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Chapter 549 – Displaying Might

“What kind of opinion could we have? That person is a waste, so there is no need to bother with him!” The person who spoke was a middle-aged man. His face was filled with contempt, and he looked down upon the new commander in his heart.

To be exact, he would never consider any foreigner to be worthy!

“Regiment Leader Sun is wrong here. This new commander is probably a very calculating person. To be able stay still and not do a single thing is not something a normal person can do!” a white-haired old man among them said.

Although this person was old, the black armor made him look very calm and stable.

Regiment Leader Sun let out a cold snort and said, “You’re making too much of a fuss.”

Everyone had opinions about Wang Lin, but in the end no unified decision was made. Sima Yan rubbed his temples and said, “Okay, all of you remember to not actively provoke this person. I just don’t believe he can stay silent for long. As long as he is the one who starts it, we have ways to deal with him.”

Time slowly passed, and in the blink of an eye, Wang Lin had cultivated for half a month in the army camp. In this half month, Wang Lin didn’t do a thing; he just sat there and silently cultivated. The army camp seemed to have become his cultivation ground.

Thirteen’s heart also calmed down as he cultivated with Wang Lin.

However, Hu Pao’s anger continued to increase. If it wasn’t for him being worried about Wang Lin’s opinion, he would have already taken out his soul flag and had a great battle.

Wang Lin’s silence caused the contempt in the 10,000 demon soldiers’ eyes to increase.

Wang Lin didn’t care about any of this.

On this day, the regiment led by Regiment Leader Sun passed by Wang Lin while they were practicing. Regiment Leader Sun didn’t hide the contempt and disdain he had for Wang Lin; he looked down upon the new commander from the bottom of his heart. Now that he was passing by, he couldn’t help but spit and say, “Trash!”

The regiment saw their leader’s expression and action and began to laugh. Their laughter was filled with contempt.

At the moment that spit landed on the ground, Wang Lin opened his eyes. His eyes were calm and his voice was even calmer as he said, “Regiment Leader Sun, what did you say?”

Regiment Leader Sun was startled. This was the first time Wang Lin had spoken in half a month. He sneered in his heart and said, with contempt, “I said you are trash…”

His voice was filled with arrogance, but before he could even finish speaking, Wang Lin’s eyes became cold and he revealed a thought-provoking smile. His right hand moved like lightning and reached out, causing an invisible force to suddenly appear.

Regiment Leader Sun’s body was immediately suppressed by this invisible force and was dragged toward Wang Lin without any ability to resist.

Regiment Leader Sun’s expression immediately changed and he attempted to struggle. But no matter how he tried, even when he used all of his demonic spiritual energy, it was useless. The force suppressing him was like steel and was squeezing him harder and harder.

His body immediately flew toward Wang Lin and his neck was caught in Wang Lin’s hand.

“You…” Blood quickly rushed to his head and his face became very red. The hand on his heck was like the door of death that trapped him there.

Even in his current situation, he bulged his eyes out to stare at Wang Lin. He didn’t believe this person would dare to kill him, but now he dreaded Wang Lin’s cultivation. Wang Lin made one move and he wasn’t able to resist at all. Even Commander Sima wouldn’t be able to do something like this.

Seeing that their regiment leader was caught, the 1,000 demon soldiers suddenly moved and charged toward Wang Lin.

Wang Lin’s eyes became cold and he said, “Thirteen, recite the Sky Demon Country’s 8th military law!”

Thirteen had been memorizing the contents of the jade. Now that Wang Lin had asked the question, he quickly said, “Those who revolt against their superior, kill!”

Regiment Leader Sun’s body trembled, and a bad feeling arose in his heart. He wanted to speak, but with Wang Lin’s hand over his throat, he wasn’t able to let out a complete sentence.

Wang Lin’s eyes were extremely cold as he revealed an eerie smile. He suddenly applied a lot of force to his right hand, and with a crack, Regiment Leader Sun’s neck was crushed by Wang Lin before he could even say a word. At the same time, Wang Lin spread out his celestial spiritual energy like crazy into this person’s body, destroying this person’s cultivation.

Even up to the moment of his death, Regiment Leader Sun was still filled with disbelief. He could never imagine that the newly appointed commander would dare to kill him!

Holding the body, Wang Lin took a deep breath, then strands of demonic spiritual energy came out from the regiment leader and was absorbed by Wang Lin.

All of this happened extremely quickly. It was at the moment Thirteen finished talking that Wang Lin killed this person without any hesitation.

At this moment, the demon soldiers that were charging over all stopped in their tracks. Their eyes were filled with anger. Those demon soldiers that were quick-witted quickly changed their gazes toward Wang Lin.

Wang Lin threw Regiment Leader Sun’s body forward. He then coldly looked at the demon soldiers and didn’t say a word.

