen and Hu Pao were brought here to Ancient Demon City by me, meaning I dragged them into this…” Wang Lin secretly sighed. Originally, when he left, he didn’t expect to fall asleep inside the cave. Due to a series of circumstances, he hurt Thirteen and Hu Pao.

“In this world, there are things that happen and things that don’t. Cultivators hope for longevity and to escape from fate, to dodge calamities and meet good fate! Thirteen and Hu Pao aren’t close to me, and to break into the demon general’s palace for them means going against the demon general and the Sky Demon country!

“I should be wary of danger and stay away from it. None of this seems to be worth it!

“However, I, Wang Lin, don’t want to follow convention and to one day find the dao of the heavens, I want to live without feeling I have wronged anyone. I’m not a gentleman, a villain, an honest person, or a hypocrite, but there are some things in life that must be done for the sake of it!

“From this point of view, I’m not suited to be a cultivator!

“However, there are certain things I have to do! If I don’t save Thirteen, what dao am I chasing!?” Wang Lin looked up into the sky. His heart was set!

There were six doors between the military camp and the demon general’s palace. If he couldn’t use the transfer array, then he would have to break through them one by one to get inside.

The inside and outside of each of the six doors are well guarded, and the entire palace was surrounded by a formation that prevented teleportation.

Wang Lin appeared outside the sixth door. The door was over 100 feet tall and was connected to the outer wall, which had restrictions constantly flickering along it.

The moment Wang Lin appeared, there was a shout from a guard next to the door.

“Incomer, stop and quickly leave! If you take another step, you will be killed without question!”

Wang Lin raised his head and his eyes became cold. He took a deep breath, touched his bag of holding, and the celestial sword immediately flew out. The sword circled his body and Xu Liguo’s roars kept coming out from the sword.

The moment the celestial sword appeared, the guards outside the sixth door revealed killing intent in their eyes and stared at Wang Lin.

Wang Lin took one step, causing the guards to immediately charge forth. They all launched their demonic spiritual energy to stop Wang Lin.

Facing all these demon soldiers, Wang Lin didn’t stop and walked forward step by step. The celestial sword sliced through the air around Wang Lin. Anyone that tried to stop Wang Lin had to get past the celestial sword.

A series of miserable groans echoed the area as Wang Lin jumped on the celestial sword and charged directly at the door. He hadn’t even stabilized himself when a ray of sword energy shot out and landed on the 6th door.


The sixth door shattered and countless fragments were blown back. Right now there were thousands of demon soldiers in the square between the 6th and 5th door. They were immediately forced to back up from the fragments of the 6th door.

At the moment the 6th door shattered, Wang Lin walked in.

“I want to meet the demon general!” Although his voice was calm, there was a sense of majesty that slowly spread out.

“Kill!” Roars filled with killing intent came from the mouths of thousands of demon soldiers. Their order was to kill anyone that dared to break in when the demon general was in closed door cultivation.

Wang Lin was calm as he faced thousands of demon soldiers, and his eyes became cold. He jumped off the celestial sword, then his hand formed a seal and he waved it. A strange wind suddenly appeared and formed a tornado in the square. It quickly moved across the square and forcibly created a path through the thousands of demon soldiers.

Wang Lin stepped directly past the square and arrived before the 5th door!

He didn’t stop at all; his hand formed a seal, the celestial spiritual energy in his body activated, and he pressed it on the 5th door.

With a bang, the 5th door exploded. The powerful impact caused the shattered pieces of the door to fly out in all directions like a powerful storm.

Past the 5th door, tens of thousands of demon soldiers had already learned that someone was trying to break into the demon general’s palace and rushed over. At the moment the 5th door collapsed, more than ten thousand demon soldiers let out roars, and at the same time, their demonic spiritual energy unified in a mysterious way, creating a very oppressive mass of demonic spiritual energy!

At the moment the 5th door shattered, this demonic spiritual energy shot out like crazy.

