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Chapter 510 – Collapse! Break Down!

The two Da Lou Sword Sect elders looked at each other, then the short elder suddenly reached out with his hand. The man in white next to Qian Qin exclaimed and his body was thrown into the valley by an invisible force.

Just as he was thrown into the valley, a sharp sound that could pierce the heavens echoed within the valley. In the blink of an eye, a large amount of red dots came out from the rotting leaves covering the valley and began to gather. From a distance, this sight was terrifying.

“Senior apprentice brother!” Qian Qin suddenly turned around. She looked at the people of the Da Lou Sword Sect and shrilled, “What is the meaning of this, Senior!?”

Just as Qian Qin finished speaking, those countless red dots began to move. The red dots gathered to form a giant, red cloud, then it began to emit a loud buzzing sound and moved toward the white-robed young man.

Its speed was simply too fast. It moved like a red lightning bolt and surrounded the white-robed young man. At this moment, a scene that shocked everyone but the two elders to silence unfolded before them.

The countless red dots broke through the white-robed young man’s clothes and dug into his body. In just three breaths of time, his white robe was blood red.

Bursts of terrifying screams and shrills came from his mouth. The intense pain caused him to keep scratching himself, and bone deep cuts appeared all over his body.

His body struggled and rolled violently in the valley. His eyes revealed a deep sense of despair and unimaginable hatred.

“Senior apprentice brother…” Qian Qin trembled violently and revealed a pitiful smile.

At this moment, almost all of the red dots in the valley appeared and entered the young man’s body. His eyes slowly dimmed and his miserable screams slowly weakened.

This happened extremely quickly, but it was very shocking; it caused everyone’s expressions to become very ugly.

“Today’s matter was caused by me. If Qian Qin’s senior apprentice brother hadn’t died, then it would have been fine and there wouldn’t be a grudge between us…” Yin Shaoqing looked toward Qian Qin with killing intent.

As for the other woman, the one who called Guo Xingyin “senior apprentice brother,” her face was pale, her small hand covered her mouth, and she looked like she was about to puke. Her body was trembling, as she was clearly terrified by what just happened.

Only the blue-robed man who was always praising Guo Xingyin didn’t show any sign of discomfort on his face. Instead, when he looked toward the valley, he had an intoxicated expression.

The Da Lou Sword Sect’s Shi Fang smiled at the short elder and said, “It looks like the two of us don’t have to kill anymore. That one person has already lured a majority of the Nine Multitude Bugs into his body.”

The short elder smiled and said, “Brother Shi is better with restrictions; I hope you won’t hold back. Once we obtain the Brilliant Golden Fruits, we still have to report back to the sect.”

Shi Fang laughed. Without a word, he slapped his bag and a red jade appeared in his hand. His right hand took the form of a sword as he pointed at the jade and said, “Sword Seal Restriction, open!”

With that, the jade immediately began to buzz and then flew into the valley as a ray of red light.

When the red jade flew into the valley, the buzzing sound became even louder, and strands of red silk came out from the jade. Then, after a pause, there was a thunderous roar, and the red jade began to move in a mysterious fashion. In the blink of an eye, the speed of its movement increased until it seemed to have melted into countless strands. These countless red strands charged toward the young man that was barely struggling.

The red silk moved extremely fast and arrived before the young man in the blink of an eye. The red silk didn’t enter the young man but instead intertwined together to form a net, which surrounded the young man and the ground several feet around him.

At this moment, the Da Lou Sword Sect elder, Shi Fang’s, eyes lit up and he shouted, “Seal!”

With the word “seal,” the red net began to emit a red light. There was a serious of crackling sounds as countless rays of red light appeared all over the red net, forming a very powerful seal.

After finishing all of this, the short, old elder immediately walked into the valley. Just as he entered, sound came from the leaves and red dots appeared from them; however, there weren’t many of them this time.

The short elder’s expression was normal as he raised his right hand and flicked his finger. Every time he flicked, he sent out a ray of sword energy and a large amount of red dots were destroyed.

In truth, if there were a few more Nine Multitude Bugs, it would have been very difficult for him to handle them, but now that there weren’t many left, it looked like it was very easy for him to deal with them.

