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Chapter 506 – Messenger

The symbol above the array slowly disappeared. Wang Lin walked out of the array and calmly looked around before his gaze landed on Xu Yunshan.

Xu Yunshan’s eyes narrowed before he let out a laugh and asked, “Are you Wang Lin, the All-Seer’s disciple?”

Wang Lin’s expression was calm as he clasped his hands. “I am. Sir is?”

Xu Yunshan smiled and said, “I’m the junior sect master of the Xuan Yuan Sect of Earth planet. I’m here to do my duty as a host. Brother Wang, please don’t refuse.”

“Then I’ll bother brother Xu!” Wang Lin faintly smiled. This Xu Yunshan’s cultivation level was the same as his, mid stage of Soul Transformation. He left the Heavenly Fate Sect because he wanted a quiet place to cultivate. There was too much competition and fighting at the Heavenly Fate Sect, so it was not suited for cultivation.

He had just arrived on the planet and couldn’t simply refuse his host’s hospitality.

Xu Yunshan laughed and talked the entire way. After telling Wang Lin about the situation on the planet, he arranged a very beautiful and peaceful place for Wang Lin to stay.

After setting their meeting time tomorrow, Xu Yunshan left.

The environment here was very graceful and quiet. Wang Lin went inside the room, opened the window, and looked outside. Delicate flowers covered the area and were all competing with each other to bloom.

Wang Lin opened the door and slowly walked through this flower garden.

“The most important thing right now is to raise my cultivation level. Although I have been away from planet Suzaku for a few years now, Tuo Sen is still like a sword hanging above my head. He can leave the Land of Ancient God at any time, and when he does, he will definitely come for me.” Wang Lin frowned. The matter with Tuo Sen was like having a fishbone stuck in his throat. It was like an invisible whip that forced him to continue cultivating so that he could continue to survive.

While looking at the beautiful flowers in the garden, Wang Lin began to ponder.

“Celestial Slaughter Art… I was able to study it for a bit on the way here. It is indeed an exquisite art. To use life force seals to protect my body can indeed create a powerful defense.

“The heaven defying bead is still missing the metal element for it to be complete. The matter of getting metal element is another thing I need to resolve as soon as possible. Situ Nan thinks that the heaven defying bead will only recognize an owner after the five elements are complete. At that moment, will it finally be able to show its real power? However, he doesn’t know what kind of power the heaven defying bead has for the Cultivation Alliance to fight over it.

“I wonder how things are going on planet Suzaku…” Wang Lin raised his head to look into the void. His gaze seemed to travel an unfathomable distance and landed on the far away planet Suzaku.

After staying at the Xuan Yuan Sect for two days, Xu Yunshan guided Wang Lin to the rank 5 cultivation country of Ling Yue.

In these two days, Xu Yunshan was a good talker. After making an effort to get to know Wang Lin, they got along well.

The country of Ling Yue already knew that a core disciple of the Purple Division was being sent as the messenger. The entire country put this as top priority and had everything prepared to greet the messenger.

At the border of Ling Yue, Xu Yunshan faintly smiled and said, “Brother Wang, this is the rank 5 cultivation country of Ling Yue. This country isn’t very big; it only has four sects. But this country produces a lot of spirit items and is very famous on this planet.”

Wang Lin nodded. The two of them moved very fast as they passed the border and quickly entered the country of Ling Yue.

At the center of Ling Yue, there was a heaven-ascending tower. This was where all the messengers lived.

There were more than 100 cultivators standing outside the tower, waiting for the arrival of the messenger.

Not long after, two rays of light came from the horizon, breaking the sound barrier. At this moment, the people at the foot of the tower all raised their heads.

When the two rays of light closed in, the cultivators at the foot of the tower respectfully said, “The cultivators of Ling Yue greet the Heavenly Fate Sect’s lord messenger and the Xuan Yuan Sect’s junior sect master!”

Xu Yuanshan laughed and said, “I’ll say goodbye now. If I have time in the future, we can drink and talk again!” With that, Xu Yunshan flew off into the distance.

After Xu Yunshan left, Wang Lin was the only one left in the sky.

He floated in the air and calmly looked at the people below him. Among the more than 100 cultivators here, 10 of them were at the highest cultivation level, the late stage of Soul Transformation. Everyone else’s cultivation levels were a bit low.

Among these people, one of them caught Wang Lin’s attention. This person had a head of white hair and looked very old. He was the one with the highest cultivation level here; he was basically half a step into the Ascendant stage.

Wang Lin slowly descended and landed at the base of the tower. He didn’t let those cultivators before him speak before calmly saying, “Although I’m the messenger, I won’t bother you with anything; keep doing what you were doing before. I’m going to go into closed door cultivation, so no one is allowed within 5,000 kilometers of here!”

