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Chapter 512 – Kill!

Wang Lin coldly looked at where the short elder was escaping to and slapped his bag of holding, bringing the celestial sword out. From within the celestial sword came Xu Liguo’s arrogant voice.

“Grandson, don’t run! Your grandpa Xu will let my junior brother play with you!” As soon as the voice came from the flying sword, the half-moon blade immediately charged out toward the short elder.

All of this happened extremely fast. In almost an instant, Wang Lin broke the bloody palms, destroyed the ghostly head, and caused the short elder to run for his life.

At this moment, Shi Fang’s sword energy was quickly closing in on Wang Lin.

Wang Lin turned around and saw Shi Fang’s origin soul, which was on the small sword behind the sword energy. His expression remained the same, his body didn’t move, and he only raised his left arm. Metal celestial energy suddenly came from his left arm and filled the valley.

At the same time, his left arm was like the the sun releasing a blinding, golden light, and a vortex slowly condensed at the center of his palm.

“Four cycle metal celestial spiritual energy!” said Wang Lin softly as he gently pushed his palm forward.

With a series of rumbling sounds, the golden vortex in his hand suddenly charged out and directly collided with the sword energy. At this moment, a large number of cracks appeared in the valley, and even many of the surrounding mountains began to collapse.

After the sword energy was the small sword with the willow leaf engraved on it. It charged through the air past the collision and went directly toward the area between Wang Lin’s brows. Its speed was extremely fast, so although Wang Lin was at the mid stage of Soul Transformation, even he didn’t want to mess with an early stage Soul Transformation cultivator who was going all out by merging their origin soul with their life saving spell.

However, this was only true before he had the Soul Lasher. Now, his expression didn’t even change. He quickly backed up as he touched his bag of holding and a black shadow suddenly appeared, breaking the sound barrier right when it came out.

With a crisp sound, the small sword trembled as if it had been hit by a powerful force, and its speed immediately decreased.

There was another crisp sound as the whip hit the sword. An angry roar came from the small sword, and a green flame suddenly condensed around it. It broke through space and immediately appeared three inches away from Wang Lin’s forehead.

“Oh? Desperate now?” Wang Lin quickly backed up as the whip moved at lightning speed toward the sword.

With a series of crisp sounds, the whip landed on the small sword, causing a series of miserable screams to come from it. In the end, a large amount of black gas poured out of it. It immediately stopped charging at Wang Lin and turned around to escape, except now the light on the sword was extremely faint.

A large amount of black gas came out from the small sword and turned into the shape of Shi Fang. The current him was extremely weak; it was as if a gentle breeze could make him collapse.

Shi Fang wanted to return to his body, but Wang Lin wouldn’t give him that chance. Just as his origin soul was about to condense, Wang Lin’s right hand pointed forward and a ray of green light shot out. The target wasn’t Shi Fang’s origin soul but his body!

Shi Fang watched as the green light turned into a giant monster. The most eye catching part of this monster was its sharp mouth.

At this moment, the sharp mouth was moving at lightning speed as it descended from above, then it pierced through Shi Fang’s head and stabbed deep into his body.

Shi Fang’s essence, blood, and flesh, along with some remaining celestial spiritual energy and anything that was devourable, were sucked dry in an instant.

In the end, all that remained was a corpse.

Shi Fang’s origin soul that had just formed from the small sword stared dumbfoundedly at what just happened. He turned around to give Wang Lin a vicious look before flying toward the juniors in the distance.

There were four juniors, two male and two female. Shi Fang didn’t hesitate at all as he charged toward Guo Xingyi.

Guo Xingyi was confused. He didn’t knew why the elder was charging toward him. His vision suddenly went dark and there was suddenly a wound on his forehead. It was the small sword, it had pierced through it.

Guo Xingyi’s body trembled and his eyes dimmed. However, his eyes suddenly lit up once more, but there was a strong sense of weakness coming from those eyes.

Wang Lin’s eyes became serious as he looked at the scene with interest. It has to be said that possession was not simple; even Situ Nan took more than 10 days to complete the possession. However, this elder was able to immediately regain his sanity and looked like he had already completed a majority of the possession process.

This point surprised Wang Lin.

At this moment, Guo Xingyi’s face was pale. He stared at Wang Lin and quickly said, “Fellow cultivator Wang, everything was my fault this time. If you let me leave, I’ll give you the method of this quick possession technique. I also swear by my true soul that I’ll never speak of the matter here today!”

With that, Shi Fang waved his hand, and aside from Qian Qin, the other two immediately exploded and died.