Even with Wang Lin’s cultivation, he had to back up a few steps to avoid it. At the same time, he touched his bag of holding and the three nameless sword sheaths from planet Suzaku flew out.

Shortly after, three rays of sword energy flew out from the sword sheaths like three angry dragons and collided with the demonic spiritual energy.

A series of explosions echoed throughout the area, making it feel like the entire ground was trembling.

Wang Lin’s body moved like lightning through the door with the celestial sword before him to make way. The tens of thousands of demon soldiers formed a wall of demonic spiritual energy to prevent Wang Lin from going farther.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he took out the restriction flag. With one shake, countless restrictions flew out like black dragons and circled around him.

Borrowing the sword energy from the sword sheaths, the sword energy from the celestial sword, and the black restriction gas from the restriction flag, Wang Lin broke through all obstacles and continued forward

At this moment, the thousands of demon soldiers from the 5th door rushed in from behind him and surrounded Wang Lin.

“Lord Demon General, Wang Lin requests an audience!” Wang Lin’s voice slowly spread out. He believed that even if the demon general was in closed door cultivation, he would still be able to hear him.

But as time passed, the demon general didn’t show any reaction.

At this moment, Wang Lin was surrounded on all sides by demon soldiers. So far, he tried not to kill, but now he was forced to kill!

Facing a siege, Wang Lin raised his thumb and the finger of death showed its full power. The sky and earth changed colors, and every demon soldier within 1,000 feet trembled before their bodies withered. All of the flesh, blood, and demonic spiritual energy were sucked into Wang Lin’s thumb!

Wang Lin’s body moved like lightning toward the 4th door. At this moment, there was no one who could make him pause for even half a second.

In an instant, his thumb landed on the 4th gate!

The 4th door collapsed with a bang, and at this moment, an old figure stepped out from behind it. Powerful demonic spiritual energy came from this old figure. This demonic spiritual energy turned into a giant python and attempted to devour Wang Lin.

At the same time, an old voice shouted, “Back down!”

Wang Lin’s thumb touched the python made of demonic spiritual energy. At this moment, Wang Lin was forced back one step, but the python let out a miserable cry and its body collapsed inch by inch. After the python collapsed, the old figure trembled, let out a groan, and his body was forced back several steps before he stabilized himself.

Wang Lin took a step and directly walked past the 4th gate. Aside from the countless demon soldiers before him, there was also a white-haired old man!

Wang Lin wasn’t unfamiliar with this old man. He was the same person that came to the military camp with the steward over a year ago!

The old man’s face was completely pale and revealed a look of disbelief. He had seen Wang Lin more than a year ago, and back then their cultivation levels were roughly the same. However, when they met again today, Wang Lin’s cultivation level had increased by a huge amount. If it wasn’t for the fact that he was borrowing the power of the demon soldiers, had opened all the seals in his body, and a basically launched a sneak attack, Wang Lin wouldn’t have even been forced back a single step!

Wang Lin stepped into the area and used the power of the finger of death once more. The old man let out a roar as all the demonic spiritual energy in his body surged to summon another giant python. His body fused with the giant python, then it attempted to devour Wang Lin once more.

“Since Lord Demon General won’t meet me, don’t blame me for slaughtering my way through!” Wang Lin’s eyes became cold as the grey slaughter gas appeared between his fingers and quickly spread out.

His eyes suddenly started glowing red. They contained a monstrous amount of killing intent. At this moment, Wang Lin used the celestial slaughter art without any restraint!

The slaughter aura covered the heavens and earth. Wang Lin didn’t fight the python but jumped into the demon soldiers. Everytime he moved his hand, a spell came out and demon soldiers died.

Including all the demon soldiers from the 5th and 6th doors, tens of thousands of demon soldiers surrounded Wang Lin. Their demonic spiritual energy worked together to create formations.

Once these formations were complete, they would immediately condense into either demonic beasts or demonic gas. There were series of explosions and collisions as the formations continued to attack Wang Lin.

Facing these demon soldiers, Wang Lin understood that one person didn’t have enough power to defy the heavens!

