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Chapter 557 – Reversing the Heavens (Part 2)

After the cold wind passed by, a white mist came out from the stone gate and immediately condensed into a person. This person was about 30 years old, his expression was cold, he was dressed in white, and his every movement held the aura of a celestial.

After he appeared, he coldly looked at the ice sculptures Wang Lin and Yao Xixue were in. Although he didn’t open his mouth, a sound still came out.

“Without a token, no one can enter Master’s cave!”

The red light from the ice sculpture Yao Xixue was in intensified as if there was a heat wave coming from inside it. Waves of white mist came from the ice sculpture, and in almost the blink of an eye, the ice melted and Yao Xixue walked out.

“You have come here three times and you use the spells of the Blood Lord. I went easy on you three times considering you were his descendant and allowed you to use your spell to resurrect yourself, but you are ungrateful. This time, use your resurrection spell and scram out of here now before you have no chance!” Although the middle-aged man’s voice was calm, it gave off a powerful aura.

At this moment, the ice sculpture Wang Lin was in gradually melted. His expression was calm as he coldly looked at the two of them.

The middle-aged man’s gaze was calm. He didn’t even look at Wang Lin and only looked at Yao Xixue.

Yao Xixue bowed and said, “Senior, since you knew my ancestor, why not let me pass? This cave has been deserted for many years and it would be a waste to just leave it. Why not let junior have it?”

The middle-aged man withdrew his gaze and calmly said, “If you can withstand three strike from my sword, then you’re qualified! Are the two of you together or separate?”

Yao Xixue’s eyes lit up and she said, “We will each take one strike and then take the last strike together!”

The middle-aged man’s eyes were still calm as he raised his finger, causing a ray of golden light to quickly condense on his fingertip.

“First person, come up! If you can withstand it, live; if not, die!”

Yao Xixue looked toward Wang Lin. “Fellow cultivator Wang!”

Wang Lin faintly smiled as he took two steps back and shook his head. “Fellow cultivator Yao’s words were false. I need time to consider!”

Yao Xixue looked at Wang Lin and said, “What was false?”

“This place doesn’t have 18 seals. If there really are seals, then there are only 12. Past this door is the cave!”

Yao Xixue sneered. She already expected Wang Lin to change his mind at the last moment. She didn’t panic at all and said, “Fellow cultivator Wang, there was something I forgot to tell you. I hope you don’t mind, but telling you now isn’t too late. After entering this place, obtaining the golden mark gives you the qualification to take the trial to enter the cave. However, once you gain the qualification, you must succeed, or else you will die! Whether you believe it or not is up to you!”

Wang Lin’s expression revealed a look of uncertainty before he looked at Yao Xixue with a look of helplessness and wryly smiled. “Fellow cultivator Yao has the Blood Soul Pill, so you naturally aren’t worried about this. Good plan!”

The middle-aged man coldly looked at Yao Xixue and Wang Lin. He didn’t show any sign of impatience.

Yao Xixue said, “If you can help me enter the cave, you won’t have to worry about your life. I’ll also give you everything I promised before as well!”

Wang Lin pondered and said, “Since things are like this now, I will act, but I want to know what exactly this place is!”

Yao Xixue smiled. “This place was a cave left by a certain celestial. My father obtained this information from a demon emperor by accident. This cave has been deserted for a many years, and many of the spells have disappeared with only this cave spirit still remaining. You need to be an Ascendant cultivator to withstand all three rays of sword energy. OK, I have told you everything I need to, so, fellow cultivator Wang, please act!”

Wang Lin said, in a serious tone, “Sword energy only an Ascendant cultivator can withstand? I’m only at the mid stage of Soul Transformation; fellow cultivator Yao really gives me a lot of credit.”

Yao Xixue’s expression turned cold and she coldly said, “Wang Lin, if we can’t enter the cave, I have the Blood Soul Pill, but you will die for sure!”

Just at this moment, the middle-aged man who was coldly looking at them suddenly said, “That is right. If you two can’t enter the cave, then both of you will die. If you want to live, you have to successfully enter!”

Wang Lin pondered for a long time before taking a step forward and saying, in a serious tone, “Senior, please go!” He raised his finger into the air and the demonic ideals that were suppressed inside him suddenly surged out and immediately filled his body. A thick, black mist came out from his body, and in almost an instant, his entire body was covered by this black mist.

In Yao Xixue’s eyes, this black mist was demonic spiritual energy!

