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Chapter 489 – Birthday Celebration

Wang Lin moved through the forest like a bolt of lightning. After many tests, he found the border of this forest.

The border was surrounded by the silver light, and there was no way for him to break out of it.

In the end, he decided to sit down and then he slapped his bag of holding. Countless celestial jades flew out and circled around him. From a distance, Wang Lin was very eye-catching due to being in the center of all those celestial jades.

His eyes were currently as bright as torches. He pointed at the celestial jades, and suddenly one of them flew over to the tip of his finger.

At the moment Wang Lin’s finger touched the celestial jade, waves of cracking sounds could be heard, and a large amount of cracks appeared on it. Its color went from milky white to grey and then it shattered into dust and fell to the ground. Before the dust could land, it was blow away by the current of air created by the orbiting celestial jades and scattered across the area.

After one jade shattered, another one flew over. Right now Wang Lin’s finger was like a flame in the night and the celestial jades were like moths desperately pouncing toward the flames.

One piece, two pieces, three pieces, four pieces… a large number of celestial jades had turned to dust from having all of their celestial spiritual energy extracted. This process continued for a while longer.

Wang Lin’s posture didn’t changed at all as he absorbed celestial spiritual energy, condensed it, and fused it with his body.

Time slowly passed. Wang Lin had already forgotten about the passage of time, because was focusing all of his attention on cultivating and absorbing celestial spiritual energy.

A golden halo gradually formed behind Wang Lin. This halo was filled with celestial spiritual energy and was very tyrannical.

This halo of celestial spiritual energy forms when one fills their body with celestial spiritual energy. Once it is fused with their body, it will make the amount of celestial spiritual energy one can hold increase, enabling them to freely use more celestial spiritual energy.

Wang Lin didn’t stop cultivating for even a moment. Right now there were only a few celestial jades still circling around him. He reached in with his divine sense and even more celestial jades flew out from his bag.

At this moment, Wang Lin’s eyes were well hidden; it was like there were churning clouds covering up his intentions. He gazed at the surrounding celestial jades and, after pondering for a bit, began to absorb!

All of the celestial jades surrounding Wang Lin began to collapse from the inside out. This collapse expanded really quickly, so after a few moments, the cracks had reached the surface.

An endless supply of celestial spiritual energy came out from the collapsing celestial jades, and without exception, all of the celestial spiritual energy surged toward Wang Lin.

After the celestial spiritual energy entered his body, Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he focused all of his attention on cultivation.

Three months of time passed in the blink of eye. This was the day of a great celebration that only took place every 10,000 years on planet Tian Yun. Today was the ten-thousand-year jubilee of the All-Seer.

The All-Seer had a birthday celebration every 10,000 years. Very few people nowadays knew
how many times he had celebrated his birthday.

But without exception, every time he celebrated, the entire planet would join in on the festivities; even the Cultivation Alliance would send someone over to attend.

Even for a rank 7 cultivation planet, it was very rare to have someone from the Cultivation Alliance attend.

One month ago, the purple fog defensive formation was changed into a purple belt around the planet, and countless Heavenly Sect disciples were sent out to greet the guests.

Unlike the outsiders, many of the natives of planet Tian Yun also arrived with gifts.

A large amount of people from the five smaller planets around planet Tian Yun came to celebrate the All-Seer’s birthday as well.

Even those old monsters who controlled the outer planets by themselves all came to planet Tian Yun.

It can be said that there was no one on planet Tian Yun who didn’t know of this event. In the month leading up to the celebration, a large amount of housing was built for the guests.

All of the disciples in the seven divisions of the Heavenly Fate Sect were extremely busy. With a large amount of people from the other sects and from outside the planet gathered in one place, exchanges and conversations were unavoidable. No one who could be here was weak, so exchanging with each other was very beneficial for them.

On this day, the person in charge of greeting people arriving on planet Tian Yun was the purple division’s senior apprentice brother, Zhao Xingsha. He was wearing a purple robe embroidered with golden silk veins, his token was hanging on his shoulder, and an ancient sword was on his back. He looked very elegant, and adding on his gentle smile, anyone who saw him would have good feelings toward him.

Right now he was standing on top of the purple mist while staring down at the planet. He let out a smile and muttered to himself, “This is the first time I have been to Master’s birthday celebration, and I did indeed meet a lot of friends. Especially that Yun Luo Sect’s junior sect master, his cultivation is pretty good and his personality is to my liking.

“Unfortunately, Seventh Brother will not be able to make friends. Seventh Brother, there was never any animosity between us, but you should have never tried to fight with me for the title of true disciple!

