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Chapter 544 – Demonic Ideals

At this moment, he felt the faith inside the Ten Collapse Battle Intent. This faith came from the faith to always win on the blood-filled battlefield; it was formed from the will of everyone who died or was defeated by this technique!

The power of this faith was far more powerful than Wang Lin could imagine. While Wang Lin’s body was withstanding the power of the fourth collapse, his soul was suffering the effect of the faith within the fourth collapse.

“Ten collapses is normally the limit, but this technique is actually evolving toward the eleventh collapse. The reason the general of the left wing used this technique on me is to defeat me with it, to absorb my faith, and thus increase the power of this technique.

“The reason the Ten Collapse Battle Intent is powerful is because of the faith inside it. The more people he kills and defeats with it, the more powerful it becomes!”

A sense of frustration involuntarily appeared in his heart. However, just as this feeling began to bud, it was immediately crushed by Wang Lin.

His body was thrown back by a large force and directly landed on the ground 1,000 feet away. At the moment he landed, his body flipped around and his nails scraped against the ground, creating a sharp sound. Wang Lin moved back more than a 100 feet before he finally stabilized himself.

At this moment, Wang Lin’s entire body was covered by the symbol on his forehead. This symbol immediately collapsed and disappeared after withstanding the force of the fourth collapse. Right now there was only half a symbol left on his forehead, and it was only giving off a faint, grey light.

Right now only half of a life seal formed from the Celestial Slaughter Art remained; the rest had dissipated.

The golden light in the general of the left wing’s eyes disappeared and he calmly said, “It is already very difficult to resist against the power of the fourth collapse with your mid stage Soul Transformation cultivation. You can stand down! It is impossible for you to obtain the position of chief commander; you can’t even obtain the position of commander. The only position for you is elder!” Although his expression didn’t show disdain, his words did.

Wang Lin’s eyes flashed brightly. The fist intent contained within the ten collapses represented the peak of the general’s spirit. For a cultivator, it was how refined a person’s dao heart was. The dao heart fuses with the origin soul and thus causes the origin soul to evolve. Then there will be only one faith in one’s body. This faith is very strong and can change even the heavens and earth!

It was a faith spell!

“Faith spell!” Wang Lin slowly raised his head and looked at the general of the left wing. His gaze was deep as if it contained wisdom and enlightenment.

Wang Lin’s gaze gradually became brighter and brighter. He raised his hand once more and used the Demonic Finger once more. It was the exact same movement, the exact same spell, but when Wang Lin used it this second time, it was completely different!

In the eyes of the general of the left wing, his movements were very different from before. The light that disappeared from the general’s eyes returned and was even brighter than before.

“This…” The general of the left wing immediately noticed the difference and couldn’t help but pay close attention.

Yao Xixue, who was standing at a distance, stared straight at Wang Lin. There was a storm in her heart, and she remembered her father’s words.

Her father, the Blood Ancestor, paid a lot of attention to Wang Lin.

A demonic aura came out from Wang Lin’s body and formed a faint, black fog three feet around him. Inside the black fog, Wang Lin’s eyes slowly became gloomy.

This gloominess was filled with coldness and was very demonic in nature!

“Faith spell…. The spells I’ve used so far were only shells, because without faith, I can’t use their true power…” Wang Lin muttered to himself as he looked at his right index finger. He then suddenly pointed at the sky!

One finger to question the heavens!

At this moment, the swirl above the palace suddenly disappeared. The entire sky was then covered by a black cloud, The cloud quickly became even darker and there even seemed to be ghosts howling within them.

One demonic finger!

Demonic spiritual energy filled the area. The celestial spiritual energy inside Wang Lin’s body didn’t move but silently became demonic spiritual energy!

This demonic spiritual energy was drastically different from the demonic spiritual energy formed when celestial spiritual energy was cycled.

Wang Lin’s hair mysteriously started growing and reached his knees in the blink of an eye. His whole person was no longer gentle but was filled with a violent aura. On his forehead, six demonic marks appeared.

The demonic spiritual energy around him quickly became very dense and spread from three feet to 100 feet. Everything within 100 feet of him was now filled with raging demonic spiritual energy.

This demonic spiritual energy became dense to the point that it became specks of green flames and scattered in a circle on the ground.

The inside and outside of his body were completely occupied by demonic spiritual energy. At this moment, Wang Lin suddenly raised his head and let out a laugh. This laughter was filled with a tyrannical aura and a crazy amount of killing intent!

Just at this moment, the half of a life force seal behind the six demonic marks seemed to have fused with Wang Lin and quickly began to grow. In almost a instant, it turned from half of a life seal to a complete life seal!

