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Chapter 535 – Raising Soul Fragments

Wang Lin’s eyes were cold as he pointed to the air. The lion’s figure trembled, then it turned into a strand of black gas, flew into Thirteen’s soul flag, and disappeared.

“This beast is passable as the primary soul for your 10-soul soul flag. However, remember that there are no tricks with the soul refining spell. You were able to seal it, but it was able to reject you. Let this be a lesson for you!” After Wang Lin said those words, he turned around and returned to the depths of the valley.

Thirteen’s face was full of shame as he looked at the flag in his hand and began to ponder.

Time quickly passed, and one month of time quickly went by. All of the males in the village left in the middle of the night.

Ouyang Hua and Thirteen were the vanguard as they took everyone directly to the cave.

Wang Lin didn’t follow and didn’t even follow with his divine sense. This was a trial for them, and if they failed, that meant that they weren’t qualified and Wang Lin would leave for Ancient Demon City to find other opportunities.

Five days later, while Wang Lin was cultivating inside the depths of the valley, he opened his eyes. Soon, loud noises could be heard from the distance as a long line of people rushed toward the valley along the winding path.

This long line was formed by people not from the village, and their faces were filled with fear. There were males and females among them, and they were all in their prime. Their hands were tied together by rope, and there were seven people per line. Every line was carrying a log which their hands were bound to as they slowly moved forward.

Ouyang Hua walked in the front and was covered in blood marks. Although he looked fatigued, there was excitement on his face.

The people of the village moved on the side of this line. If any of the prisoners moved too slowly, the villagers would go up and yell at them.

Thirteen walked at the end of the line. His entire aura was completely different from before. He was no longer as proud and seemed much more calm. There was a determined look on his face now.

He walked behind the line with several people around him. However, they all kept their distance and had looks of respect in their eyes.

It can be said that Thirteen was able to show off big time during this battle. With him and Ouyang Hua working together, they were able to bypass the formation and catch the enemy off guard.

The enemy’s elder was devoured by the lion Thirteen summoned right at the start. He then used the soul refining spell right there in front of the enemy to refine the enemy elder’s soul and seal it inside the soul flag.

At the same time, Ouyang Hua wasn’t slow either; he quickly refined the souls of the people that died in the battle and sealed them.

This scene was a big shock to the enemies!

This long line quickly arrived inside the valley. Then all the women immediately took out wooden buckets from their houses like they were very used to this.

There was green liquid inside the buckets, and it was still bubbling. It gave off a bad smell.

Every outsider’s head was pressed into a bucket and they were forced to drink some of this green liquid. After drinking the liquid, they immediately revealed confused expressions. Then some villagers took them away and whispered something into their ears.

When Wang Lin’s divine sense saw this, he wasn’t surprised at all. He had learned from Lou Yun’s memories that Lou Yun’s ancestor said that the only way for these small tribes to gain more members was to force their captives to drink a bowl of memory-wiping soup.

The effect of this soup was to make the person forget everything, and then someone would whisper the person their new name and current situation of the tribe. When that person awakened, they would be a new member of the tribe.

There wasn’t anything special about this soup in Wang Lin’s eyes; it was far inferior to something like a charm spell.

If anyone with cultivation drank this soup, it would basically have no effect.

Ouyang Hua quickly rushed toward Wang Lin. When he was still pretty far, he respectfully bowed and said, “Junior Ouyang Hua wishes to greet Supreme Celestial.”

After receiving Wang Lin’s approval, Ouyang Hua quickly entered the depths of the valley. From far away, he saw Wang Lin sitting in the lotus position.

He arrived before Wang Lin and took out an item, then he respectfully said, “Supreme Celestial, junior found the demon crystal from the enemy tribe to give to Supreme Celestial!”
Wang Lin’s eyes lit up, then he waved his hand and the demon crystal flew from Ouyang Hua’s hand to his. He carefully looked at this black rock. There was nothing special about this crystal, and it looked rather rough.

Wang Lin squeezed his right hand and the black rock immediately shattered, revealing a demon crystal the size of his thumb.

“Rank 2 demon crystal!” Wang Lin looked at the crystal for a short moment before devouring it!

Ouyang Hua had his head down and remained silent. He had been showing an expression of respect the whole time.