“Master’s birthday celebration will be when my purple division’s true disciple is selected! Second Brother has already given up, I don’t consider Third Brother worthy of being my enemy, and as for Fourth Sister, if she tries to compete with me, I naturally have ways of dealing with her. Fifth sister was sent to the heavenly prison for closed door cultivation by Master as punishment, and Sixth Brother went out to train himself. Whether he is alive or dead is unknown, so he might not even make it back. Thus, the title of the purple division’s true disciple is mine for the taking!”

Zhao Xingsha’s eyes revealed a mysterious light and his mouth formed a faint smile.

The purple mist suddenly began to move, so Zhao Xingsha put on his gentle smile and looked into the distance.

He could see a giant, golden war chariot slowly flying toward the planet. This war chariot was simply too big; it was at least thousands of feet wide. There were four giant demonic beasts pulling the chariot, which was how it was able to move so fast.

Before it even got close, one could hear thunderous roars coming from that direction.

The roars came from the four beasts pulling the chariot. Their bodies were enormous, and they were a type of beast that could fly for short distances in space. Although they couldn’t use any spells, they shouldn’t be underestimated.

There were 10 people standing on 10 different spots this war chariot. They were all wearing silver robes and had cold expressions.

At the center of the chariot was a chair, and there was a person lying on the chair. This person was extremely fat; he looked like a ball sitting on a chair. But his skin was as smooth and clear as crystal; anyone who looked at it would consider it dazzling.

At the moment Zhao Xingsha saw the gold war chariot, he was shocked. He immediately went up and respectfully said, “Junior is the Heavenly Fate Sect’s purple division’s disciple, Zhao Xingsha. Greetings, senior Golden Devil.”

When the golden war chariot stopped 100 feet away from Zhao Xingsha, a powerful aura quickly locked onto him. It was the vicious gazes of those four vicious beasts. Some of them even had drool dripping down from the corner of their mouths.

On the top of the golden war chariot, the 10 people silently stared at Zhao Xingsha with cold gazes.

Cold sweat flowed down from Zhao Xingsha’s forehead. He had lost a bit of his composure because he knew the identity of the Golden Devil.

This Golden Devil was the ruler of one of the smaller planets in the system. He ruled a planet by himself and was very domineering; if anyone dared to mess with him, he would try to get revenge regardless of the consequences. This person favored his own people a lot and was an eccentric. He would often kill people without a thought, and countless people had died by his hands on a whim.

This person’s cultivation was too powerful. Aside from a few select people, no one could stop him. Rumor has it that this Golden Devil’s cultivation was past the Illusionary Yin and Corporeal Yang stage and had stepped into the legendary realm.

The ball of meat sitting on the chair frowned and shouted, “What is this little boy standing there startled for? Lead the way!”

Zhao Xingsha took a deep breath. The gentle smile returned to his face, and he respectfully said, “This way, senior!” He waved his hand, causing the purple mist to move and reveal a long passage.

Under Zhao Xiangsha’s guidance, the giant golden chariot slowly flew toward planet Tian Yun.

Scenes similar to this took place multiple times a day on planet Tian Yun. As the various powerful cultivators around planet Tian Yun arrived, discussions of them became quite common.

There were often exchanges in pointers, but everyone knew their place, so nothing too extreme happened.

The area of the seven divisions of the Heavenly Fate Sect as well as tens of thousands of kilometers outside the divisions was completely filled with luxurious lofts. These lofts had all been built within a few months by using spells. Their only purpose was to provide a resting place for the guests.

If someone looked at the Heavenly Fate Sect from above at this moment, they would see a mountain at the center. This mountain was where the main sect of the Heavenly Fate Sect was located, and around it were seven different-colored stars. These seven stars were the seven divisions of the Heavenly Fate Sect.

Outside of that was endless sea of lofts that seemed to extend indefinitely. Every time the All-Seer holds a birthday celebration, the amount of people that attend is unimaginable.

But in the end, the amount of people that can enter the main sect of the Heavenly Fate Sect never exceeded 100. Sometimes it was only a few dozen people.

People continued to arrive until the day of the All-Seer’s birthday finally arrived!

On this day, there were no clouds in the sky. The sky was a calm blue, and the gentle breeze carried the fragrance of flowers. There was total of eight locations for the birthday celebration.

There was a celebration going on at each of the seven divisions.

Aside from the celebrations at the seven divisions, the last one was at the main sect, and this was where the main celebration was at. Anyone who could be here was not an ordinary person.

The Golden Devil wasn’t qualified to be there. Even with his status, he could only be at one of the sub celebrations.

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