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Chapter 555 – Three Strokes Fuse Into One

After clearly seeing the symbol, Wang Lin turned his head around. By the time he turned around, the life seal had already disappeared and his expression was completely neutral.

Yao Xixue had already moved far off into the distance, and Wang Lin casually followed behind her.

His mind was still thinking of that symbol he saw on the statue. That symbol was similar to the three stroke symbol in Yao Xixue’s eyes and to the golden symbol in his eyes.

As Wang Lin walked, he raised his hand and his gaze fell on his palm. The six stroke symbol appeared on his hand once more.

“This symbol is interesting; it seems to be the foundation. Whether it is Yao Xixue’s three stroke symbol or my six stroke symbol, both contain this symbol!”

His eyes lit up and he waved his hand to draw that symbol. His finger contained celestial spiritual energy, but there was no reaction from the celestial spiritual energy in his body after he drew it.

Wang Lin pondered a bit before memorizing the symbol and then no longer thought about it. His eyes revealed a mysterious light as he looked into the distance at Yao Xixue

“She has the Blood Soul Pill, so if I were to sneak attack her, she would just be able to revive. It would be difficult to kill her…”

Seven days later, another platform appeared at the end of the Revered Dragon Path. This platform was the same size as the previous one, and like the previous one, there was a statue at the center.

Even the appearance of this statue was almost no different from the previous one. The only difference was that this statue had a half-closed third eye on its forehead.

At the end of the path, Yao Xixue turned around to look at Wang Lin. Although she didn’t speak, her intention was shown through her actions.

Wang Lin wasn’t one to drag his feet, and right now was not the time to turn on her, at least not until he learned everything about this place.

He took one step and directly jumped over Yao Xixue, landing on the platform. The moment he landed on the platform, he closed his eyes. The life seal quickly appeared on his forehead and sealed his eyes shut.

After doing all of this, he walked forward on the platform with the life seal sealing his eyes. This was an experiment for Wang Lin; he wanted to see if the golden symbol could pierce through the life seal.

The golden symbol didn’t penetrate it, but at the moment Wang Lin landed, the statue trembled. It opened its eyes and viciously gazed at Wang Lin before stepping toward him with a roar.

The life seal immediately defused from his eyes and covered his body. At the same time, Wang Lin took several steps back and circled around the statue like a coiling dragon.

As the statue roared, it began chasing after Wang Lin.

Wang Lin’s expression remained normal as his hand moved in the air, creating a burst of green light, and a simple restriction appeared in his hand. As he moved, he threw the restriction backwards. The restriction immediately grew to be few dozen feet large and blocked the pursuing statue.

The statue’s body didn’t stop at all and directly smashed into the restriction. The restriction shattered like a mirror and scattered in all directions.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he revealed a look of interest. Although the restriction he had just used was simple, it was incorporeal. Unless it encountered another restriction, that shouldn’t have happened.

“That statue’s entire body is probably covered in restrictions. Trying to break it by brute force shouldn’t be the right method!” Wang Lin’s hand moved and rays of restrictions flew out of his hand and quickly closed in on the statue.

The statue let out a roar as it jumped forward and threw a punch. The countless restrictions sent toward it all shattered, and a powerful force traveled through space toward Wang Lin.

Wang Lin touched his bag of holding and took out the restriction flag. He shook the flag and the force coming toward him immediately entered the restriction flag and disappeared.

Wang Lin’s restriction flag had already reached 999 sets in these hundreds of years of him adding restrictions to it. However, what was strange to him was that divine retribution never arrived!

These 999 sets of restrictions were all attack restrictions and were very powerful when used.

However, as Wang Lin’s cultivation level continued to increase, the power of the restriction flag was starting to become somewhat inadequate. Wang Lin was also thinking of ways to increase the restriction flag’s power and increase the amount of restrictions to 9,999 sets.

However, too many pure attack restrictions were required to increase the restrictions on the flag by 10 fold. Even with Wang Lin’s knowledge, he didn’t know that many restrictions.

At this moment, a large amount of restrictions was flashing through his eyes. These restrictions continued to group and divide in his mind. His body was still moving very quickly, so the statue couldn’t approach.

Every time the statue was about to close in, Wang Lin would wave the restriction flag, causing large amounts of restriction gas to fly out, forming walls of restrictions to stop the statue.

After the statue was blocked several times, it let out an earth-shattering roar and decided to stop chasing. It decided to stay in one place and stomp the ground. The entire platform trembled, and at the same time, stone spikes shot out from the ground right around Wang Lin.