“Fellow cultivator Wang, this girl, Qian Qin, is still a virgin. I have a spell that can use virgins to heal your wounds. If you let me go, I’ll gift that to you as well!” Shi Fang’s heart pounded extremely fast as he looked at Wang Lin. If he hadn’t been forced into a corner, he wouldn’t be begging like this.

Qian Qin’s body trembled after hearing Shi Fan’s words. She looked at Wang Lin with a complex expression before clenching her teeth, kneeling down to the ground, and softly saying, “I beg Senior to please kill this person and the other Da Lou Sword Sect elder. Qian Qin doesn’t have anything to give, but I am willing to spend my life serving Senior like a cattle or a horse.”

Shi Fang’s face was gloomy, and a hint of killing intent flashed across his eyes.

Wang Lin’s expression remained the same as he slowly said, “Do you know if there was anything abnormal when Sword Saint Ling Tianhou returned from the Celestial Realm 200 years ago?”

“200 years ago…” Shi Fang was startled. He pondered a bit before his eyes lit up. He looked at Wang Lin and asked, “Could it be that you’re talking that sword spirit?!”

Wang Lin’s eyes became serious and he said, “Tell me about it.”

Shi Fang pondered. After a long time, he bitterly said, “I only heard about it, so I don’t know the details. I heard that the sword saint was a mess when he returned, and after that, a series of murders occurred inside the sect. Finally, an unknown sword spirit appeared and had a huge battle with the sword saint. After that, the sword spirit disappeared. No one knows where it went.”

Wang Lin looked at Shi Fang. This person was not telling the truth.

Wang Lin’s expression didn’t change as he calmly said, “Place your fast possession method in a jade and give it to me!”

Shi Fang raised his head. He looked at Wang Lin and said, “Do you agree to let me go?”

Wang Lin coldly looked at this person and said, “That will depend on whether what you imprinted on the jade is real or fake!”

Shi Fang clenched his teeth as he took out a jade and imprinted the possession technique and the healing spell on it. Then he threw the jade directly at Wang Lin.

Wang Lin raised his hand to catch it and began to read it with his divine sense. He directly skipped past the spell that used a virgin to heal and focused on the possession technique.

Shi Fang’s eyes lit up, and without any hesitation, he began to move. He charged into the distance and was about to leave the valley.

Wang Lin didn’t even look at him as he pointed at him with his left finger. The grey gas that had been circling his finger suddenly shot out toward Shi Fang, breaking the sound barrier in the process.

Shi Fang immediately noticed. He jerked his head around and shouted, “Wang Lin, are you still a cultivator!?”

His body flickered. He was about to teleport, but he had just finished possessing this body, so everything was in a weakened state. Just as his body began to use celestial spiritual energy, the two strands of grey gas suddenly sped up and closed in on him at an unimaginable speed.

Shi Fang’s pupils shrank, then his body trembled a bit and stopped moving. The two strands of grey had already entered his body and cycled through him like crazy along his veins.

After three breaths of time, with a loud bang, Shi Fang’s body suddenly collapsed.

A large amount of flesh and blood rained from the sky again, and grey gas once again gathered from the flesh and returned to Wang Lin.

Wang Lin raised his head and his divine sense withdrew from the jade.

“This fast possession technique does have some value.” Wang Lin put the jade away and looked into the distance.

That was where the half-moon blade and celestial sword were. The short elder was trapped by them and was waiting for Wang Lin’s questioning.

Wang Lin didn’t immediately move there but slowly walked to west side of the valley. This was where all the flowers were. He squatted down, picked up a fruit, and smelled it.

Wang Lin’s action caused the mosquito beast that just ate Shi Fang’s body begin to rapid beat its wings. Its eyes revealed a willingness to please.

Even the woman named Qian Qin’s eyes became serious as she looked at the Brilliant Golden Fruit in Wang Lin’s hand, and she couldn’t help but sigh. Her sect had spent a lot of effort to find the Brilliant Golden Fruit, but they unexpectedly met the people of the Da Lou Sword Sect. She originally thought that everything was set in stone, but then there was a sudden change that resulted in the scene before her.

The sudden appearance of the Heavenly Fate Sect’s Purple Division seventh disciple, Wang Lin, easily changed everything!

Wang Lin softly whispered, “Don’t worry!”

After the mosquito heard this, it quickly nodded. Its eyes contained a hint of fanaticism.

As Wang Lin held the Brilliant Golden Fruit, he wanted to test if this fruit could fill up the metal element of the heaven defying bead. If not, then he would just feed it to the mosquito beast.

The heaven defying bead was only missing the metal element after the battle at the Suzaku Tomb; it was still missing half of the required element.

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