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Chapter 488 – Cultivating while trapped

Wang Lin appeared outside the seventh floor of the treasure pavilion. Right after he appeared, he turned into a ray of light and flew off into the distance.

Along the way, Wang Lin moved very fast and charged directly toward the Purple Forest Pavilion. Now that he had enough celestial jades, he planned to enter closed door cultivation to absorb them all and reach the mid stage of Soul Transformation as soon as possible. Then, he would be able to fight for the position of true disciple in three months!

Wang Lin moved very fast, creating sonic booms which made him very noticeable in this quiet Purple Division Mountain. At this moment, right below where Wang Lin flew over, there was an elegant bamboo porch with three old men sitting on it. The three of them were all disciplinary elders of the purple division. One of them looked up at where Wang Lin disappeared to before letting out a snort and saying, with a dissatisfied tone, “This Wang Lin is too arrogant. He dares to use such speed inside the sect grounds!”

The old man beside him shook his head and said, “Unless they betray the sect, it is best not to mess with the ancestor’s disciples. Although this person’s cultivation level isn’t high, he has plenty of battle experience. Even if the three of us work together, it would at most be a tie.”

The last person picked up a purple teacup, took a sip, and said, “This is not something we should worry about. The competition between the ancestor’s disciples is extremely fierce. The three of us have been in this sect for thousands of years; have you still not seen through it all?”

The three silently pondered.

Wang Lin flew full speed the entire way and shortly after arrived back at the Purple Forest Pavilion. He descended to the ground, leaving an arc of light behind.

The moment he landed, his expression changed and he turned around to look into the distance. There was a ray of light coming straight at Wang Lin.

This ray of light disappeared in the air, revealing the figure of a late stage Soul Transformation cultivator. This person was Fourth Sister!

At the same time, there was a flash of light and Zhao Xingsha appeared with a friendly smile.

On his right, accompanied by a flash of purple light, the Second Brother walked out with a gloomy expression.

Wang Lin’s expression remained the same as he calmly looked at the three and said, “Fellow cultivator in hiding, why play this game? Come out!” He didn’t detect anyone else, but seeing how calm the other three were, he knew that they must have backup.

After Wang Lin spoke, a laugh echoed in the void as a blue figure suddenly appeared in the sky. This was a young man who was about 30 years old, but for cultivators, judging people’s age by appearance was moot.

This person was wearing all blue with three blue dragons embroidered on his sleeve.

“Heavenly Fate Sect’s third ranked disciple of the blue division, Sima Rufeng!” This person had a gentle smile, and after he appeared, his gaze landed on Wang Lin.

“Late stage Soul Transformation! And a slightly higher cultivation level than Fourth Sister; he should be at the peak of the late stage of Soul Transformation!” Wang Lin’s pupils shrank by an unnoticeable amount.

Sima Rufeng loudly said, “Junior apprentice brother Wang Lin, although we are not in the same division, I have heard about you. Today I’m going to introduce you to another senior apprentice brother. Brother Wang, since you came, you might as well show yourself.”

“Hmph!” A cold sound came from the void. This voice contained a hint of coldness. Wang Lin turned around to find that someone else had appeared several dozen feet behind him without him knowing.

This person was wearing a blue robe and stood there like a large piece of never-melting ice. After taking one look at Wang Lin, he closed his eyes to rest.

This gaze revealed a sense of coldness like he controlled everything; it was as if Wang Lin was not worthy to get him to act.

“Although he hasn’t reached the Ascendant stage, he is half a foot in…” Wang Lin’s face was gloomy. With the five of them here, their purpose was obvious. He slowly put his hand on his bag of holding.

At this moment, the purple division’s Fourth Sister had a helpless look on her face as she said, “Seventh Brother, I was asked by someone else to act, so I have no choice. I hope you can understand.”

With that, her hand formed a seal, then she pointed at Wang Lin and sang. A ray of silver light came out from her body and covered the surrounding 10 kilometers.

“Forbidden technique — Teleport!” With a shout, the silver light glowed brightly and then disappeared without a trace.

Wang Lin disappeared with the woman.

There was a large forest tens of thousands of kilometers from the Heavenly Fate Sect. The forest was dense with trees that looked like sharp swords pointing into the sky. Even from a distance, one could see that this place was filled with killing intent. Strands of killing intent mysteriously leaked out from the rocks created this large flame of killing intent.

