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Chapter 550 – Yao Xixue

Sima Yan gritted his teeth and shouted, “Scatter!”

This word in the army camp was absolute!

The surrounding 9,000 demon soldiers quickly retreated. With the siege gone, the formation naturally disappeared as well.

Just at this moment, a bloody light appeared at the center of the army camp and the steward of the army’s skinny figure slowly appeared.

He didn’t come alone; behind him was an old man wearing linen cloth. He stood there with his hair flowing in the air, and everything around him seemed to move with him.

At the moment the old man appeared, Wang Lin suddenly opened his eyes. His gaze pierced through the demon soldiers and landed directly on the old man.

The old man’s eyes also narrowed and looked toward Wang Lin.

The two people’s gazes met and Wang Lin’s heart trembled for a moment but quickly recovered. Wang Lin saw four seals inside that old man.

The old man’s body also trembled, and his eyes shined brightly. He was even more shocked that one gaze from Wang Lin had almost caused the seals inside his body to collapse.

After the steward of the army appeared, he took one step and teleported instantly to a spot a few dozen feet from Wang Lin. The old man did the same.

The steward’s skinny face didn’t change at all when he saw the bodies on the ground.

Sima Yan quickly said, “Lord Steward of the army, the Commander killed Regiment Leader Sun without reason and also killed over 500 demon soldiers. All of this was witnessed by everyone here!”

Wang Lin waved his right hand and a piece of jade flew toward the steward. The steward looked down at it as he injected demonic spiritual energy into the jade and the various images appeared in his head.

Those images were of what just happened!

The steward looked at Wang Lin with a profound look. His earlier underestimation of Wang Lin completely disappeared and was instead replaced with the intent to make friends. Wang Lin’s action took the initiative and placed himself in a situation where he couldn’t lose.

He revealed a faint smile and said, “Sorry for bothering you, Commander Wang. I’ll report this matter to the Lord General. Those who dared to revolt deserved this!”

As he spoke, he clasped his hands and smiled as he left. The old man also clasped his hands and said, “Commander Wang’s cultivation is amazing, I’m impressed!”

After the two of them left, Sima Yan silently pondered for a long time before he respectfully said to Wang Lin, “I was reckless on this matter. I hope the Commander won’t take offense!”

After he said those words, several of the regiment leaders’ eyes revealed mysterious lights. One of them immediately stood out and respectfully said to Wang Lin, “This subordinate was also reckless on this matter.”

Shortly after, all of the regiment leaders said the same thing.

The outcome of this matter was decided from the beginning. The people here weren’t stupid and had already see through Wang Lin’s methods.

Everything was fine when this newly appointed commander didn’t do anything, but when he did, he moved like lightning. If this infighting continued, perhaps something like what happened to Regiment Leader Sun would happen again!

Also, looking at the new commander’s cultivation, it looked like even if Sima Yan acted, he wouldn’t be a match either. With that in mind, a lot of people began to think of compromising.

Wang Lin stood up and pressed the ground with his right hand. A series of rumblings suddenly came from the ground under the army camp as if there were raging dragons moving below. At this moment, the ground of the entire army camp sank by one inch!

The extra dirt quickly raised up under Wang Lin’s feet!

Dust filled the air as if it covered the entire world.

In almost an instant, a pagoda made from dirt appeared in the army camp.

This was a two story pagoda. Although it was plain, it gave off a sense of majesty.

With a single wave of his hand, Wang Lin was able to take inches of dirt from the entire army camp to make this pagoda. This not only shocked Sima Yan and the regiment leaders but also all 9,000 demon soldiers.

“All of you can leave!” After leaving that sentence, Wang Lin turned around and walked into the pagoda.

Thirteen quickly followed. As for Hu Pao, he sneered as he looked around before following Wang Lin into the pagoda as well. His heart felt very good because all the pent up anger from half a month was vented today.

His reverence toward Wang Lin became even stronger!

After Wang Lin’s group of three entered the pagoda, Sima Yan clenched his fist, turned around, and left without a word.

As for the nine regiment leaders, they all looked at each other. They all made a decision and each left with their respective regiments.

From this day on, of the eight regiment leaders that were close to Sima Yan, aside from Regiment Leader Sun, who died, only three of them kept their close relationship, while the other four slowly drew their distance from Sima Yan.

From that day onward, Wang Lin’s figure became very clear in all the soldiers’ minds.

Ever since Wang Lin became the commander, he hadn’t issued one order, but his majesty was gradually growing with blood.

In Ancient Demon City, there was a total of 16 military camps. They all wore black armor and only their markings were slightly different. Right now in the third army camp, Yao Xixue was silently cultivating inside a house.

Late at night, Yao Xixue opened her eyes. Her beautiful eyes were shining brightly. Outside the window, the moon of the Demon Spirit Land gave off a purple glow. Tonight was the semi annual rise of the Purple Demon. Rumor has that it when the Purple Demon rises, the heavens and earth connect.

