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Chapter 560 – Deep Sleep

After 60 feet, Wang Lin’s eyes narrowed. He didn’t continue forward but took three steps back. Then he stepped to the side for 9 steps, took another three steps back, and then went straight ahead once more!

He went in almost a small circle before arriving 30 feet away from the pavilion!

His expression was calm because all of this was within his deductions and all 10,000 changes were memorized in his heart. Every single step was something he had calculated countless times until he was finally sure.

He could only walk so leisurely because he was very confident. Wang Lin knew that if he wasn’t careful and took one wrong step, he would suffer powerful backlash.

The first 60 feet weren’t that bad, but the last 40 feet would be disastrous for him with his current cultivation!

However, nothing was absolute, and there was always a path to safety within the restriction. If one could step onto that path in a moment of crisis, they would save their life.

This was also something special about celestial restrictions!

However, this path of safety was never set and was constantly moving within the restriction. During the past two months, aside from learning the changes of the restriction itself, Wang Lin also focused on deducing the position of the safe path.

The reason he went in a circle from 60 to 70 feet was because of the change in the path of safety. He always kept himself only one step away from it.

At this moment, he stood at 70 feet and concentrated on calculating for a moment. Then his body moved and he directly crossed 10 feet in one step.

After landing, Wang Lin immediately crossed another 10 feet, but at the moment he landed, his expression changed. Without any hesitation, he took half a step to the left, and at this moment, a black tornado suddenly appeared in the last 10 feet!

This tornado appeared out of nowhere and released a violent force. There were also strands of black lightning moving within it. In almost an instant, this 10 foot area was covered in a destructive force. The violent winds surged through the area and lightning struck out mercilessly. This destructive force was something not even Ascendant cultivators could withstand, much less Wang Lin!

Especially the lightning, it moved like dragons that could destroy anything!

Wang Lin’s figure continued to move inside the hurricane, covering the 10 foot area while carefully threading between the lightning bolts. Every step he took was on the path of safety, and one misstep would end with his origin soul being extinguished!

The step earlier wasn’t a miscalculation, but for some reason, the restriction started to operate in reverse!

After ten breaths of time, the tornado disappeared as if it had never existed, and the black lightning disappeared along with it. Wang Lin’s body moved in a flash and crossed the last 10 feet, landing in the pavilion. Although he had finally crossed the last 10 feet, his forehead was covered in sweat.

At the moment he stepped into the pavilion, the area 100 feet around it lit up. It was a bright light that shined on the surrounding area, causing the scenery to immediately change.

When Wang Lin looked into the pavilion, it was as if the clouds were spread apart, revealing an area with a fake mountain. There was grass everywhere and a bamboo grove that connected with the bamboo grove that already existed.

The change in scenery was as if one had come from death’s door and entered another world.

At the same time, a calm voice came from the void and landed in Wang Lin’s ears.

“Breaking a restriction gives you the qualification to temporarily own this cave. As long as you don’t die, no one else can enter!” The moment this voice arrived, a ray of golden light flew in from the distance and stopped before Wang Lin.

This was a crystal token. It was only the size of his finger, and it floated in the air and emitted a seven-colored light.

“This is the cave token. Hold this token and you can enter the cave!”

Wang Lin took a deep breath as he grabbed the small crystal token and looked at the pavilion. Every stone table and chair had restrictions protecting them and couldn’t be casually touched.

However, compared to the restriction covering the 100 foot area outside the pavilion, these restrictions were a lot weaker.

Wang Lin didn’t look at the table or chairs, his eyes focused on the wine jug on top of the round table.

Although the restriction on the wine jug was exquisite, it was not difficult for Wang Lin to break. After deducing for a bit, his right hand pointed toward the jug and a water-like ripple appeared three inches from it.

Wang Lin’s finger pointed at the water ripple, creating a wave of ripples. At the same time, he quickly raised his finger and shot out an illusionary restriction that landed on the water ripple.

At this moment, the water ripple immediately started boiling and a vortex formed at the center. The vortex spun faster and faster and grew, creating a circular void.

Wang Lin’s right hand moved like lightning as he reached directly through the vortex, grabbed the jug, and took it back out in an instant.

Then the water ripple disappeared and everything returned to normal

Wang Lin revealed an excited expression. The wine jug in his hand was heavy, so it was obviously not empty! He took a deep breath as he opened the lid, then a refreshing scent immediately filled the air. Wang Lin saw that at the bottom of the wine jug there were 10 drops of wine!

