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Chapter 501 – Shatter Land of Celestials

The All-Seer waved his sleeves and a seven-colored cloud appeared. The cloud wrapped around Wang Lin and took him away toward the main sect.

Wang Lin was inside the cloud as it moved through the blue sky. The mountain and rivers under his feet passed by in a flash.

After several breaths of time, the seven-colored cloud passed the various divisions of the Heavenly Fate Sect and arrived outside the main sect.

What appeared before Wang Lin was a world even more majestic than the Celestial Realm. Three towering mountains extended above the clouds.

The mountain in the middle was snow white. When the sunlight hit the mountain, it created a blinding glare that caused anyone who looked at it to feel dizzy.

There was greenery scattered all over the mountain, making it look even more magnificent!

There was no road on the mountain; it was purely snow white. This snow was Nine Ghost Snow, which won’t melt for 10,000 years. It would be impossible for a mortal to get close, because if they came within 1,000 feet of the snow, their body would completely freeze.

While Wang Lin was inside the seven-colored cloud, he could clearly feel the cold aura moving outside the cloud.

Aside from the middle mountain, which was completely white, the other two mountains on the sides were black.

Compared with the pure white of the mountain in the middle, this kind of black gave off a powerful sense of contrast. One by one the black snowflakes fell on the two mountains like they would never end.

From a distance, the scene before him didn’t look real; it was as if someone had used the power of the heavens and earth to draw a very striking black and white mountain and river painting.

As Wang Lin took a meaningful look at the Heavenly Fate Sect’s main sect, his eyes gradually calmed down from the initial shock.

The All-Seer waved his sleeves and the seven-colored cloud surrounding them suddenly disappeared. After the cloud disappeared, the cold aura rushed in and tried to invade Wang Lin’s body.

Wang Lin’s expression remained normal as the celestial spiritual energy inside his body moved, creating a lightscreen outside his body. The cold aura circled around the light screen for a bit before disappearing.

The All-Seer had his hand behind his back as he looked at the three mountains and asked, “Wang Lin, what do you think about this place?”

Wang Lin pondered a bit and then slowly said, “This place has a very powerful cold aura and is a great place to cultivate anything that requires cold and yin energy.”

The All-Seer faintly smiled and said, “Is that all?”

Wang Lin lowered his head and respectfully said, “Disciple isn’t knowledgeable enough to see any more.”

The All-Seer shook his head, then he looked at Wang Lin with a smile that was not a smile and said, “I always decide which forbidden spell each student will learn, but if you can see through the mysteries of this mountain, Teacher will break the rules and let you choose whichever spell you want. Wang Lin, are you tempted?”

Wang Lin raised his head, looked at the the All-Seer with a gentle expression, and said, “Since Teacher orders it, how would disciple dare to not follow!?” He pointed at the black mountain on the left with this right hand and said, “This mountain is completely black; even the snow that falls on it is black. However, this black snow is not cold, so when compared to the white snow in the middle, it gives off a strange atmosphere.”

The All-Seer’s expression remained normal as he smiled and said, “Oh? Continue.”

Wang Lin pointed at the mountain on the right and said, “This mountain is even stranger, as I can detect a hint of life from it. Although almost everything has life, this is the first time disciple has felt the life of a mountain.”

The All-Seer’s expression was still calm as he smiled and said, “Is that all? If this is all, you still don’t have the right to pick a forbidden spell from Master.”

Wang Lin faintly smiled as he shook his head and said, “Master, those two mountains are fake!”

After he said that, a hint of shock appeared in the All-Seer’s eyes. He took another look at Wang Lin before letting out a laugh. He waved his sleeves and took the two of them toward the middle mountain at lightning speed.

“This child’s mental strength is far above others’. To be able to find clues about my spell at the mid stage of Soul Transformation is very rare!”

Wang Lin’s expression was very normal, but his heart was shaking. When he saw the three mountains, a very old memory from ancient god Tu Si appeared in his mind.

That was the ninth time Tu Si had refined a treasure, and it was the last time he did. This treasure was a trident!

Tu Si searched for endless amounts of materials before he finally finished refining it.

He was very satisfied with the treasure, but it only took physical shape; it had no soul. Therefore, Tu Si dripped some of his ancient god blood on it, threw it toward a big planet, and the trident turned into three heaven-piercing mountains. This way, the trident would become a mountain and slowly form a mountain soul. After that, he left.

