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Chapter 508 – Evolution of the mosquito beast

Three hours later under the stone tablet, three rays of light came from the horizon. They were followed by a series of thunderous sonic booms. These three rays of light descend from the sky with the pressure of a 10,000-man army.

They landed directly next to the seven people waiting beneath the stone tablet. Following the thunderous roar, their landing created a gust of wind that blew everyone but the man named Guo back several feet. Their faces were all extremely pale and filled with fear.

After the gust passed, three figures were revealed.

All three of them were white-haired old men, and a powerful sword energy could be felt from underneath each of their black robes. Each one of them had a treasure sword that gave off waves of sword pressure on their backs.

Among the three, only one person was at the late stage of Soul Formation; the other two were at the early stage of Soul Transformation.

Once the man named Guo saw the three of them, his heart trembled. He immediately bowed and respectfully said, “Sixth generation disciple Guo Xingyi greets Uncle-Master.” The person he bowed to was the only Soul Formation cultivator among the three. Guo Xingyi’s expression was extremely respectful.

The Soul Formation old man smiled, nodded, and said, “Guo Xingyi, come and greet the two Sword Pavilion elders!” He moved to the side and gave Guo Xingyi a look.

Guo Xingyi quickly kneeled down on one knee and said, with even more respect than before, “Disciple greets elders!”

One of the two early stage Soul Transformation old men was short and the other one was tall. The tall one said, “Stand up and speak. Was the Brilliant Golden Fruit found by you?”

Guo Xingyi quickly got up, then he pointed at the woman, Qian Qin, who still hadn’t said a word and simply looked at him with a cold gaze. “This woman is junior’s good friend. The Brilliant Golden Fruits were found by her sect, but there were demonic beasts guarding them, and they couldn’t obtain them with their power. Junior just happened to pass by and agreed to go with them.”

The two Soul Transformation elders looked at each. The short one asked, “Little girl, how many Brilliant Golden Fruits did you see?”

Qian Qin originally wasn’t willing to speak, but under the old man’s lightning-like gaze, she couldn’t help but softly say, “There are about 100 fruits.”

“One hundred!” The short old man’s eyes suddenly lit up and he said, “The demonic beasts guarding 100 Brilliant Golden Fruits must be extremely powerful. For your sect to find it, they aren’t simple!”

Qian Qin didn’t speak, but the white-robed man beside her said, with indignation, “My sect expended a lot of effort and sacrificed several elders to find the Brilliant Golden Fruits. Your Da Lou Sword Sect…”

Qian Qin frowned and shouted, “Shut up!”

The man’s face was filled with anger. He took a deep breath, turned his head, and no longer spoke.

Guo Xingyi hesitated for a bit before respectfully saying, “Lord Elder, Qian Qin is junior’s good friend. After obtaining the Brilliant Golden Fruits, would it be possible to give her one?”

The tall old man laughed and said, “If we can find them, then we’ll give her one! Lead the way!”

Qian Qin let out a sigh and held some complex feelings in her heart. She had no choice but to lead the way, or else it would affect her sect. With how tyrannical the Da Luo Sword Sect was, anyone that dared to go against them would be wiped out.

Not to mention the fact that just these two elders here gave off an aura that was several times more powerful than the head elder of her sect. Compared to the Da Lou Sword Sect, her sect was like a firefly; they stood no chance of resisting…

“Guo Xingyin, to abuse my trust…” Qian Qin felt bitter in her heart. She gave Guo Xingyi a vicious look before clenching her jaw and walking into the Earth Northern Demonic Lands.

The white-robed man that belonged to the same sect as her followed with a gloomy expression.

The people of the Da Luo Sword Sect walked into the thin mist and disappeared.

Wang Lin was making his way through the Earth Northern Demonic Land. He had his hands behind his back and his feet were three inches off the ground as he flew through the area. He was still comprehending the various changes in the Celestial Slaughter Art and how to change life force into a life force seal.

The surrounding mountain range was completely silent without any sign of life. As he was flying, a ghostly light flashed a bit before him, then a figure suddenly shot out of hiding and charged at Wang Lin.

The figure’s speed was too fast, and in the blink of an eye, it arrived before him. It was surrounded by a layer of black fog and a bloody smell rushed toward Wang Lin.

Wang Lin’s body didn’t stop; his expression didn’t even change. At the moment the black figure closed in, he rubbed his right hand’s fingers and pointed at it.

He directly stabbed his finger into the black fog.

A ray of grey gas came out from Wang Lin’s fingertip. However, this grey gas was extremely weak, so right after it appeared, a majority of it disappeared.

