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Chapter 502 – Domain Enters the Body

The current him was able to do this not because his cultivation was strong enough to suppress the cold here, but because of the coldness in his heart.

The coldness in his heart wouldn’t melt and thus gave him an unyielding will. This was the state of purity of mind.

My heart is cold, so no cold in the world can stop me for even half a second!

Wang Lin’s gaze was cold and the aura he gave off was cold. Right now he no longer felt human but gave off the aura of never-melting primordial ice.

On the top of the tower at the peak of the mountain, the All-Seer sat there, looking at Wang Lin as he walked step by step toward the peak. His eyes shined brightly as he stared at Wang Lin and was lost in his thoughts.

Originally, the All-Seer only thought that Wang Lin would take ten steps into the Shattered Land of the Celestials before stopping. Ten steps was the limit of a mid stage Soul Transformation cultivator! If Wang Lin could do that, he would summon bring Wang Lin to the tower to teach him a forbidden spell.

But right now Wang Lin had already walked 21 steps, and this was the limit of a Soul Transformation cultivator. Only with the celestial spiritual energy of an Ascendant cultivator could one take the 22nd step and not have their origin soul frozen.

Even with the All-Seer’s mental strength, he couldn’t help but feel shock in his heart.

“Purity of mind… this child is purifying his mind here! Celestial cultivation, truth cultivation, and dao cultivation; it seems this child has gained some enlightenment…. His heart is cold, so no matter how cold something is, it can’t affect his heart. Using this state, he was able to take 21 steps. Wang Lin, Master underestimated you. If you cultivate for more than 10,000 years. I wonder if you can reach the three realms of Nirvana…”

Wang Lin stopped after taking the 21st step.

His entire body was now ice cold.

“My domain is a sliver of the comprehension of life and death under reincarnation. The dao of reincarnation is one of the most ruthless daos in existence!” Behind Wang Lin, the sky changed colors and the snow falling behind him began to churn. Then a giant scroll suddenly appeared behind him.

Rivers and mountains appeared on the scroll; however, there were no colors, only black and white.

Wang Lin took a deep breath, raised his foot, and took the 22nd step.

With this step, the entire mountain trembled and the ice below him cracked. This showed exactly how strong that step was.

The All-Seer’s eyes released a golden glow as he stood inside the tower.

“Back then, Sun Yun was able to take 26 steps with late stage Soul Transformation cultivation. Wang Lin, how many steps can you take!?”

Wang Lin suddenly raised his head and looked at the tower at the mountain peak. After pondering for a while, he raised his foot and took another step.

This time he didn’t just take one step, he took two steps, three steps, four steps, five steps!

On the first step, Wang Lin raised his head and his eyes became cold. On the second step, his entire body was as cold as ice. On the third step, the life and death scroll behind him suddenly shrank and floated above his head.

On the fourth step, Wang Lin was filled with energy as the coldness in his heart filled his body. This coldness fused with his domain to create a mysterious force, and with it he took the fifth step!

After this fifth step, Wang Lin’s gaze was like lightning as he looked at the tower on the mountain peak.

He took five steps in a row, and every step he took would cause an echo of rumbling sounds from the mountain. After taking five steps, countless cracks appeared around Wang Lin; however, rather than collapsing, they began to mysteriously recover.

Twenty-seven steps!

The life and death scroll floating above Wang Lin went from being three inches above his head to entering his head and completely fusing with his origin soul.

At this moment, a shocking aura suddenly came out from Wang Lin’s body. His long hair moved without any wind, and the snow around him began to swirl as it was pushed away from him.


It is something one comprehends when reaching the Soul Formation stage and then one gains understanding of it over the three stages of the Soul Formation stage before it can take physical form. By then, one only needs enough cultivation and celestial jades to refine one’s body from a mortal body to a celestial body. Then, after one’s origin soul completely fuses with their body, they can reach the Soul Transformation stage.

One’s domain will become a completely corporeal existence when they comprehend at it the Soul Transformation stage. However, this process doesn’t happen instantly but gradually over time.

Wang Lin’s life and death domain was a very rare domain, and it was very hard to make it corporeal. Up until now, Wang Lin only had a vague understanding of how to make it corporeal; he still hadn’t grasped the key points.

If he continued like this, then his chance of reaching the Ascendant stage was slim.

But today, at the Shattered Land of the Celestials, his domain and his purity of mind fused, allowing him to take five more steps from his original 22 step limit!

These five steps were steps down the road of dao filled with the determination of not looking back. If he didn’t take a step, it would be fine, but if he did, then he had to surpass those before him!