According to Tu Si’s plan, once he finished training his technique, he would come back to get the treasure. At that time, the mountain should have formed and he would have a top quality treasure.

The three mountains created by the trident were almost exactly the same as the three mountains Wang Lin was looking at now.

But he immediately discarded the idea that this was the trident, because it was indeed as he said earlier: two of the mountains were fake.

“However, the All-Seer’s cultivation is heavenly. If he were to hide it, then it would be impossible for me to see through it at my current cultivation level.” Wang Lin cleared his mind when they arrived at the foot of the mountain.

“Wang Lin, Master will wait for you up there. You can’t use teleportation, and the faster you get up there, the better the reward will be! It won’t be hard for you with your cultivation to travel 100 steps, but the 100 steps at the top will depend on your fortune. The 100 steps at the top are what Master calls the Shattered Land of the Celestials!” The All-Seer turned around, took a step, and disappeared without a trace before Wang Lin.

Wang Lin raised his head to look at the white mountain peak. There was an endless amount of white snow falling; if one looked up for too long, they would feel the illusion that countless sharp and white swords were coming down.

After withdrawing his gaze, Wang Lin didn’t immediately ascend the mountain but sat down to cultivate. After one incense stick of time, he opened his eyes. His eyes were completely calm.

He then stood up and began to walk to the peak step by step.

The cold wind howled and the snow chilled him to the bones. As Wang Lin walked, the cold aura got even stronger, and the cold wind howled loudly and continued to blow on Wang Lin.

There would be no footprints when one stepped on the white snow. The entire mountain was like a giant, white crystal. If a mortal had a treasure to protect them from the cold, they would have no way to continue, because there was no place for them to get a foothold.

But for Wang Lin, his feet never touched the mountain. He floated three inches above the mountain’s surface as he worked his way up.

It wasn’t impossible to use teleportation here, but since the All-Seer said that this was a test, then using teleportation would mean he failed the test.

This is why Wang Lin didn’t teleport but calmly walked up the mountain step by step.

The howl of the cold wind filled his ears, and the shining, white snow glared before him. Outside of his body was the cold aura that continued to try to invade him, and below his feet was an icy surface that one would slip on the moment they landed on it.

Nevertheless, this kind of test was not something Wang Lin couldn’t handle. Back in the Land of the Ancient God, he went through many places like this.

Time slowly passed. As he got closer to the top, the cold aura became even stronger and the light around Wang Lin’s body became even brighter. When he was 100 steps from the top, he stopped and didn’t continue to move forward.

He let out a deep breath, and at the moment he let it out, there were a series of crackling sounds. The breath was frozen into specs of ice three inches away from his mouth and gave off a crisp crackling sound.

At the same time, the cold aura rushed into his mouth and nose. The aura only slowly disappeared with the help of the celestial spiritual energy inside his body.

Wang Lin raised his head. 100 steps away, at the peak of the mountain, there was a tower covered in snow. The tower was giving off a seven-colored light and looked very beautiful.

“Shattered Land of the Celestials!” Wang Lin’s eyes became cold. After pondering for a while, he descended. For the first time since he arrived, his two feet stepped on the mountain.

At the moment his two feet touched the mountain, he felt like there was no friction at all. Wang Lin’s eyes became cold as he let out a cold snort and his right foot took a normal step forward.

But with a boom, Wang Lin’s right foot smashed one inch into the ground and created a solid foothold.

Just at this moment, an unimaginably cold aura came from the ground. This cold aura was several times colder than what he had experienced before. The aura entered his body through his foot and rushed toward his chest through his veins.

But just as the cold aura was moving through Wang Lin’s body, a divine sense suddenly came from Wang Lin’s origin soul. When this divine sense swept through his body, the cold aura strangely calmed down and moved back through his right foot to return to the mountain.

“This cold aura isn’t colder than my heart. If it can’t freeze my heart, how could it freeze my soul, my body? This is a joke!” Wang Lin sneered as he took another step.

The coldness on his face became the coldest thing on the mountain. The cold wind disappeared three inches away from him, and the cold snow disappeared three inches away from the top of his head.

Wang Lin imprinted his foot into the mountain step by step as he walked directly toward the peak.

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