Unless one’s cultivation was heavenly, it would be very difficult to break out from these formations formed by tens of thousands of demon soldiers.

He could kill one person, ten, a hundred, a thousand, or ten thousand people. But once he was finished killing, all his celestial spiritual energy would be exhausted!

Wang Lin’s magical treasures, celestial sword, half-moon blade, restriction flag, and sword sheaths were controlled by his divine sense to begin an endless slaughter. Compared to these magic treasures, the celestial slaughter art had the biggest advantage. Every time the celestial slaughter art killed someone, it would gain a bit of strength. Although maybe only one out of every 100 would condense grey gas, as more and more people were killed, the gap was narrowing.

Wang Lin’s eyes were filled with killing intent as he used various spells.

However, there were too many demonic soldiers around him, and when their demonic spiritual energy merged, they could activate extremely powerful attacks. So even with Wang Lin’s peak late stage Soul Transformation cultivation, his celestial spiritual energy was being used up at a very quick pace!

Wang Lin slapped his bag of holding and a large amount of celestial jades flew out and started circling him. He quickly sucked all of the celestial jades dry to recover the celestial spiritual energy in his body, and this cycle continued, causing him to use a large amount of celestial spiritual energy.

“Demonic finger!” Wang Lin didn’t activate the demonic ideal but used his peak late stage Soul Transformation cultivation to activate the second killing spell! The demonic spiritual energy in the air was quickly pushed away by the energy from the demonic finger. Wang Lin’s finger pressed down like the god of death, and the demonic spiritual energy from his finger drilled into the demon soldiers, causing their bodies to explode.

Bursts of blood-colored light covered the heavens and earth. Wang Lin rushed forward and carved a path through tens of thousands of demon soldiers and charged directly at the 3rd gate.

With one finger, the flesh and blood on the ground gathered to form a dragon made of blood. The dragon rushed toward where the demonic finger was pointing. The old man inside the python wanted to stop the blood dragon, but at this moment, his body suddenly exploded!

He died to the demonic finger!

The blood dragon created by the demonic finger landed on the third door. After a series of loud rumbles, the third door collapsed!

As the door collapsed, tens of thousands of demon soldiers charged out from the third gate. Along with them were six white-haired old men. The moment they appeared, they locked onto Wang Lin.

Wang Lin let out a sigh. This was his limit with his cultivation. None of the five elders that came out were weaker than late stage Soul Transformation cultivators.

Adding on the tens of thousands of demon soldiers around him, Wang Lin knew that he had to use his final move if he wished to break through the second door!

The ace killing spell Situ Nan taught him. The most powerful killing spell that has heaven-shattering power infinitely close to a low quality celestial spell. The third killing spell!

“The Demon Spirit Land being all about military power is indeed true. If I had hundreds of thousands of demon soldiers at the Core Formation stage, then even an Ascendant cultivator would lose!

“If I had millions of Core Formation demon soldiers, some commanders, and a general at the cultivation level of the chief commander, I could even battle against a late stage Ascendent cultivator!

“It would be the same if I had the power of a demon emperor with tens of millions of demon soldiers, some demon generals, and a few commanders. I wouldn’t even be afraid of those that have stepped into the Yin and Yang stage!”

Wang Lin let out a sigh as he faced the tens of thousands of demon soldiers and the five elders equal to late stage Soul Transformation cultivators. He then raised his right pinky and slowly drew a circle!


Wang Lin softly said one word!

The Underworld Finger, the killing spell of the three killing spells, was something infinitely close to a low quality celestial spell. Even Situ Nan was very hesitant in teaching this to Wang Lin!

With one finger, the sky suddenly darkened and lightning struck down. At the same time, the sky seemed to be opened by a giant pair of hands as a giant mountain and river painting appeared, covering the horizon.

This Underworld Finger activated Wang Lin’s domain. Countless strands of grey gas flew out from the scroll and condensed at an unimaginable speed into a second Underworld Finger!

