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Chapter 534 – Thirteen

Wang Lin had already taught Ouyang Hua the method of making the soul flag. However, the Demon Spirit Land was lacking in materials, so making soul flags was going to be difficult.

When he realized this, Wang Lin found some time to carefully think up a solution to the matter. He managed to use some of the steel trees, beast skins, and some seals to just barely make something that could imitate the effect.

This substitute flag could only seal up to 10 souls, meaning the limit was a 10-soul soul flag.

But this object won in terms of quantity because one could use 10 of these flags at the same time. Although it was not as strong as a 100-soul soul flag, it still had half the power.

Same as the spells, Wang Lin hid a fatal flaw inside this substitue soul flag, and only he knew about this fatal weakness. After all, Wang Lin was the only person on planet Tian Yun that knew the Soul Refining Sect’s spells.

After imprinting the method of creating the new soul flag on a jade, Wang Lin spread out his divine sense and called over Ouyang Hua and the young man named Thirteen.

Thirteen was the young man Wang Lin secretly followed to find the valley.

This person seemed to have natural affinity for the Soul Refining Sect’s spells. If Du Tian was still alive, he would definitely be shocked by this.

Thirteen quickly stood before Wang Lin. He only felt respect and amazement toward the supreme celestial before him.

The more he cultivated the soul refining spell, the more amazement he felt in his heart. In the three months that he had been studying the spell, he came to the conclusion that if he could completely master it, its power would be beyond imagination.

10-soul soul flag; 100-soul soul flag; 1,000-soul soul flag; 10,000-soul soul flag…

Thirteen took a deep breath and revealed a hint of excitement in his eyes.

Ouyang Hua was much more experienced than Thirteen, so he silently stood there with a look of respect.

In truth, from the moment everyone began learning the soul refining spell, the real authority of controlling the village gradually shifted from Ouyang Hua to Wang Lin.

Almost everyone knew that Wang Lin was the real ruler here!

“Supreme Celestial, all 27 males in the village have began cultivating the demon spell. Right now, besides Thirteen, most are stuck at the first stage, and there are six that haven’t even managed to get that far.”

Wang Lin sat there in the lotus position and nodded. Although the soul refining spell was easy to learn, it wasn’t for everyone. The fact that a large majority of the 27 people here had already reached the first stage would be a shocking news if it happened on Suzaku.

After looking at Thirteen, Wang Lin felt very satisfied with how fast this child was cultivating.

Noticing Wang Lin’s gaze on him, Thirteen’s back became straight and the excitement in his eyes became even stronger, and he said, “Supreme Celestial, Thirteen has already reached the third stage. If I can create the soul flag, I can go out to find soul fragments to seal inside!”

Wang Lin faintly smiled as his right hand reached out and a jade silently appeared. He threw the jade and smiled. “The new method for making soul flags is in here!”

Thirteen caught the jade and revealed an extremely joyous expression. He took a deep breath as he pressed the jade against his forehead and began to imagine like Ouyang Hua taught him. Shortly after, his body lightly trembled and his eyes filled with excitement.

He looked at Wang Lin and suddenly knelt down to the ground before heavily kowtowing three times.

Wang Lin closed his eyes and slowly said, “You can leave. Focus all of your effort on creating the soul flag.”

Thirteen nodded, then he put down the jade and respectfully left.

Ouyang Hua hesitated a bit. He looked at Wang Lin and then looked at the jade on the ground. Without Wang Lin’s permission, he wouldn’t dare to pick up the jade to check it.

Wang Lin slowly said, “Look at it. You have already reached the third stage. If you can successfully make one, your power will increase a lot when you use your demonic spiritual energy to seal a soul fragment.”

Ouyang Hua quickly picked up the jade and pressed it against his forehead. Shortly after, he took a deep breath and respectfully said, “Junior will go look for the materials to make it.”

With that, he pondered a bit and then said, “Supreme Celestial, once both me and Thirteen have successfully made soul flags, I plan on attacking a cave 500 kilometers away. There is another tribe there with a few dozen people.”

Wang Lin’s expression remained the same as he said, “Do as you wish!”

Ouyang Hua nodded and quickly left.

The news of attacking the cave in one month quickly spread across the village. For the members of the village, this was a big battle. Although the other side outnumbered them, thanks to the soul refining spell, their chances of winning were high.

During this one month of time, all of the males were full of energy as they cultivated the soul refining spell. Thirteen left the village and gathered enough materials to make the soul flag.

This child’s affinity toward the soul refining spell showed itself once more. After failing three times, he made his first soul flag.

This first soul flag caused a big commotion inside the valley. Everyone surrounded Thirteen, and the seven inch flag in his hand became the focus of everyone’s gazes.

