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Chapter 556 – Reversing The Heavens

All of this happened extremely fast. Yao Xixue was still stunned when the three stroke symbol was completed.

At the moment the symbol was completed, the celestial spiritual energy inside Wang Lin’s body moved on its own and entered the symbol through his finger!

If one just looked at the three stroke symbol, they would think there was nothing unusual about it, but now that Wang Lin had drawn it stroke by stroke, he felt a sense of perfection from it as if it was some imprint from the heavens.

Waves of golden light came from the symbol and lit up the surroundings. The black gas surrounding the platform slowly disappeared under this golden light.

Yao Xixue revealed an extremely complex and shocking expression. She had been here several times before, but each time she wasted as little time as possible and used the blood seal her father gave her to not have to deal with them. In a way, she had gotten by through a loop hole.

Although she noticed those golden symbols and also tried to draw them, because she never destroyed the statue, she never absorbed the golden symbol like Wang Lin.

As celestial spiritual energy entered the symbol, Wang Lin’s index finger couldn’t help but pause for a moment. Although his expression was normal, he had a very clear feeling that if he didn’t draw the fourth stroke, the perfection of this symbol would be ruined and even collapse.

Wang Lin wasn’t able to draw the fourth stroke in thin air. His eyes lit up as he pointed at the symbol and suddenly turned around. He flicked the symbol, causing it fly directly at Yao Xixue.

Yao Xixue’s expression changed and she quickly backed up. At the same time, she took out several blood jades and crashed them one by one before her.

With a flash of blood-colored light, layers of blood covered the symbol. This happened extremely fast. The moment the blood touched the symbol, it dissipated, but it did cause the symbol to dim a bit.

Yao Xixue continued to retreat as fragrant sweat covered her forehead. She continued to crush blood jades in her hand, and after seven breaths of time, the golden light was finally completely extinguished by the blood.

The symbol disappeared inside the blood-colored light.

Yao Xixue’s expression was extremely gloomy. Just now she had used 10% of the celestial jades that was suppose to last her hundreds of years. At the moment the symbol was thrown at her, she felt like she was facing someone of her father’s generation.

“Wang Lin!” Yao Xixue crushed a blood jade. After the symbol disappeared, she charged directly at the platform toward Wang Lin.

Wang Lin’s expression was normal. At the moment Yao Xixue closed in, his eyes became cold as he touched his bag of holding to take out the celestial sword and held it before him. He calmly said, “Fellow cultivator Yao, that golden symbol appeared too suddenly for me to control. If you wish to fight me because of it, then I’ll entertain you!”

Yao Xixue’s expression was gloomy as a hint of killing intent appeared in her eyes and she thought to herself, “Since this person has arrived here, he has no chance of survival unless he can break all the seals. If I were to fight with him here, it would be a waste of an opportunity!”

She coldly said, “Just this once!” With that, she jumped over Wang Lin and landed on the Revered Dragon Path to the next platform.

Wang Lin put away the celestial jade and leisurely followed. He looked a Yao Xixue before him and his heart was not calm.

“Just a three stroke symbol is already so powerful… According to Yao Xixue, there is a total of 18 layers. If every layer has a symbol, that means there is a total of 18 symbols. What will the power of an 18 stroke symbol be… What exactly is this symbol? Could it be a celestial spell?!” Wang Lin took a deep breath and drew the three stroke symbol again. Unfortunately, the celestial spiritual energy inside his body didn’t move and the symbol disappeared as quickly as it appeared without any of the power from before.

Wang Lin frowned slightly and began to ponder.

Several days later, the third platform appeared. This time Yao Xixue charge directly at the platform.

There was still the same statue on the platform. Instead of having a third eye, it now had a long sword in its hand!

Yao Xixue didn’t use the seal. This time, she didn’t hesitate to use her own abilities to battle the stone statue.

Wang Lin coldly observed Yao Xixue. Her spells were all based on blood, and most of the time when she waved her hand, there would be a blood-colored light before the spell appeared.

This battle with the statue had no suspense. With Yao Xixue’s cultivation, the battle ended after half an incense stick of time. However, although the stone statue collapsed, no golden symbol flew out. Her expression became gloomy as she mercilessly stomped her foot, causing the broken stone statue to shatter to dust.

Wang Lin’s eyes narrowed and he thought, “Could it be that only after breaking the restriction on the statue would the symbol fuse into one’s body?”

Yao Xixue didn’t even look at Wang Lin as she quickly jumped across the platform and continued to move forward.

Time quickly passed, and in the blink of an eye, one month passed. During this one month of time, Wang Lin had it easy because Yao Xixue didn’t give him any opportunities to act. After trying two times and not obtaining a golden symbol, she realized that her method was wrong. Thinking back to what Wang Lin did, she gained some understanding.

She dreaded the golden symbols a lot, and to prevent Wang Lin from obtaining them, she decided to simply do all the work herself. She didn’t break the statues but used the blood jades to seal them. This was the method she used the last three times she came here.

On this day, after sealing the 11th statue and arriving before the platform containing the 12th statue, Yao Xixue’s expression became serious. She looked at Wang Lin and said ,“Fellow cultivator Wang, this 12th seal is very different from the previous one and requires the two of us to work together to break. This is why I asked you to come!”

Wang Lin nodded. The platform before them was very different from before. This platform was only half the size of the previous platforms, and there was no stone statue in the middle, only a giant, stone door! Also, there was no other Revered Dragon Path besides the one they were standing on!

There were some blurry characters on the stone door. When overlapped with each other, it almost looked like a human face.

Both Yao Xixue and Wang Lin landed on the platform. At the same time, the stone door suddenly opened and a cold gust of wind immediately came out. The moment the cold wind appeared, Yao Xixue was covered by a blood-colored light.

Wang Lin took several steps back as he touched his bag of holding and took out the restriction flag, which quickly covered his body. As the cold wind blew, crackling sounds came from the restrictions around Wang Lin as layer and layer of ice appeared around the restrictions. Soon, Wang Lin was surrounded by a thick layer of ice.

Looking at Yao Xixue, she basically became an ice sculpture, only the ice sculpture was releasing a bright, red light.

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