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Chapter 514 – Destination, Eastern Sea!

After seeing Wang Lin arrive, the old man let out a sigh of relief.

“Fellow cultivator Wang Lin, if there is any problem, we can talk about it. This old man will tell you anything you want to know without a single lie!”

The short elder was helpless because his cultivation was weaker and his treasures were worse. Wang Lin didn’t even have to chase him; all he had to do was throw two treasures at him and it was enough to drive him crazy.

The flying sword wasn’t too bad. Although it was very sturdy, the sword energy wasn’t too powerful. However, just this sturdiness was a big problem for him too. No matter what he tried, it had no effect on the flying sword. If it wasn’t for the fact that he was running for his life, he would have done whatever it took to take it so he could study it.

What really caused the short elder to completely give up was this strange half-moon blade.

This half-moon blade was like a primordial war god that harvested lives. Its speed was too fast, and the entire time, it was extremely close to his head. It was as if it had a powerful hold on his neck, so no matter what he did, it would be difficult for him to escape death.

As a result, how could the short elder dare to run anymore? Just like this, with a blade and sword pointed at him, he waited for Wang Lin’s arrival.

The bitterness in his heart was very strong. He regretted coming here with Shi Fang and offending this fiend.

He couldn’t be bothered about whether Shi Fang was still alive or not; all he was worried about was how to save his own life.

Strands of grey gas moved around Wang Lin’s finger as he stared at the old man. He calmly said, “Many years ago, when the sword saint returned from the Celestial Realm, was there anything abnormal? Hesitate and die! Lie and die! Say something different from what Shi Fang said or die!”

The short elder was startled, but he quickly blurted out, “When the revered Sword Saint returned, there was a terrifying sword spirit that had chased after him. It battled with the sword saint for many days before collapsing. The sword saint sealed away ⅓ of the sword spirit deep within East Demon Spirit Sea.”

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he quickly asked, “What is so mysterious about the East Demon Spirit Sea?”

The short elder didn’t dare to delay and said, “The East Demon Spirit Sea is one of the three great forbidden areas of planet Tian Yu. There are many ancient demons inside there. Every 10,000 years, the control of the gate to the area changes ownership. This time it belongs to my Da Lou Sword Sect. The gate is opened every 5,000 years, and every time it opens, every sect sends disciples to enter to capture ancient demons.

“Capturing ancient demons is only secondary. The main reason for the East Demon Spirit Sea is a trial, a bloody trial. Once one enters, the danger is extremely high!

“It can even be said that the fewer people that come out, the better, because the real benefit is when you leave, you will receive the Demon Spirit Inheritance!” At this moment, the short elder’s eyes were filled with greed.

“Demon Spirit Inheritance?” Wang Lin’s eyes narrowed.

“That is correct. This Demon Spirit Inheritance can push cultivators’ cultivation one whole level. If one receives it during the Dao Seeking stage, then it will decrease the risk and increase the chance of reaching the Ascendant stage by a lot!

“Of course, if one is already at the Ascendant stage, it will still help increase their cultivation level. If one is at the late stage of Ascendant, it might even help them take the step into the Incorporeal Yin and Corporeal Yang stages and obtain a body that can last for tens of thousands of years!

“This is why it is such a big deal for planet Tian Yun. There are many greedy people, but the East Demon Spirit Sea is very dangerous. If you want the benefits, then you must be willing to pay. Anyone that is allowed to enter is one of the most outstanding people of their generation!

“There is even a rumor that it is possible for only one person to come out. If… someone can do that, they will obtain a never-before-seen reward… a low quality celestial spell!”

Wang Lin pondered a bit and then his eyes lit up. With one thought, Xu Liguo seemed to notice, and the half-moon blade immediately lit up. In an instant, the half-moon blade penetrated the head of the short elder.

The short elder’s body trembled, blood gushed out of his mouth, and his eyes dimmed. He pointed at Wang Lin as his eyes gradually closed, then he fell on the ground and remained motionless.

Wang Lin waved his right hand and the half-moon blade and celestial sword returned to his bag of holding. Then his body flickered and disappeared.

Three incense sticks of time after Wang Lin left, the short elder suddenly opened his eyes and the hole between them slowly closed.

He took a deep breath and looked dispirited. He turned around and looked viciously at the void and muttered to himself, “You want to kill me? Well, it’s not that easy! This old man cultivates the three soul method, which allows me to survive death three times. I didn’t think I would use my last one here! Wang Lin, once I return to the Da Lou Sword Sect, I’ll definitely find a way to force you to your death to get my revenge for today!”

