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Chapter 547 – Black Armor Barrack

A cultivator’s dao is sturdy so that it can’t be easily affected by outside forces. That is a dao heart!

Walking down the demonic path is like weathering through a cold wind that pierces through the body, attacks the heart, and takes over the soul!

The moment Wang Lin’s eyes became clear, there was a hint of surprise in them. With his cultivation and his sturdy dao heart, what he just experienced was like a catastrophe.

Nostalgia isn’t scary; what is scary is when one is completely lost in his nostalgia and is unable to bring himself out of it. If it was normal, this kind of thing wouldn’t happen to Wang Lin, but Wang Lin had just walked down the demonic path. Although he had suppressed it, there were still some demonic ideals in his body, and that was the source of his nostalgia!

In ancient times, cultivators believed that demons invaded people’s bodies. They believed this because they thought that these demons from the unknown were merged with the heavens, were undetectable, and attempted to take over cultivators who were comprehending the heavens.

From another angle, it means they are everywhere!

The extraterritorial demon enters their body, activates the cultivator’s dao fire to burn their origin soul, and thus obtains the cultivator’s life, destroying their dao heart. In the ancient cultivators’ eyes, these demons were very terrifying. If they made one mistake and allowed the demons to enter their bodies, they would ruin them forever.

As the ancient cultivators died out and the Cultivation Alliance took over, the talk of extraterritorial demons disappeared and was replaced by logical analyses and rational calculations.

The Cultivation Alliance refuted the existence of these demons. Instead, they believe that it’s really a demonic ideal that is born in one’s own body. This demonic ideal is not in line with what the cultivators comprehend from the heavens and thus causes an imbalance. One’s yin and yang is not moving properly and their dao heart is unstable, causing an illusion that affects the heart.

This was what just happened to Wang Lin. His urge to return to planet Suzaku was the peak of his demonic ideal. If it continued, Wang Lin would have awakened on his own, but the time it would take could be short or very long.

The appearance of the demonic soldiers and their demonic spiritual energy allowed Wang Lin to find a opening in his prison. The moment the six demonic soldiers’ demonic spiritual energy surged out, Wang Lin had a moment of clarity. Although it was only a moment, it was plenty of time for him.

He didn’t hesitate at all. The demonic spiritual energy surged out from the demon crystal and quickly moved within his body. When the demonic spiritual energy collided with the celestial spiritual energy in his body, it created a vortex. This was created when demonic spiritual energy fused with celestial spiritual energy.

For foreigners to the Demon Spirit Land, demonic spiritual energy was like a replacement for celestial spiritual energy. When the demonic spiritual energy is fused into celestial spiritual energy, it can increase their celestial spiritual energy.

Wang Lin hadn’t fused them yet because he was waiting for the right moment. The fusion was the reason why he was able to devour the six demon soldiers’ demonic spiritual energy.

Although this seems like it took a long time, it all happened in an instant.

When Thirteen saw that Wang Lin had returned to normal, he let out a big sigh of relief. In his heart, as long as Wang Lin was here, nothing was a problem. He immediately arrived next to Wang Lin and looked at the demon soldiers with a cold gaze.

The nervousness also disappeared from Hu Pao. He waved his hand to withdraw the soul fragments and stood next to Wang Lin.

The six demon soldiers who had just lost their demonic spiritual energy were extremely weak. They all revealed expressions of disbelief and then looked at Wang Lin with eyes full of fear.

The gloomy-faced man stood up and asked, in a serious tone, “Who are you, sir?!”

Wang Lin picked up the third jar that hadn’t been opened. He didn’t even look at the other person and began to walk out of the restaurant. Thirteen took out a few demon stones and placed them on the table before following Wang Lin.

As for Hu Pao, he sneered as he looked at the demon soldiers inside the restaurant and followed Wang Lin.

The gloomy person slammed the desk and shouted, “Stop!” With that, he stepped forward and a powerful demonic spiritual energy spread out. The entire restaurant was surrounded by a demonic aura.

The demonic spiritual energy solidified into swords and quickly rushed at Wang Lin’s group.

Wang Lin turned around and his eyes became cold. He coldly looked at the other and then waved his hand. A strange gust of wind appeared and the swords made of demonic spiritual energy immediately dissipated when hit by this wind.

“We will meet again!” After leaving that sentence, Wang Lin walked out of the restaurant.

The gloomy-faced person’s eyes narrowed, then he looked at Wang Lin and began to ponder.

After leaving the restaurant, Wang Lin didn’t go anywhere else and directly went back to the inn. He sat down in the lotus position and began searching. The celestial spiritual energy moved slowly inside his body while he searched.

When he entered that demonic state earlier, it made him feel a sense of crisis. He had underestimated the demonic ideals. Now he was carefully searching his body for various spots of demonic ideals inside himself.

