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Chapter 507 – Earth Northern Demonic Lands

Wang Lin was floating ten thousand feet above the tower. With eyes bright as torches, he raised his right hand and all the black fog began rushing toward him. It looked like the black fog was being pushed from its outer rim toward Wang Lin.

The sky and clouds changed color!

Roaring thunder echoed from within the clouds. These thunderous roars spread out and echoed across all of Ling Yue.

In almost the blink of an eye, all of the black fog within 5,000 kilometers gathered in his hand in the form of a ball the size of a baby’s head, and it had lightning running through it.

The ball was filled with fog and flashes of the restrictions. There was also a powerful pressure coming out of it as it flickered.

Wang Lin squeezed his hand and the flashing restriction inside suddenly collapsed and turned into countless strands of black gas which started to circle around him. Finally, the strands of black gas intertwined before him to form a golden-purple flag. The flag waved without any wind and created bursts of flapping sounds.

At this moment, the surrounding 5,000 kilometer area was clear, but there were still some roars coming from the void, and flashes of black shadows could be seen.

“Primary souls, return!” Wang Lin opened his mouth and the primary souls rushed back into it and then to the soul flag inside his origin soul.

“While I’m cultivating the Celestial Slaughter Art, I might as well refine the soul flag too. Then my chance of survival on planet Tian Yun will increase!

“Also, Master wants me to go to the Eastern Demon Sea in three months. Now I only have one and half months left. Should I go or not…” Wang Lin’s divine sense spread across Ling Yun before his body turned into smoke and disappeared.

Ling Yue, Five Spirit Mountain.

The number one cultivator in Ling Yue, the old man who was half a step into the Ascendant stage, was old man Tian Tai of Five Spirit Mountain. He was currently sitting at the top of Five Spirit Mountain, absorbing the power of the moon, and cultivating.

Old man Tian Tai opened his eyes. They were calm as he looked at the void and slowly said, “Old man Tian Tai greets Lord Messenger.”

A ray of purple light appeared in the void as Wang Lin appeared. He clasped his hands at old man Tian Tai and said, “Sorry to bother you.”

Old man Tian Tai took a deep breath and shook his head. “It was I who was rude. If I didn’t break the rule and enter the area last time and surprised that unyielding beast, I believe Lord Messenger would have had an easier time taming it.”

“No problem.” Wang Lin’s gaze was calm as he looked at old man Tian Tai. This old man had already reached dao-seeking part of the path to the Ascendant stage. This was a very important stage for any late stage Soul Transformation cultivator; it was a matter of life and death.

One can be seeking dao in the morning and be dead by night…

The old man slightly closed his eyes and said, with a deep voice, “Since Lord Messenger isn’t here about me entering the area, then what is Lord Messenger looking for an old man who is half a step into the grave for?”

Wang Lin looked at the distance and slowly said, “Does this planet have any demonic beast gathering grounds?”

Old man Tian Tai’s eyes became serious and he began to ponder. Shortly after, he waved his hand and a jade suddenly appeared. He said, “Lord Messenger, there are three demonic beast gathering grounds on the planet, and they are recorded here.”

After accepting the jade, Wang Lin swept it with his divine sense. He nodded toward the old man before disappearing without a trace.

Old man Tian Tai looked at where Wang Lin disappeared before slowly closing his eyes and muttering to himself, “This child is filled with brewing killing intent; his trip this time is to kill. I hope that no one offends him along the way.”

“At the northern end of planet Earth, there are dense mountains that cover millions of kilometers. That place is a gathering ground for demonic beasts; there are even desolate beasts as powerful as Ascendant cultivators there. That place is also where all the disciples on the planet test themselves! However, the 300,000 kilometer area at the center is considered a forbidden area and one shouldn’t casually enter it.”

Wang Lin put the jade away, then he locked on to the direction he wanted to go, waved his right hand in the air, and a silver light suddenly appeared before him. Wang Lin began taking steps inside the silver light. One step, two steps, three steps…. As if he were walking up a flight of stairs, he took 10 steps in a row!

Ten steps was what he could currently withstand to teleport at once.

After ten steps, Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and his body flickered. At this moment, his body began to flash violently.

Finally, there was a thunderous roar, and once the sound disappeared, there was no one there anymore.

A large amount of silver light suddenly appeared in the clear sky in the northern part of the planet. The clear, blue sky began to change as ripples silently appeared and began to spread.

After a few breaths of time, there was a bright flash of silver light at the center of the ripples. The brightness of the silver light could match the sun; it was as if there were two suns, one golden and one silver.

Wang Lin’s figure stepped out from the silver light.

