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Chapter 490 – Purple Qi From the East

In the rocky forest tens of thousands of kilometers away from the Heavenly Fate Sect, a long-haired young man was sitting on top of a tree stump. This person was surrounded by a thick aura. When looking at him from a distance, he was a blurr.

The surroundings were extremely quiet when the person suddenly opened his eyes. In the haze that surrounded him, his two eyes were like two bright moons.

At this moment, the sky suddenly changed colors and all the clouds scattered like crazy, revealing a clear sky.

This person raised his hand and gently waved it. The aura around him began to churn like crazy and finally scattered in all directions.

Waves of cracking sounds could be hard as countless cracks appeared across the entire stone forest. The cracking sounds gradually got louder and louder until the entire stone forest turned to dust and disappeared.

In almost the blink of an eye, the surrounding stone forest disappeared, leaving behind only the stump that the long-haired young man was sitting on.

This person’s eyes were as bright as stars when he started to suck with force. All of the aura that had scattered rushed back to him and entered his body through his mouth.

This scene was like a cloud dragon devouring the clouds and drinking the sea. When all of the aura was sucked back into his body, the young man let out a laugh that shook the heavens and earth.

As he laughed, he stood up. His figure wasn’t large, but under the moonlight, he looked like he could carry the sky. His figure would leave an everlasting image in people’s hearts.

“Purple division… I’m coming!” muttered the young man. He was Wang Lin!

Wang Lin’s eyes were calm as he took a step forward and disappeared from the top of the stump. When he reappeared several hundred feet in the air, the silverlight appeared and exerted a powerful force to block him.

His current position was his limit three months ago. Back then, this was as far as he could go. However, now his expression was calm, and rather than slowing down, he sped up like a meteor piercing through the sky.

As a result, the force coming from the silver light quickly increased to an unimaginable degree, causing Wang Lin’s body to pause for a moment.

Looking from a distance, one could clearly see something that looked like a silver mountain rising up toward the sky, and Wang Lin was the peak of the mountain. The silver light extended to the ground like a cone, covering the 10 kilometer area.

Wang Lin’s expression was calm as he raised his right thumb. Rays of light gathered on his thumb until it was so bright that the sky seemed to have lost all light. It was like the thumb was the only thing left in the world.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up, then he pressed his thumb down on the silver light three inches above his head.

At the moment his thumb touched the silver light, there was a flash, and countless cracks appeared on the light screen. From a distance, it looked like the silver mountain was about to collapse.

But in the blink of an eye, the cracks all disappeared and the silver light screen returned to normal. Wang Lin’s expression turned dark. He used the Death Finger on the silver light screen once again.

A loud roar echoed across the area, then the silver light screen shook violently and countless cracks appeared on it once more.

But almost at the same moment the cracks appeared, the silverlight flashed and all the cracks disappeared.

Wang Lin’s face darkened. He let out a snort, then he raised his right index finger and his eyes revealed a demonic light.

Wang Lin softly muttered, “Demonic Finger!” Waves of demonic light appeared in the surroundings and surged toward Wang Lin. At the same time, the celestial spiritual energy inside his body moved toward his index finger.

“Situ once said that the higher my cultivation level is, the stronger the demonic finger will be. I have reached the mid stage of Soul Transformation, so this spell is at least several times more powerful than before. I will definitely be able to break through this formation!”

As celestial spiritual energy surged inside Wang Lin’s body, his complexion changed, and a sense of evil appeared along with a flame in his hand.

A monstrous demonic aura came from the flame in Wang Lin’s hand. This demonic aura released a purple glow that lit up the whole area.

It was as if a demon lord had been born. Wang Lin was covered in a demonic aura right now. All of the celestial spiritual energy gathered on his finger and changed into fuel for the demonic flame. This process caused him no discomfort. Instead, it made him feel very comfortable and was very addicting.

Soon, the purple flame in his hand became brighter and brighter. Compared to the flame he used three months ago, this flame was several times larger.

Wang Lin pointed his finger forward. At this moment, his finger pierced through the force three inches above his head and through the silver light screen.

At the moment his finger pierced through the light screen, the purple flame began to burn like crazy with Wang Lin’s finger as the center point. It was as if a piece of paper was lit on fire; once the fire starts, it spreads like crazy.

In almost an instant, the purple flame spread and burned the light screen from top to bottom. After three breaths of time, the purple flame burned all the way to the ground, creating a circle. This circle was the area Wang Lin was trapped in.