Thirteen was very excited to have those gazes on him.

Ouyang Hua rubbed the beard on his chin and revealed a smile. In truth, he had already made a soul flag a few days before Thirteen, but he didn’t reveal it to everyone and allowed Thirteen to have the chance to shine.

Ouyang Hua was like a sly, old fox, so he naturally noticed that Thirteen seemed to have caught Supreme Celestial Wang Lin’s attention. Adding on the facts that he was getting old and that the future didn’t belong to him, it seemed like it will belong to Thirteen!

Someone from the crowd asked,“Little Thirteen, the soul flag is only useful once you have sealed a soul fragment inside. When will you go capture a soul fragment to seal inside?”

The others all agreed.

Thirteen let out a snort and said, “Who said I haven’t sealed a soul fragment inside? All of you, look closely!” With that, his right hand formed a seal and demonic spiritual energy gathered from all directions to form a green light that flashed at the tip of his finger.

He pointed at the soul flag and the flag immediately shook. A ray of black gas suddenly flew out, turning into a wild beast that looked like a lion with wings.

Right after the beast appeared, it let out a roar that shocked everyone.

Ouyang Hua’s eyes narrowed, and he was shocked by it.

Thirteen revealed a proud expression as he pointed at the beast and shouted, “Attack!”

The lion-like soul fragment revealed a vicious gaze as he charged out and slammed into the wall. There was a loud bang and cracks appeared on the wall.

There was not a bit of damage on the lion soul fragment.

Waves of exclamations came from the surrounding people, and their looks of admiration made Thirteen very proud.

He accidently found this flying lion when he entered the forest this time. The beast had received mortal injuries and had just died. Thirteen clenched his teeth and risked using the soul refining spell. After many tries, he succeeded in refining the soul and sealing it inside the soul flag.

Thirteen took a deep breath as he waved his hand and shouted, “Return!”

With that, he waved the soul flag in his hand, but at this moment, the lion soul fragment turned to look at Thirteen with a vicious gaze. It moved like lightning, but not toward the soul flag; it was charging at Thirteen.

The viciousness in its eyes had turned into killing intent.

Thirteen’s expression changed. He held up the soul flag and shouted, “Return!”

The lion soul completely ignored the command as it charged over and everyone else scattered. Ouyang Hua clenched his teeth and charged out. Now there was a three inch flag in his hand.

With one shake, there was a flash of green light and a small, sparrow-like bird flew out and charged toward the lion.

As the lion soul was charging, it suddenly turned around and roared at the small bird. The roar seemed to have a piercing effect, causing the small bird to slow down.

Taking this moment, the lion soul fragment moved like lightning and arrived next to Thirteen. It opened its bloody mouth and tried to devour Thirteen.

Thirteen’s face was completely pale. He wanted to retreat, but it felt like there was a mysterious force preventing him from moving. He could only watch as the bloody mouth became larger and larger like it was covering the entire world.

Just at this moment, a cold snort came out from the valley like lightning.

What followed after the cold snort was a voice that was colder than winter. “Damned beast, you dare!?”

When the voice entered Thirteen’s ears, it was as if he was hearing a sound from heaven. He quickly shouted, in a voice filled with panic, “Supreme Celestial, save me…”

The same voice landed in the lion’s ears like raging thunder, causing its body to violently tremble and almost collapse.

The reason it didn’t collapse was not because it was strong, but because Wang Lin didn’t want it to collapse!

It completely stopped charging, and without any hesitation, the lion let out a miserable cry before turning around to escape. At this moment, a person walked out from inside the valley.

With one step, Wang Lin crossed dozens of feet and appeared in the sky.

The lion soul fragment’s body trembled. It could feel that there was a power that it couldn’t resist at all coming from the person before it.

When facing this person, it wasn’t able to resist at all. A feeling of terror slowly entered its heart until it completely drowned it.

The lion soul fragment let out a pitiful cry. It no longer tried to escape and lied down in a submissive pose. The fear in its eyes was very strong.

This scene completely shocked everyone inside the valley.

Even Ouyang Hua was completely dumbfounded, and his deep sense of respect for Wang Lin grew in his heart. This kind of respect would last for hundreds of years…

The excitement in Thirteen’s eyes deepened. When he looked at Wang Lin, his heart filled with respect.

If the two of them were like this, there was no need to talk about the others.

In truth, the reason why the lion soul fragment feared Wang Lin so much was mainly due to the fatal flaw that Wang Lin left on the spell and soul flag.

All of the soul fragments sealed by people who learned from Wang Lin’s modified spell could be suppressed and controlled by Wang Lin!

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