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Chapter 492 – Ancient Demon

Zhao Xingsha suddenly looked up, and an illusion of a giant demon appeared above his head. This demon was more than 1,000 feet tall and had two horns. Although it was a blurry illusion, it released a powerful demonic aura.

This demon was very large and buff, and there were faint, blue lines glowing on the demon’s blurry body. Its large hand with nails that looked like swords showed just how abnormal this thing was.

At this moment, the demon’s eyes were closed, but its head was waving back a forth as if it could awaken at any time.

The further you look down from the head, the more blurry the illusion was. Below it was a pale-faced Zhao Xingsha. It was clear that the burden of using this spell was not small.

There was a strange symbol flickering on Zhao Xingsha’s forehead. Every time this symbol flashed, the demon would become more solid, and at the same time, Zhao Xingsha’s body would weaken.

The moment this object appeared, all of the members of the various sects were shocked and quickly scattered.

Even the six Ascendant cultivators revealed mysterious lights in their eyes.

The one person who hadn’t said a single word in the past seven days, the one whose attention only shifted when he saw Wang Lin use the demonic flame, the only late stage Ascendant cultivator here, the head elder of the Water Cloud Sect, frowned and softly said, “Ancient Demon!”

His voice was uncertain, as even he wasn’t sure.

An old man next to Jiang Tianzun said, in a serious tone, “Fellow cultivator Jiang, could this really be the legendary Ancient Demon that once appeared in the past?”

Jiang Tianzun pondered a bit before answering, “It’s very similar!”

Although the primary souls Wang Lin sent out saw the demon, they still jumped at Zhao Xingsha.

Zhao Xingsha’s eyes revealed a mysterious light as he raised his hand and pointed at the void. As he moved, the giant illusion above him moved as well. The hand of the giant demon slowly rose and also pointed at the void like Zhao Xingsha did.

A complex aura suddenly began to spread from Zhao Xingsha’s fingers. In truth, the aura was coming from the finger of the illusion above Zhao Xingsha.

This aura was far more powerful than spiritual energy and was no weaker than celestial spiritual energy; it was equal to the power of Wang Lin’s demonic flame’s explosion.

Jian Tianzun took a deep breath and said, “Demonic power!”

Wang Lin’s eyes became serious when he saw a red vortex appear where Zhao Xingsha pointed. The primary souls lost control and began to be sucked toward the red vortex.

Zhao Xingsha’s face was pale, but the the illusion’s face started to turn blue, and its eyes trembled as if it could awaken at any time.

Wang Lin’s eyes became cold. With one though, the soul flag appeared in his hand. With one shake, the flag grew, then it pulled the primary souls out from the red vortex.

At the moment Wang Lin recovered the primary souls, the demon above Zhao Xingsha let out an earth-shattering roar. Its eyes suddenly opened, revealing a gaze that could cause any lifeform’s heart to tremble if they looked at it. Its eyes were very cold, even colder than those who had cultivated ruthlessness, and they pierced the bones more than those that cut off all emotions.

Wang Lin had only seen this kind of gaze from the heavens’ messenger!

After opening its eyes, this giant demon illusion raised its right hand and reached toward Wang Lin. At the same time, Zhao Xingsha also raised his hand as if he had lost control of his body.

Wang Lin didn’t say a word as he quickly backed up and began to form seals. He then backed up next to the war chariot and hit it with his palm.

A loud roar came from the war chariot when the spirit beast that refused to bow down to anything appeared. Its vicious eyes immediately focused on the demon, and it let out another roar. The spirit beast immediately charged out toward the demon, not caring about anything else.

The demon’s eyes lit up. It gave up on Wang Lin and turned toward the spirit beast. After changing its target, it suddenly reached out toward the spirit beast.

The spirit beast’s unyielding roar filled the area as it pulled the war chariot to directly smash into the demon.

However, after a thunderous roar echoed due to the collision, the spirit beast went through the demon’s hand and went directly into the body of the demon.

The giant demon revealed a mysterious expression and then reached its hand into its chest. It somehow dragged the spirit beast out from its chest, then it coldly looked at the spirit beast and was about to devour it.

“Evil creature! Stop for this old man!” A roar suddenly came from the main sect of the Heavenly Fate Sect.

After this sound appeared, the demon revealed a struggling expression before letting out a sigh and letting the spirit beast go. Its body immediately shrank until it was a ray of green light, then it returned to Zhao Xingsha.

The symbol on Zhao Xingsha’s forehead flashed violently a few more times before finally starting to disappear. Zhao Xingsha coughed out a mouthful of blood as he suppressed the backlash. He then stared at Wang Lin and revealed an eerie smile.