Not much grey gas had entered the black figure.

A sizzling sound suddenly came out from the black fog; it was as if snow was melting. The black fog boiled until it finally dissipated, revealing a fist-sized beast.

This small beast didn’t have any limbs, only a big mouth. There were no teeth, but a sour smell came from within its mouth. The spit of this beast was clearly very powerful.

At this moment, Wang Lin’s finger directly stabbed into the small creature’s body.

He moved his finger around, causing the small beast’s body to shatter into pieces and disappear.

Wang Lin withdrew his finger and continued to move. As he withdrew his finger, strands of grey gas came from the shattered remains of the small beast and circled around his finger.

“The Celestial Slaughter Art harvests life force during slaughter. I just don’t know if what I have between my fingers is life force…” Wang Lin lowered his head to look at the grey gas around his finger. After pondering for a bit, he continued flying.

Time slowly passed. Wang Lin moved very quickly but didn’t go too deep into the area. He had his divine sense spread out and locked onto the people of the Da Luo Sword Sect.

Their every move was clearly seen by Wang Lin’s divine sense; they could hide nothing.

Wang Lin wanted to see what exactly this Brilliant Golden Fruit was. He also wanted to use the people of the Da Luo Sword Sect, especially those two Soul Transformation old men, as practice for his Celestial Slaughter Art.

Even now Wang Lin didn’t have any good will toward the Da Luo Sword Sect!

Right now, as Wang Lin flew through the mountain range, the grey gas around his fingers was several times thicker than before. The strands of grey gas were like strings that quickly circled Wang Lin’s fingers.

There was no lack of demonic beasts here in the Earth Northern Demonic Land; however, none of them were a threat to Wang Lin. If it wasn’t for his desire to see what that Brilliant Golden Fruit was, Wang Lin would have already gone deeper into the area to practice the Celestial Slaughter Art with the powerful creatures.

On this day, Wang Lin withdrew his finger from the head of a bull that had the power of a Soul Formation cultivator. At the moment he withdrew his finger, a thick stand of grey gas came out from the bull’s forehead and circled his finger.

The bull’s body trembled and its gaze slowly faded until it fell down and remained motionless.

Just at this moment, a ray of black lightning came from the distance. Along with a fierce roar, the mosquito’s ferocious body appeared next to Wang Lin. Its large mouth stabbed into the bull’s head, and with one suck, it sucked all the blood, flesh, essence, and the core of the bull.

Only the bull’s skeleton was left on the ground.

After the mosquito beast finished sucking, a white light appeared around it. After flashing a few times, the white light disappeared, causing the terrifying hair on the mosquito beast to look even more fierce. The mosquito beast was very happy and began to fly in circles before Wang Lin.

Along the way, every time Wang Lin killed a Soul Formation or above beast, he would call out the mosquito beast so it could absorb the beast’s essence and core in order to stimulate the mosquito’s growth.

If it wasn’t for the fact that the thunder toad wasn’t suited for this method of growth, he would have release the thunder toad as well.

The mosquito was, after all, a beast from the stars. Although it appeared on planet Suzaku for some reason back then, its ferocity was not something a beast from a cultivation planet could match.

This beast lived to devour; it could devour any kind of beast in the world, and the more it devours, the stronger it becomes.

After it started following Wang Lin, it had devoured countless pills, heavenly treasures, cores, and the like. Although its strength was still at the Nascent Soul stage, even some Soul Formation beasts would be affected by its ferocity.

Wang Lin’s body moved forward and floated in the air. Then the mosquito let out a roar and moved. It moved like lightning and appeared below Wang Lin’s feet, then it brought Wang Lin deep into the mountain range.

As it flew, Wang Lin noticed something. The mosquito beast also noticed it and immediately stopped. It remained motionless as it waited for Wang Lin’s order.

Wang Lin looked toward the south, revealed a smile, and muttered to himself, “Did they find the Brilliant Golden Fruit…”

With a thought, the mosquito moved toward the south without a sound; it was like a ghost a night.

However, its eyes were filled with bloodlust and lit up like a ghostly flame.

Wang Lin paid attention to the changes happening to the mosquito beast in these past few days. The mosquito beast seemed to be at a critical stage and was about to make a breakthrough.

Every time the mosquito devoured the essence and core of a beast, there would be flashes of white light around it, just like when it devoured those white lines from the Chaotic Broken Stars.

Looking at the ghostly light in the mosquito’s eyes, an image suddenly appeared inside Wang Lin’s mind.

On a certain large planet, there were countless mosquito beasts that covered the entire sky. Their gazes were all bright like ghostly flames…

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