Every time he found a trace of demonic ideal, he would immediately expel it. On the morning of the second day, he cycled his celestial spiritual energy through his body multiple times before he finally let out a breath of relief.

At this moment, there were three black balls floating before him. These three cotton-like, little balls were the demonic ideals he had expelled from his body.

“It would be a waste to destroy this demonic ideal. If used properly, it can ruin someone’s dao heart and catch them off guard!” Wang Lin’s eyes lit up before putting away the three small balls.

“Seven days are almost up. The demon general said that someone will bring me to the barracks…” As Wang Lin pondered, his expression changed and he raised his head to look at the door.

Shortly after, Thirteen’s voice came from outside.

“Ancestor, someone wishes to meet you!”

Wang Lin’s expression was normal as he calmly said, “Enter!”

After saying that, the door was opened by someone. Thirteen and Hu Pao came in with one other person. This person was around 40 years old, he was wearing black, was very thin, and the moment he entered the room, a cold aura surrounded the vicinity.

The moment he entered the room, his gaze fell on Wang Lin, who was sitting on the bed. After examining Wang Lin, he clasped his hands and said, “Greetings, Commander Wang!”

Wang Lin touched his bag of holding and a green token quickly appeared in his hand. He tossed the token forward.

The steward of the army caught the token, carefully looked at it, nodded, and returned it. Then he bit his lip and drew in the air. Soon, a blood-red formation formed in the air. This formation looked very complicated, but Wang Lin was able to see through it a bit.

Wang Lin took back the token and softly said, “Transfer array!”

The steward of the army raised his eyes to look at Wang Lin and said, “Commander Wang is worldly; this is indeed a transfer array. However, this is different from your cultivators’ transfer array; it was created by the demon emperor to be used for pinpoint transfer.”

With that, he took a step into the blood-colored array and disappeared.

Only Wang Lin’s group of three remained. Thirteen was very determined as the stepped into the array. He had made it his duty in life to protect the Ancestor, and this transfer array was very strange, so he was risking his life to scout it out.

Seeing Thirteen’s action, Wang Lin secretly nodded in his heart. He stood up and walked into the array.

Hu Pao complained in his heart and quickly followed Wang Lin.

At the moment Wang Lin walked out from the other side of the transfer array, he heard an organized, earth-shattering roar coming from all directions like rolling thunder.

Thirteen, who was in front, was immediately shocked by this and was forced to take several steps back by the sound. He was already injured from what happened before, and this shock caused the blood in his body to boil, forcing him to cough out a mouthful of blood.

As for Hu Pao, although he wasn’t injured, his body wasn’t as sturdy as Thirteen’s. Under the assault, the demonic spiritual energy inside him went out of control and rampaged through his body.

His face was completely pale. If it wasn’t for the fact that the Ancestor was here and he didn’t want to make the Ancestor lose face, he would have already sat down to regulate the demonic spiritual energy in his body. However, the more he tried to hold it in, the more violent the demonic spiritual energy in his body became.

Just at this moment, a gentle force came from outside, and in an instant the demonic spiritual energy inside Hu Pao’s body became obedient as if they had met their ancestors. The demonic spiritual energy quickly returned to his meridians and went back to normal.

Wang Lin lifted his right hand from Hu Pao’s shoulder and took a step forward. A strand of celestial spiritual energy entered Thirteen and cycled once inside his body. Thirteen felt his body become lighter, and his injuries recovered somewhat.

After doing all of this, Wang Lin looked around and examined the area. This was a barracks built with black stone that was about 50 kilometers wide. At the edge of the barracks were walls dozens of feet tall. There were fluctuations of demonic spiritual energy on these walls, meaning there were spells reinforcing them.

Wang Lin had appeared at the center of the barracks. 100 feet before him stood rows of demon soldiers in armor standing upright. They all gave off strands of black aura as if they were all demon gods!

One thousand demon soldiers made a regiment, and right now 10 regiments stood there surrounding Wang Lin. A powerful surge of killing intent quickly spread out.

The killing intent of 10,000 people was not something normal people could imagine. Especially since these demon soldiers all had at least 30 ranks of demonic spiritual energy, and there were people who had more than 100 ranks.

Aside from all that, these soldiers were all battle-hardened and had killed many people. With all the killing they have done until now, the killing intent has been instilled into their bones.

Under this intense killing intent, the surroundings were completely silent. This kind of silence was very terrifying.

Ten thousand pairs of eyes all locked onto one person. The location of their gazes was also where they were concentrating all their killing intent. These 10,000 gazes weren’t any weaker than 10,000 flying swords.

Wang Lin stood at the center completely calm. The only thing that looked back at these 10,000 gazes were his cold eyes.

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