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Chapter 503 – One More

When the All-Seer’s question landed in his ears, Wang Lin pondered.

All forbidden spells are derived from celestial spells, so there are great differences in power between each forbidden spell.

Some forbidden spells are derived from mid quality celestial spells. These spells are a lot more powerful than forbidden spells derived from low quality celestial spells. In fact, their power might not be that much weaker than a real low quality celestial spell!

Also, if there are spells that are derived from high quality celestial spells, they are not any weaker than low quality celestial spells; they may be even stronger!

In the end, the power of a forbidden spell depends on the quality of the celestial spell it is derived from.

Wang Lin wasn’t short on offensive spells. Whether it was the three killing spells from Situ Nan or the war chariot with the first seal released, they were all attacking methods.

In addition to those, he still had the celestial sword and the half-moon blade. The half-moon blade might just be one of Wang Lin’s most important treasures.

As for escape spells, with the teleportation restriction, he wasn’t worried. Although it takes a bit of time to use, once used, its power is extraordinary.

As for when he is in space, he has the silver dragon compass, so his speed there isn’t slower than anyone else’s.

However, this is all comparing to Ascendant level cultivators. The power one obtains when their cultivation passes the Ascendant stage and reaches the two Yin and Yang stages, or past those to the three Nirvana stages, is not something Wang Lin can imagine right now.

The All-Seer didn’t break Wang Lin’s train of thought. He silently stared into the distance without any hint of impatience.

This was Wang Lin’s first choice; the All-Seer wanted to see what kind of spell this child would pick.

Shortly after, Wang Lin raised his head to look up at the All-Seer and slowly said, “Disciple wants to learn a survival spell!”

“Survival?” The All-Seer looked at Wang Lin and smiled. “How do you want to survive?”

Wang Lin’s voice was calm as he slowly said, “As long as there is a hint of life, I would be able to survive and continue my pursuit of the grand dao!”

The All-Seer faintly smiled as he shook his head and said, “Master doesn’t have a spell like that.”

Wang Lin pondered and didn’t speak.

The All-Seer pondered a bit before saying, “Forget it. To ask you to choose is to let your own fortune do the work, but for me to ask you is your Master’s mistake. Your fate can’t be found with a question, it will depend on your own fortune. Now Master will open the door to 3,600 forbidden spells. You can go pick one yourself.”

With that, the All-Seer raised his right hand and pointed at Wang Lin at an unimaginable speed.

Wang Lin only saw a seven-colored door open up as the All-Seer’s finger pointed toward him, then his body flew toward the door without his consent.

He gradually moved through the door.

What appeared before Wang Lin was a seven-colored world. This place was boundless, but there were 3,600 identical All-Seers here. They were either sitting in the lotus position, cultivating, or battling.

The 3,600 All-Seers were scattered across this world and cultivating their own spells.

Every spell was different.

Wang Lin silently stood there, watching all the different All-Seers.

At first glance, Wang Lin saw an All-Seer standing in the distance. This All-Seer’s hands formed seals and moved in an unpredictable manner. Rays of metal celestial spiritual energy appeared from his hand.

The metal celestial energy formed a giant vortex. One turn, two turns, soon it easily reached nine turns.

At this moment, a power that shocked Wang Lin’s heart slowly came out from the vortex. This power was very strong!

“Nine Cycle Celestial Refining Tactic…” Wang Lin looked at it for a bit before looking at the next one.

He saw another All-Seer sitting in the lotus position 300 feet away. His eyes weren’t closed; they were releasing a bright light. Strands of black gas were floating out from his body and gathering above his head.

More and more black gas gathered above his head until a black cloud was formed. The black cloud suddenly began to churn like crazy and then immediately descended from above and surrounded that All-Seer. There were hissing sounds coming from the black cloud before it suddenly moved and disappeared into the distance in the blink of an eye.

“Forbidden spell, Immortal Demon Body!” Wang Lin’s eyes lit up.

Time slowly passed. Wang Lin isn’t in a rush as he checked out all 3,600 forbidden spells one by one.

In the distance, there was a white-robed All-Seer whose eyes were releasing a mysterious light. He raised his right hand and released a seven-colored glow. His eyes flashed purple and then the purple from the light in his hand flew out and disappeared into the void.

A shockwave echoed in his heart as Wang Lin silently watched this scene before him.

He didn’t know how long he had been here, and of the 3,600 spells, he had seen a majority of them. However, out of all of them, only this one had shocked him to this degree.

This spell was very powerful!

But that was not the key point. The key point was that this spell was based on the seven-colored light. It has to be said that the All-Seer liked the seven-colored light the most, so a spell based on it couldn’t be weak!

