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Chapter 480 – Purple Cloud Pavilion

The location of the Earth trial was a red world. Pillars of flame were shooting out from the ground and into the sky.

Wang Lin stood still as he looked around, his expression remaining calm.

“This place tests cultivation, but I don’t know in what way…” Wang Lin stepped forward as he pondered.

Just at this moment, from a crack not far away, a pillar of flame shot into the air. The fire turned into a fiery red figure in the sky.

This person had a head full of red hair that moved without any wind; it looked like many tentacles moving. He had his arms folded before his chest and two ghostly lights appeared on his chaotic face.

A cold voice came from the mouth of the fiery figure. “I’m the Earth trial’s guardian. Defeat me and you may continue.”

Wang Lin calmly looked at the figure, then without a word he charged forward. His hands formed a seal and then he pushed his hand forward.

A vast power suddenly appeared from within Wang Lin and gathered before him.

Wang Lin softly said, “Break!” His body glowed golden and the fiery figure’s eyes suddenly lit up. The figure quickly backed up and moved his folded arms to block.

With a bang, the sand was blown away, then cracks appeared on the earth and began to quickly spread across the ground. The fiery figure quickly backed away. Both of his hands were a bloody mess. After he stopped, he stared at Wang Lin with his fiery eyes.

Wang Lin stopped and put his hand behind his back. He then looked at the figure and calmly said, “Stand down!”

The fiery figure pondered a bit and then bowed toward Wang Lin. He turned back into flame and disappeared into the ground.

Wang Lin calmly looked into the distance. There would probably be more things like this that will test his cultivation.

“There must be someone in the Heavenly Fate Sect spying on me from outside…” Wang Lin let out a faint smile. Rather than keep going forward, he stepped back out.

“I give up the Earth trial!” With that, Wang Lin’s figure disappeared from within the trial.

At this moment, under the Bodhi tree, the gentle-looking man frowned and his eyes filled with uncertainty.

“This person sure was decisive in giving up… Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to use this opportunity to see the extent of his cultivation. However, no matter how powerful he is, an early stage Soul Transformation cultivator is not much.

In an instant, his eyes became clear, he no longer frowned, and the smile returned to his face. He didn’t turn around but gently said, “Third junior apprentice brother, I haven’t seen you in many days. Was your trip smooth?”

“With senior brother thinking of me, of course my trip was smooth.” A feminine voice came from the distance.

At the same time, a young man wearing white walked forward. After a few steps, he arrived under the Bodhi tree. This person was the young man Wang Lin met on the trade planet, Bai Wei!

The gentle-looking man turned around to look at Bai Wei and smiled. “Third junior apprentice brother, did you find the gift for Teacher’s birthday?”

Bai Wei casually looked into the void in the distance and smiled. “The gift I prepared is only a small toy that can’t compare with what senior brother has prepared… What’s this?”

After he spoke, Bai Wei’s eyes became serious as he stared at the void. His eyes revealed a mysterious light.

The gentle-looking man’s heart trembled for a moment and he said, “This person is an honorary disciple that Master picked up on planet Suzaku. He arrived few months ago and is going through the three trials right now. He is currently on the third trial.”

“It’s him….” Bai Wei’s eyes lit up as he said, “So that’s why…”

The gentle-looking mang pretended to casually say, “Master arranged for him to live in the Purple Cloud Pavilion!”

“Purple Cloud Pavilion!” The mysterious light in Bai Wei’s eyes disappeared and was replaced with coldness. After pondering for a while, he slowly said, “Senior brother, I still have important things to do, so I won’t stay. Give me one of your 3,000-year five leaf grasses and I’ll give you a fire crystal for it. How about it?”

The gentle-looking man laughed and said, “That’s fine. Just go to my cave and have the boy bring it for you.”

Bai Wei clasped his hands. After taking a deep gaze at the void, he disappeared.

The friendly-looking man rubbed his chin and revealed a tired look as he thought, “Why did master arrange for this person to stay at the Purple Cloud Pavilion… If he was assigned elsewhere, he would have a smoother path, but now he is thrown directly into the fire…”

The Heaven trial tests one’s domain!

At this moment inside the Heaven trial, Wang Lin was sitting in the lotus position with his eyes closed. He was thinking.

After giving up the Earth trial, he entered here and began the trial here. He has been sitting here for 30 days now.

In these 30 days of time, Wang Lin was constantly pondering the mysteries of the Heaven trial. When he was here he felt that his domain was closest to the heavens. When he was here he felt like he could touch the heavens by just raising his hand.

Time slowly passed. Wang Lin has already forgotten about the concept of time. He just sat there motionless and the entire time he never brought out his domain.

Wang Lin wasn’t in a rush, so as he continued to sit there, he had a vague feeling that he had reached the boundary of something. Combining all the cycles and experiences he had been through, the word Dao slowly appeared inside his soul.

