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Chapter 491 – Crashing the celebration

The purple aura from the east side quickly covered the horizon in purple. The booms of the sound barrier breaking echoed from the purple aura.

All of the various guest cultivators in the purple division noticed this abnormality. They all put down their wine cups and raised their heads to look toward the east.

“Not only did he manage to break free, but his cultivation has reached the mid stage of Soul Transformation!” Zhao Xingsha’s expression became very ugly. He clenched his hand and crushed the wine cup into dust.

Not only him, but Second Brother next to him also revealed a look of shock. His eyes were gloomy as he stood up. He took one step forward and turned into a ray of purple light that flew toward the horizon.

Bai Wei’s eyes revealed a mysterious light as he picked up his wine cup, took a small sip, and revealed a faint smile.

As for the Fourth Sister who trapped Wang Lin, she was very calm and didn’t move an inch.

The purple division’s Second Brother, the middle-aged man, charged out and shouted, “Today is my Heavenly Fate Sect’s grand celebration. Anyone who dares to crash the celebration will be killed without question!” He convicted Wang Lin of a crime before letting him speak. As he spoke, his hand formed a seal and he shouted, “Power of earth!”

After he said this, a yellow and earthy light appeared in his hand. It immediately turned into a mass of dirt and moved like a tornado toward the purple aura from the east.

Wang Lin’s eyes were fierce. With one step, he appeared on top of the cloud. At this moment, the sand storm created from the Second Brother’s earth power arrived.

Wang Lin’s eyes were calm; there was no hint of panic in them, and he didn’t stop moving forward. When he charged out, his right hand slapped his bag of holding and then the restriction flag appeared in his grasp. With one shake, countless restrictions flew out and started orbiting around him. Soon, it turned into a black tornado made of restrictions.

With one spin, it created a powerful gust of wind, and the howling sound of the wind filled the heavens and earth.

The incoming sandstorm was affected by this gust. As soon as the sandstorm got close, it was torn in half by the tornado. The sandstorm was split into two streams and then was absorbed into the tornado made by the restriction flag.

Wang Lin calmly stepped out of the tornado and coldly stared at the Second Brother as he said, “You provoked me twice. If I don’t kill you, then I’m not Wang Lin!”

With that, Wang Lin raised his right index finger. The celestial spiritual energy in his body moved, and a sliver of demonic flame appeared on his fingertip.

The middle-aged man’s expression changed and he shouted, “Seventh Brother, this is the Master’s birthday celebration. Don’t act so recklessly with so many fellow cultivators here!”

Wang Lin’s expression was calm as he looked at the surrounding cultivators. All of these cultivators were watching with cold gazes, and none of them looked like they had the intention of helping anyone.

“Fellow cultivators, today is the competition for my purple division. If outsiders dare to intervene, than don’t blame my Heavenly Fate Sect if we look into this matter in the future!” As Wang Lin coldly spoke, he took a step forward, and his right index finger pressed down on the middle-aged man.

The middle-aged man quickly backed up. He had suffered from this demonic flame before, and now that he saw it again, the thought of retreating entered his mind.

Just at this moment, Zhao Xingsha gloomily took a step forward and arrived in front of the middle-aged man. “Seventh Brother, return to your seat! Today is not the day for the purple division’s competition!” he said.

Wang Lin didn’t even look at Zhao Xingsha. He flicked his finger, causing the demonic fire to shoot out. At the moment the demonic flame left Wang Lin’s finger, it suddenly grew into a huge flame that colored the clouds purple.

“Demonic flame!” There were people from various sects who had seen a lot, and they were able to immediately identify this flame.

“The Heavenly Fate Sect is all about following one’s desires, so it is not surprising to have someone who can use the demonic flame. However, this person’s very unfamiliar; I never knew that someone like this existed in the purple division!”

“I heard fellow cultivator Zhao call him Seventh Brother. Could this person be the seventh disciple of the purple division? Wasn’t Sun Yun also the seventh brother of the purple division?!”

Various discussions could be heard.

The demonic flame shot out and charged directly at the middle-aged man. Zhao Xingsha’s expression was dark as his hand formed a seal and he softly said, “The Heaven-Earth Mantra of Freedom!”

After he spoke, rings of white light shot out from Zhao Xingsha’s right hand. The rings expanded and quickly surrounded the flame.

Wang Lin revealed a mocking expression and shouted, “Explode!”

In an instant, the demonic flame surrounded by the rings of white light began to flash violently. In almost the blink of an eye, there was a heaven-shattering explosion. The demonic flame had shattered and self destructed.

This explosion came from the inside of the demonic flame. Afterwards, a demonic aura that could only be created by someone who walked the demonic path surged out like crazy.

