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Chapter 542 – The Demon General’s Test

At this moment, the guards from inside and outside the city came out filled with killing intent and surrounded Wang Lin. Some guards had already reported this to the higher ups.

The people waiting to enter the city quickly scattered and prepared to watch a good show.

Wang Lin said, in a serious tone, “Thirteen!”

Thirteen quickly walked up with a very respectful expression. Even if Wang Lin scolded him, he would have no complaints.

Wang Lin’s voice was low. “That punch of yours was wrong!”

Thirteen quickly said, “In Thirteen’s eyes, anyone who is disrespectful to Ancestor is my enemy!”

Hu Pao silently pondered on the side. Earlier, he sort of regretted not rushing in like Thirteen did. However, when he saw Wang Lin’s serious expression, he secretly let out a sigh of relief. He felt it was lucky he didn’t act, because it would not be good to make the ancestor angry.

Wang Lin shook his head and said, “Although you used all your strength on that punch, 40% of the power was lost. This means you haven’t fully mastered it yet. How else could that demon soldier have withstood the blow? He wouldn’t have any signs of life in him right now if you had done it correctly!”

Thirteen was startled, but he quickly nodded and began to ponder.

At this moment, more than a dozen demon soldiers had gathered around Wang Lin. No one knew who, but one of them let out a roar and charged at them with his weapon.

Outside the gate, demonic spiritual energy was being released, sand was kicked into the air, and a powerful killing intent appeared as the demon soldiers charged out. These demon soldiers were all veterans of war, so as long as the cultivation level difference wasn’t too great, even those more powerful than them would be pressured by their fierce aura.

“Watch carefully. Although body refining is different from spells, there are still some similarities. Although I didn’t refine body, my punch will have a similar effect.” With that, Wang Lin formed a fist with his right hand and casually threw a punch.

This punch hit the air, but soon a ripple began to spread out with his fist as the center. The demon soldiers rushing over immediately slowed down after being hit by the ripple; it was as if the air around them was being solidified.

But soon, the ripple shook violently and all of the demon soldiers were knocked back at a speed ten times faster than when they rushed over.

As they were knocked back, their faces were pale and they all coughed out mouthfuls of blood.

Wang Lin didn’t withdraw his fist but opened it. All of the blood the demon soldiers coughed out didn’t fall but gathered toward Wang Lin, and soon, a ball of blood formed before his hand.

He pushed his right hand forward, causing the ball of blood to fly out like lightning at the city’s wall.

Just at the moment the ball of blood was about to land, a cold snort came from inside the gate. Shortly after, a red figure suddenly appeared outside the gate. This person pointed at the air, causing the ball of blood to suddenly collapse back into blood just before it hit the wall.

Wang Lin’s expression remained normal as he said, “I’m surprised to meet someone who came from the same place as me.”

The red light disappeared to reveal a woman!

After the woman appeared, the surrounding demon soldiers all kneeled down and said, “Greetings, Commander Yao!”

Her eyes were bright like a phoenix and contained a hint of killing intent, and she was wearing all white. Her black hair flowed behind her back as she coldly looked at Wang Lin, frowned, and said, “Wang Lin!”

Wang Lin’s eyes faintly lit up and he carefully looked at her. He had seen this woman outside the East Demon Spirit Sea. This woman had an area all to herself, which made her quite eye-catching. This was the reason Wang Lin noticed her. This woman was at the late stage of Soul Transformation, and although she wasn’t at the peak, she wasn’t far away.

“It looks like quite a few people on planet Tian Yun know my name!” Wang Lin smiled and walked forward.

With this one step, a ferocious aura suddenly appeared behind him and spread out like crazy.

The white-robed woman coldly looked at Wang Lin, then she frowned, took a step back, and said, “So you are also in the Sky Demon Country. You must have came to Ancient Demon City to gain military merits as well, so a battle between the two of us has no meaning!”

As she spoke, she turned around and walked into the city.

Wang Lin faintly smiled as he walked through the city’s gate. Thirteen and Hu Pao quickly followed.

The white-robed woman’s speed wasn’t very fast. She didn’t go directly into the city but toward a plaza, and in the plaza there was a giant transfer array.

There were demon soldiers guarding the transfer array. When they saw the woman, they all kneeled down and were very respectful.

Inside the transfer array, the woman turned around and coldly said to Wang Lin, “Follow me to meet the general of the left wing. In Ancient Demon City, only the demon general can give you a position!”

Wang Lin nodded and said to Thirteen and Hu Pao, “The two of you wait for me inside the city.” With that, he entered the transfer array.

At the moment he walked in, the transfer array activated, and Wang Lin and the woman disappeared in waves of white light.