This was the 51st day that Wang Lin spent been inside the Heaven Trial. On this day, he opened his eyes and awakened from his cultivation.

There was no light in his eyes, but there was a mysterious light flicking within him. He sat there thinking and then revealed a faint smile.

“The Human, Earth, and Heaven trials are not tests but opportunities. If you understand them, then you understand them; if you gain enlightenment, then you gain enlightenment. So that’s how it is…”

Wang Lin stretched his hands and stood up looking around. He let out a smile and said, “I give up the Heaven trial.”

After saying that, the world around him became blurry as if it was spinning. It spun rapidly with Wang Lin at the center and then everything around him disappeared without a trace.

Wang Lin was still standing where he was before. Right now there was a person wearing purple in front of him. There was a gentle smile on his face as he looked at Wang Lin.

“Junior apprentice brother Wang Lin, I’m Zhao Xingsha. Among master’s first generation disciples, I’ve been in the sect for the longest. You can call me Eldest Brother.”

Wang Lin looked at this person, then he clasped his hands and said, “Wang Lin greets Eldest Brother.”

Zhao Xingsha faintly smiled, then he gestured his hand and said, “Follow me, junior apprentice brother Wang Lin. Master has already arranged for you to live in the Purple Cloud Pavilion.”

With that, Zhao Xingsha led the way and Wang Lin followed.

The two of them turned into two rays of light and went deep into the mountains.

As they flew, Zhao Xingsha talked all the way, giving some detailed descriptions of the Heavenly Fate Sect.

This person was filled with humor and had a way with words. He was able to get the point across easily, and this allowed Wang Lin to have a simple understanding of the Heavenly Fate Sect.

Wang Lin asked, “Eldest Brother Zhao, how many disciple does Senior All-Seer have?”

Zhao Xingsha faintly smiled, then his right hand formed a seal and pointed before him. The clouds before them suddenly shattered, creating a passage. As he moved toward the passage, he laughed and said, “Junior apprentice brother, Master has accepted a total of seven disciples. We are split into red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue, and purple. The two of us belong to the purple division.”

“The purple division…” Wang Lin’s eyes lit up.

Zhao Xingsha let out a sigh and said, “Among the seven divisions, our purple division is the weakest. Ah, once you have been here for a while, you will naturally find out, so I won’t say too much.”

After flying for a while through the mountains, a peak that went into the clouds appeared before them. There was a very luxurious tower on the mountain peak. This tower released a purple glow that lit up the surrounding area.

The tower was like the source of all the purple in the world; just looking at it would cause one’s heart to tremble.

“Junior apprentice brother Wang Lin, follow me!” Zhao Xingsha charged directly to the mountain top and Wang Lin closely followed.

There were countless Heavenly Sect disciples cultivating on the top of the mountain and at the foot of the tower. Looking at them all, there were at least 10,000 people.

At the back of the mountain were countless houses covering the entire mountain. There were disciples that were learning dao, practicing techniques, or cultivating.

With just once glance, Wang Lin calculated that there were at least 100,000 disciples here.

This mountain was simply too large, especially the back mountain, which seemed endless. It was like a giant dragon was lying there. If one wasn’t carefully, he would easily lose himself in this enormous sect.

Zhao Xingsha clasped his hands and faintly smiled. “This place is the purple division of the Heavenly Fate Sect. Junior apprentice brother Wang Lin, to the west is where the Purple Cloud Pavilion lies. If you spread out your divine sense, you will find it. I still have important things to do, so I won’t accompany you!”

Wang Lin nodded, clasped his hands at Zhao Xingsha, and flew toward the west like lightning.

Zhao Xingsha’s face still revealed that gentle smile without any change, but a mysterious light flashed across his eyes.

As Wang Lin flew, he let out a cold snort. The first moment Wang Lin saw Zhao Xingsha, he recognized him as the person who tried to interrupt him in the Human trial. However, Wang Lin’s ability to scheme was deep, so he kept up a good poker face.

Shortly after, Wang Lin spread out his divine sense and found a palace giving off a faint, purple aura. On the front of the palace were three large words: “Purple Cloud Pavilion”.

“This Heavenly Fate Sect is simply too big. If just the purple division is already so large, I wonder how big the other six divisions are. The main sect must be even more unimaginable than this.” Wang Lin’s eyes lit up as he landed before the Purple Cloud Pavilion.

Just as he was about to take a step forward, he frowned and stared into the palace.

He saw a person walk out from the Purple Cloud Pavilion. This person was a woman wearing a purple dress that was dotted by golden flowers. She had a cute and charming face, but right now it was filled with killing intent as she stared at Wang Lin.

“You can’t enter here!”

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