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Chapter 479 – Dao

“Interesting! This person’s method is the same as junior apprentice brother Sun Yun’s! However, junior apprentice brother Sun Yun lasted 67 days. I wonder how long he will be able to last!” The gentle-looking man rubbed his chin and revealed an impossible to see through smile.

His gaze was calm, but there was a hint of a mysterious light that flashed across his eyes.

The three trials of the Heavenly Fate Sect were created by the All-Seer personally. He split open the void to create a special space for the three trials to take place.

Only after passing the three trials can someone have the qualification of becoming a Heavenly Fate Sect disciple. This was a rule set in stone, so no one could change this.

At this moment, inside the Human trial, there was a veil covering an entire area. At the center of this area lied a paradise-like place.

This place was filled with flowers, birds, and willow trees. There were a few barks from dogs as well, but instead of breaking the tranquility, they were more like barks for waking someone from their sleep.

This paradise was a village. Although there weren’t many villagers, they all respected each other and got along very well.

The third house from the northern end of the village had its own courtyard. Although humble, if anyone took a look at it, they would think it was very comfortable. There were a few spikes of golden hair tail grass before the gate, showing that it was spring.

There was a big pile of firewood inside the yard and nearby there were a few wooden chairs with a wooden table in the middle. On top of the table sat a teapot and some teacups.

At this moment, an old man filled with wrinkles was sitting on the chair and drinking tea.

Although this person’s hair was all white, he didn’t look old at all. After drinking the tea, he raised his head and looked into the house.

Inside the house a young boy was holding a small knife and carving on a piece of red wood.

The old man revealed a gentle smile. He was extremely tranquil as he looked at the boy.

Shortly after, the boy’s nose wrinkled, then he looked up at the old man and immediately ran up to him. He asked, with a tender voice, “Who are you exactly?”

The old man put down the teacup, rubbed the boy’s head, and smiled. “I am who you say I am…”

The boy was about to speak, but just at this moment, a serious voice came from inside the house. “Hu Zi, don’t bug your grandfather. Go back to carving!”

Along with the voice, a middle-aged man opened the curtain and walked out from the house.

The boy didn’t turn around; he let out a sigh before giving a deep glance at the old man. He then returned to the house and began to carve once more. However, there was deep doubt in his eyes.

The man watched the boy for a bit, then he sat down next to the old man, poured the old man same tea, and said, “Dad I’m going to go into the mountain tomorrow.”

The old man was still looking gently at the boy. After hearing the middle-aged man, he nodded and didn’t say anything.

“What are you going into the mountain for?” The voice of a woman came from the entrance. An old woman with a head full of white hair holding a basket of vegetables walked in.

The middle-aged man quickly got up, accepted the basket, and said, “Mother, I heard from Er Niu from the east side of the village that there might be a tiger in the mountains. So we are going together with a few people to see if it’s there. If we are lucky, we can get a tiger skin to make a new coat for father.”

The old woman opened her mouth as if she wanted to say something, but she looked at the old man still staring at his grandson before letting out a sigh and shaking her head in silence.

The days passed day by day, but the middle-aged man still hadn’t returned after he left…

The old woman waited eagerly day and night, but what finally returned was an incomplete corpse. She passed out from grief and never awakened again.

Now only the grandfather and grandson were left in this house.

The boy was still learning how to carve and the old man was still watching from the side…

On this day, the old man softly asked, “Did you finish learning how to carve?”

The boy raised his head, calmly looked at the old man, and said, “I still haven’t. Carving is too difficult; no matter what I do, I can’t seem to learn it…”

The old man pondered a bit, then he let out a sigh and said, “How many times have you tried?”

The boy raised his head, calmly looked at the old man, and said, “This is the 83rd time. The next time is not far off.”

The old man sighed. “Still not willing to end it?”

The boy looked up at the sky. Shortly after, he shook his head and said, “Why must it end? This kind of life is pretty good besides the fact that I don’t know who you are!”

