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Chapter 558 – Reversing The Heavens (Part 3)

At this moment, the golden light closed in and collided with the blood formation on her hand.

A muffled bang could be heard as the blood formation collapsed and specks of golden light entered Yao Xixue’s body.

Yao Xixue wasn’t able to control herself, so she coughed out a large mouthful of blood. Her celestial spiritual energy moved like crazy to battle the golden light that had entered her body.

Once the golden light enters the body, it causes a lot of damage to the meridians and the flesh. Only by using celestial spiritual energy can it be stopped, as the two neutralize each other!

“If you and the man from earlier don’t die, then that means you are eligible to enter the cave!” The middle-aged man’s voice was as calm as water.

After Yao Xixue heard this, she sat down in the lotus position and focused all her attention on neutralizing the golden light inside her body. She was so focused on what was happening inside her body that she didn’t notice the cold eyes that were looking at her.

At the most critical moment of her resisting against the golden light, a shadow charged out like a meteor from the void below the platform.

This figure was wearing a straw hat, moved as fast as lightning, and arrived on the platform in an instant. He didn’t stop at all as he reached out and Yao Xixue’s bag of holding flew out. At the same time, his right hand reached out and pointed between Yao Xixue’s eyebrows.

At this moment, Yao Xixue suddenly opened her eyes and was filled with shock. She wanted to dodge, but she wasn’t fast enough, so she watched helplessly as the finger landed between her eyebrows.

A destructive force entered her through the spot between her eyebrows and moved through her meridians, destroying them along the way.

At the same time, the small remaining amount of celestial spiritual energy in her body was scattered by this destructive force. Thanks to this and the force of the sword energy from the attack just now, Yao Xixue coughed out blood and was thrown back 30 feet. When she landed on the ground, a strand of grey gas appeared between her eyebrows, transformed into the life seal, and surrounded her entire body.

Yao Xixue couldn’t control the blood coming out of the corners of her mouth as she shouted, with all her might, “Wang Lin!”

“Want to die? Not that easy!” A cold voice came from the figure. The slender figure took off the straw hat. It was Wang Lin!

The shock in Yao Xixue’s eyes was extremely strong. Wang Lin’s appearance was completely outside her expectations. Even if he was alive, he should’ve still been seriously injured and not have appeared here like this.

Also, she had spread out her divine sense earlier and found no trace of him.

Wang Lin’s expression was neutral as he looked at Yao Xixue. Everything that happened was secretly planned by him. From the moment he found out this was the last platform, he began planning.

He risked using the demonic ideal to completely fool Yao Xixue into believing he was using his full strength. Then at the moment the sword energy entered his body, he shattered the celestial crystal inside his body without any hesitation.

He spent three days back in the army camp converting ⅓ of the celestial jades he had gotten from Yao Xixue into a celestial crystal to create an unexpected circumstance.

When the celestial crystal shattered, a large amount of celestial spiritual energy was released. Normally, when this much celestial spiritual energy was released, he would have to sit down to cultivate, and if he messed up even a bit, his meridians would be damaged by the large amount of celestial spiritual energy.

However, when the sword energy entered his body, the celestial spiritual energy did a really good job of neutralizing the sword energy.

Then he immediately acted according to his plan and put on the straw hat that Yunque Zi gave him before sneaking back to the platform!

This straw hat contained a large amount of restrictions, and considering Yunque Zi was a mid stage Ascendant cultivator, his treasures were naturally very powerful. The effect of this straw hat was to hide divine sense, and Wang Lin had used it many times before to great effects!

Unless the other person has reached the Ascendant stage, there is no way for them to notice him!

How could Yao Xixue know any of this!?

Wang Lin held Yao Xixue’s bag of holding and calmly said, “Fellow cultivator Yao, we meet again.”

Although he was talking to Yao Xixue, his gaze swept toward the middle-aged man in front of the stone door.

The middle-aged man’s gaze was still calm; it was as if everything before him didn’t exist.

Yao Xixue gritted her teeth and said, “You’re despicable!”

Wang Lin faintly smiled. There were many people that cursed him, but the winner was right and the loser was wrong. This was the rule of the cultivation world, and Wang Lin has always remembered it. He smiled. “Fellow cultivator Yao gave me a fake pill and concealed the danger of entering here. I’m just getting a little revenge; there is no need to praise me so!”

“If my father, the Blood Ancestor, finds out about this, you will be dead for sure, even if you are a disciple of the All-Seer! Also, I activated a Blood Soul Pill before I came here!” Yao Xixue’s face was very pale without any trace of blood.