His face was a bit pale, and his breathing was a bit heavy. Only after he took out a pill and ate it did he slowly start to feel better.

After he appeared, the silver light slowly disappeared and the change in the sky slowly returned to normal.

Wang Lin didn’t stop. He turned into a ray of light and charged toward the dense mountain range ahead of him.

The ground before him was no longer an earthy yellow; it now had a layer of blue, ghostly light above it. There was a giant stone tablet that someone had placed into the ground with a powerful spell. There were several large, red words filled with killing intent carved onto the tablet.

“Earth Northern Demonic Lands!”

These four large words gave off a powerful aura that seemed to come at you like a tidal wave. The aura caused the surroundings to have a constant gust of wind that whistled on endlessly.

As Wang Lin stood under the giant tablet, he raised his head and silently looked at it for a long time.

There was a thin layer of mist behind the tablet, but it didn’t conceal anything. If one looked carefully or spread out their divine sense, they would clearly see what was there.

There was an endless stretch of mountain ranges behind the tablet. There were no roads, the ground was covered in leaves, and the air was filled with a rotting smell.

Aside from this, the area was completely silent and without a sign of life.

Even though it was daytime, there was a very cold aura coming out from the ground and spreading across the area.

Wang Lin carefully looked at it for a while. After pondering a bit, he raised his foot and stepped toward the mountain range.

“The Celestial Slaughter Art must be experienced during slaughter. Today I’ll use this place to begin my cultivation of the Celestial Slaughter Art!”

Just at this moment, several rays of sword energy appeared in the horizon. These sword energies were of all different bright colors and were emitting powerful energy. It was clear that none of these people had weak cultivation.

“Senior apprentice brother, we are here!” Before the sword energy closed in, a voice came from one of them.

Wang Lin’s stride didn’t even slightly pause because of the appearance of these people. He continued to step into the mountain range and his figure disappeared into the thin layer of mist.

Shortly after his figure disappeared, several rays of sword energy landed before the tablet, revealing five people.

Among the five, three were male and two were female. Their clothes were clearly divided into two different styles, and all five of them were dressed well, were good-looking, and had powerful auras.

Of the two females, one of them was wearing a red dress and had a beauty mark above her mouth. She softly said, “Senior apprentice brother, I think I just saw someone enter this area!”

This girl didn’t look every old, but her cultivation level was at the late stage of Core Formation.

Among the three males, there was one who was very good looking and middle-aged. He was wearing a green and white robe, his hair was tied up with simple, black belt, and he had an ordinary sword on his back.

After he heard the girl, he faintly smiled and said, “This is not a forbidden place, and a lot of different people from different sects come here to train, so there is nothing strange about seeing other people here. Once Uncle-Master and them arrive, we will go inside together. At that time, all the cultivators we meet will avoid us, so you don’t have to worry about it.”

Another one of the males among the three, who looked like he was 20 or so years old and was wearing a blue robe, smiled and said, “That’s right. Brother Guo belongs to the Da Lou Sword Sect, which is one of the top two sects on planet Tian Yun. Even if he meets disciples of the Heavenly Fate Sect, if they are too weak, they will still avoid him. There is no need to talk about the small sects on planet Earth.”

As for the remaining male and female, they were both silent; they didn’t say a word. The woman even showed a hint of hatred when she looked at the three, especially toward the man named Guo, and her hatred wasn’t hidden at all.

In terms of appearance, this woman was considered the prettier of the two. She was wearing a white, cotton dress, on her waist she used a light blue silk ribbon to tie an elegant bow, and there was a rose hairpin on her silky, ink-black hair. Her skin was as smooth and flawless as jade without any need for makeup, and if it wasn’t for the hatred on her face, she would be even more beautiful.

The man named Guo faintly smiled. He didn’t seem to care about the woman at all and softly said, “Lady Qian Qin, you can relax. I promise to leave one Brilliant Golden Fruit for you, enough for you to bring back to your sect!”

The woman named Qian Qin’s face was filled with killing intent as she stared at the man named Guo and coldly said, “Even with how famous the Da Luo Sword Sect is, I can’t believe you would use such despicable methods. I’m truly blind to have believed in you!”

The man named Guo shook his head and said, “If one has the luck, anyone can obtain these heavenly treasures. The Brilliant Golden Fruit is of great use to my uncle-master. Since you asked me for help, then I must report it to my sect.”

Wang Lin’s figure moved inside this mountain range like lightning and his eyes became cold.

“Da Lou Sword Sect… interesting. This will be a good chance to try to find some information on senior Zhou Yi’s location. I just don’t know what that Brilliant Golden Fruit is…”

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