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Chapter 505 – Xuan Yuan Sect

Planet Tian Yun, a rank 7 cultivation planet under the Cultivation Alliance.

It can be said that even amongst the rank 7 cultivation planets, it is a top tier existence, and that’s because there is a person named All-Seer on planet Tian Yun.

The All-Seer is considered an extremely respected sage of his generation; he even has a seat in the Cultivation Alliance! He is someone many don’t wish to mess with!

A rank 7 cultivation planet would normally have many rank 6 cultivation planets under their control to bolster their own power, but this is not true for planet Tian Yun.

There are only five cultivation planets around planet Tian Yun, and they are all rank 6 cultivation planets. They are named Heaven, Earth, Human, Life, and Fate.

There is a giant transfer array connecting these five planets to planet Tian Yun. However, the cost of opening it is great, so it is not easily used.

Aside from these five planets, there are many more smaller planets around planet Tian Yun. These are all personal cultivation caves of old monsters. Even though there are transfer arrays connecting them, they are normally sealed and won’t easily be opened.

At the extreme eastern part of the planet Tian Yun, there is a giant transfer array. This transfer array is controlled by the Heavenly Fate Sect and has someone stationed there year-round.

Zhao Zi was one of the guards in charge of this area. He woke up early in the day and has been sitting in the lotus position outside the array ever since.

Zhao Zi was the Green Division’s fifth generation disciple. He has cultivated for 700 years and has reached the mid stage of Soul Formation. He is more or less satisfied with his life. It has to be said that just being a disciple of the Heavenly Fate Sect gives him a very high position on this planet. Anywhere he goes, he will be admired and respected by others.

Zhao Zi opened his eyes and let out a long sigh.

“Only three more months and someone will come to replace me. Once I return to the sect, I must go into closed door cultivation for several years to push toward the late stage of Soul Formation. Once I reach the late stage of Soul Formation, I’ll apply to leave the sect to train. If I can get myself some celestial jades, then I, Zhao Si, might really have a chance to reach the Soul Transformation stage!”

While thinking about this, Zhao Si’s eyes revealed a look of longing.

“Unfortunately, my luck is not good. If I were as lucky as the ancestors who were directly accepted as the founding ancestor’s disciples, then none of this would be a problem. Alas, ever since I, Zhao Si, was a child, I dreamed of reaching the Ascendant stage. I would be able to have a planet as my own cultivation cave. Isn’t that the most joyous thing in the world…”

Zhao Si let out a bitter smile, then he took a deep breath and was about to continue cultivating.

However, just at this moment, a ray of purple light moved across the sky like a meteor and broke the sound barrier. Soon, the purple light closed in and was only 10,000 feet away.

Zhao Zi’s expression became serious. He didn’t stand up but coldly looked at the incoming ray of purple light.

There were also a few people that used the transfer array every day. Aside from the few very powerful cultivators, even if their cultivation level was higher than his, Zhao Si still looked down on them because he, Zhao Si, was a disciple of the Heavenly Fate Sect!

At this moment, just as the sun began to rise in the sky, the ray of purple light slowed down, allowing Zhao Si to see the person inside it.

This person had a head full of long hair that was simply flowing behind him. He was wearing a purple robe and arrived 10 feet before Zhao Si with one step. The person then looked at Zhao Si coldly.

Zhao Si’s gaze fell on the token on this person’s waist. On the token, there was a “seven” clearly carved out.

At the moment he saw the token, Zhao Si’s body started trembling. Without any hesitation, he stood up and respectfully said, “Green Division’s 5th generation disciple Zhao Si greets Purple Division’s seventh ancestor!”

Zhao Si’s demeanor right now was extremely respectful, but his heart was pounding. Although he wasn’t qualified to join the founding ancestor’s birthday celebration, he had heard plenty of rumors.

Among these rumors, the one that was talked about the most was that the founding ancestor accepted a new disciple, the seventh disciple of the Purple Division, Wang Lin!

As soon as this Wang Lin entered the Purple Division, he completely turned it upside down. After brutally killing the Purple Division’s second brother, he even joined the fight for the title of true disciple.

This person used his mid stage Soul Transformation cultivation to fight the fourth sister of the Purple Division, who was at the late stage of Soul Transformation, and won.

But this was not the important part of the rumor. The important part was that the sixth brother of the Purple Division, who was an Ascendant cultivator, suddenly returned, and a great battle started.

Although Wang Lin lost this battle, all of the Heavenly Fate Sect disciples’ view of him changed greatly.

The three killing spells became Wang Lin’s signature move, and the powerful demonic aura gave Wang Lin a peerless aura.

