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Chapter 513 – Golden Spirit Root

Wang Lin pressed the Brilliant Golden Fruit against his forehead, and it went inside it. After a while, he revealed a look of disappointment and loosened his hand.

“I was too impatient. How could completing the heaven defying bead be such a simple matter? Seven hundred years of cultivation, and even with my luck, I was only able to complete four of the elements. Every completion was filled with danger, so I believe that the completion of this last metal element won’t be simple either… I just don’t know if that Golden Spirit Root will have any effect.”

Wang Lin secretly sighed, then he reached out and about ⅓ of all the Brilliant Golden Fruits flew into the air.

The mosquito let out a cry of joy as it sucked hard with its mouth and devoured all the Brilliant Golden Fruits. At this moment, a golden light suddenly appeared around the mosquito and flashed brightly nine times before returning to normal.

Seeing that the mosquito seemed to have enough, Wang Lin no longer picked more fruits. His right hand formed a seal and sent out a ray of spiritual energy. This energy landed on the flowers, causing them to release a golden glow. This glow was very blinding.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. He didn’t back up but instead slapped his bag of holding and took out a large amount of jades. He imprinted his divine sense onto each of the jades and placed one next to each flower.

Not far away, the woman named Qian Qin stared at Wang Lin with a confused expression. She didn’t know why he wasn’t picking the fruit but instead looked like he was setting up a formation.

“Could it be that to harvest the Brilliant Golden Fruit, a formation that is required?” The confusion in Qian Qin’s eyes increased.

After placing down the last jade, the pondering expression in Wang Lin’s eyes disappeared and was replaced with a sense of clarity.

“According to the memories of the ancient god, only after this fruit has naturally grown, naturally ripened, and naturally withered will the Golden Spirit Root form.

“However, I don’t have the time to wait right now. The time it takes for the fruits to completely wither is random; it can take days or years. I don’t have time to wait, so I have to use this spell from Tu Si’s memory!

“An ancient god uses the bones of a demonic beast, but I’m using jades, so the effect may not be as good…” Wang Lin felt helpless about this. With how powerful the ancient gods were, all the materials they used were the best.

He faintly shook his hand and then raised it to form a very strange gesture. This gesture was not the seal of a cultivator, but something from the memory of ancient god Tu Si that had the effect of a catalyst. This was the gesture to activate the formation.

Wang Lin muttered, “Die!”

After he said that word, a ray of yellow light shot out from his left hand and landed on a jade. The moment the yellow light landed on the jade, the jade let out a high pitch shrill.

Shortly after, the jade exploded.

This scene caused Wang Lin to frown. Even Qian Qin, who was in the distance, was scared.

However, although the jade had exploded, the yellow light didn’t disappear but became even stronger. When the jade exploded, the yellow light charged out and landed on another piece of jade.

After that there was a series of explosions. At almost the instant the yellow light touched a jade, it would cause it to explode to dust.

Wang Lin frowned even harder. After several breaths of time, the yellow light became stronger and stronger. It was now golden and was no different from the color of the flowers.

The golden light surrounded all the flowers, causing them to slowly shrink as if they were about to fall off their stems.

Not only the flowers, but even the Brilliant Golden Fruits began to shrink and slowly wither. Even the stem was the same; it was as if they were all being baked by intense heat.

This scene caused the mosquito beast to let out a series of sad cries and reveal a deep sense of sadness. If it wasn’t for the fact that it trusted Wang Lin a lot, it would have already come down to steal the fruits.

As for Qian Qin, her heart hurt as she stared at the withering Brilliant Golden Fruits. Her heart bled and ached for the withering fruits.

Wang Lin’s expression was normal, but his eyes were very serious as he silently stared at the withering Brilliant Golden Fruits. The entire atmosphere of the valley became heavy.

It didn’t take long for all the golden flower petals to fall. However, the petals didn’t fall like normal flowers. Instead, they melted into a golden liquid that fused with the ground.

After the petals came the Brilliant Golden Fruits. They also melted into drops of golden liquid that fused with the ground.

After that it was the stems. This whole process lasted half an incense stick of time. After that period of time, there was nothing left on the ground.