Wang Lin’s eyes were cold and he shot a cold gaze into the distance. The first thing he needed to do was return to the Heavenly Fate Sect, but he was unfamiliar with the area and had no idea how to get back.

His eyes lit up, then he slapped his bag of holding and a soul flag flew out. He shook the soul flag and an origin soul came out.

Wang Lin calmly said, “Cao Yidou!”

The origin soul shook and then suddenly opened his eyes. First he looked at Wang Lin and then at his surrounding. His eyes suddenly lit up as he looked at the surroundings; this caused his eyes to become even brighter.

The origin soul quickly exclaimed, “This… this is planet Tian Yun!”

This Cao Yidou was someone Wang Lin took under him when he went to the Corpse Sect. Wang Lin was unfamiliar with planet Tian Yun and could easily get lost. Because of this, he had an idea and was willing to use the promise of finding this person a Soul Transformation body in order to make Cao Yidou loyally follow him and act as his guide.

Wang Lin quickly asked, “Cao Yidou, do you know how to get to the Heavenly Fate Sect from here?”

Caos Yidou revealed a pondering expression before pointing to the west and saying, “About 300,000 kilometers west of here should be the Heavenly Fate Sect.”

Wang Lin raised his head and looked toward the direction that Cao Yidou pointed in. He then put Cao Yidou away and charged toward the west like crazy.

Wang Lin’s speed had reached his limit; his flight created waves of thunderous roars and sonic booms that echoed across the land. Wang Lin looked like a line shooting across the sky as he flew toward the Heavenly Fate Sect at top speed.

As he flew, his eyes became colder and colder. From the day he got here, the people of the purple division had been trying to suppress him. Wang Lin had endured and endured, and he finally acted domineering for once to change the situation. However, Zhao Xingsha got outside help, moved Wang Lin out of the purple division, and finally trapped him.

If it wasn’t for the fact that Wang Lin’s cultivation was already at the edge of a breakthrough and he just happened to have enough celestial jades, he really would have been trapped here for several years. By the time he was freed, his life and death would not be in his hands anymore.

“My way has always been ‘if one does not mess with me, I won’t mess with them.’ However, if they dare to mess with me, then I’ll kill them!” Wang Lin’s eyes were ice cold as he charged toward the Heavenly Fate Sect. At some point, his body trembled slightly before he teleported.

Just like this, Wang Lin would teleport every now and then along the way. In the afternoon of the second day, he saw the Heavenly Fate Sect in the distance.

The current Heavenly Fate Sect was extremely lively and filled with the festive sound of people celebrating. There were countless banquets going on throughout the seven divisions, and all kinds of celestial fruits and wines were being served.

After the seven days of celebration, the All-Seer was going to teach dao. After that, the yellow and purple divisions will compete for their respective true disciple position. These various things will lead this month-long celebration to its climax.

In the purple division, someone used a powerful spell to gather clouds toward the purple division’s area. Then that person used a spell to make the cloud as hard as earth.

From a distance, the entire purple division had this layer of cloud over it like it was the Celestial Realm. On top of the white clouds sat countless small tables, and many purple division disciples were serving the guests on the clouds.

The people celebrating at the purple division were all people from sects on planet Tian Yun. There were people with high cultivation levels among these people, but not many. These sects were considered the weakest of planet Tian Yun and could only stay at the purple division for the duration of the celebration.

On the clouds above the purple division, senior apprentice brother Zhao Xingsha was naturally sitting at the head position. On his right sat the Second Brother, then Third Brother, and after that was the late stage Soul Transformation Fourth Sister. After that there were three empty seats.

Fifth sister was being punished, so she was in closed door cultivation, Sixth Brother was out adventuring and hasn’t come back, and Seventh Brother Wang Lin was absent. This was why there were three empty seats.

On Zhao Xingsha’s left sat six elders all dressed in various types of clothing. These six people were all head elders of sects on planet Tian Yun. The weakest was at the early stage of Ascendant, and the strongest was already at the peak of the late stage of Ascendant.

Even so, because their sects weren’t very powerful, they could only sit here.

“Today is the seventh day of Master’s birthday celebration, and tomorrow is when Master will teach dao. Everyone, if my purple division was lacking in anyway in serving you all, I hope you all didn’t mind!” Zhao Xingsha stood up with a smile. He held the wine cup in his hand, paid his respects to everyone, and then drank it all in one gulp.

Although Zhao Xingsha’s words were plain, with the help of a spell, everyone within 50 kilometers could hear him. The surrounding people all picked up their wine and paid their respects as well.

Just at this moment, a ray of purple light was coming from the east side, and it was charging directly toward this place.

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