After the spirit beast was released, it didn’t struggle nor roar. It glanced at Zhao Xingsha before returning to the war chariot and changing back into the beast trap.

At this moment, a red cloud flew over from the horizon, and a large amount of red clouds began to gather until they took the shape of an old man wearing a red robe. This person’s face was fiery red, he was covered in the smell of wine, and he was carrying a big gourd behind him. After he appeared, he burped, rolled his eyes, and scolded, “What are you guys fighting for? If it wasn’t for you guys fighting, how could this old man be sent by the All-Seer, that old bag of bones, to punish you guys? I was only half way through drinking my wine!”

Wang Lin’s expression was calm as he grabbed the beast trap. He then moved to the table and pulled out a chair three seats away from Fourth Sister. This was his seat.

He waved his sleeve and then sat down.

Zhao Xingsha looked at the red-faced old man, clasped his hands, and said, “Disciple greets Uncle-Master Chi Lie.”

The red-faced old man looked at Zhao Xingsh and asked, “You know me?”

Zhao Xingsha nodded and respectfully said, “When disciple entered the Heavenly Fate Sect 2,000 years ago, I met Uncle-Master once.”

The old man snorted and said, “Even if you know, it is useless. The demon spirit in your body has just began to grow and yet you tried to use it by force. Just wait for your master’s punishment!” With that, he reached out and grabbed Zhao Xingsha, then his gaze shifted to Wang Lin. He revealed a look of interest and smiled. “Little fellow, your master has high hopes for you. This senior apprentice brother of yours won’t appear in the competition for the true disciple spot for your Purple Division, so you can relax!”

With that, the old man clasped his hands at the surrounding cultivators and said, “I believe there are a few cultivators here that know me. Today, the battle between the junior of the Purple Division has ruined the mood. I hope you guys won’t take offense!”

Jiang Tianzu looked at Chi Lie and quickly and respectfully said, “Senior is overthinking it. How could our mood be ruined by this? In fact, the fight between the juniors let all of us feel relief, because the Purple Division will have strong successors!”

After he finished speaking, someone else immediately followed. Soon, almost every cultivator present voiced the same opinion.

Chi Lie laughed as he shook his head and said, “Don’t give these two unruly disciples any praise. Tomorrow will be when my senior apprentice brother, the All-Seer, will teach dao. Everyone, I still have important matters to attend to, so I’ll be taking my leave.”

With that, Chi Lie moved with Zhao Xingsha in his hand. He charged out as a red cloud and disappeared into the horizon.

Wang Lin hadn’t said a word since the old man appeared. He poured himself a cup and drank it all in one gulp. His eyes were filled with a pondering light.

“What kind of spell did Zhao Xingsha just use? It didn’t look like a domain attack, and it was similar to an ancient god’s technique. From what the old man said, that was a demon spirit that had just formed in Zhao Xingsha’s body and couldn’t be freely used.”

As he pondered, quite a few people from various sects came to toast to Wang Lin.

Wang Lin’s battle earlier showed him easily killing the Purple Division’s Second Brother and forcing the senior brother to use his ace. But anyone could tell that the spell Zhao Xingsha used was one that inflicted heavy injuries upon himself as well. Everyone could tell from Zhao Xingsha’s face that he was going to suffer a powerful backlash.

And the Seventh Brother didn’t even act personally; he only used magic treasures to fight. Although they weren’t certain about who the winner would be if the fight went on, from how Chi Li spoke, everyone could tell how important this Seventh Brother was to the All-Seer.

Otherwise, why would only Zhao Xingsha get taken away while the Seventh Brother was left with kind words?

Cultivators all become more cunning the older they get, and the people who came to the celebration were not simple. In their eyes, Wang Lin was definitely going to be a true disciple, so becoming friends with him now will definitely be beneficial in the future.

Due to this reasons, there were many people who came to give toasts to Wang Lin.

Wang Lin put away his thoughts and greeted everyone with a smile. He wanted to have a solid footing on planet Tian Yun, so there was no harm in making friends outside of the sect.

On the last day of the seven day festival, the Purple Division’s celebration reached its climax when Wang Lin replaced Zhao Xingsha as the center of attention and drank with everyone.

As for Bai Wei and Fourth Sister, not many people went to greet them. In comparison, they looked quite lonely.

As the night approached, the people began to scatter. Wang Lin held a wine cup as he toasted with Jiang Tianzun. After Jiang Tianzun left, Wang Lin’s gaze moved to the Fourth Sister.

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