The mosquito let out a sad cry. Its head loosened and it began to pout in the air.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up as he walked toward where the Brilliant Golden Fruits once were. He looked at the ground and suddenly his eyes shined brightly. He squatted down and his right hand slowly dug into the ground. He let out a smile as he pulled his hand back and something that shined as brightly as the sun came up with his hand.

He had pulled out a mysterious object that looked like a ginseng with four whiskers and was glowing like the sun. When one looked at it, they would get a very warm feeling.

Wang Lin secretly thought, “Four whisker Golden Spirit Root! If I had let it form naturally, it could have at least reached five whiskers!”

The mosquito in the sky was completely stunned as it stared at the root in Wang Lin’s hand. This kind of gaze had never appeared in its eyes before born. This gaze was filled with a hint of madness.

Qian Qin also had her small mouth opened as she stared at the root in Wang Lin’s hand, and her mind went blank. At this moment, she finally understood that what she thought earlier was her own ignorance. The true use of this Brilliant Golden Fruit was to harvest its roots.

Wang Lin plucked one whisker and pressed it against his forehead. Shortly after, his expression changed.

This object was more effective than the Brilliant Golden Fruit and could make the metal element of the heaven defying bead increase a bit. However, the amount was simply too small. He calculated that even if he absorbed this entire root, it would only increase the metal element by 10%.

He let out a sigh as he plucked a whisker and threw it at the mosquito beast, whose eyes still contained that hint of madness and want but had restrained itself from charging down.

The mosquito let out a happy cry as it quickly flew to catch the whisker. With one suck, it completely swallowed the whisker.

Only two of the four whiskers were left!

After the mosquito devoured the whisker, the madness in its eyes slowly disappeared. This time, it began to glow, and unlike before, it didn’t end and continued to glow.

Finally, the mosquito slowly curled up its wings and its entire body curled together. The golden light released from its body became even stronger until it formed a golden cocoon that completely surrounded the mosquito.

The golden cocoon slowly darkened as it completely surrounded the mosquito, making it so no one could see inside.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he forced his divine sense into the cocoon. After observing it a bit, he revealed a happy smile.

“After the mosquito has devoured so many treasures, it is finally going to evolve. Its strength should increase a lot this time.”

Wang Lin’s right hand reached out and the golden cocoon was put away into the bag of holding. After he put it away, he pondered a bit and waved his hand, causing a ray of green light to appear.

When the green light appeared, it turned into a giant thunder toad and landed with a thud. Its eyes were filled with laziness.

However, this laziness completely disappeared when it saw the two whiskers in Wang Lin’s eyes. The lazy gaze turned into a serious stare.

Wang Lin faintly smiled, then he plucked one whisker and threw it at the thunder toad.

The thunder toad’s stomach expanded and a red tongue shot out from its mouth. The whisker that was in the air disappeared without a trace. A thunderous roar came from the thunder toad, then it slowly began to close its eyes as if it was very tired.

Wang Lin pressed at the air and returned the thunder toad back to his bag of holding, then he looked at the woman, Qian Qin, who was still watching.

When Qian Qin noticed Wang Lin’s gaze, her body trembled. She quickly bowed but didn’t say a word.

“I was able to obtain this Golden Spirit Root thanks to your luck. You can take this last whisker!” With that, Wang Lin plucked the last whisker and put away the main root for his original body. He took one step, then his body turned into green gas and disappeared without a trace.

Qian Qin was startled and subconsciously caught the whisker floating toward her. Everything before her was like a dream; she wouldn’t dare to believe it was all true.

When she turned her head, the man named Wang Lin was already gone without a trace.

Qian Qin stood there for a very long time before putting away the whisker. She walked up to her fellow sect member, then she let out a sigh and quickly left this place.

Wang Lin’s body moved like lightning. It didn’t take long before he crossed a mountain range and entered the depths of this land.

Here was where the short elder of the Da Lou Sword Sect was sitting in the lotus position on a giant tree with an extremely pale face. One inch away from between his brows was the half-moon blade, which seemed to just be floating there.

One inch above his head was the celestial sword; it was also just floating there. Although the sword was motionless, it gave off a powerful sword energy.

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