Using this moment, Wang Lin was able to take a important step forward in making his domain corporeal! Although this step didn’t increase his understanding of his domain much or increase his cultivation much, it paved a very important road toward reaching the Ascendant stage.

“Domain enters the body!” In the tower, the All-Seer took a deep breath and said, “This child has hope of reaching the Ascendant stage within 100 years!”

“27 steps!” Wang Lin pondered. He could feel that 27 steps was the limit!

In truth, on the 25th step, his dao and domain reached their current limit, but due to his domain entering his body and the enlightenment he obtained, he was able to take a few more steps to reach the 27 step total.

Wang Lin knew that he wasn’t able to take the 28th step. If he were to take that step, all of his cultivation would disappear and even his origin soul would shatter.

Just at this moment, the seven-colored light at the top of the tower started shining brightly and turned into seven halos of light that surrounded the entire mountain. In that instant, all of the coldness surrounding the mountain suddenly disappeared.

The ice before Wang Lin began to glow with a seven-colored light, and a seven-colored rainbow flew out from the ground before him.

“Come up to see me!” The All-Seer’s voice came from the tower at the peak, and it was filled with majesty.

Wang Lin’s expression was calm as he took a deep breath and adjusted his cultivation a bit before stepping onto the rainbow.

With one step, he stepped on to the rainbow, and with the second step, he crossed the remaining 70 plus steps to arrive at the foot of the tower.

This was a very ordinary-looking tower. At this moment, rays of seven-colored light gathered at the foot of the tower and formed into the All-Seer.

“The ancestor of my Heavenly Fate Sect isn’t a cultivator but this Heaven Fate Spell. The only thing I seek is the heavens’ fate. Fate spells can be created by the heavens and by humans, but no matter what, fate is the key!

“I just happened to pass planet Suzaku when you were comprehending your domain. I saw you following your domain to its origin, and I was tempted by my love of talent to accept you as a disciple. This means there was fate between us, the fate of master and disciple.

“I, the All-Seer, have followed the heavens’ fate my entire life, and thus I accepted you as my disciple!” At this point, the All-Seer paused and looked at Wang Lin.

Wang Lin’s expression was respectful; he just stood there and remained silent.

“You walking 27 steps was outside my expectations; you didn’t disappoint me!” The All-Seer withdrew his gaze, raised his hand, and grasped at the air.

With a ripping sound echoing in the area, the sky was split in half by that casual grasp, creating a huge rift.

Seven-colored light came out from the rift and covered the entire sect. Right now the main sect and the three mountains were covered by this seven-colored light.

At the same time, the seven divisions each released a colored halo matching their division. At this moment, a portion of planet Tian Yun was covered in this seven-colored light.

At the source of all this seven-colored light, the rift, the All-Seer exuded a seven-colored aura and smiled. “For my whole life, I’ve loved the seven-color the most. If you add the black and white from the three mountains here, the nine colors together is the most beautiful scene in the world.”

With that, the All-Seer’s expression became serious. At this moment, all the gentleness from before was gone and was replaced with majesty. He looked at Wang Lin and shouted,

“Wang Lin, kneel!”

Without a word, Wang Lin quickly kneeled and raised his head to look at the All-Seer.

The All-Seer’s right hand pointed at Wang Lin and he shouted, “Today I, the All-Seer, accept Wang Lin as the Purple Division’s seventh disciple under the nine colors! Wang Lin, are you willing to become my disciple, follow the sect rules, not betray the Heavenly Fate Sect, focus on cultivation, walk down the path of grand dao, and complete your dao!? You, answer me!”

Wang Lin’s eyes became serious. He revealed a determined look and said, “As long as Master doesn’t betray me, I won’t betray Master! As long as the Heavenly Fate Sect doesn’t betray me, I won’t betray the Heavenly Fate Sect! This is my, Wang Lin’s, promise!”

The All-Seer’s eyes narrowed, and he carefully looked at Wang Lin before slowly nodding. His left hand reached out toward the rift and the entire sky suddenly trembled.

A giant, seven-colored alter slowly descended from the sky.

This altar was too big. When only a piece of it descended, there was a series of crackling sounds; it was as if the ground couldn’t hold its weight. There were countless seven-colored wooden tablets on the altar .

At this moment, with the wave of the All-Seer’s left hand, a wooden tablet flew out and landed in his palm.

The All-Seer’s nail was like a knife as he quickly carved something onto the tablet.

“Planet Tian Yun, first year of Yanwu, Wang Lin was accepted as the seventh disciple of the Purple Division!” With that, the All-Seer threw the tablet and then it burned into purple flames. It flew back in a ray of purple light back to the altar.

“Now I will teach you a forbidden technique. What kind do you want to learn?”

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