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Chapter 554 – The Six Stroke Golden Symbol

“The rumor is that the entire Demon Spirit Land was the cave of a celestial emperor. Could this place also have been created by the celestial emperor?” Wang Lin pondered a bit and looked around. He no longer thought about this as he calmed himself and began to comprehend his domain.

The life and death domain had already merged with his body before he entered the Demon Spirit Land. Right now his heart was immersed in his domain. His left hand was death, his right hand was life, and between them was the River of Eternity.

Although he was immersed in his domain, Wang Lin’s vigilance never dropped. He had a bit of his divine sense circling his body, so if Yao Xixue made any moves, he would be able to detect it right away.

Wang Lin was very cunning, so he knew that if he could be this vigilant, Yao Xixue would naturally think the same way, meaning it was not a good time to act.

While he was cultivating, the image of his life and death domain gradually appeared around him. As he continued to comprehend, he entered an ethereal state and everything around him appeared clearly in his mind.

He could vaguely sense a mysterious power falling from the sky and gathering on the platform.

This force quietly condensed around Yao Xixue and circled around her.

Wang Lin’s heart trembled as he immediately focused all his attention on the mysterious power. As the mysterious power circled Yao Xixue, it suddenly moved toward the spot between her eyebrows and condensed there.

At this moment, a golden light came from between Yao Xixue’s eyebrows. After three breaths of time, the golden light dissipated and she opened her eyes.

There were golden symbols glowing in each of her pupils. Each of these symbols were composed of three strokes. Although they were complex, Wang Lin could somewhat understand them.

Now that Yao Xixue’s eyes contained the golden symbols, when Wang Lin looked at her, his heart trembled violently. It was like lightning had struck his mind and thunder roared in his heart. He had the same feeling he experienced back when he first met Tuo Sen. At this moment, it was as if Yao Xixue was no longer a late stage Soul Transformation cultivator and had turned into an extremely powerful immortal that he couldn’t possibly fight against!

This feeling was very powerful; it was like powerful waves crashing against Wang Lin’s soul. Not even the All-Seer could make Wang Lin’s heart tremble like this.

Wang Lin’s heart trembled violently, but because his dao heart was firm, he immediately noticed that something was off. What gave off this majesty wasn’t Yao Xixue but the golden symbols in her eyes.

Wang Lin took a deep breath to suppress the trembling in his heart. He no longer paid any attention to her and instead focused on comprehending his domain. He clearly remembered that she didn’t have the symbols before, so it must have a big connection with the mysterious power that had just appeared.

Yao Xixue’s eyes opened for a moment before she closed them once more and returned to silently cultivating.

Wang Lin immersed himself inside the life and death of the reincarnation cycle. Scenes from the past flashed through his mind. Learning about life and death, learning what is life, learning what is death, he opened the scroll of life and death, and finally the domain entered his body. All of this flowed through Wang Lin’s heart.

After an unknown amount of time, that mysterious power appeared on the platform once more.

Yao Xixue suddenly opened her eyes. The golden light from her eyes was dazzling. She looked into the void with a normal expression.

The mysterious power quickly appeared and began to circle Wang Lin.

At this moment, Wang Lin’s mind had reached a mysterious state; it was like he was dreaming. He felt like he had entered a world of hallucinations, as figures flashed by him one by one.

He couldn’t clearly see anything, but it also seemed like he could clearly see everything.

This contradicting feeling made him feel discomfort.

There was a low murmur of female or male voices that continued to buzz in his ears as if they were trying to tell him something. But when he tried to listen carefully, he found nothing.

This feeling lasted for a very long time, long enough for Wang Lin to forget the concept of time.

The sound next to his ears gradually became louder and the figures before him slowly became clearer.

Just as everything was about to become clear before his eyes, it all suddenly turned into an illusion and silently began to dissipate. At this moment, Wang Lin seized the opportunity right when everything was at this state of becoming clear and about to dissipate. His eyes lit up and the only life seal from the Celestial Slaughter Art immediately condensed on his forehead.

“My name is Qing Lin…” A clear voice instantly appeared next to his ears, but this voice only lasted for a moment before vanishing.

Wang Lin seized the right opportunity. If he had used the life seal too early, he would never have heard this voice. He was only able to hear this because he had used the life seal right at the moment!

Instead of looking, he chose to listen because a voice could convey more real information while sight was often obstructed by one’s own thoughts!