The moment the seal was complete, it quickly spread and surrounded Wang Lin’s entire body.

Wang Lin took a step forward. His movement wasn’t fast, but he slowly walked step by step toward the general of the left wing in the sky.

The golden light in the general’s eyes intensified, and he shouted, “Interesting! You are the first person to have a breakthrough under my Ten Collapse Battle Intent! Let me see if you can withstand this fifth collapse!

The fifth collapse suddenly arrived from the void after the demon general finished speaking. This fifth collapse was 10 times the power of the fourth collapse. The moment it appeared, thunderous roars echoed as if divine retribution was occurring in the surrounding 10,000 feet. It was so loud that the entire Ancient Demon City could clearly hear the thunderous roars.

Wang Lin’s expression was gloomy as he faced the fifth collapse with the Demonic Finger. His right index finger suddenly pressed forward, then all of the demonic spiritual energy gathered at the tip of his finger and suddenly turned into a demonic flame!

The true power of the Demonic Finger was used by Wang Lin for the first time. The demonic flame around his finger endlessly expanded, forming a sea of demonic flames around him!

Wang Lin then took a step and flew into the air. His right index finger charged forward directly at the demon general.

At almost the same moment the fifth collapse appeared, it was stopped by the demonic flame. While it was stopped, Wang Lin charged through with the Demonic Finger, and after a series of rumbling sounds, he broke through. Right now he was only 100 feet from the demon general!

The sixth collapse appeared shortly after!

Words were unable to describe the power of the sixth collapse. After it appeared, the 100 foot space between Wang Lin and the demon general began to collapse, and countless cracks in space opened up.

The power of the sixth collapse suddenly descended.

Wang Lin’s expression was still gloomy, and his eyes were filled with killing intent. He didn’t withdraw his finger and his body kept moving forward. The sixth collapse appeared from the void in the form of a ring of light and closed in on Wang Lin.

However, at the moment it touched Wang Lin’s finger, he softly said, “Demonic transformation!”

After uttering those words, his index finger released a black light. The black light extended from his finger and covered his entire right arm.

The black light continued to spread and soon covered his whole body. At the moment the circle of light closed in, Wang Lin’s entire body was covered in this black light.

His body looked like a shadow, and with one step he pierced through the circle of light that was the sixth collapse. At the moment he charged through, the sixth collapse shattered!

The golden light in the general of the left wing’s eyes shined brightly and he shouted, “What a foreigner! This general really did underestimate you. I’ll wait for you here; there are still four collapses!”

“The faith in your spell is the belief that you will obtain victory. It is formed from the will and spirit of everyone who has lost to this technique of yours. I don’t have the cultivation to break through your ten collapses, but I know that the key to breaking your technique isn’t cultivation but faith!

“To break your faith, I turned into a demon with this finger and fused this faith with my demonic finger. Thus, my demonic finger now seems to have a soul of its own. Now it is not a competition of our cultivation, but a fight of our faith!” As Wang Lin calmly said this, he took another step forward!

The seventh collapse arrived!

At the moment the seventh collapse appeared, Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he shouted, “Make way!”

With these two words, the seventh collapse that was about to appear seemed to become corporeal and suddenly broke down. Wang Lin’s eyes were filled with determination, and there was a flame of faith burning within them!

What kept his heart steadfast was the spirit of the Demonic Finger. Although he only said two words, they contained his unquestionable faith!

It wasn’t faith in slaughter or victory, it was the faith of… a demonic mindset!

A demonic mindset was to defy the heavens, to defy anything others wished for, to steal life, to destroy people’s dao, to do as you wish, and to walk the path of a demon!

The general of the left wing’s expression finally changed. When he first saw Wang Lin, he never considered him to be anything. It was only when Wang Lin broke through the first three collapses that he properly looked at him.

However, the failure at the fourth collapse was within his expectations. This was where Wang Lin’s path stopped, and he was not the person the demon emperor was looking for!

But he never would have imagined that the person before him would gain enlightenment after the fourth collapse. This person’s enlightenment turned him into a demon!

Even so, he still only paid a little attention and didn’t think much of it. In his mind, although this kind of enlightenment was rare, it would be stopped at the seventh collapse!

However, when Wang Lin shattered the seventh collapse with just two words, this caught his attention completely and made his expression change. He immediately understood that he had made a huge mistake right from the start and that he had been underestimating this person!!

With his status, there hasn’t been anything worthy of his full attention in several thousand years. This was the first time someone had grabbed his attention in thousands of years!

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