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Chapter 536 – Challenge Letter

The people of the village were extremely well prepared for this attack. Ouyang Hua led one group, Thirteen led the second, and the other villagers who were also at the third stage led the last group.

After half a month, only Thirteen’s group didn’t return. Although there were some casualties, their rewards were very good.

However, because Thirteen’s group didn’t return, there was a dark cloud over everyone’s hearts.

Only Wang Lin’s expression remained normal without any change. Three days later, a black cloud appeared outside the valley. If one looked closely, they would see that it was a lion with wings.

Although there were no injuries on its body, it was very weak. Every now and then it would turn into a black cloud and then form back together; it was on the verge of collapsing.

There was a person lying motionlessly on its back, and he was covered in wounds. There was also a very strange-looking, red line moving around inside the person like a parasite.

The lion primary soul quickly charged toward the valley. As it got closer, several people quickly appeared, took out their soul flags, and fed soul fragments to the lion. This caused the lion’s energy to immediately increase.

After seeing the lion, almost everyone immediately recognized that this was Thirteen’s lion and that the person on its back which was clearly Thirteen.

After the lion primary soul entered the valley, it let out a cry, then it shattered into specks of black light and was about to completely collapse.

Just at this moment, a calm voice echoed in the valley.

“Soul condense!”

With that, the specks of black light shined brightly and quickly condensed back together. In the blink of an eye, it returned back to normal.

All of the villagers revealed respectful expressions and opened a path. Wang Lin walked through with his hands behind his back.

After the lion primary soul saw Wang Lin, it began to cry as if it had been extremely wronged. Wang Lin’s finger reached out, causing the lion to let out a cry of joy and rushed toward Wang Lin’s finger.

Finally, it disappeared on his finger and a lion-shaped mark appeared on his fingertip.

The surrounding people were all used to Wang Lin’s control over soul fragments, so none of them were shocked at all, and they had their heads down respectfully.

Wang Lin walked step by step and arrived next to Thirteen. After he lowered his head to take a look, his expression darkened.

He saw a red line moving like a dragon through his body. Thirtreen’s face was pale and had no breath at all.

Wang Lin knelt down and gently pressed his right finger on Thirteen’s chest. A sharp cry suddenly came out from the body, and at the same time, a red line charged out from where Wang Lin pressed and shot directly at him.

Wang Lin’s eyes became cold, and an invisible force appeared around his body. There was a loud bang as if the red line had hit a steel plate, and it was forcefully knocked back.

At this moment, Wang Lin moved his hand and caught the red line. With one pull, there was a loud cry, and the red line was pulled out of Thirteen’s body.

This red line was longer than 10 feet and it moved around like a snake. The other end moved toward Wang Lin but was once more stopped.

The coldness in Wang Lin’s eyes increased, and the celestial spiritual energy inside his body surged like crazy. He squeezed hard, and after a series of popping sounds, the red line shattered to dust in three breaths of time.

After the red line disappeared, Thirteen’s face slowly became red. Although Thirteen was still extremely weak, his condition was no longer life-threatening. However, Wang Lin’s expression became even darker.

He was able immediately see that Thirteen had been wasted!

The three stars of demonic spiritual energy Thirteen had gathered from cultivating the soul refining spell were all gone. If that was only the case, it would be fine, but all of the meridians in his body were shattered and all his soul flags were stolen.

The enemy acted so viciously but didn’t kill Thirteen. Instead, he let the lion bring Thirteen back, meaning that that person clearly had other objectives.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up, and he pointed his finger toward Thirteen’s forehead. The demon crystal inside his body activated and a strand of demonic spiritual energy entered Thirteen’s forehead.

Thirteen’s body trembled, then he suddenly opened his eyes and saw Wang Lin. He wanted to get up to pay his respects, but he found that he couldn’t move, and pain washed over his body like ocean waves.

Thirteen struggled to open his mouth. In his current state, he accidently called out what he always considered Wang Lin in his heart. “Master…”

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up, but he didn’t speak.

“On the way back, we met a large tribe. We tried to go around them, but they still attacked us. There was a white-robed man who took my soul flag and planted that demon inside me. He left me a message saying that if you want the soul flags back, then all you have to do is find him.”