His eyes gave off cold light as he flew off into the distance.


Just at the moment he moved, two strands of grey gas silently shot out from the jungle in the valley. Their speed was too fast, and they broke the sound barrier as they closed in.

The short elder’s expression changed greatly, and without any hesitation, he shouted, “Scatter!”

With one word, a large amount of ripples appeared around his body to block the two strands of grey gas.

At the same time, the short elder’s body took a step back. Half of his body entered the void and he was just about to teleport away, but he was too late.

The two strands of grey gas completely ignored the ripples and went directly through them. Like two wild chains, the strands of grey gas directly charged into the short elder’s body.

The old man’s face turned pale and let out a pitiful smile. He could feel the two strands of grey gas cycle like crazy inside his body, and with every cycle, he would lose some of his life force.

Wang Lin continued to moved in the depths of the Earth Northern Demonic Land. The grey gas around him would sometimes be thick and sometimes be thin. The most eye-catching was the several strands of grey gas that were constantly moving between his fingers.

As he flew, his expression suddenly changed. He looked behind him and let out a sneer.

Shortly after, a thick strand of grey gas came from behind Wang Lin and formed a ball of grey gas before him.

After taking one look at the ball, Wang Lin reached out to grab it. When he opened his hand, the ball of gas had disappeared.

Wang Lin moved like lightning, and as he flew, he turned into a giant cloud of grey gas as he charged into the depths of the Earth Northern Demonic Land.

“Time waits for no one! The East Demon Spirit Sea will be the perfect place for me the practice the Celestial Slaughter Art. This is one of the reasons for going!

“Zhou Yi has helped me before, and now he is trapped in the East Demon Spirit Sea. There are a few people who I owe, and I’ll repay them all. I must go to try and help him. This is the second reason for going!

“Master All-Seer cares about the heavenly fate and would not do anything without reason. If he wants me to go, he must have his reasons. If I don’t go, I’ll be going against fate, and that would make it hard to get a foothold on planet Tian Yun. This is the third reason for going!”

“I just don’t know if I’ll have the luck to find something that can help increase the metal element in the heaven defying bead. If the heaven defying bead is complete, it will probably have great benefits for Wan Er and might even awaken her…” Wang Lin touched his forehead and revealed a gentle look of reminiscence.

While thinking about Li Muwan, Wang Lin felt a hint of warmth in his cold heart. Li Muwan was the only one who walked into his heart and came with him to planet Tian Yun.

“Wan Er…” Wang Lin pondered a bit before letting out a sigh, then his body turned into grey gas and disappeared.

The deeper one goes into the Earth Northern Demonic Land, the stronger the demonic beasts becomes. In the inner 150,000 kilometers, there are even desolate beasts as strong as Ascendant cultivators.

In the last 10 days, the Earth Northern Demonic Land was covered in endless grey gas. Strands of grey gas rose from the ground and took life away with it.

However, this grey gas never went within 150,000 kilometers of the center, so the desolate beasts didn’t bother with it. This grey gas also only lasted for a mere 10 days before disappearing, so it didn’t cause any lasting effect.

Ten days later, there were only 6 days left before the opening of the East Demon Spirit Sea, so Wang Lin left this area!

In contrast to 10 days ago, there was now a very well hidden killing intent and a hint of grey gas moving inside his eyes. The most eye-catching were the five strands of grey gas moving between his fingers that were emitting the sound of howling wind.

This sound seemed to contain a mysterious power, and anyone that heard it would have their attention drawn by it.

“The Celestial Slaughter Art can be considered to be at the small completion stage!” Wang Lin’s expression was calm as he walked out of the Earth Northern Demonic Land and looked up at the sky.

“Transforming life force into seals is difficult. In this trip, I was only able to make three seals.”

A grey symbol appeared on Wang Lin’s forehead. This symbol wasn’t complex, it was filled with life force. After the symbol appeared, it immediately began to spread, and it covered his body in an instant.

Shortly after, another identical symbol appeared and covered his body. With a total of three flashes, three symbols covered his body.

Wang Lin lowered his head to look at his body, then he formed a sword with his finger and waved his finger. There was a grinding sound from the point of contact, but the finger didn’t pierce through.

“East Sea…” Wang Lin looked into the distance and revealed a look of determination.

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