The body landed before the demon soldiers. Upon seeing Regiment Leader Sun’s confused face, anger arose in the hearts of the soldiers that were personally raised by Regiment Leader Sun.

A person among the demon soldiers quickly shouted in anger, “Brothers, let us get revenge for Regiment Leader!”

After those words were said, a majority of the demon soldiers let out angry roars. They all charged at Wang Lin without any hesitation and released their demonic auras. In their eyes, Wang Lin was their enemy!

Wang Lin’s eyes became even colder and he softly said, “Revolting against your superior!”

He then revealed an eerie smile. He didn’t fly up but slapped his bag of holding, taking out his celestial sword. With one swing, a ray of sword energy charged out like it was going to split the heavens. The half-moon blade quickly followed and charged directly into the demon soldiers.

Screams immediately began to echo within the area. For the celestial sword, dealing with these demon soldiers that were only at the Core Formation stage was too simple. With one flash, heads of demon soldiers fell on the ground.

The chaos here was immediately seen by the demon soldiers of the other regiments, and their gazes all fell on their respective regiment leaders. The remaining nine regiment leaders quickly charged over and the demon soldiers quickly followed behind them.

One of the nine regiment leaders quickly shouted, “Stop!”

50 kilometers wasn’t a long distance. Soon, there was a dust cloud in the distance as 9,000 demon soldiers charged toward Wang Lin’s location.

Wang Lin didn’t even look at them as he opened his arms and the demonic and celestial spiritual energies in his body formed a vortex. At this moment, the demonic spiritual energy in the hundreds of demon soldiers killed by the celestial sword and half-moon blade left the bodies. Then the demonic spiritual energy flew toward Wang Lin and was absorbed by him.

The demonic spiritual energy was very thick and created a vortex with Wang Lin at the center. When the 9,000 demon soldiers arrived, Wang Lin had finished absorbing the demonic spiritual energy. He pointed at the air with his finger, causing the celestial sword and half-moon blade to fly back to him. The celestial sword and half-moon blade floated above his head and released sharp vibrations.

In a short period of time, more than half of Regiment Leader Sun’s 1,000 men regiment died!

The nine regiment leaders were all wearing black armor and closed in on Wang Lin. Their gazes immediately fell on Regiment Leader Sun’s corpse.

The 9,000 demon soldiers all spread out and surrounded Wang Lin’s location, and thick killing intent immediately filled the area. They were not simply surrounding Wang Lin, they were creating a formation, and the target was Wang Lin!

Thirteen and Hu Pao immediately stood up and their eyes became cold. Especially Hu Pao, he licked his lip as he took out all his soul flag and coldly looked at his surroundings.

Wang Lin was still sitting in the lotus position on the ground. Even when he was killing earlier, he didn’t stand up. At this moment, even though he was surrounded by 9,000 demon soldiers, his expression was still calm, and he calmly said, “Are you all going to revolt against your superior?”

The nine regiment leaders’ hearts suddenly became cold. The blood marks on the ground hadn’t dried yet and there were still severed skulls lying about. All of this immediately caused Wang Lin’s image in the nine regiment leaders’ hearts to change.

After hearing his words, they all looked at each other and didn’t speak.

Just at this moment, an angry roar came from the distance. Sima Yan moved like a raging gust of wind as he charged over. He passed by the demon soldiers and immediately arrived at the scene. Seeing the bloodbath that happened here caused his face to become extremely gloomy.

He was meditating earlier, and when he heard the chaos in the camp, he immediately stopped. However, he didn’t appear but used a secret technique to contact the steward of the army. He waited until Wang Lin was surrounded before appearing.

Sima Yun said, in a serious tone, “Lord Commander, no matter what reason, after you killed Regiment Leader Sun, you also slaughtered his soldiers. I’ll not let this matter go!”

Wang Lin’s expression remained calm and he faintly smiled. “Thirteen, recite the Sky Demon Country’s 13th military law!”

Thirteen quickly recited, “Those who seige the military camp must retreat in 30 breaths of time. If not, kill!”

“Recite the Sky Demon Country’s second law!”

“Using Immortal Slaying level or above formations for internal affairs without permission must cease in 20 breaths of time or else it is a felony!”

Wang Lin’s expression was calm, and it was Sima Yan’s face that became even gloomier. He immediately understood why this person before him didn’t do anything for half a month. This person was waiting, waiting for a chance to act so that everyone would be caught in a disaster!

Among the nine regiment leaders, three of them immediately took a step back. They all looked at each other and saw the dread in each other’s eyes. They didn’t want to get involved in the dispute for the commander position.

“Thirteen, begin timing!” Wang Lin closed his eyes and no longer looked at Sima Yan.

Thirteen’s eyes were calm as he slowly said, “13 breaths of time have already passed. 16, 15, 14, 13…”

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