“Why would I kill you when you have Blood Soul Pills to revive yourself? In order to use it, you must die first, so I’ll use a spell to seal your entire body. Now that you have no celestial spiritual energy left inside your body, I want to see how you will die!” Wang Lin let out a smile, and within that smile was a hint of darkness.

Yao Xixue’s face was pale and her body had no strength. It was as Wang Lin said, she had no celestial spiritual energy left in her body and her meridians had been shattered. Normally, she would die with her body like this, but the seal on her body keep sending out waves of life force to keep her alive, trapping her in this cycle of being between life and death.

Her life and death were stuck in this cycle!

“I only need to seal you in a place so you can endure thousands of years of loneliness while being stuck between life and death but unable to die. Even if you were to try to bite off your tongue to kill yourself, it wouldn’t be possible with the seal on your forehead stopping you! I want to see how you will revive with the Blood Soul Pill!” Wang Lin’s voice was calm, and when it landed in Yao Xixue’s ears, it made her expression change greatly!

As Wang Lin spoke those words, he couldn’t help but think back to planet Suzaku when his cultivation was destroyed by the Giant Demon Clan Ancestor and the cultivator of Xue Yue. After he became a waste, he ended up being thrown into a water prison by bandits. There, he found the skeleton of a female that had been sealed for an unknown amount of time!

Wang Lin thought to himself, “There is a cycle to everything in this world!”

He took a few steps forward and stood before Yao Xixue. Then his hand reached out toward her ample chest. Yao Xixue bit her lip and her eyes revealed thick killing intent and humiliation.

This gaze meant nothing to Wang Lin as his hand reached in between her breasts. As he searched, he immediately felt the softness of her body.

It has to be said that Yao Xixue was a rare beauty, and her status was also something that attracted people. She was the daughter of the Blood Ancestor, so normally she was high above everyone, but today she fell here.

Wang Lin revealed a smile that was not a smile as he squeezed her soft chest, and when he took his hand back out, he was holding three bags of holding.

The humiliation in her eyes was strong as she stared at Wang Lin, gnashing her teeth. She has cultivated for many years and kept her virgin body; she had never had such intimate contact with a man before!

After putting away the bags of holding, he said, “Fellow cultivation Yao, how about we make a deal?”

Yao Xixue stared at Wang Lin and didn’t say a word!

Wang Lin faintly smiled. “I intend to seal you until your lifespan runs out, but there is a 500 year time limit in this Demon Spirit Land. So I’ll ask you questions and take off 50 years for every question you answer. How about it?”

Yao Xixue took a deep breath and pondered for a bit. Then she coldly asked, “How do I know if you’re speaking the truth?”

Wang Lin chuckled and said, “You don’t have to respond!”

Yao Xixue coldly looked at Wang Lin and snorted. “Ask!”

“If you lie, although I might now know it now, I will in the future. At that point, don’t blame me for not coming to release you from your seal!”

“The first question: why are you so intent on entering this cave?” Wang Lin’s question was ingenious, as it covered a lot of things.

Yao Xixue turned her head to look at the stone door. The middle-aged man under the stone door still had a calm expression.

“I just want to enter, there is no reason!”

“You brought this upon yourself!” Wang Lin’s eyes became cold and his hand formed seals, creating restrictions that fell on the ground to create a restriction circle. As time passed by, Wang Lin created more and more restrictions, and the restriction circle on the ground started giving off a black light.

After doing all this, Wang Lin grabbed Yao Xixue and threw her into the circle. His right hand formed a seal and he softly said, “Seal!”

With one word, the restriction circle quickly shrank and surrounded Yao Xixue. In almost an instant, it formed a restriction sphere!

Wang Lin waved his hand, causing the ball to shrink and fly into his bag of holding.

After doing all of this, Wang Lin turned toward the middle-aged man before the stone door and said, “Do I have the qualifications to enter?”

The middle-aged man’s expression was still calm as he slowly said, “The two of you withstood the three sword energy attacks together, so you naturally are qualified to enter. However, everything inside the cave has been sealed by Master, so if you can’t open the seal, it is useless!”

Wang Lin didn’t rush in but pondered a bit and asked, “What cave is this?”

“Master’s cave!”

“Who is your master?”

“Master is Master. What do you mean who is Master!?”

Wang Lin looked at the middle-aged man. After pondering a bit, he asked, “What were the golden symbols from the 11 platforms before this?”