After a slight discomfort from being transported, Wang Lin returned to normal and looked around at where he had been teleported to. He immediately noticed a magnificent building that pierced into the sky.

This was a giant palace, and there was a giant statue inside it that seemed to pierce into the heavens. It was a statue of a strong man wearing armor, and it was releasing a powerful demonic aura. The entire sky was being churned by this demonic aura, creating swirls in the clouds.

The white-robed woman walked out of the transfer array and said, “Lord demon general, I have brought the person here!”

Just as she finished speaking, a burst of hearty laughter came from inside the palace. Shortly after, a figure suddenly jumped down from the giant statue.

This figure was extremely fast and quickly closed in before stopping in the sky. This person looked normal, but he gave off the aura of someone powerful. He was wearing a purple robe, his arms were extreme large, and he gave off a commanding aura just by standing there.

His eyes lit up like a torch as he looked at Wang Lin and smiled. “So you are the foreigner that was attacking my demon soldiers outside the wall?”

Wang Lin’s pupils unnoticeably shrank. This person had his demonic spiritual energy completely withdrawn into his body, so a normal person wouldn’t be able to notice. But with Wang Lin’s cultivation, he could tell that this person was very powerful. The amount of demonic spiritual energy inside this person was few hundred thousand ranks strong. If this person wasn’t as powerful as an Ascendant cultivator, he was very close!

It has to be said that three stars equal one rank. Three ranks equal Foundation Establishment, 30 ranks equal Core Formation, 300 ranks equal Nascent Soul, 3,000 ranks equal Soul Formation, 30,000 ranks equal Soul Transformation, and 300,000 ranks equal Ascendant.

Wang Lin raised his head. His expression remained calm and he seriously said, “It was!”

The burly man’s eyes became serious and he let out a laugh. He stepped forward, threw a punch, and said, “Good! Then let this general see what kind of skill you have!”

This punch moved like lightning but strangely made no sound. Although it collided with the air, the force charged at Wang Lin.

Wang Lin didn’t reveal any shock on his face as he raised his right thumb and pressed it at the air!

“Finger of Death!” The white-robed woman’s eyes lit up.

The area 100 feet around Wang Lin became filled with death as if all the life in that area had been absorbed by the finger.

At the moment he used the Finger of Death, there was a loud bang in the air between him and the burly man. Wang Lin was forced back three steps and his eyes became cold.

He then looked at the burly man in the sky. The man withdrew his right fist and his body swayed a bit. His eyes were like lightning as he said, “Good, this general used gravity to get an advantage over you. With that finger, you are qualified to become an elder under me!”

Wang Lin’s expression was calm as he said, “I don’t want an inner position!”

The burly man’s face became serious and then he smiled. “Your understanding of the Demon Spirit Land is beyond my expectations. You know the difference between inner and outer positions.

In Luo Yun’s memories, his ancestor told him of the inner and outer positions. Elders and such were inner positions without any soldiers under them. Only those with outer positions, like commanders, had troops under their command!

“The Demon Emperor said that we can give you foreigners any position as long as you have the ability. Little fellow, if you want an outer position, then you need to bring out your true ability, and that finger wasn’t strong enough!”

Wang Lin took a deep breath as he became focused and said, “You can continue!”

The burly man revealed a hint of admiration. He didn’t waste any time as he threw a punch before quickly pulling his fist back to throw another punch.

His speed was extremely fast, and in almost an instant, he threw 10 punches. The space around him began to show signs of collapsing, but the space here was very sturdy, so it didn’t collapse after only 10 punches.

“If you can withstand my Ten Collapsing Battle Intent, you can be a chief commander!” The burly man let out a loud roar as his hand reached out. It was as if he had reached through the void, grabbed the collapsing space, and threw it at Wang Lin.

This Ten Collapsing Battle Intent wasn’t corporeal, it was part of the void. It contained all of the demonic aura of the demon general’s ten punches and was filled with his intense killing intent.

The ten punches would cause space to collapse a total of ten times, one with each punch. On the tenth collapse, the spell would become unimaginably powerful. This kind of spell was extremely rare even among the entire cultivation world. This was the first time Wang Lin had faced something like this.

At almost the instant the Ten Collapse Battle Intent started flying toward Wang Lin, he was able to see through it. His eyes suddenly lit up brightly, and with one step, he stood straight like a ten-thousand-year-old pine tree. He didn’t use any magic treasures, but grey gas started moving on his right arm and the Celestial Slaughter Art was used.

At the same time, he pointed with his index and use the demonic finger spell. The celestial spiritual energy inside his body quickly turned into demonic spiritual energy and condensed on his index finger.

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