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Chapter 511 – Battle!

The two Da Lou Sword Sect elders both almost coughed out blood at the same time as their bodies exploded backwards, leaving behind deep footprints in the ground.

Every foot print they left caused the ground to tremble slightly.

As the grey gas spread, one strand of it shot out like a sword. Its target wasn’t the two elders but the Soul Formation old man, Lu Songyi, who was trying to secretly harvest the Brilliant Golden Fruits.

Lu Songyi’s expression changed greatly. He knew that couldn’t move in time, so he began to teleport. He knew that teleporting here was very dangerous, but at this moment, he couldn’t worry about it too much. His figure began to distort and was about to disappear.

However, a cold snort came from within the grey gas as it was charging at him.

After the snort, the grey gas suddenly closed and broke through the distorted space. In the blink of an eye, it charged through Lu Songyi’s body just before he could teleport away.

“You!” Lu Songyi’s expression changed greatly and he was about to speak, but his body suddenly trembled and began to expand like a balloon.

This scene was simply too strange. Lu Songyi’s body reached its limit before BOOM! A Da Lou Sword Sect Soul Formation cultivator was forced to explode just like that.

Bang Bang Bang! The sound was still echoing inside the valley while a large amount of flesh and blood rained to the ground.

A faint blood mist slowly surrounded the area.

In the blood mist, a figure wearing purple slowly walked into the valley!

This person had long hair that was casually flowing behind his head. His face wasn’t handsome, but he gave off an out-of-this-world feeling. On his finger there were two rays of grey gas moving around like two small dragons.

On his waist there was a purple token with the word “Seven” carved onto it!

Wang Lin’s appearance caused the entire valley to become completely silent.

Guo Xingyi’s face was completely pale without any trace of blood, and his body was faintly trembling. His right hand clenched onto his sword until his fingers went white.

His junior apprentice sister revealed a look of terror. Finally, she wasn’t able to stand it anymore and so she knelt down to puke. Her face was extremely pale.

As for the blue-robed young man who didn’t seem to be from the Da Lou Sword Sect, he looked even more intoxicated than before as he took a deep breath of this air that tasted like blood.

Aside from the three of them, the woman named Qian Qin revealed an unsettling and struggling expression.

This junior’s cultivation and mentality weren’t strong enough to be comparable to the two elders’. Although the two of them had their hearts shaken up and realized that things had gone south, their expressions were calm and only a bit ugly.

Wang Lin’s expression was calm as his gaze swept past each of them. Then his hand randomly pointed at the air and strands of grey gas came out from the scattered flesh inside the valley and quickly gathered together.

A big cloud of grey gas was formed and quickly moved toward Wang Lin’s finger.

A large amount of grey gas gathered toward Wang Lin’s finger to form a ball at his fingertip. The ball was very cloudy and contained a mysterious force, so when one looked at it, they couldn’t stop themselves from staring.

Wang Lin’s eyes were calm as he casually squeezed his finger. There was a fluctuation of energy coming from inside the ball, causing it to shrink until it was only the size of a fingernail. Wang Lin grabbed it with his hand, and when he opened his hand, the grey ball of gas was gone.

The Da Lou Sword Sect’s Shi Fang looked at the token on Wang Lin’s waist before saying, word for word, “Heavenly Fate Sect, Purple Division’s seventh disciple, Wang Lin!”

Wang Lin withdrew his hand, then he looked at Shi Fang and said, “Answer one of my questions and I’ll let one of you go today!”

Shi Fang began to laugh as if he had heard the funniest thing in the world. His right hand formed a seal and pointed at the sky, then a powerful sword energy came from the sheath on his back. The sword energy was green, and it ascended into the sky.

Shi Fang sneered, “Wang Lin, although you are a mid stage Soul Transformation cultivator, with the two of us at the early stage along with our sword treasures from the sect, even if you were to kill us, you would be seriously injured. Let’s see how you will go to the Eastern Demonic Spirit Sea when it opens in one and a half months!”

He had already heard rumors of the list of people chosen to enter the Eastern Demonic Spirit Sea. He heard that the newly accepted Purple Division seventh disciple was one of the people chosen.

Now that he had seen Wang Lin, he decided to gamble! He gambled that Wang Lin wouldn’t dare to casually act against them because they both could retaliate in full force and end up injuring him. This would mess up Wang Lin’s trip to the Eastern Demonic Spirit sea.

