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Chapter 548 – The Terror Of Silence

When he walked out of the transfer array, these 10,000 demon soldiers gave him a roar filled with killing intent. This collective roar filled with demonic spiritual energy wasn’t any weaker than the roar of a Soul Transformation cultivator.

The steward of the army revealed a small hint of mockery as he let out a cough and said, “Where is Commander Sima?”

With that, the sound of horses immediately came from the distance. A giant beast with a single horn rushed over. The beast was extremely fast and charged over like a crashing wave.

There was a person standing on the back of the beast. He was wearing black armor with purple markings, a black helmet, and thick killing intent came from the only opening in the helmet for his eyes.

Earlier when he first saw Wang Lin appear, he revealed a glimmer of shock, but that was soon replaced by killing intent.

As this person charged straight into the area, all of the soldiers moved aside to make a path for him to charge directly at Wang Lin.

The steward of the army waved his sleeves to create a gust of wind to blow away the dirt, then he turned toward the black-armored person and said, “This is the newly appointed commander. Vice Commander Sima, are you not going to greet him?” He purposely emphasized the words “vice commander.”

The black-armored person looked at Wang Lin with a gloomy expression and coldly said, “Sima Yan greets Commander!”

Wang Lin’s expression was calm as he looked at the person and said, “We’ve already met!”

Sima Yan let out a cold snort and took off his helmet. It was the gloomy-faced person from the restaurant!

The steward of the army had an unfathomable look in his eyes as he clasped his hands at Wang Lin and said, “Commander Wang, since I have already brought you here, I must head back. I still have to report back to the General!”

Wang Lin faintly smiled. “Thank you, Lord Steward!”

The steward smiled and nodded, then he took another step and walked into the array. After he left, the entire barracks was completely silent; only the sound of breathing could be heard echoing the area.

Sima Yan coldly looked at the Wang Lin and said, “All 10,000 Black-Armored Soldiers aside from the six that are unconscious and unable to get up are here!”

Wang Lin’s expression was calm as he looked at the demon soldiers. What he saw was hostility and disdain. His eyes became cold as he said, “All of you can leave!”

None of the demon soldiers moved an inch. All of their gazes were on Sima Yan.

As long as Sima Yan didn’t say a word, they wouldn’t listen to anyone, even if the person was the newly appointed commander!

Wang Lin didn’t even look at the surrounding demon soldiers and directly walked through the 10 regiments. Thirteen and Hu Pao quickly followed. Their expressions were gloomy and they remained silent.

When the three of them left, a burst of laughter came from all 10,000 demon soldiers. This laughter was filled with contempt and disdain. Only Sima Yan didn’t laugh. He frowned slightly. He didn’t know much about the new commander, but he knew that if he was in this situation, he would definitely not be able to just calmly walk away without making a scene!

Sima Yan frowned and said, “All of you can leave and continue to train!” Although his voice was low, in the ears of the demon soldiers, it was like thunder. The 10 regiments quickly moved apart and began their practice.

In the army camp, aside from rows of barracks, there was a very simple house, but there was a formation protecting it. There was a large black flag next to the house, and on the flag the name “Sima” was embroidered with golden threads!

It was obvious that this house was where Sima Yan lived.

Beside that house was the debris of a building. There was clearly another building here before.

Hu Pao looked at everything before him, and after hearing the laughter coming from behind him, he angrily said, “Ancestor, these demon soldiers have gone too far!”

Wang Lin’s expression was still calm as he said, “Don’t bother with them. Since there is no place for us to stay, we’ll just cultivate outside!” With that, he found an empty area and sat down to cultivate.

Hu Pao forcibly suppressed his anger as he coldly looked at the scattering demon soldiers. He let out a cold snort as he walked to the left of Wang Lin and sat down to guard him.

Although Thirteen’s expression was gloomy, his eyes were very calm. He wouldn’t even bother to think about the contempt the demon soldiers showed. He only knew that as long as Wang Lin said the word, he would attack without any hesitation even if it would cost him his life.

Thirteen sat down on Wang Lin’s right, then he closed his eyes and began cultivating the Giant Demon Clan’s body refining method.

Time slowly passed, and in the blink of an eye, it was night time. During this entire day, the shouts from the demon soldiers in the army camp never stopped. Their training relied on real combat between each other and was focused on using formations in battle. The occasional demon soldier that passed by Wang Lin looked at him with a strong sense of contempt.

Wang Lin’s expression didn’t change at all throughout all of this. He was like the water in a well, where no waves could be started!

Thirteen continued to copy Wang Lin and continued to cultivate. Although ripples appeared several times in his heart, they were all forcibly suppressed by him.

