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Chapter 559 – Reception Pavilion

There were some marks on the ground where the chairs and table used to be. These marks were created because the small spell that prevented dust from gathering was destroyed along with the seals in here.

After carefully observing the entire loft, Wang Lin found a lot of information.

First of all, three people had entered this loft before him! Of course, there was always a chance that someone else had entered only to find the remains of restrictions like he did.

Among the three people, the first person to appear was the person who used the 18 Plum Blossom Restrictions. That person must have been very arrogant and ordinary things didn’t interest him. From Wang Lin’s observation, everywhere that looked like valuables were placed had signs of the 18 Plum Blossom Restrictions.

After this person left, two more people came, and their methods were much less professional. The tables and chairs were taken by one of them.

This deduction mainly came from the marks Wang Lin saw on the ground.

There were some fine bits of sawdust on these grey marks, and if you didn’t look carefully, you wouldn’t notice them.

Wang Lin squatted down, pinched the sawdust, and took a closer look.

“Breaking the restriction by force caused some damage to the table and chairs here…” Wang Lin flicked the sawdust away and left the loft.

There was a long corridor behind the loft with a celestial jade fence on the side, and on the other side of it was a dried up pond.

There were also a lot of remnants of restrictions that had been broken. In the pond, Wang Lin once more found the pattern of the 18 Plum Blossom Restriction.

Wang Lin carefully observed his surroundings as he walked through the corridor. Many of the fences around him showed signs of being broken.

The deeper he went, the fewer restriction remnants he saw, and after walking five kilometers, he saw the end of the corridor. At the end of the corridor, it divided into three different paths.

Wang Lin stopped at the intersection and carefully looked at the three paths. He needed to find which way the person who knew the 18 Plum Blossom Restriction went. That person’s restriction was too powerful, so if Wang Lin followed that person’s trail, he wouldn’t be able to find any treasure.

That person was like a famous thief that picked up all the good things, while the later two were like robbers that took everything they could. However, their abilities were limited, so some good treasures would be left behind.

After carefully looking at the three directions, Wang Lin walked a few dozen feet down each path before returning to the intersection. His eyes lit up and he charged down the right path.

Although the scenery still looked the same after 1,000 feet, Wang Lin saw broken restrictions everywhere. These restrictions were all broken by force, and there were even some that were only broken half way, meaning that that person gave up.

Every time he encountered a half-broken restriction, he would stop and carefully observe it. He wasn’t in a rush to break them and would move on after observing them.

The path to the right continued to extend, and there was also a fence on the side. However, it was no longer a pond on the other side of the fence but a bamboo grove.

As he carefully moved forward, Wang Lin suddenly stopped. The right foot he had lifted up slowly returned to its original position. He remained motionless, but there were flashes of restrictions in his eyes.

There was a pavilion about 100 feet before him. In the pavilion there was a round table and four stools. There was also a jug with a few cups on the table.

Wang Lin’s eyes narrowed, and he revealed a look of caution and looked around vigilantly. The restrictions around the pavilion were intact without any sign of broken restrictions.

“There must be something about that wine jug on the table! I followed the last person who broke through by force until here, but it seems he was stopped by the restrictions here!”

Wang Lin pondered a bit and then took a few steps back. Restrictions flashed through his eyes as he carefully observed, and gradually, his expression became more serious.

“So that’s how it is. The restriction inside the pavilion has tens of thousands of different variations. If I can’t figure it out, then once I go within 100 feet of it, I will active it. If someone tried to break through by force, with the tens of thousands of changes, it would be hard to retreat unless their cultivation was heaven-defying.

“In addition, the most important part is that the restriction at the pavilion is the center of all the surrounding restrictions and can active everything around it. That is why the person who came before decided to give up on this!”

“Although the restriction is powerful, if the person who could use the 18 Plum Blossom Restriction came here, he would only need to waste some time to break through it. It looks like I chose the right direction; no one has gone past this point yet!”

Wang Lin took a deep breath and revealed a hint of excitement. After he came here, all he saw was the remains of restrictions broken by others. It was as if you had entered a mountain filled with treasure only to find that the treasure was already cleaned by out by someone else long ago.

The way he saw it right now, this pavilion was a treasured-filled mountain!

After suppressing the excitement in his heart, Wang Lin once more began observing the pavilion. He decided to simply sit down in the lotus position and began to study.