The short elder hadn’t spoken a word since Wang Lin appeared, but his eyes had been locked onto him. Now that he heard Wang Lin’s words, he secretly realized that something was wrong. According to his observations, this person was not one to do things without carefully considering them beforehand. Rather than wasting time talking to this person, he would rather they team up and take this chance to attack now. Their chance of winning against a mid stage Soul Transformation cultivator with two early stage Soul Transformation cultivators was already not high.

The short elder clenched his teeth, and without a word he began to move. He slapped his bag of holding and a blood-colored flag appeared in his hand. With one wave, a blood mist came out from the flag and immediately covered his entire body.

“Accept your death!” The short elder let out a shout as his hand formed seals and he viciously sent out his palms. Several bloody palm prints that carried the smell of blood suddenly appeared within the blood mist and shot toward Wang Lin.

At the same time, the short elder bit his tongue and spat out a large amount of essence blood. The color of this blood had a hint of gold, and after he coughed out the blood, he began to chant. He chanted like a ghost, making it hard to hear, but a mysterious force suddenly appeared as if it had descended from the heavens.

“Heavenly Ghost Devour!” After finishing the chant, the short elder’s eyes lit up. With a loud shout, the slightly golden essence blood began to move in a mysterious way, and in the blink of an eye, it disappeared.

At the moment it disappeared, a 100-foot-tall illusionary head suddenly appeared behind the short elder. This head was very big and it was greenish black. There was no hair on the head, and it looked like a vicious ghost. Although the head was illusionary, it looked corporeal and gave off a cold aura.

The moment the head appeared, it let out a roar and flew out from behind the short elder and charged toward Wang Lin!

The short elder shouted, “Attack!”

Shi Fang clenched his teeth. Without a word, his hand formed a seal and slashed down. The sword behind his back let out an earth-shattering sword hymn and suddenly charged toward Wang Lin like a vicious dragon.

At the same time, Shi Fang still found that their chances were not good, so he spat out a mouthful of essence blood. Next, he sat down in the lotus position and caught his essence blood at the center of his palm. Then he let out a roar and slapped it on his forehead.

With a thunderous thud, Shi Fang’s body trembled, and a ball of green light came out from his forehead. In the green light, Shi Fang’s origin soul suddenly flew out, then he opened his mouth and blinding, green light shined from his mouth. The green light turned into a sword as long as a finger with a willow leaf carved onto it. His origin soul entered this sword and quickly chased after the sword energy he had just sent out.

“Accept your death!”

The two early stage Da Lou Sword Sect elders were already fighting with all they had.

Wang Lin’s expression was calm as he stood there, and his gaze remained the same. He took one step, raised his hand, pressed at the air, and black light appeared on his fingers.

Finger of death!

With one finger, tens of thousands of souls die!

With one finger, all of the grass in the valley turned brown, and even the already withered leaves began to collapse. They weren’t just collapsing on the outside; even the roots collapsed.

The several bloody palms that were charging toward Wang Lin now collided with his finger, and without any pause, they all immediately collapsed.

However, if they had just collapsed, then it wouldn’t show the true power of the Finger of Death! The blood print that was breaking apart was slowly retreating, but before it was able to retreat far, it was immediately pulled back toward Wang Lin’s finger due to the power of the finger of death.

This scene happened extremely fast. From the outside, it looked like when Wang Lin’s thumb had pressed down on the bloody palms, they were absorbed by his thumb, and it now had a blood red color.

After absorbing the power of the blood palm, Wang Lin’s eyes became even colder. Not only did the thumb not stop, it moved even faster. Wang Lin bypassed the sword energy from Shi Fang and then immediately pressed his thumb down between the brows of the ghostly head.

The ghostly head’s eyes released a ghostly light, and at the moment Wang Lin’s thumb arrived, it opened its mouth and swallowed Wang Lin’s thumb.

“Eh?” Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he let out a smile. “Since you want to devour, then I’ll let you devour your fill!”

With that, Wang Lin’s thumb began to glow red as he pushed all the power he had absorbed from the bloody palms into the head. At the same time, a sliver of the destructive force from the finger of death that could destroy everything entered the head as well.

The ghostly head immediately began to expand. A cry came from the head as he immediately began to retreat, but he only retreated 30 feet before he exploded with a bang.

The short elder’s life spell was broken, causing his face to immediately turn pale and cough out a large mouthful of blood. His eyes are filled with terror as he turned around and ran without any hesitation.

He was truly scared!

He once used this Heavenly Ghost Devour spell against a mid stage Soul Transformation cultivator. Although that mid stage Soul Transformation cultivator was able to break it in the end, he was in danger the entire time. But Wang Lin was able to break it so casually; how could he not run?

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