Countless flaming stars carrying unimaginable power were circling the rings of white light. The rings of white light only resisted for a few moments before they were burned to ashes by the purple flames.

It only took three breaths of time for all the white rings of light to turn into flaming rings and then burn to ashes.

Zhao Xingsha’s expression was very ugly as he quickly retreated. Not only him, but the Second Brother also retreated without any hesitation.

Aside from the two of them, the various cultivators from the other sects all used various techniques to escape after seeing the demonic flame exploding.

The flame that exploded spread more than 1,000 feet before finally dissipating.

All of the tables within 1,000 feet were turned to ash, and even the clouds were completely melted, leaving behind a giant hole.

Wang Lin’s figure moved like lightning. Without a word, he charged with the celestial sword in his hand. He swung the sword and a ray of sword energy more than 10 feet tall descended on the middle-aged man.

The half-moon blade shot out right after the celestial sword was swung.

When the Second Brother realized that he couldn’t retreat fast enough, his hand formed a seal and he shouted, “Forbidden technique, Immortal Demonic Body!”

With that, a series of crackling sounds came from his body. At the moment the sword energy from the celestial sword arrived, he turned into black mist.

The sword energy swung by and split the black mist in half. However, the black mist quickly reformed and moved to the side. The middle-aged man clearly intended to escape.

Wang Lin sneered and threw the celestial sword. Accompanied by Xu Liguo’s roar, the celestial sword chased closely after the black mist.

The half-moon blade was one step faster. He charged into the black mist and rampaged inside. The miserable screams of the middle-aged man could be heard from inside the mist.

Zhao Xingsha stared at Wang Lin with a sneer but didn’t stop him.

Wang Lin didn’t even look at Zhao Xingsha. He took a step and disappeared. When he reappeared, he was at spot where the black mist was going to escape toward.

Wang Lin coldly said, “You won’t be able to get away!”

The scattered black mist was desperately trying to fuse together when the angry roar of the middle-aged man came from within. “Today is Master’s birthday celebration! If you kill me, then you will definitely be kicked out of the sect by Master!”

Wang Lin’s eyes became cold as he slapped his bag of holding and the Soul Lasher appeared in his hand. With one swing, the black mist that was starting to fuse together collapsed again.

At the same time, the middle-aged man’s origin soul was knocked out from the black mist. As soon as the origin soul flew out, Wang Lin’s eyes lit up, he charged out, and reached toward the origin soul.

The origin soul let out a scream and somehow teleported.

Wang Lin’s eyes became gloomy, then he swung the Soul Lasher. He had been using this whip for several months now, so he knew that it could extend indefinitely. Wherever he could see was how far the whip could reach.

With a bang, the origin soul 1,000 feet away trembled and was about to collapse. A deep mark appeared on his back and large amount of celestial spiritual energy essence surged out.

Wang Lin’s body disappeared. When he appeared, he was in front of the origin soul, and he grabbed it.

The origin soul revealed a look of terror and was about to speak when Wang Lin threw him into the soul flag. Wang Lin then turned around to look at Zhao Xingsha, who was watching, and said, “You are next!”

Zhao Xingsha stared at Wang Lin and suddenly smiled. “Seventh Brother, you killed Second Brother and broke a big sect rule. Disciplinary elders, please capture him and send him to Master for judgement!”

Wang Lin’s expression was calm as he coldly said, “Whoever dares to obstruct me is my enemy!” With that, he walked directly toward Zhao Xingsha!

There were several disciplinary elders among the surrounding purple division disciples. After they all looked at each other with hesitation in their eyes, none of them dared to take even half a step out.

Zhao Xingsha’s expression turned ugly, and he took a few steps back. He suddenly turned his head around to look at Bai Wei and Fourth Sister and shouted, “Fourth sister!”

The calm woman raised her head. She calmly looked at Zhao Xingsha and said, “I repaid your favor three months ago and even agreed to not compete with you for the position of true disciple. Now give a good reason why I should help!”

Zhao Xingsha clenched his teeth and said, “Good! Good!” He then turned his head toward Wang Lin. His eyes revealed a hint of dark intentions as he said, “Seventh Brother, I was planning to use this spell during the competition for the spot of true disciple, but since you are forcing me, then I’ll let you have a taste of this spell’s power!”

As Zhao Xingsha spoke, his hand formed a seal and he muttered a very complex chant.

Wang Lin’s expression remained normal as he opened his mouth and the one-billion-soul soul flag appeared. With one shake, the remaining primary souls all appeared.

Under Wang Lin’s command, these primary souls all charged toward Zhao Xingsha.

At the same time, Wang Lin threw something with his right hand, and the beast trap turned into the war chariot and landed on the side.

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