Hu Pao was the only one who couldn’t remain calm at all. He coldly stared at every demon soldier that passed by.

Not only was Wang Lin’s expression calm, his heart was calm as well. He was not in a rush to rule this place and was instead observing them all. Although his eyes were closed, he had spread out his divine sense and was carefully observing every single one of the 10,000 soldiers here.

Every 1,000 man regiment had a leader, and they were all Sima Yan’s confidants. As for the six soldiers at the restaurant, although their cultivation levels weren’t high, they were all important people here.

The reason he didn’t immediately act was because he had a good understanding of the rules of the armies within these countries. He gained his understanding from Lou Yun’s memories.

The nine countries here all followed military law and were very different from the cultivation world. Unless your cultivation is powerful enough to fight against the demon emperor, you must follow the laws of the country if you wish to borrow their power!

All of the foreigners that come to the Demon Spirit Land must first integrate into one of the nine countries and get command over troops. That is the only way to gain a foothold here. If you are alone and you meet someone with tens of thousands of demon soldiers under their command, there is no need to even fight that battle. Although these demon soldiers’ cultivation levels aren’t high, a group of them is really powerful. Also, these demon soldiers specialize in formations; they have very mysterious and strange formations that allow them to catch people off guard.

What’s more is if one kills too many demon soldiers, the chief commander, someone almost as strong as the demon general, will appear. At that moment, a single cultivator won’t be able to gain a foothold in that country! At that point, they can only quickly escape to the next country. If they continue to act like this, they will be forced to escape from one country to another until it’s hard for them to go anywhere in the Demon Spirit Land. They can only find an isolated place to cultivate, but then they would have no chance at getting military merits and no chance to fuse with an ancient demon!

All of this causes all of the cultivators that enter this place to try to get a position within a country!

As a result, Wang Lin must obey the military law. If he breaks the military law, he will lose everything!

Wang Lin was very clear about this. If he acted without thinking, it would be difficult to avoid killing when trying to gain control of the troops. Also, once these demon soldiers acknowledge someone, even if he killed that person, it might not be possible to gain control of them. In the end, he would have broken the military law, failed to gain control of the troops, and could only give up!

Many powerful cultivators failed at this step. Of all of the thousands of people that come in, after a series of eliminations, only several people will be able to gain a foothold!

Some of the cultivators have very bad tempers. When they encounter demon soldiers that disobey, they directly attack them. However, compared to the demon soldiers, the cultivators are foreigners, so the demon emperor does not favor them. This is why whenever a foreigner takes a position, there is an additional military law!

If one person disobeys it, it’s that person’s fault, but if 10 people disobey, then it is the commander’s fault!

The interpretation of 10 people is very vague; it could mean a 10 man unit or 10 individual people!

That is why Wang Lin wasn’t in a rush. He was like a hunter waiting!

Waiting for a chance!

A chance for him to act to settle the entire situation!

Time quickly passed by. Wang Lin has been cultivating at this open area for three days. Thirteen was still calm. Two days ago, Wang Lin gave him a jade and told him to memorize the contents. He was currently still memorizing the contents of the jade.

However, during these three days, Hu Pao’s rage continued to increase. More and more of the demon soldiers treated them like they were nothing. In their eyes, their new commander really wasn’t much.

However, Sima Yan became even more on guard. He still felt like something was wrong, because the new commander was completely outside of his expectations. In these three days, not only did he not intervene in any matter regarding the camp, he didn’t even say a word. He only sat there cultivating like he had died already.

If it wasn’t for the fact that one of them was constantly filled with anger and was becoming more and more irritated every day, Sima Yun would be even more on guard. He wasn’t afraid of Wang Lin acting, becoming angry, or intervening in matters of the camp. He was prepared for all of these situations. He would make Wang Lin look bad or kick him out of this place. What he was afraid of was this silence that he couldn’t see through.

“What exactly is this new commander thinking…” Sima Yan was currently in his house, and below him sat eight people. These eight people were all regiment leaders!

A very burly and bald man among the eight said, “Lord Commander, Xu You and Zhou Kai have very little interaction with us. Now that Lord Commander has called everyone for a meeting, they haven’t come. What does Lord think?”

This person was wearing black armor and gave off a sense of majesty. There was a scorpion tattoo on his bald head. This scorpion was very strange; it looked like it was alive and gave people a sense of discomfort.

Sima Yan rubbed his temples. Each of these three days passed by like a year for him. The more silent Wang Lin remained, the more strongly he felt a crisis was coming.

Sima Yan said, in a serious tone, “We will talk about those two later. I called all of you here to hear what you guys think of the newly appointed commander. We are all on the same side, so speak your mind!”

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