Wang Lin was already prepared for the statue’s possible spells. He formed a seal and quickly dodged the spike coming from below him.

However, the spike was like a bamboo shoot and came in layers one after another. In almost an instant, the entire platform was covered in spikes, and aside from the center, everywhere else on the platform was covered in spikes.

Wang Lin’s body flew into the sky and he floated in the air. The restriction deduction went even faster and his eyes never left the statue. His eyes suddenly lit up, and at this moment, the shape of the statue changed greatly in his eyes!

In his eyes, it wasn’t a stone statue at all but something composed entirely from restrictions. Countless restrictions stacked together to form this thing, and there was not a single place on it without a restriction!

Just at the moment Wang Lin saw through the essence of the statue, all the spikes on the platform broke off at the roots from another stomp from the statue. They then flew into the air and shot at Wang Lin like a rain of spikes.

With Wang Lin’s cultivation, if he were to use magical treasures or one of the three killing spells to break the statue, it wouldn’t have taken so much time. However, Wang Lin’s goal wasn’t to break through by force but completely understand it.

In Wang Lin’s eyes, those spikes that were flying towards him were also created by restrictions. As long as it was a restriction, he wasn’t afraid of it at all. Wang Lin has been studying restrictions ever since he was at the Core Formation stage. Aside from those old monsters that have been alive for tens of thousands of years, normal people couldn’t compare with Wang Lin at all in terms of his understanding of restrictions!

His expression was neutral as he waved the restriction flag in his hand and restriction gas flew out. These restrictions moved in a mysterious pattern according to Wang Lin’s command and swept through the incoming spikes. The countless spikes were immediately and mercilessly deconstructed and merged into the restriction flag.

After the restriction flag absorbed those restrictions, it immediately increased in power.

Wang Lin’s eyes narrowed and immediately descended toward the platform. He pointed forward and the restrictions from the restriction flag charged out like a whirlwind and immediately trapped the statue inside.

Before Wang Lin’s body landed, he turned into a cloud of green smoke and moved along with the restrictions. He immediately started circling the statue as his hand quickly moved, creating new restrictions that fused into the whirlwind of restrictions.

From a distance, the statue looked to be surrounded by countless restrictions. No matter how it struggled and roared, the restrictions continued circling it. The restrictions hammered at the statue and entered through any cracks on its body.

Wang Lin suddenly stopped moving and shouted four times. “Break! Break! Break! Break!”

These four shouts caused the countless restrictions around the statue to all immediately swarm it. At a speed visible to the naked eye, the statue continued to change like crazy and was constantly collapsing.

This statue was originally created from restrictions, and as the restrictions were being destroyed, the statue’s body shrank.

Feeling a sense of danger, the statue let out a fierce roar and its third eye between its eyebrows immediately opened up, releasing a ray of golden light.

With one flash, all of the restrictions Wang Lin had sent out were forced back and began to dissipate!

Wang Lin’s eyes revealed a mysterious light. At the moment the golden light appeared, he saw a golden symbol inside the statue’s third eye!

This symbol was created with two strokes!

“Seal!” Wang Lin let out a roar and spat out some essence blood. Once the restrictions absorbed his blood, they immediately rushed forward and began to counter the golden light.

After two breaths of time, the golden light in the statue’s third eye dissipated, and at this moment, countless restrictions swarmed the statue. Its body trembled as the ruthless gaze disappeared from its eyes and was replaced with bleak greyness.

Shortly after, its body collapsed, and as it collapsed, countless restrictions came out and rushed out in all directions. In an instant, black restriction gas covered the entire platform.

Inside this black fog there was a flashing, golden symbol that was about to disappear into the void. At this moment, Wang Lin suddenly felt something in his heart, so he subconsciously raised his right index finger and drew one stroke. This stroke created the symbol that he saw sealed inside the first statue.

After finishing the first stroke, Wang Lin didn’t stop and immediately drew the second stroke. This created the golden symbol Wang Lin just saw inside the statue’s third eye.

The moment the symbol appeared, the symbol that flew out from the statue and was about to leave quickly turned around and flew toward Wang Lin. It moved faster than lightning and fused with the symbol Wang Lin just drew!

Wang Lin’s eyes revealed a mysterious light. His index finger didn’t stop and once more drew another stroke! After he finished this stroke, it created the three stroke symbol that was in Yao Xixue’s eyes!

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