As for exactly how it works, no one knows. This rumor came from ancient times, and no one was able to explain it clearly.

She took a deep breath and stood up. After checking her surroundings with her divine sense, she touched her bag of holding and a red compass immediately appeared in her hand.

Looking at the compass, she revealed a look of hesitation.

“I have gone to that place three times, and every time I was stopped at the same spot. Daddy said that to enter that place, my cultivation must first reach the Ascendant stage… According to Dad’s plan, I’ll stay here until I absorb enough demonic spiritual energy to break through to the Ascendant stage before going to that place, and with the help of the Blood Soul Pills, I have an 80% chance of breaking through. However, that token unexpectedly appeared during the tide phase…”

Yao Xixue’s beautiful eyebrows furrowed as she pondered with the compass in her hand.

“When Father, the All-Seer, and company came here many years ago, they learned of this place from one of the demon emperors. Last time, he didn’t have time to check the place and went deep into the Demon Spirit Land with everyone else. After analysing the information for years, he is 60% confident that that place is real…

“Forget it, I’ll go one more time. If I still can’t enter, I’ll have to wait until I reach the Ascendant stage! After all, I have already used three of the Blood Soul Pills Father created the last three times. Now I only have six pills left. I still have to be here for a very long time, so it is best not to waste them. One Blood Soul Pill is another life!”

Yao Xixue revealed a determined look. She was already a beauty, and now that she had this determination in her eyes, she looked very heroic and very alluring.

She softly placed the compass on the ground and then touched her bag of holding once more and a wax pill immediately appeared in her hand!

There were rows of small symbols on this small, wax pill. The symbols slowly flashed like they were matching the frequency of someone’s breathing and heartbeat. It looked extremely strange.

Yao Xixue took a deep breath and crushed the wax pill, then a drop of blue blood quickly appeared!

The wax pill was sealing this drop of blue blood!

She didn’t hesitate at all as she bit her finger, squeezed out some blood, and drew a complicated symbol in the air. After the symbol appeared, it quickly fused with the drop of blue blood. Yao Xixue grabbed the symbol and pressed it between her eyebrows. She revealed an expression of pain that slowly disappeared after a long time.

As she gasped for breath, she lifted her finger and then the symbol immediately flew back out, turned back into the drop of blue blood, and floated in the air.

She waved her right hand and the drop of blue blood immediately disappeared without a trace. Then she clenched her teeth, took a step, and stepped on the compass on the ground. With a flash of gentle light, a large amount of symbols appeared from the compass and surrounded the room.

All of this lasted for three breaths of time. After three breaths of time, Yao Xixue disappeared along with the compass.

Time slowly passed by. Wang Lin’s lifestyle didn’t change from before. He rarely left his room and spent all day cultivating. He was slowly fusing the demonic spiritual energy with his celestial spiritual energy and striving toward the late stage of Soul Transformation.

There was one thing that was very true about this world. One of the main reasons why the kings of the mortal world were so dignified and were respected by the ministers was because their distance from everyone made them so mysterious!

In the eyes of the ministers, the king, who was high above them, was an unreachable existence whose mind was unfathomable, and this gave the kings their majesty!

At this moment, Wang Lin was like this inside the Black Armor Army camp.

He rarely showed his face, but his majesty slowly spread day by day until it completely suppressed Sima Yan, who often appeared!

In these past few months, Hu Pao was like a fish in water inside the army camp. His personality has always been outgoing, and although there were some issues at the start, those slowly disappeared as time went by. His contact with the teams inside the army gradually increased as time went on.

This was especially true for a team leader named Xu You. This person was a woman, and the moment he saw her, he was shocked. Ever since then, he has been in love with her.

On the opposite side, Thirteen sat in the pagoda, cultivating all day like a gatekeeper. He showed indifference to anyone besides Wang Lin.

Several months later, in the third army camp, inside Yao Xixue’s room, there was a flash of blue light. Soon, the blue light turned into blue symbols.

These blue symbols quickly rotated with a drop of blue blood at the center. This drop of blue blood continued to churn like it was boiling, and the boiling gradually became even more intense. The drop of blue blood suddenly grew several times larger and became a giant ball of blue blood.

The surrounding symbols rotated even faster. After a while, the symbols suddenly stopped as if something was calling them. They all flew toward the ball of blue blood and flew into it.

When the last symbol entered it, the ball of blue blood quickly shrunk. It didn’t shrink all the way back into a drop of blood, but into the shape of a beautiful body.

This process didn’t last long and was finished in about five breaths of time. The blue ball of blood disappeared and was replaced by a female body. This woman was very beautiful with curves in all the right places; her captivating, curvy body was perfect.

She was Yao Xixue!

“I failed again. If it wasn’t for the Blood Soul Pills, I would have died four times… But this time I broke through more than half of it. If there was something there to help me, I would have definitely succeeded…” Yao Xixue opened her eyes and sighed.

However, she soon narrowed her eyes and began to ponder.

“If there was someone to help me… Wang Lin…”

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