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Chapter 561 – Harvest

In a burst of light, Wang Lin appeared on the platform where the stone door was. The cave spirit was gone without a trace along with the stone door.

If it wasn’t for the fact that there were traces of blood that Yao Xixue had coughed out on the ground, he would have suspected that there was an error in the transfer.

Wang Lin held the crystal token in his hand. Aside from the chant to enter and exit the cave, there was some information in it as well. After pondering for a bit, Wang Lin’s body shot out and quickly moved along the Revered Dragon Path.

He quickly moved past the 11 platforms. There was no change on these platforms, and the stone statues remained in Yao Xixue’s seals.

After what happened in the cave, his cultivation level had increased to the peak of the late stage of Soul Transformation, so his speed had increased by a lot. He moved like a bolt of lightning and only took half a month of time to return to the first platform!

This platform was completely empty, but at this moment, with his current cultivation and what he learned from breaking restrictions for two months, he noticed the transfer array that was left by the Blood Ancestor!

Looking at the array, Wang Lin pondered a bit and then took out four bags of holding that all belonged to Yao Xixue. If it was before, Wang Lin would have had some difficulty opening these bags of holding with his mid stage Soul Transformation cultivation.

However, Wang Lin’s cultivation had reached the peak of the late stage of Soul Transformation and was now even a bit higher than Yao Xixue’s cultivation. With a thought, his right hand swiped past the four bags of holding and a burst of blood-colored light came from the bags. This blood-colored light was extremely tenacious, and it resisted Wang Lin’s divine sense.

Wang Lin let out a cold snort, and the celestial spiritual energy in his body moved as well as his origin soul. With one squeeze, the blood-colored light around one of the bags immediately collapsed!

Wang Lin didn’t stop, he reached for another bag of holding. The blood-colored light resisted for three breaths of time before collapsing!

Wang Lin wiped out the divine sense imprint on the third bag just like the last two. He was about to finish it all in one go and grab the last bag when his expression suddenly changed and his right hand stopped three inches away from the fourth bag.

His eyes became very serious as he slowly withdrew his right hand and carefully looked at the bag of holding. Earlier, when he obtained the bags of holding, his cultivation level wasn’t high enough, but looking at it now, he seemed to see some clues.

There was a faint, purple line within the last blood-colored light. It would be very difficult to notice it if one was not careful. It could only be found with divine sense and was completely invisible to the eyes.

“Although this bag of holding looks very normal, when I was about to erase it, I had this terrifying feeling. I’m afraid this bag doesn’t have Yao Xixue’s divine sense. Could it be her father, the Blood Ancestor…” Wang Lin pondered.

“According to common sense, unless the bag has your own divine sense, you can’t open it without wiping the other divine sense out first. However, the Blood Ancestor’s cultivation is heavenly and he has cultivated for a long time. He might have found a way for his daugher to use his bag of holding without having to wipe out his divine sense. As a result, even if an outsider got this bag and were careless, they would immediately be killed by the divine sense on it… This Blood Ancestor sure is tricky!” Wang Lin slowly withdrew his divine sense. Now that his divine sense was gone, the blood-colored light on the bag of holding immediately disappeared.

Although Wang Lin hasn’t seen the Blood Ancestor, after seeing how he had spread misinformation about the Blood Soul Pill and the divine sense trap on the bag of holding, it was as if he had met the Blood Ancestor in person. While he felt great admiration for the Blood Ancestor, he also deeply dreaded him.

After pondering for a while, Wang Lin carefully put the bag of holding away and placed his gaze on the other three bags.

He spread out his divine sense and couldn’t help but suck in a deep breath even with his strong mental fortitude. The first bag was filled with celestial jades!

There were too many celestial jades to even estimate! Wang Lin roughly scanned it with his divine sense. There were at least 10 times more celestial jades than what she had given him so far!

“The amount of celestial jades needed to reach the Ascendant stage is great, far more than the total amount needed before this point. The amount of celestial jades needed for every step after the Ascendant stage must be unimaginable. If one doesn’t have enough, their cultivation just stops. This before me is a large amount of easy money!”

Wang Lin revealed a faint smile as he put away this bag of holding and his divine sense moved to the second bag. Looking inside the bag, his eyes immediately released a hint of excitement.

The second bag of holding had no less than 1,000 blood-colored jades.

During the time he spent with Yao Xixue, he developed strong feelings for the blood jades and also dreaded them very much. Once a jade is broken, the blood-colored light it releases has a very powerful sealing force!