Wang Lin looked for a very long time before turning around and never looking at it again!

In a very inconspicuous part of this seven-colored world, there was a wide, empty area with only a grey-robed All-Seer sitting there.

There was no sign of any celestial spiritual energy fluctuations; he just sat there cultivating with his eyes closed.

Wang Lin only took one look as he passed by him and then jumped over this area. However, just as he jumped over, he suddenly stopped, turned around, and carefully inspected this All-Seer that was cultivating.

“Grey… the All-Seer likes the seven-color, and the nine-color is the apex, so where did grey come from?” Wang Lin’s eyes revealed a mysterious light.

The more he looked, the brighter his eyes became. Although this All-Seer looked exactly the same as all the other ones, Wang Lin was able to tell at a glance this one seemed a bit younger…

“A younger All-Seer…” Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. He sat down in the lotus position and then stared at the grey-robed All-Seer.

He sat there for several days. During these several days, the grey-robed All-Seer didn’t move; it was as if time had stopped.

Time slowly passed. Wang Lin was still silently sitting there, but he still hadn’t seen this All-Seer move an inch.

“Strange!” Wang Lin revealed a pondering expression as he raised his right hand and moved it very rapidly, creating afterimages. Soon, an illusionary restriction appeared in his hand and turned into a black seal. He hit the seal, then it quickly flew at the grey-robed All-Seer, who was still silently sitting there.

This was the first time he attacked since coming here.

The restriction flew through the air and went right through the grey-robed All-Seer. The All-Seer didn’t move at all and disappeared along with the restriction…

Wang Lin was startled. He spread out his divine sense to carefully check the surrounding area but found no trace of the grey-robed All-Seer.

“Strange!” Wang Lin frowned. He pondered for a bit before spreading out his divine sense and searching this seven-colored world at lightning speed.

An unknown amount of time passed. On this day, while Wang Lin was flying, his expression suddenly changed and he turned to the left without any hesitation. Not long after, Wang Lin stopped and saw an All-Seer sitting in the lotus position 1,000 feet before him.

He was wearing a grey robe!

This was the strange, grey-robed All-Seer that Wang Lin had been looking for for these past several days!

Wang Lin quickly flew over and stopped 100 feet before him. He pondered for a bit before slapping his bag of holding. The celestial sword appeared in his hand.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up, and without a word, he swung the sword. A ray of sword energy shot out, and the half-moon blade followed it.

The speed of the half-moon blade was unimaginable. In the blink of an eye, the half-moon blade pierced through the chest of the grey-robed All-Seer. However, it didn’t do any harm to him; it was as if his existence was just an illusion.

The sword energy that followed shortly after also just went directly through the grey-robed All-Seer and flew off into the distance.

Just at this moment, killing intent came from the grey-robed All-Seer. This killing intent was very powerful; it was almost monstrous enough to reach the heavens.

In almost the blink of eye, the killing intent filled the surrounding area and quickly spread.

Far in the distance, all the other All-Seers that were practicing their spells stopped and looked over in this direction with mysterious lights in their eyes. At this moment, in this seven-colored world, all the other All-Seers felt the change that happened here.

The other All-Seers immediately flew over here, and in the blink of an eye, all of them arrived within 5,000 kilometers of the grey-robed All-Seer.

“Seal!” A shout came from all the All-Seers within 5,000 kilometers.

An unimaginable and mysterious power suddenly appeared. It descended from the heavens like a giant net and quickly rushed toward the grey-robed All-Seer to seal him.

The grey-robed All-Seer revealed a sneer as he raised his head and only said one word, “Scram!”

With one word, the sky changed colors and the giant net shattered. An unimaginable killing intent quickly swept across 5,000 kilometers

All the All-Seers within 5,000 kilometers were quickly forced to retreat. Soon, they retreated tens of thousands of kilometers.

At this moment, only a few All-Seers remained within 5,000 kilometers of the grey-robed All-Seer. These All-Seers were the ones that possessed powerful forbidden spells.

Under the assault of this killing intent, Wang Lin was immediately soaked in cold sweat. This killing intent was countless times stronger than his original body’s. It was like comparing the shining moon to a firefly; they were simply not comparable.

Before, Wang Lin believed that his original body’s killing intent was the strongest, but now this grey-robed All-Seer was the one with the most powerful killing intent he had ever seen!

However, this wasn’t what shocked Wang Lin the most. What shocked him the most was that when all the other All-Seers rushed over, he clearly felt with his divine sense that all 3,600 All-Seers had arrived!

Wang Lin’s eyes suddenly stared at the cold-faced All-Seer. He was the 3,601th!

“There is one extra!” Wang Lin took a deep breath.

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