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Chapter 504 – Celestial Slaughter Art

Just at this moment, the grey-robed All-Seer suddenly opened his eyes.

This was the first time he opened his eyes.

He had a pair of grey eyes. He looked at Wang Lin but didn’t say a word. However, when this gaze fell on him, Wang Lin felt his origin soul shake and his ears filled with roaring thunder.

“Don’t bother me!”

Wang Lin’s origin soul shook violently, and he lost awareness of his surroundings. When he regained his senses, the grey-robed All-Seer had disappeared without a trace.

“Strange!” Wang Lin’s expression darkened and he silently pondered for a bit. Then he spread out his divine sense and began to search again. He gave up on checking all the remaining All-Seers for their spells and began searching for this strange, grey-robed All-Seer.

Time slowly passed. Wang Lin searched with all his might and was able to meet the grey-robed All-Seer once again.

Every time he tried, none of his attacks had any effect, and the grey-robed All-Seer would disappear without a trace. No matter how hard to tried, he couldn’t find out how the grey-robed All-Seer disappeared.

Until the sixth time!

To be exact, the sixth time wasn’t Wang Lin who found the grey-robed All-Seer, but the grey-robed All-Seer found Wang Lin.

On this day, Wang Lin had already given up on searching and decided to learn that seven-colored spell. That spell was what he considered the best spell here.

He silently stood before the All-Seer that demonstrated the seven-colored spell. Just as he let out a sigh and was about to decide, a voice entered his ears like a cold breeze.

“Are you the All-Seer’s disciple?”

Wang Lin was startled as he slowly turned around to look behind him.

The grey-robed All-Seer appeared like a ghost 10 feet behind him.

At the same time, the All-Seer that was practicing the seven-colored spell stopped showing off the spell and raised his head to look at the grey-robed All-Seer. The grey-robed All-Seer glared at the other All-Seer, causing the other All-Seer to retreat and disappear off into the distance as if he dreaded the grey-robed All-Seer.

Wang Lin nodded and said, “Yes, I am!”

“Why are you here?” The grey-robed All-Seer’s voice was still cold.

Wang Lin calmly said, “To pick a forbidden spell!”

“Forbidden spell…” The grey-robed All-Seer revealed a look of disdain, then he looked at Wang Lin and said, “It is very rare for him to let someone in here. I’m afraid it was for me!”

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he asked, “Senior is?”

The grey-robed All-Seer didn’t respond to Wang Lin’s question but carefully examined Wang Lin and calmly said, “Display your domain!”

Wang Lin frowned but then immediately relaxed and brought out his life and death domain. Shortly after, the domain turned into black and white light above his head and then suddenly merged to form the life and death scroll!

The grey-robed All-Seer’s eyes lit up, then he nodded and said, “Attack me!”

Without a word, Wang Lin raised his hand and the life and death scroll suddenly appeared in his grasp, then he suddenly pulled it open. The current him was like the heavens controlling the life and death domain. He looked at the grey-robed All-Seer and said, “Life and death, reincarnation!”

With that, strands of grey gas came out from the black and white mountain and river painting on the life and death scroll. The strands of grey gas were like vicious dragons as they charged toward the grey-robed All-Seer.

The grey-robed All-Seer’s eyes revealed a grey glow that pierced through space and landed in Wang Lin’s eyes.

As for the grey gas that was charging toward the grey-robed All-Seer like fierce dragons, it silently collapsed before him.

“Life and death domain…” The grey-robed All-Seer looked Wang Lin and said, “The All-Seer’s reason for letting you come here is probably for you to get my Celestial Slaughter Art. He probably wanted to see if you were fated to learn this spell. The Celestial Slaughter Art isn’t a celestial spell; it’s imitated from a celestial spell of unknown rank. This celestial tactic is a very good match for your life and death domain. However, for you to learn my Celestial Slaughter Art, you have to promise me one thing!”

Wang Lin’s expression was calm as he said, “Speak!”

The grey-robed All-Seer’s eyes were cold as he slowly said, “Once you use the Celestial Slaughter Art, you must not leave your enemies alive. If you can promise me that, I’ll teach it you!”

Wang Lin pondered a bit, then he faintly smiled and shook his head. “I won’t learn it!”

With that, he clasped his hands at the grey-robed All-Seer and turned around to leave.

The grey-robed All-Seer’s eyes lit up. He waved his right hand and a strand of grey gas suddenly appeared in his palm. This strand of grey gas was like a sharp sword. With a casual wave, the grey gas shot out toward Wang Lin with a loud shrill.

Wang Lin suddenly turned around. His eyes were calm as he stared at grey-robed All-Seer.

The grey gas passed by Wang Lin and landed on an All-Seer that was practicing a spell more than 10,000 feet away.