The Da Lou Sword Sect’s Shi Fang flew into the valley. With his help, the remaining bugs were immediately destroyed.

The third person to enter the valley was Guo Xingyi’s uncle-master, and after him was everyone else. As for Qian Qin, the anger on her face had disappeared, and what remained was a terrifying calmness.

After the short elder threw out the last ray of sword energy to destroy the last remaining Nine Multitude Bug, his eyes lit up and they landed on the field of golden flowers.

“Lu Songyi, go pick those Brilliant Golden Fruits!” The short elder’s voice was filled with a “no one can disobey me” majesty!

Lu Songyi was the Soul Formation old man. After hearing this, he immediately nodded and was about to harvest the Brilliant Golden Fruits.

However, just at this moment, a gentle gust of wind entered the valley. At first there was nothing abnormal about this wind; at most it just rustled the leaves on the ground.

However, when the wind landed on the two elders, their expressions changed greatly.

Shi Fang suddenly turned his head, and his eyes lit up as he looked toward the outside of the valley. The short elder’s face was gloomy. He placed his right hand over his bag of holding, and his eyes were filled with killing intent.

Their movement suddenly changed the entire atmosphere in the valley. There was now a killing intent surrounding the valley.

As a result, the old man named Lu that was about to go harvest the fruit suddenly stopped and revealed a shocked expression.

As for the other people, they were all the same. Only Qian Qin’s eyes were calm as she looked at the body of her senior apprentice brother that had already died. It was as if everything happening around her had nothing to do with her anymore.

Shi Fang pondered a bit and then shouted, “Fellow cultivator that just arrived, there is no need to pretend or hide. I’m one of the Da Lou Sword Sect’s elders, Shi Fang. I wish for fellow cultivator to come out to speak!” The two elders looked at each other and saw the shock in each other’s eyes.

At the moment that wind came, that feeling from before increased several fold. At first it felt like there was a fierce beast far away, but then in the blink of an eye, that fierce beast was before his eyes.

This drastic change immediately caused the two elders’ hearts to tremble violently.

A thick mass of grey gas came toward the valley. The grey gas was so thick that no one could clearly see the person inside. The grey gas stopped outside the valley.

The moment the grey gas appeared, Shi Fang’s expression became extremely ugly.

The short elder’s face was gloomy and he said, word for word, “Sir, you are?”

When he finished speaking, he didn’t wait for a response. He let out a roar, his right hand touched his bag of holding, and a bronze mirror appeared in his hand. The mirror was thrown into the air and suddenly grow to three feet wide. It released a green light that surrounded the grey gas.

At the moment the short elder threw out the mirror, Shi Fang, who had fought with the short elder for a long time, meaning their cooperation was very good, formed a seal with his two hands without any hesitation and the treasured sword on his back flew into the air. The sword floated vertically above his head, and the illusion of a large sword appeared behind him.

Shi Fang shouted, “Chop!”

At the moment two elders attacked, the Soul Formation old man, Lu Songyi, moved like lightning and quickly charged toward the Brilliant Golden Fruits. He had cultivated for a long time and knew how to seize the moment of opportunity. Because he was already close to the fruits, he arrived there in the blink of an eye.

The light from the bronze mirror was like a restriction that surrounded the grey gas. At the same time, Shi Feng’s sword closed in like it was from the peak of the ninth heaven. Before the sword even closed in, there were already sonic booms from it breaking the sound barrier.

The Da Lou Sword Sect was famous for their swords, so the power of their swords couldn’t be weak!


At the moment the sword energy descended, the grey gas suddenly moved. This movement was like ten thousand horses charging, like a tsunami that was sky high. In an instant, the grey gas charged through everything and surrounded the entire valley.

Along with this charge, there was a cold voice that came from within the grey gas.

“How could the light of a firefly compete with the bright moon?!”

This voice was extremely cold, and the moment the voice landed on everyone’s ears, it caused them all to shiver. The green light surrounding the grey gas immediately collapsed into countless rays of green light before dissipating.

Cracking sounds came from the bronze mirror in the sky before BOOM!

The sword energy Shi Fang had struck out broke!

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