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Chapter 543 – The Enlightenment During Battle

Of the three killing spells, the first two, Finger of Death and Demonic Finger, were often used by Wang Lin. Their power wasn’t enough to threaten Ascendant cultivators and could only be used to suppress Soul Transformation cultivators.

But when Situ Nan used the Finger of Death and Demonic Finger, their power was shocking; even Ascendant cultivators would be killed by them. Aside from the difference in cultivation levels between Wang Lin and Situ Nan, there were also the essences of the Finger of Death and Demonic Finger.

These three killing spells were created by Situ Nan, so of course they were of demonic nature. Unless one had a demonic heart, it would be impossible to learn the essences.

And Wang Lin’s dao was very different from Situ Nan’s dao. Thus, when Wang Lin used these two spells, they lacked change and flexibility.

In truth, there were follow up spells to these two spells, but because Situ Na noticed their differences, he didn’t teach them to Wang Lin.

It wasn’t him being stingy, but with the passage of time, there would be a high chance of Wang Lin’s dao being changed.

The final spell of the three killing spells, the Underworld Finger, was far more powerful than the other two, and its power was extremely close to a low quality celestial spell.

When Situ Nan taught it to Wang Lin, he was very worried. The reason he was so worried was not only because the spell was powerful enough to threaten Ascendant cultivators, but also because if Wang Lin used it too much, it would affect his dao heart and slowly bring him down to the demonic path.

The final spell was different from the other two spells. Without the follow up spells, Wang Lin could use them as much as he wanted without affecting his dao heart. But the third spell was different. There wasn’t a follow up spell, and all of the power was just in the spell itself.

Situ Nan told Wang Lin all of this before, and this is why in all these years, Wang Lin only used it once in the battle against the Purple Division’s sixth brother, Chen Tao.

Among the three killing spells, the last spell was the true killing spell!

The Ten Collapse Battle Intent was created in the void and was part of the heavens. It was incorporeal, and it was a punch that contained the demon general’s full strength. His fist intent was so powerful that it could pierce through the void and kill someone.

At the moment Wang Lin stuck out his index finger, the celestial spiritual energy in his body moved like crazy, then it turned into demonic spiritual energy and gathered at the tip of his finger. In almost an instant, his finger was surrounded by a dense, black light that not even sunlight could pierce.

This kind of black was pure demonic spiritual energy!

At the moment Wang Lin’s index finger pointed up, he felt the monstrous fist intent in the air, and at this moment, the first collapse arrived.

It was as if the entire sky was collapsing and the center point was Wang Lin!

A destructive aura quickly came from all directions and landed on Wang Lin’s body. The black light shined brightly and the celestial spiritual energy in his body cycled like crazy. Suddenly, the black light on his index finger expanded to cover his entire body.

A heaven-shaking sound echoed across the entire Ancient Demon city. Wang Lin’s face turned pale, and he was knocked back several steps before he could stabilize his body.

His right index finger trembled slightly and was completely numb.

The destructive force that landed on his body quickly withdrew like the tides, but then it quickly charged back at him with force 10 times stronger than before!

The second collapse arrived! The second collapse’s speed was several times faster than the first one’s, and it came from all directions almost an instant after it.

Wang Lin’s right index finger was still trembling. The power of the Demonic Finger could only help him withstand the first collapse.

“This is definitely not a spell a Soul Transformation cultivator can use!!! Even among Ascendant cultivators, only one out of every 10 can use this kind of spell!” Wang Lin’s eyes revealed a mysterious light.

The power of the second collapse was 10 times greater than the power of the first collapse. At this moment, the sky within 10,000 feet darkened as if there was a sandstorm going on. Even the never-ending swirl above the palace was effected.

Wang Lin let out a low roar, then two strands of grey gas appeared on his hand and moved like two dragons. At this moment, he used the Celestial Slaughter Art without any hesitation!

The two strands of grey gas charged out and broke through the sonic barrier, but they immediately met the power of the second collapse.

The power of the second collapse was very powerful. Following a series of rumbling sounds, the two strands of grey gas weren’t destroyed. Instead, they collapsed to form a vortex with Wang Lin as the center.

The power of the second collapse landed on the grey gas and quickly weakened. At the same time, killing intent quickly came out from the grey vortex.

This killing intent was very shocking, and it gave people the feeling that it could kill celestials and rulers. The killing intent forcibly opened a bloody path through the power of the second collapse.