Wang Lin nodded, then he raised his finger, and at that moment, Thirteen’s body trembled before he passed out again.

“Take him to rest!” After Wang Lin left those words, he took one step and disappeared.

The surrounding tribe members quickly moved Thirteen away, and there was someone else there to take care of him.

After Wang Lin left the valley, he moved like lightning toward the distance. His expression was gloomy and his eyes were cold.

Thirteen originally went out to attack another tribe. If he had failed and died, Wang Lin wouldn’t have cared at all. Life and death were all part of life, and as someone who cultivated the life and death domain, Wang Lin was very clear on this.

However, this was not the case here. Thirteen was on his way back when he passed by another tribe and was attacked. The enemy also didn’t kill Thirteen but planted a demon inside his body. If that was it, that would’ve been fine as lesson, but they also shattered his meridians and even said that if he wanted the soul flags back, he had to go find them.

As a result, the meaning had changed. This was taunting, or it could be said to be a challenge letter!

Thirteen became someone’s living challenge letter!

Since this person sent the challenger letter, Wang Lin wanted to see what kind of person was living in that tribe that dared to challenge him!

Wang Lin was very intelligent. If this person’s cultivation level was much higher than his, he would just head back to the village, find a way to heal Thirteen, and then just avoid this tribe.

Although there was a chance of this, it was very low. From what Wang Lin saw from the spell used on Thirteen, the person was only around the Soul Formation stage.

Thinking about this, he let out a cold snort and moved even faster like a meteor across the sky.

The Heavenly Water Tribe lives in a large plain in the northwest side of the Demon Spirit Land. There is flat land surrounding the area, and originally it was not a great place to live, but an ancient formation exists here.

This formation is very powerful. When it is activated, everything within five kilometers is safe. Even during the night of demonic spirits, it is completely safe inside.

The key to survival for a tribe in the Demon Spirit Land is whether or not they can find a formation to protect themselves with. There are many of these formations in the Demon Spirit Land, but there aren’t many that can cover five kilometers.

The larger the area the formation can cover, the stronger the formation. It also means that the tribe that lives here has more room for growth.

For example, the valley is only so large, so once the population reaches a certain size, they won’t be able to get new people. This formation on the plain is five kilometers wide, so more people can live inside.

Two old men were sitting inside a very simple house in the Heavenly Water tribe.

One of them was wearing grey and the other was wearing white. Between them was a purple tea set.

The white-robed old man picked up a cup and took a drink. “Of all the things the foreigners brought, only this tea suits my tastes.”

The grey-robed elder picked up a cup and also took a drink. “When are you going back?”

The white-robed old man pondered a bit and said, “Tomorrow. I can’t leave the Ancient Demon City for too long. I already stayed for a month for a visit home; if I stay any longer it will be difficult to explain to the general of the left wing.”

The grey-robed elder nodded and said, “You injured someone’s disciple and took their strange little flag. If they come knocking, what should I do?”

The white-robed old man’s eyes lit up and he said, “What do you mean what you should do? Just use the formation to kill that person!”

The grey-robed old man frowned and then said, in a serious tone, “Those people weren’t simple. Almost all of them had one star of demonic spiritual energy and had all learned demonic spells, especially the person leading. With those little flags, he was able to control demon spirits to attack. At first they were going around us, but you became interested in his little flag. Not only did you kill them to take the treasures, but you even let the leader go as a challenge letter to lure the person behind him out. What you did was a bit too much.”

The white-robed man laughed and said, “I’m a guard of honor under the general of the left wing of Ancient Demon City. How could killing a few savages be considered too much? Also, I deduced that the person behind them isn’t strong. Why would that person still be around here in a tribe? He would have already gone to Ancient Demon City to get a better position if he was powerful. I lured him here because I want to obtain the method of using this small flag from him. If he comes, it will be good; if not, I’ll follow the mark I left on the young man and steal it!”

The grey-robed old man asked, “Is the chant from the young man’s mind fake?”

The white-robed man’s eyes lit up and he said, with a dark tone, “It isn’t fake, but it is not complete; there should be more.”

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