“This wine jug is quite heavy, but it only has 10 drops of wine… However, this is wine from a celestial, so it can’t be normal!” Wang Lin stared at the wine jug and began to struggle. Shortly after, he clenched his teeth, poured out a drop of wine, and immediately sucked it into his mouth.

At the moment that drop of wine entered his body, Wang Lin’s entire body suddenly turned bright red. A crazy amount of celestial spiritual energy suddenly filled his body in an instant.

A tipsy feeling slowly appeared inside Wang Lin’s body along with the celestial spiritual energy.

The amount of celestial spiritual energy in his body increased rapidly as it moved through his meridians like a flood. Then a hot surge appeared inside his dantain and shot up through his body.

At the same time, the tipsy feeling became even stronger. Wang Lin’s eyes were no longer clear and became muddy.

His body slowly leaned to the side, his head dropped, and he fell asleep.

Time passed by, three months… six months… nine months… one year!

Wang Lin was asleep for this entire year, and all the while, sounds of snoring could be heard coming from his mouth. Ever since Wang Lin began to cultivate, he rarely slept, and this was the longest sleep he had in the past several hundred years!

Although he was sleeping, the celestial spiritual energy inside his body was rapidly increasing. This speed would even shock the All-Seer if he were here to witness it!

When the celestial spiritual energy in his body reached a certain point, the demon crystal in his dantain silently shattered and melted. Demonic spiritual energy suddenly filled his body, but it was immediately swallowed up by the celestial spiritual energy and became part of him.

Strands of celestial spiritual energy came out from his body and diffused into the surrounding 100 foot area. During this year of him sleeping, the celestial spiritual energy in the area became extremely dense.

While Wang Lin slept, his right hand held the wine jug.

One this day, Wang Lin slowly opened his eyes and let out a burp filled with the smell of wine. His eyes were filled with some confusion as he subsciously looked around, but the confusion immediately disappeared and was filled with clarity.

He immediately stood up and revealed a look of vigilance. Then he carefully looked around and he slowly frowned as he looked at the wine jug in his hand. He only remembered that after drinking one drop of wine, the celestial spiritual energy in his body increased and then he lost control and fell asleep!

Thinking of celestial spiritual energy, he immediately checked inside himself. After checking, his eyes revealed unimaginable shock.

“This… I… How long have I been asleep for?!” After Wang Lin began cultivating, it was very rare for him to be this shocked.

“The celestial spiritual energy inside my body has already far surpassed the peak of the late stage of Soul Transformation. I only need to comprehend my domain more to step into the life and death trial for reaching the Ascendant stage!” Wang Lin looked at wine jug in his hand with disbelief.

“What kind of wine is this?!” Wang Lin cautiously put the wine jug inside his bag of holding. Still feeling worried, he took it back out, placed layers of powerful restrictions on it, and then placed it back inside his bag of holding.

“I must completely clear this place out!” At this moment, Wang Lin’s interest in this place reached its peak!

After the excitement, Wang Lin felt some fear.

“Luckily, my domain hasn’t reached Ascendant level yet, or else I would’ve begun trying to break through to the Ascendant stage while asleep. I wouldn’t have been able to take out the ascendant crystal Zhou Yi gave me, and if it failed, I would have died too pitifully!” Wang Lin pondered, but his eyes immediately lit up.

“With my current cultivation, no one at the Soul Transformation stage is a match for me. Now I only need my domain to reach Ascendant level, then I can find a secret place to reach the Ascendant stage… Here is the most secretive place of all, so once my domain has a breakthrough, I’ll come back here to reach the Ascendant stage!

“Everything in this world really depends on fate. It was a lucky coincidence that I entered his place. If not, even if I had the celestial jades, it would have taken many years to reach this state. Is this what mortals call a fortuitous encounter…” Wang Lin was in a good mood because after sleeping for a year, he was in excellent condition. At this moment, he looked around, ready to break the restriction around him, when he suddenly thought of something.

“How long did I sleep for… If I slept for decades, or even hundreds of years, then everything outside will have changed greatly. If that is truly the case, I would have been better off cultivating on my own…” Wang Lin pondered a bit as he walked within the pavilion. His eyes suddenly narrowed and his gaze fell on the bamboo grove in the distance.

A corner of a fence could be seen inside the bamboo grove. Although a majority of it was covered by bamboo, after carefully looking at it, Wang Lin was able to find some clues.

“Earlier I didn’t notice, but there is another loft here. This looks like the courtyard of a mortal temple!”

After pondering a bit, Wang Lin didn’t go check the temple. He took out the crystal token and his divine sense entered it. There were waves of light and his figure disappeared from the cave.

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