Aside from sealing, this blood-colored light can also act as a powerful protection spell. According to Wang Lin’s analysis, this blood-colored light should also be able to attack, but it would be impossible to use it without the correct chant and method.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up as he touched the bag of holding and a blood jade appeared in his hand. He pondered a bit before squeezing the jade until it shattered.

A ray of blood-colored light immediately came out from the shattered jade and floated before Wang Lin.

After checking it with his divine sense, the blood-colored light dissipated, and Wang Lin thought, “I don’t have the method to use the sealing function, so I can only use it to protect myself. However, with Yao Xixue in my hands, I can get everything!”

The third bag was filled with many different things. There were even female clothing as well as some perfumes, small jewelry, and even dolls.

Wang Lin directly ignored those things as his divine sense searched the area. His eyes suddenly narrowed as he found more than 10 Blood Soul Pills!

These wax pills were neatly placed together. There were dim symbols on them, but they weren’t flickering.

Not all of the Blood Soul Pills were placed together; one pill was placed in the corner of the bag. This pill wasn’t dim, and the symbols on it flickered slightly.

Aside from the Blood Soul Pill, there was also a compass on the side.

Wang Lin’s target was the compass!

He touched the bag of holding and two items appeared in his hand. The compass and the Blood Soul Pill that were placed in a corner!

“This Yao Xixue obviously couldn’t have thought that she would be captured by me and have her bags taken by me, so the placement of the stuff inside the bag contains some information!

“There is an 80% chance that the Blood Soul Pill placed on its own is real! As for the others, I assume they are all fake! In addition, aside from the blood jades, there are no magical treasures inside her three bags of holding. I assume things like magical treasures are all inside the bag with the Blood Ancestor’s divine sense.”

Wang Lin looked at the Blood Soul Pill for a while before putting it inside his bag of holding. As for the fake one Yao Xixue gave him, he took it out and placed it inside one of her bags.

Then his eyes fell on the compass. This compass was completely blood red and was made from some unknown material. Holding it in his hand, he felt waves of coldness enter his body.

“Back then, Yao Xixue used this compass to enter this place. This compass must have some connection with the array here!” Wang Lin’s divine sense entered the compass and found Yao Xixue’s divine sense imprint inside.

Wang Lin let out a breath of relief. If this compass also had the Blood Ancestor’s divine sense, he would’ve had to find a way to modify the transfer array here to leave this place.

There was a transfer array to leave this place inside the cave as well; Wang Lin learned of it from the crystal token. However, the transfer array was in the north eastern corner of the cave and was fairly far from where Wang Lin was located. With all the restrictions in the way, it would be a difficult trip to get there.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t be in this situation.

Wang Lin easily wiped out Yao Xixue’s divine sense from the compass and replaced it with his own divine sense. He immediately found that there was a small formation inside the compass. The formation constantly changed as the pin on the compass moved and hasn’t stopped once.

“This compass indeed also has a formation. The transfer array outside and the formation inside the compass must sync up, or else it will have no effect!” Wang Lin’s divine sense probed the inside of the compass and studied it for a bit. While he couldn’t completely see through it, he was able to find some clues.

He used three days of time to change the formation inside the compass, then he changed the transfer array on the platform, causing the transfer array to become very different from before.

Although Wang Lin didn’t change much about the transfer array, he did change one key point. If anyone else besides him were to enter this place, the transfer array would immediately send them back. This continuous transfer would cause space to break open and that person would be dragged into the void.

“Just sending them into a spatial rift doesn’t mean they will die, so I must add some extras!” Wang Lin pondered a bit and then began working on the transfer array.

He had used three days to change the transfer array but used 30 days to add countless restrictions to it. Not only was he not impatient while adding the restrictions, he felt rather happy.

“If someone were to really come through here… They would definitely be surprised!” Wang Lin’s eyes lit up as his divine sense entered the compass to activate it. Then a flash of blood-colored light surrounded Wang Lin’s whole body, and after a few breaths of time, the blood-colored light disappeared and so did Wang Lin.

There was a burst of blood-colored light on the ancient mountain 1,000 kilometers away from the army camp, and Wang Lin appeared!

The glaring sunlight entered Wang Lin’s eyes. He looked at the surroundings with a feeling like he was viewing it from another world. The faint outline of Ancient Demon City didn’t seem to change from when he left.

Wang Lin took a deep breath as he turned into a ray of light and charged toward the army camp. His speed was much faster than before, so it didn’t take long before he closed in on the army camp!

Just at this moment, a powerful killing intent came out from the army camp and locked onto Wang Lin.

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