“The first thing he did was use the spell he used against the demon general, meaning that he is using his full strength. Exactly as I planned!” Yao Xixue had already calculated this. In her eyes, Wang Lin’s cultivation was only at the mid stage of Soul Transformation. Even though she gave him enough celestial jades, he wouldn’t have enough time to increase his cultivation level to the late stage of Soul Transformation in just three days.

As a result, even if he withstands the sword energy with his mid stage Soul Transformation cultivation, he will be seriously injured and will no longer be a threat.

And she was confident she could withstand two strikes with the method her father gave her, and that would allow her to meet the requirement set by the cave spirit!

The past several times she came here, she tried her best and was able to take two strikes, but the last strike was always fatal.

The middle-aged man looked at Wang Lin, who was covered in black mist. He didn’t say a word as he flicked his finger and a ray of golden light shot out faster than lightning.

Wang Lin let out a roar as all the demonic spiritual energy around him gathered at his index finger. In the blink of an eye, all of the demonic spiritual energy around him dissipated and was now condensed on his right index finger.

The golden light closed in and collided with his finger.

The golden light was like an awl that directly split the demonic spiritual energy apart, but at the same time, the demonic spiritual energy continued to enter the golden light and continued to weaken it.

Although the golden light looked normal, it was actually extremely powerful. It broke through the demonic spiritual energy and drilled into Wang Lin’s body.

Wang Lin coughed out a large mouthful of blood and his body was thrown back by a powerful force. At the same time, there were sounds of things bursting and breaking coming out from his body.

The platform wasn’t very big, so Wang Lin’s body was thrown off it and he fell toward the empty space below.

The middle-aged man lowered his head to look at where Wang Lin disappeared before raising his head and slowly saying, “I’ll consider that as you breaking the first strike! The second strike is next!” With that, he raised his right hand and another ray of golden light condensed on his fingertip.

Wang Lin’s serious injury was not outside Yao Xixue’s expectations. She didn’t care about Wang Lin’s life, what she cared about was how to enter the cave. What her father said about not getting into a bad relationship with Wang Lin was completely forgotten by her.

In truth, in her heart, she thought that Wang Lin’s status and cultivation were not enough to be her friend, even if there was something abnormal about him!

She spread out her divine sense, and after finding no trace of Wang Lin, the last trace of her suspicion completely vanished.

She was about to face the second sword energy from the cave spirit, so she quickly touched her bag of holding and took out a large amount of blood jades. Just at this moment, the middle-aged man flicked the ray of golden light and it charged out like a roaring, golden dragon.

The jades in Yao Xixue’s hand quickly shattered and a large amount of blood-colored light surrounded the golden dragon. The golden dragon immediately broke through the blood-colored light, and although it dimmed a bit, it was still fierce as it imprinted on Yao Xixue’s chest.

Yao Xixue’s face immediately turned red and she suppressed the blood in her mouth. She took two steps back and then looked at the middle-aged man.

This was the fourth time she had arrived at the gate. She knew that the blood jades only worked once and would have no effect on the golden light the second time.

The first time she came here, she used the blood jades to break through all 11 platforms and thought she would succeed for sure, but the blood jades lost effect on the second sword energy attack!

“I’ll count that as you withstanding the second strike! Now this is the third strike!” As the middle-aged man spoke, another ray of golden light gathered at his fingertip. He didn’t give her any time to prepare and the golden light flew out.

Although Yao Xixue’s complexion was ruddy, her heart was very excited. Before, when she reached the third sword energy attack, she would be seriously injured and would have little celestial spiritual energy left, making it impossible for her to resist.

But now that Wang Lin had successfully withstood the first attack, she still had lot of celestial spiritual energy left. Although she had some small injuries, it wouldn’t affect her using her spell.

She was more confident than ever in her ability to withstand the third sword energy!

“This cave is mine!” Yao Xixue took a deep breath and her hand began forming seals. When the golden light closed in, she coughed out a large mouthful of blood. This blood landed on the golden light before she began muttering chants and her hands moved even faster.

The golden light was covered by the fresh blood and release some sizzling sounds. The blood seemed to boil and then turned into symbol that stuck to the golden light.

The golden light suddenly dimmed, but the blood symbols on it also melted. The golden light charged out directly at Yao Xixue.

Yao Xixue took a deep breath and her hand stop forming seals. Instead, her hand formed afterimages before stopping before her chest. Shortly after, a circular blood formation appeared in Yao Xixue’s hand.

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