The All-Seer didn’t even have a chance to dodge; the grey gas hit him directly. Then his body trembled and disappeared into a cloud of smoke.

At the same time, a ray of grey light flew back from the cloud of smoke to the grey-robed All-Seer, revealing it to be a complex seal.

The grey-robed All-Seer calmly said, “This seal is formed by the Celestial Slaughter Art! Using the killing road to obtain life force and having the life force circle you to form life seals. The more of these seals you have, the stronger your defense! I have millions of these seals on me, so even if planet Tian Yun explodes, I’ll be fine! You don’t want to learn this spell?”

Wang Lin pondered a bit before asking, “Why must I learn it?”

The grey-robed All-Seer coldly said, “You are the sixth person the All-Seer has sent in. I don’t like the number seven, but I also have a promise with the All-Seer. However, if you still want to pass, then forget it!”

Wang Lin looked at the person before him and suddenly said, “What is your relationship with my master?”

The grey-robed All-Seer coldly looked at Wang Lin. He waved his right hand and a strand of grey gas formed into a jade before disappearing without a trace.

Wang Lin revealed a pondering expression. Shortly after, he grabbed the jade formed by the grey gas.

At the moment he touched the jade, the seven-colored world around him suddenly changed. It was as if the world was turning upside down and his vision went blurry. When he regained his vision, he was back on the top of the tower.

Before him, the All-Seer revealed a mysterious light in his eyes. He stared at the jade in Wang Lin’s hand and stroked his beard. “Celestial Slaughter Art, good!”

Wang Lin didn’t speak, but he slowly frowned.

The All-Seer looked at Wang Lin and laughed. “Don’t think too much about it. That person is your master’s second origin soul. I cultivated it back when I was young. However, during the time I was at the Yin and Yang stage, due to a few matters, I had to split from him. The Celestial Slaughter Art matches the survival that you wished for!”

Wang Lin pondered a bit before putting the jade away. He didn’t believe everything the All-Seer said, but Wang Lin was very cunning, so he didn’t show any of it on his face as he nodded.

The All-Seer reached out into the void and a ray of purple light immediately appeared. The purple light turned into a purple ring. After carefully looking at the ring, he threw it at Wang Lin and said, “This light is made of the purple light from the seven-colored light. It will be your life-saving treasure. This treasure can block the full power of a late stage Ascendant cultivator twice. However, you must remember that if you break the sect rules, I’ll remove one attack from it. Break the rules twice and this treasure will have no effect!

“The second disciple of the Purple Division that was killed by you used his life saving treasure one time in all these countless years and then broke the sect rules once. Otherwise, there would be no way for you to so easily obtain his origin soul! However, because it was him who acted first multiple times to attack you, I won’t pursue this matter. But Wang Lin, remember that there won’t be a second time!”

Wang Lin accepted the ring. Instead of putting it on his finger, he put it inside his bag of holding and said, “Thank you, Master!”

The All-Seer nodded, then he waved his sleeves and said, “I have taught you a forbidden spell and given you a life-saving treasure. You can go back!” With that, he turned around and walked toward the tower.

Wang Lin took a few steps back before suddenly raising his head and saying, “Master, disciple wants to leave the sect to train!”

The All-Seer didn’t turn around, but his voice came.

“A disciple of my Heavenly Fate Sect can only leave the sect to train if they leave as a messenger. Take my token to the Star Service Court and pick a cultivation country below rank 6 to be a messenger to. However, don’t be late to the Eastern Demon Sea in three months!”

With that, the All-Seer’s figure walked into the tower and disappeared without a trace. A white token flew out of the tower and landed in Wang Lin’s hand. At the same time, a gentle force began to spread out from the tower and pushed Wang Lin off the mountain.

More than 50 kilometers away, Wang Lin’s eyes revealed a mysterious light as he looked at the black and white mountains one more time before quickly leaving.

The Star Service Court was above the Red Division.

After Wang Lin left the main sect, he didn’t waste any time and charged directly toward the Red Division.

Red light continued to be emitted from the peak of the Red Division’s mountain, covering the area and making it look like a sea of blood.

Wang Lin’s figure quickly flew toward the Red Division. Just as he was about to enter, he heard a cold voice shout,

“Incoming person, stop!”

Wang Lin didn’t speak a word as he threw the token the All-Seer gave him and charged into the Red Division.

When the person who shouted saw the token, he let out a cold snort but didn’t stop Wang Lin from charging in.

After Wang Lin entered, the space rippled and a middle-aged man wearing red walked out. He coldly looked at where Wang Lin disappeared to and muttered to himself, “Seventh brother of the Purple Division!”

Shortly after, Wang Lin left the Red Division and looked toward the west.

“Rank 5 cultivation country, Lin Yue!”

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