It used its heaven-shaking killing intent to force the power of the second collapse back.

At the same time, Wang Lin took a step and charged forward like a meteor. At the same time that his right hand reached out, the grey vortex suddenly dissipated, turning back into two strands of grey gas in Wang Lin’s right hand.

“Condense!” With a roar, the two strands of grey gas quickly condensed into a seven-inch-long sword in Wang Lin’s hand. With the sword in hand, Wang Lin’s body gave off a shocking killing intent.

At this moment, Wang Lin seemed to have become a different person. There was no longer the air of a celestial around him; it was replaced by killing intent!

At this moment, he was like a demon of slaughter. He held a slaughtering sword and stepped into the void toward the general of the left wing.

The general of the left wing exclaimed, then his eyes lit up and he said, “Good! You are one of the few people that decided to attack during my Ten Collapse Battle Intent! Let’s see if you can break past the next eight collapses and arrive before me!”

At this moment, the white-robed woman, the daughter of Blood Ancestor Yao Xixu, was still standing in the distance, slightly frowning. When she arrived at Ancient Demon City three years ago, she was defeated by this spell. This spell was extremely tyrannical, and with her cultivation, she almost failed on the fourth collapse. If it wasn’t for the blood spell her father taught her, she wouldn’t have been able to withstand the fifth collapse!

Even so, she finally lost on the eighth collapse! However, the general of the left wing was hard to read; he gave her the title of commander!

There weren’t many commanders, a total of 16!

Wang Lin revealed his path of slaughter as he charged at the demon general with the sword.

However, there were still eight collapses between him and the demon general. The third collapse had 10 times the power of the second collapse. It silently pressed down on Wang Lin from all directions as if countless mountains were crashing into him.

Wang Lin’s eyes became red and his killing intent thickened. In the face of this third collapse, he had no urge to back down and instead was filled with the urge to battle. With the slaughter sword in hand, he shouted, “Break for me, third collapse!”

The slaughter sword gave off a never-before-seen grey light. This grey light extended for more than 10 feet and surrounded Wang Lin, then he charged through like a meteor.

The power of the single sword could shock the heavens and vanquish supernatural beings!

The third collapse that came from the void was forcibly cut open, allowing Wang Lin to pierce through and charge directly at the demon general.

The general of the left wing’s eyes lit up even more and he smiled. “Good!

Just as Wang Lin charged out, the fourth collapse arrived. The later the collapse, the faster the next one arrives, and their power was also a much stronger.

At this moment, the fourth collapse was 1,000 times stronger than the first one. This kind of power was not something normal Soul Transformation cultivators could resist.

The appearance of the fourth collapse immediately caused the sky to change color. Even the swirl above the palace began to twist as if it couldn’t withstand the fourth collapse’s power.

The fourth collapse rushed at Wang Lin and the killing force Wang Lin created with the sword immediately collapsed. This fourth collapse with power 1,000 times greater than the first collapse was impossible to resist unless one reached the late stage of Soul Transformation!

Wang Lin’s body split from the slaughter sword, and at the same time, the power of the fourth collapse came at him like an avalanche. If the fourth collapse was the raging waves, then Wang Lin would be the lone boat on the sea!

Wang Lin’s face was extremely pale, and he couldn’t help but stop his charge. Right now his body was being squeezed by a very violent force.

He could feel that he couldn’t withstand this fourth collapse with his own power. If he had more of the grey gas, he might have been able to break through. However, in these four years, although he had killed many, the Celestial Slaughter Art was very difficult to succeed with.

Aside from the Celestial Slaughter Art, he should be able to break through with the Underworld Finger. However, the Underworld Finger was his true ace, and in this dangerous Demon Spirit Land, he wasn’t willing to easily reveal his true strength.

At this moment, Wang Lin revealed a determined look as he let go of the slaughter sword, which then broke down back into two strands of grey gas. Then it quickly entered his body through his arm and two symbols quickly appeared on his forehead. The two symbols then spread across his body to form the defense of two life force seals.

Just at this moment, the fourth collapse arrived!

The power of a natural disaster, the power that was 1,000 times greater than the first arrived. At this moment Wang Lin clearly felt the fist intent from the fourth collapse!

Inside the fist intent lied a type of faith!

“Faith…” Wang Lin’s eyes suddenly lit up. This light had rarely appeared in Wang Lin’s eyes in these past several hundred years. It was just like Zhou Yi, who suddenly gained enlightenment when his soul was burning…

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