At this moment, waves of silver light suddenly appeared above the forest. This silver light got stronger and stronger until it covered a 10 kilometer of area.

This place was very deserted; if there were any cultivators around, they were rouge cultivators. When they saw the silver light, all of them either escaped or observed, but no one went toward it.

In the middle of the silver light, two figures appeared, one male and one female. The female was very beautiful and was wearing a purple robe that made her look like a celestial. Her flowing black hair gave her a very elegant feel.

The male was also wearing a purple robe, but his eyes were extremely cold. He stood there like a tall tree, aloof and extraordinary.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he calmly said, “Fourth Sister’s forbidden technique has really opened my eyes.”

When she used the technique earlier, Wang Lin clearly felt the surrounding space becoming something like a liquid, making it impossible for him to teleport out.

In addition to all of this, there were four killing intents locked onto Wang Lin. If he tried to move, those four killing intents would attack him.

These four killing intent came from Zhao Xingsha, second brother, and the two from the blue division. Their goal wasn’t to kill Wang Lin but to suppress him.

With several people acting together, Wang Lin didn’t dare to act recklessly, so he just let her teleport him.

The Fourth Sister slowly said, “If Seventh Brother is interested in this spell, I can teach it to you once things are over. However, right now I hope you will quietly go into closed door cultivation here for three years. In three years, I’ll come and free you!”

Wang Lin’s expression remained the same as he looked around. This place was surrounded by mysterious boulders with engravings on them. If one were to look from above, they would clearly see that they were restrictions.

“Does senior apprentice sister think a mere restriction can trap me!?” Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he waved his right hand. A ray of white light appeared and turned into a sword. Wang Lin grabbed the sword and threw it toward a rock on the ground.

But before the sword flew more than 100 feet, it slowed down, shattered into specks of light, and disappeared.

Wang Lin frowned.

“Junior apprentice brother, this restriction was placed by senior apprentice brother himself. Unless he was confident, there is no way he would leave you in here, so don’t waste your energy.” Fourth Sister let out a sigh as she flew outside the range of the silver light.

She turned around and gave Wang Lin a meaningful look before muttering, “Senior apprentice brother, the favor I owe you from back then has been repaid. From now on, there are no more relations between us!” With that, she flew back toward the Heavenly Fate Sect.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up as he watched her figure slowly disappear. His eyes became colder and then he took out the celestial sword. With one swing, a slash of sword energy several feet wide appeared and sliced down on the rock nearby.

At the start, the sword energy was very powerful, but the farther it went, the weaker it became. After three breaths, it completely disappeared.

Wang Lin pondered a bit before charging directly toward the sky. As he flew up, he felt a powerful force preventing him from flying higher.

This force became stronger and stronger as if the heavens were pressing down on him. Not only did he not give up, but he let out a roar and flew even faster; he charged out several hundred more feet.

At this moment, from a distance, one could only see a purple figure charging into the sky above the forest. But a ray of silver light was still just above the person. As the person charged out further, the silver light changed shape with him until it was a long oval.

Veins appeared on Wang Lin’s forehead, then he let out a roar and charged out even more. Right now the force coming from above him was equal to the full power of a late stage Soul Transformation cultivator.

Wang Lin’s face became pale and his body bounced back like a meteor. He flew toward the ground at an unimaginable speed, but when he got close to the ground, his body suddenly spun to dissolve all the force. Eventually, he stood on a rock, stared at the sky with a gloomy expression, and silently pondered.

Shortly after, he slapped his bag of holding and the celestial sword flew out. Wang Lin pointed forward. Xu Liguo understood the order and let out a roar before charging forward.

The half-moon blade quickly followed the celestial sword and they charged into the sky. The force came back again and this time several times stronger than before, causing Xu Liguo to let out a miserable scream.

“Master, it is not possible; I can’t break this strange thing! The little blade can’t break through either.”

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up as he waved his hand and the celestial sword came back. The half-moon blade circled with the sword and let out wave of blade hymns; it seemed very frustrated.

“They want to seal me here until the decision for the true disciple is over. How could I let them do as they wish?! Since this place is desolate, I’ll use this place to cultivate. Once I reach the mid stage of Soul Transformation, I’ll definitely be able to break out and join the fight for the true disciple position!” With that, Wang Lin’s figure disappeared from the rock and he charged into the depths of the forest.

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