Wang Lin’s hair moved without any wind, his eyes were filled with killing intent, and grey gas surrounded his body. He was connecting with the second Underworld Finger that was created from the life and death scroll.

With one finger, the tens of thousands of demon soldiers surrounding Wang Lin all trembled as strands of grey gas came out from the tops of their heads and fused with the Underworld Finger from the life and death scroll.

At the same time, Wang Lin rose into the air and fused together with that Underworld Finger. At this moment, the only thing left was that finger!

A finger pointed at the underworld!

After fusing with the Underworld Finger, Wang Lin suddenly charged out toward the second gate.

Those five old men who had cultivation levels equal to late stage Soul Transformation cultivators were shocked by the power of the Underworld Finger, but they clenched their teeth and activated the demonic spiritual energy in their bodies to block Wang Lin.

However, they underestimated the power of the Underworld Finger. Back when Wang Lin was at the mid stage of Soul Transformation, he was able to fight against Sun Tao, who was at the mid stage of Ascendant. Although he lost in the end, he gave Sun Tao a big shock!

At this moment, Wang Lin’s cultivation was at the peak of the late stage of Soul Transformation, so the Underworld Finger was enough to threaten Ascendant cultivators!

This was Wang Lin’s true ace!

With one finger, the five elders all coughed out blood. The five of them involuntarily backed up and weren’t able to stop Wang Lin even half a step.

Before Wang Lin even closed in, the second door was destroyed by the pressure of his Underworld Finger. There were no demon soldiers behind the second door, only one person!

This person was very small, but he had eyes like lightning. At the moment the second door collapsed and Wang Lin’s Underworld Finger closed in, he let out a roar. His hand formed seals like a cultivator, and the seals stacked up and then he pushed them forward.

There was a sound like a storm sweeping past the area as Wang Lin’s Underworld Finger stopped three inches from his hand. A small ball formed between Wang Lin’s Underworld Finger and this person’s hand. This ball was completely white with black lightning moving within it.

The small person withstood for three breaths of time before being forced back and leaving two deep marks on the ground. He didn’t move back by choice but was pushed back by Wang Lin’s Underworld Finger!

He had to back up, because if he continued to resist, he knew he wouldn’t be able to withstand it. If he tried to block it by force, the only result would be his body exploding!

He was pushed back more than 100 feet before he let out a roar and stopped himself. The Underworld Finger from Wang Lin was three inches away from him and continued to suck away at his vitality like a vortex.

“Commander Wang! I’m the number one chief commander under the demon general. What exactly do you want!?”

“I want to meet the demon general!” Just as he finished speaking, a large amount of grey gas came out from the tens of thousands of demon soldiers behind him. The grey gas came from all directions and quickly entered his body.

This was the power of the Underworld Finger!

Large amounts of grey gas entered his body. Wang Lin knew in his heart that each strand was a life! With the grey gas inside his body, the power of the Underworld Finger reached its peak!

The small person immediately felt the peak power of the Underworld Finger. His expression changed greatly as he continued to back up.

This time he was pushed back to the first door, and with a loud bang, the first door collapsed!

At the same time, the small person coughed out a mouthful of blood and was thrown aside. At this moment, a tall figure came out of the first door. He didn’t talk at all and directly threw a punch at Wang Lin’s Underworld Finger!

In that instant, Wang Lin clearly felt the battle intent inside the punch!

Ten Collapse Fist Intent!

The fist intent came crashing down like a flood. The first collapse, second collapse, third collapse… in the blink of an eye, all ten collapses of fist intent surged forth, one stronger than the last!

Seventh collapse, eighth collapse, ninth collapse! The endless amount of fist intent seemed to be fused with the heavens and earth as it came crashing down. The grey gas thickened, and the killing intent in Wang Lin’s eyes reached a monstrous level.

The tenth collapse! There was a loud bang, then ripples appeared on the ground between Wang Lin and the figure and quickly spread out in all directions. It turned into something like a wave on the ocean and spread out for more than five kilometers.

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