At the moment all of this disappeared, Wang Lin opened his eyes as if he had awakened from a dream. There was now a violent-golden light shining from his eyes.

The golden light lasted for six breaths of time before dissipating. At this moment, golden symbols appeared in his eyes. These symbols were made up of six strokes and looked extremely complicated.

Yao Xixue’s expression was ugly. She didn’t think Wang Lin would obtain a six-stroke symbol during his comprehension.

At the moment Wang Lin opened his eyes, he looked at Yao Xixue and immediately found that although she still had the symbols, the powerful majesty that he couldn’t resist no longer existed. For some reason, a feeling of looking down upon her appeared in his heart.

This gaze from Wang Lin made Yao Xixue extremely uncomfortable, so she subconsciously looked away. She coldly said, “With the golden symbols, you can now walk on the Revered Dragon Path. Let’s go!” With that, she stepped onto the dragon path and quickly moved ahead.

Even she hadn’t realized that the golden symbols in her eyes had dimmed when she looked at Wang Lin. It was as if a firefly had met the moon; although both were bright, when compared to each other, the firefly was naturally dimmer.

Wang Lin placed his hand before his eyes. When his eyes looked at his palm, a clear symbol was projected on it.

“What exactly is this golden symbol…” Wang Lin pondered as he walked up to the Revered Dragon Path and slowly walked forward.

It was an endless, starry abyss below the dragon path. Although it was uncertain whether you would live or die if you fell, just the thought of falling was enough to scare people.

The dragon road slowly moved left and right. If a mortal was on the path, they would be scared to death, but for cultivators, this had no effect on them.

The two of the moved one after the other at an extremely quick speed as they followed the path into the distance.

This path seemed to have no end. The two of them hadn’t rested for three days, but the road before them continued to extend.

Yao Xixue’s expression was normal. She came here many times already, so she knew that they had only traveled ⅓ of the way there.

Several days later, another giant platform appeared before the Revered Dragon Path. There was an object standing on the platform!

This object was a statue about 30 feet high, and it stood at the center of the platform. This statue was that of a human, but he had extremely large ears and arms.

Yao Xixue stopped walking on the dragon path, looked back at Wang Lin not far behind her, and said, “This place is the first seal! The two of us will each break a layer. I’ll break the first layer and you will break the second one!”

Wang Lin’s expression was normal as he calmly said, “Okay!”

Yao Xixue didn’t waste any more words. She jumped into the air and charged onto the platform like lightning. At the moment her body landed on the platform, a golden light automatically released from her eyes. This golden light contained the golden symbols, and it landed on the platform along with her.

The statue trembled and white gas came out from it. Then it suddenly opened its eyes, revealing a ruthless gaze. It raised its feet and took a step that caused the entire platform to tremble.

A thick killing intent immediately spread out with that step.

Yao Xixue floated in the air. She has dealt with this statue several times now, so she was very familiar with it. She touched her bag of holding with her right hand and took out a piece of jade. This jade was blood-red in color and was clearly different from a normal jade.


With one word, Yao Xixue threw out the jade. The jade shattered in the air and turned into a dense, blood-colored light that covered the statue in a flash.

The blood-colored light surrounded the statue, making it look like a blood-colored cloth had been thrown over it and imprisoned it. No matter how hard it struggled, it couldn’t break through the blood seal.

Yao Xixue’s beautiful’s figure slowly landed on the ground. She turned around to look at Wang Lin before turning toward the other end of the platform. There was another Revered Dragon Path at the other side of the platform.

Wang Lin’s pupil’s shrank. The cultivation of this statue wasn’t any weaker than an early stage Soul Transformation cultivator. Although it lacked intelligence, the power of that step was very strong. If one allowed it to use a spell or move freely, it definitely wouldn’t be easy to deal with.

However, a few moments ago, it was so easily sealed by Yao Xixue. This made Wang Lin have a completely new opinion about her.

Wang Lin secretly thought, “That blood jade most have been refined by her father to have such power!” He didn’t show any of his thoughts on his face as he jumped onto the platform. At the moment he walked past the statue covered by the blood-colored light, he turned toward it and seemed to see a flash of golden light disappear.

Wang Lin’s expression didn’t reveal anything as he stepped onto the next dragon path. When he stepped on to the path, he turned around to casually look at the statue, and at the moment he turned around, the life seal on his forehead condensed on his eyes. His gaze pierced through the blood-colored light and saw the flashing symbol on the statue!

This symbol only had one stroke, and it was very clear!

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