The middle-aged man slowly said, “A guarding spell, but after Master sealed the cave, there was no longer a central control, so the guardians lost a lot of their power. Otherwise, the two of you wouldn’t have been able to reach here!”

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he asked, “If someone else can withstand three sword energy attacks while I’m inside, will they also be allowed into the cave?”

“If you can break a seal inside the cave, you will obtain the right to enter the cave. After that, the cave will automatically seal and not allow anyone else inside unless you are dead.”

Wang Lin asked again, “This cave has existed for countless years, has anyone else entered here before?”

“Yes, but they are all dead!”

“How do I leave this place?”

“Break one seal and you will be able to leave!”

Wang Lin pondered. He knew that if he were to ask more, the cave spirit wouldn’t really say more. After pondering a bit, he stopped asking questions and walked into the stone door!

What appeared before Wang Lin after entering the stone door were groups of palaces much like the royal palace of a mortal king. He appeared right at the front door of a palace.

A faint celestial spiritual energy surrounded the area. He took a deep breath and immediately felt refreshed. Then he took a step forward but immediately lowered his head to look at the ground.

The ground was paved with green stones and was extremely flat. Wang Lin squatted down to touch the ground with his hand and his expression immediately turned strange.

“Celestial jade…”

Wang Lin spread out his divine sense and he immediately found that the surrounding area was surrounded in sealing restrictions. His divine sense withdrew at almost the instant he spread it out.

“All of the buildings here are made of celestial jade.” Wang Lin was very sensitive to celestial jade, and now that everything before him was made of it, he couldn’t help but take a deep breath.

“Unfortunately, there are very powerful seals on them all. Otherwise, I would have definitely dug all of them out!” Wang Lin looked at the celestial jade road with a look of pity.

There was a giant pill furnace about 100 feet before him. There were some holes the thickness of his arm on the pill furnace, and bursts of white smoke came out from them.

Several hundred feet past the pill furnace was a three story loft.

Wang Lin walked forward, stopped next to the pill furnace, and looked inside the holes.

There was a puddle of water at the bottom of the furnace, and the white smoke was coming out from this puddle of water.

“I’m not the first person to enter this place. Perhaps there were pills inside this pill furnace before and they were taken by someone.” Wang Lin’s eyes narrowed as he looked at the pill furnace.

There was a restriction seal on it, but it was in a broken state. It had obviously been broken by someone long ago.

After carefully looking around, Wang Lin walked toward the loft. He stopped before the loft and looked at it. The loft was sealed, and there was even a seal on each of the three steps leading up to it.

“This is an all-in-one seal. Once the restriction activates, it can make everything inside and outside the loft into a restriction and seal the whole loft! This method of sealing was even very rare in ancient times. According to some of the books I’ve read, it is recorded that this method came from the Celestial Realm and is referred to as celestial restrictions!”

Wang Lin looked around and muttered, “This cave is filled with celestial restrictions. Could this really be the cave of a certain celestial…”

While thinking about this, Wang Lin became even more cautious. Although the restrictions on the loft before him had already been broken by someone, he would only take a step after carefully checking his surroundings.

The loft had three floors, and Wang Lin would only take a step up after careful observation. Although this took a lot of time, it allowed Wang Lin to clearly see through all the restrictions inside the loft.

This loft was completely empty, not even a table or chair remained. If it wasn’t for markings on the ground showing that there were chairs and tables before, Wang Lin wouldn’t have thought that they were taken by someone.

Wang Lin mocked himself. “Even the chairs and tables in the cave of a celestial must not be normal, so it it is within reason that they be taken!”

This three floor loft was completely empty. Wang Lin found absolutely nothing inside, and all the restrictions had already been broken. However, as he looked closer, he found that these restrictions weren’t all broken by the same person; there were at least three different methods used.

One of the methods used ancient restrictions and was extremely subtle. The restrictions broken this way would scatter into the form of a plum blossom. Wang Lin had seen this method before on some ancient records, it was called the 18 Plum Blossom Restriction!

A majority of the restrictions here were broken with this method. It was clearly done by the same person.

This restriction was very famous in the ancient cultivation world, but it was something very few people could learn. Even disciples could only learn so much depending on their status; at most a disciple could only learn up to 9 restrictions. Only the sect master could learn up to 18 restrictions!

Just as he was about to leave, Wang Lin’s eyes suddenly narrowed. He looked at the markings on the ground that showed that the tables and chairs were moved!

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