The surrounding cultivators were all startled, but all of these cultivators had lived for a long time and were all as sly as foxes. After the initial startle, they all quickly responded and scattered.

The old man who was half a step into the Ascendant stage carefully looked at Wang Lin before leaving.

The cultivators beside the old man quickly followed him. In an instant, the base of the tower was devoid of anyone beside Wang Lin.

Wang Lin’s expression was normal as he waved his sleeves and walked into the tower. Once he was inside, he sat down in the lotus position and slapped his bag of holding to take out the restriction flag. With one shake of the flag, countless strands of black gas charged out of the tower and covered the surrounding 5,000 kilometers.

The surrounding 5,000 kilometer area was suddenly covered in a black fog and gave off a gloomy aura.

After finishing all of this, Wang Lin pondered a bit before hitting his forehead with his palm and spitting out a 30-foot-long flag. Although the one-billion-soul soul flag had lost most of its soul fragments, there were still several primary souls left. Wang Lin shook the flag, causing the primary souls to be released into the black fog to increase protection. He released every primary soul except for the Qilin soul fragment, because that wouldn’t be convenient to release

After doing all of this, Wang Lin took a deep breath, then he waved his hand and a jade appeared!

This jade was completely grey; it was the one that the grey-robed All-Seer gave him, the Celestial Slaughter Art!

“Celestial Slaughter Art…” Wang Lin’s eyes lit up, then his divine sense entered the jade.

Time slowly passed. In the blink of an eye, one month went by.

In this past month, none of the sects of Ling Yue could figure out this new messenger. Normally, when a messenger came, they would demand spirit stones and celestial jades. In order to avoid trouble, they would always give them some.

This had basically become a tradition.

But now this person who came from planet Tian Yun and was even the disciple of the All-Seer didn’t leave the tower for an entire month. The surrounding area was also covered in a black fog, causing normal people to not dare to take one step into the area.

There were some Soul Transformation cultivators who wanted to enter to see what was going on, but after going 1,000 feet deep into the fog, they all quickly retreated with ugly expressions.

The new messenger gradually became more mysterious in the eyes of the cultivators of Ling Yue.

At this moment, inside the tower, Wang Lin was still sitting in the lotus position. He looked exactly the same as he did one month ago. He spent this entire month of studying the contents of the jade.

The Celestial Slaughter Art was, in fact, a life force seal, meaning it was not something that could easily be comprehended.

Wang Lin’s talent was already not very good, and the Celestial Slaughter Art was very complex. He could only slowly think about it and carefully experiment to gradually master it.

Wang Lin knew that he couldn’t rush this.

Time continued to pass and another half a month went by. Not only did the cultivators of Ling Yue not lose interest in this messenger, they became even more interested.

This was because there was a change in the black fog surrounding the tower. In the first month, it was quiet, but in the last half month, there were loud whistling sounds; it was as if there were many flying swords flying back and forth through the area. There were also thunderous roars that could shake the heavens coming out from the black fog.

This made all of the cultivators of Ling Yue even more curious. Finally, the old man who was half a step into the Ascendant stage stood up and took a trip to the tower.

Three days later, the old man came back. His expression was very ugly and his eyes were filled with shock. After he came back, all of the sects sent out a message saying that no disciple is allowed within 5,000 kilometers of the tower, or else they would be punished as a traitor.

As a result, the area 5,000 kilometers around the tower became a forbidden zone in Ling Yue.

Wang Lin spent the entire month and a half studying the Celestial Slaughter Art. This art depended on slaughter, so the more one killed, more seals would stack on top of each other. Once the seals stack to a certain point, it will become the strongest defense in the world.

However, this art was very difficult to cultivate.

After one and half months of time, Wang Lin still couldn’t find the essence to it and finally decided to give up on it for now. Instead, he decided to comprehend the heavens so that he could continue to refine his current spells.

During that time, he encountered a backlash from the war chariot!

This was the first backlash after he released the first seal. Wang Lin was already prepared for this, and after battling with the beast for several days, he used a secret spell to suppress it. The spirit beast’s backlash failed.

The old man from Ling Yue entered the area during that time and personally saw the unyielding spirit beast.

After suppressing the war chariot, Wang Lin silently cultivated for several days. On this day, he suddenly opened his eyes, and his eyes showed signs of enlightenment.

“The Celestial Slaughter Art should be comprehended amidst slaughter. Trying to comprehend it by just sitting here is a bit lacking. If I really want to cultivate this art, then everything must start with slaughter!” Wang Lin’s eyes lit up, then he stood up, took one step, and stepped directly out of the tower.

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