These various rumors passed through many people before finally reaching Zhao Si’s ears. As far as he knew, this Wang Lin was a demonic cultivator who not only had a bad temper but would immediately kill anyone who irritated him!

“Open the formation to Earth planet!” Wang Lin’s voice was calm. He stepped past Zhao Si and directly entered the transfer array.

When he was in the air, he had already observed his transfer array. This array took up an almost five-kilometer-wide area and had countless complex symbols carved into the ground. Waves of powerful aura came out from the array and spread out. From a distance, it looked like there was dense fog here that prevented people from getting a better look.

There were countless ravines within this five kilometer area. They were like intertwining rivers before they all flowed into the ocean. There was a mysterious power that moved through these ravines filled with energy.

The transfer array that covered this five kilometer area no longer looked like a transfer array, it was more like a primal beast.

The complexity of this array was already far beyond any other transfer array Wang Lin had seen before.

Zhao Si took a deep breath and immediately responded. He went to the side of the transfer array, formed a seal, and sent a ray of green light toward it.

At the moment the green light entered the transfer array, the giant transfer array began to rumble. In the end, it was like the heavens were shaking. The mysterious power inside the complex ravines began to gradually spread out and emit a ghostly light.

At this moment, if one were looking from above, they would see sections of the ravines gradually lighting up to form a giant symbol!

This was a symbol that covered a five-kilometer-wide area, and its complexity was unimaginable. At this moment, Wang Lin was standing at the center of this symbol.

In almost the blink of an eye, the giant symbol released a powerful glow. This light covered the area, and at that moment, the heavens and earth were covered in a ghostly light.

Zhao Si was already used to this, so as soon as the array lit up, he closed his eyes. After counting five seconds, he opened them.

There was no one left inside the array, and everything was the same as before. Only the ghostly light remained. It looked like a cloud of fireflies as it slowly drifted back into the ravines.

Zhao Si looked at the empty transfer array with envy in his yes, then he let out a sigh and muttered to himself, “I wonder what this Purple Division seventh ancestor is going to the Earth planet for. Well, this has nothing to do with me, and I should focus on cultivating so I can reach the late stage of Soul Formation as soon as possible!”

Zhao Si shook his head and then sat down and continued cultivating.

The Earth planet was one of the five planets orbiting planet Tian Yun. From a distance, it was completely earth yellow and there were countless halos moving over its surface. The size of this planet was around the same as planet Suzaku.

The Xuan Yuan Sect was the only rank 6 cultivation country on this planet. The entire Xuan Yuan Sect was one country, and it had countless cultivators. Their ancestor was named Xuan Ming; his cultivation was already past the Ascendant stage.

There was very little sea on this planet, so most of it was land. Millions of miles to the west of Xuan Yuan was where the rank 5 cultivation country of Ling Yue lied.

On this day, the area around the transfer array next to the Xuan Yuan Sect had been cleaned out. There was no one but disciples of the sect within dozens of meters of the array.

Outside the transfer array, the junior sect master of the Xuan Yuan Sect, Xu Yunshan, silently stood there. He had a treasured fan that he would occasionally hit his palm with.

Three days ago, he heard from a good friend in the Heavenly Fate Sect that someone from the Purple Division was going to come to become the messenger for Ling Yue.

Normally, Xu Yunshan wouldn’t care about a small matter like this, but when he learned that the person that was coming was the Purple Divison’s seventh brother, the new disciple that the All-Seer had just accepted, Wang Lin, he suddenly had a change of heart.

As someone from the rank 6 cultivation country that was under the control of planet Tian Yun, he had a detailed recording of each of the All-Seer’s disciples to note their preferences. His main focus was normally the true disciples, and he normally wouldn’t care about Wang Lin if not for the fact that the All-Seer seemed to have been paying close attention to him during the birthday celebration.

This Wang Lin had appeared out of nowhere, so the Xuan Yuan Sect knew very little about him. Also, from the Xuan Yuan Sect’s point of view, Wang Lin had a lot of potential. It was better to make friends now rather than later, and that was why this was happening.

Behind Xu Yunshan stood several old people. They all had heads of white hair and were the most powerful of the Xuan Yuan Sect’s elders.

Time slowly passed until it was noon. When the sun was at its highest, a rumbling sound suddenly came from the transfer array.

The rumbling noise caught Xu Yunshan’s attention. He put away the treasured fan, put on a smile, and looked at the transfer array.

The rumbling sound became louder and louder. Ghostly light came out from the ground and covered the sky to form an illusionary symbol.

At the center of the symbol, space bent and a person slowly walked out.

This person was wearing a purple robe and there was a “seven” carved onto the purple token on his waist!

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