The restrictions around the pavilion were like a dense series of webs. A normal person would see nothing, but a restriction master would see things very differently; it all depends on their experience with restrictions.

If he wanted to break the restriction here, the first step was to observe.

Wang Lin sat for three days, and in these three days, blood lines appeared in his eyes and he began to show signs of fatigue.

“I can only see about three thousand changes. I still have a ways to go before breaking the formation! However, the current restriction is inactive, so a lot of the changes can’t be seen…” As Wang Lin pondered, he suddenly raised his hand. A ray of celestial spiritual energy gathered on his finger and was flicked toward the pavilion.

After flicking his finger, he didn’t hesitate to quickly back up. He moved so fast that an afterimage was almost created.

The moment the ray of celestial spiritual energy got within 100 feet of the pavilion, it immediately collapsed and dissipated into shiny specks of light. It was like throwing a drop of water into hot oil, as an explosion appeared within the 100 feet area.

Once waves began to ripple, a crazy and oppressive force came from the 100 feet area. Then the powerful force surged out and immediately expanded like crazy.

If Wang Lin hadn’t already been prepared and was extremely fast, he would have already been swallowed by this wave.

Wang Lin only stopped after he was more than 1,000 feet away. Although he was retreating, his gaze was still locked to the pavilion, and right now his eyes lit up.

“There was no less than 10,000 changes in that restriction!” Wang Lin silently sat down and continued to calculate.

Time slowly ticked away, and in the blink of an eye, one month passed.

During this month, Wang Lin tried several times to use celestial spiritual energy to active the restriction to study it. He had a great harvest each time and slowly gained some knowledge on the majority of the changes that occurred inside the pavilion.

At the same time, during this one month, he never stopped his deductions. Right now his eye were completely red and were about to leak out blood!

During this one month, Wang Lin forgot everything. He had even forgotten he was inside someone else’s cave. Right now the only thing in his mind was breaking this restriction!

The more he studied and the more he deducted, the bigger Wang Lin felt his harvest was. This restriction contained tens of thousands of changes, and as he studied it, his understanding of them deepened.

Wang Lin learned about restrictions inside the Land of Ancient God, and the type of restrictions he learned were ancient restrictions. Then he found a cave on planet Suzaku and accidently ran into a lot of books. Add on a few hundred years of using them and fusing them, his understanding of restrictions was very broad. His mastery increased by learning more restrictions, and once he finished the 999 restriction flag, his mastery in restrictions reached a bottleneck.

Anyone who studies restrictions will encounter many bottlenecks in their lifetime, and if they can’t break through, their study ends there. This bottleneck was invisible and was caused by many different factors.

Wang Lin gained a lot during this month of research; his restriction skills increased greatly. The various changes in the restriction allowed him to unknowingly break past the bottleneck and walk down the grand road ahead of him!

At this moment, he had a 40% chance of breaking this restriction. Although it was only 40%, it has to be said that people could study this restriction for thousands of years and only have 10 or 20% chance of breaking it.

Only those old monsters that have lived for than tens of thousands of years with a lot of experience and knowledge would dare to say they had 40% chance of breaking it!

“If the person who controlled the 18 Plum Blossom Restriction were to come, I’m afraid he would have more than 70% chance!” Wang Lin pondered. He didn’t move but continued to deduce.

Another month passed. Although he hadn’t mastered all the changes in the restriction, he was 50% confident he could break it.

On this day, he stood up with a serious expression. Although his eyes were bloodshot, he was in good spirits. He immediately arrived 100 feet from the pavilion, and after calculating for a bit, he took a step forward!

Wang Lin wasn’t nervous at all for this first step. He was confident that this first step wouldn’t cause anything to happen and wouldn’t activate the restriction.

After taking one step, there was no change in his surroundings. His expression was neutral as he took another step forward, which was immediately followed by another step!

Three steps was 10 feet, and he directly took nine steps. He was extremely relaxed the whole time like he was walking through his garden. Right now nothing abnormal happened.

He stopped after nine steps and restrictions flashed in his eyes. He then looked at the pavilion 70 feet away from him. He pinched his fingers together as he calculated a bit and then silently walked forward.

This time he moved another nine steps! He had already walked 60 feet.

The distance of 60 feet wasn’t long, but it took Wang Lin two months to calculate a safe path through these 60 feet. This was something not even those ten-thousand-year-old monsters could easily get past!

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