After devouring the demon crystal, it quickly fused with the demon crystal inside Wang Lin and became a rank 5 demon crystal!

Wang Lin looked at Ouyang Hua before slapping his bag of holding and taking out a piece of jade. After sweeping it with his divine sense, he threw it at Ouyang Hua and said, “You guys only have the chants for the first three stages. Unless one has achievements, they don’t get more. You returned with the demon crystal, so I’ll give you the fourth stage. Study it well and don’t teach it to others, or else I’ll definitely take it all back!”

Ouyang Hua suppressed the excitement in his heart. After accepting the jade, he quickly left.

After he left, Wang Lin’s eyes lit up as he muttered to himself, “It seems like this was the right step. As the village slowly grows and absorbs the surrounding tribes, the amount of demon crystals I will be able to obtain will increase as well. In addition to this, the more people the tribe has, the more people there will be to cultivate the soul refining spell. That means I’ll be able to recover the one-billion-soul soul flag’s full strength sooner!”

Right now Wang Lin was raising soul fragments!

All of the soul fragments being refined by the people cultivating the soul refining spell could become his with just a thought.

There will be a day when the time is right for Wang Lin to collect all of the souls, and the one-billion-soul soul flag will become whole once more!

The population of the village suddenly increased a few fold. The number of males was now over 50. The females were divided among the villagers, and a few of the beautiful women were gifted to Wang Lin by Ouyang Hua, who was greedy for merits.

However, he got the cold shoulder this time.

Those new tribe members all began to cultivate the soul refining spell. There was now an air of cultivators in the valley.

Aside from the people who went out to hunt everyday, everyone else was focused on cultivation.

There were even some women who started cultivating. At first Ouyang Hua was against this, but after being yelled at by Wang Lin through a message transmission, he quickly changed this attitude and openly supported women cultivating.

As a result, everyone in the valley besides the children, no matter whether they were men or women, started to cultivate like crazy.

It was easy to start learning the soul refining spell, and adding on the strength of Thirteen and Ouyang Hua, these two soon became everyone’s goal.

Time silently went by, and in the blink of an eye, half a year passed. During these six months, the people of the village went out a lot. They went out in groups or by themselves, all to either make their own soul flags or to kill beasts so that they could refine the souls.

Aside from Thirteen, four more people reached the third stage in these six months and needed to make their soul flags.

Everyone knew Wang Lin’s rule by now. If they wanted the chants for stages beyond the third stage, they had to gain merits, and there were only three ways to do so!

The first was to hand over demon crystals, the second was to find clues of foreigners, and the third was to make at least ten 10-soul soul flags, and at least four of the flags had to have a primary soul inside.

If anyone was able to do any of those three things, Wang Lin would award them the fourth stage chant. As for the fifth stage chant, the requirements were even more strict.

At this point, only Ouyang Hua had met the conditions of obtaining the fourth stage chant.

Even Thirteen has only refined seven soul flags. What was the difficult was the primary souls. As of now, he only had two primary souls, and the second one was the elder of the enemy village that he refined half a year ago!

As a result, the call for attacking another tribe became louder and louder. Only by attacking other tribes could there be demon crystals, primary souls, and large amounts of soul fragments.

It has to be said that Ouyang Hua’s words came true. Every 5,000 years when the foreigners arrived, they would bring a bloodbath to the Demon Spirit Land.

Just because of Wang Lin’s arrival, this valley went from a quiet village to one filled with aggression to invade other tribes in order to gain the higher level chants.

As the cry for war became louder and louder, a new crusade finally began!

This time it didn’t matter if it was man or woman. Aside from a few who were left behind to take care of the children, almost every villager left. They weren’t all going to attack one place, they were going to split into three groups to attack three different tribes.

This was the only way to satisfy their needs, because if they all attacked the same tribe, there would be no way to split the demon crystals and primary souls!

No one in the Demon Spirit Land noticed that there was a force growing in power, because no one would bother to check these tribes in the wasteland.

Not even any of the foreigners would decide to stay with the tribes like Wang Lin did. They had all gone to different countries and obtained different positions. In order to get military exploits and an ancient demon, they began a bloodshed that would last for 500 years!

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