“You repeated this cycle countless times, and every time the things that happen are set; there will be no change. You knew that everyone who left wouldn’t come back because you have experienced all of this countless times. Can you still not see through it? What exactly are you doing?” The old man raised the teacup and placed it next to his mouth, but he didn’t drink.

The boy withdrew his gaze, looked at the wood carving in his hand, and after a long time he said, “Is it time to end… no, it’s not…”

Inside the Heavenly Fate Sect, under the Bodhi tree, the gentle-looking man’s expression became very serious. He stared at the emptiness before him and his eyes darkened.

“83 days… this person is definitely not ordinary! Even junior apprentice brother Sun Yun only lasted 67 days! Although the three trials are a test, if one can gain enlightenment from them, then it is a heavenly opportunity! The three trials are things each person can only experience once in their lifetime, and master spent a lot of effort to build them! This Wang Lin can last 83 days in the first trial… this person… can’t stay!”

His face became even gloomier and his expression was indecisive. Then his hands formed a seal and a rainbow-colored light appeared from his hands.

“Future junior apprentice brother, let me help you!” With that, he pointed forward and the rainbow-colored light disappeared into the distance.

Inside the Human trial, the boy was still carving when he suddenly raised his head. In the sky, a ray of rainbow-colored light appeared, releasing rays of blinding light.

This ray of light was very aggressive; wherever it shined, the paradise melted away like a hot iron was placed in snow.

The fragrance of flowers no longer covered the area.

The houses of the village all disappeared, turning into white smoke that slowly dissipated.

The houses disappeared one by one under the light’s glow until only the third house from the northern end of the village remained.

The boy’s gaze revealed a mysterious light, then he stopped carving and suddenly waved the knife in his hand. A ray of silver light shot out into the rainbow-colored light in the sky.

An earth-shattering sound came from the sky, then the shockwave knocked away all the haze surrounding the area.

The rainbow-colored light began to flicker like a candle blown by the wind. But soon, the rainbow-colored light began to glow mysteriously and fuse back together. The rainbow colored light turned into a pair of eyes that seemed like it could see through anything, and its gaze landed on the boy.

The boy’s eyes became cold, then he waved his right hand and all the pieces of wood in the yard flew into the air. The boy’s hand quickly moved, sending out a massive amount of waves of silver light toward the wood shavings that had fallen to the ground. In an instant, carvings of the houses and villagers appeared.

The boy shook his hand again and all the carvings were lit up by a ghostly flame. The flame was small at first but quickly grew and began to spread.

The village, villagers, flowers, birds, and etc all reappeared. This place once again returned to a paradise.

“I don’t know who you are, but disappear now!” Although the boy’s voice was soft, it was filled with killing intent.

The pair of eyes in the sky stared at the boy and shortly after disappeared.

Under the Bodhi tree in the Heavenly Fate Sect, the gentle-looking man’s eyes lit up and he muttered to himself, “So that’s how it is. This person’s dao is related to the reincarnation cycle; it’s no wonder he was able to last 83 days. Every day he experiences one reincarnation cycle and thus increases his comprehension of the reincarnation cycle…”

Inside the Human trial, the old man let out a sigh, stood up, looked at the boy, and softly said, “The 84th time is about to start. Do you still want to continue?”

The boy lowered his head to look at the wood carving that he still hadn’t managed to complete after 83 cycles. The carving was that of a woman…

“Let’s continue… this is dao seeking… and the true meaning behind the Human trial!”

Deep inside the Heavenly Fate Sect.

The All-Seer had his eyes closed and was cultivating at the center of a black altar deep within the Heavenly Fate Sect. He suddenly opened his eyes, revealed a satisfied smile, and said, “This child is very good!”

Ten days later, inside the paradise in the Human trial, a person walked out. This was the first time the boy had walked out of the courtyard. On the first step he was still a boy, on the second step he was a teenager, and on the third step he turned into a young man!

The young man’s hair moved without any wind and he wore a snow-white robe as he walked out of the paradise step by step. In his hand he held a wood carving. In the end, the carving was completed…

The carving was that of a woman, a gentle, beautiful, and fairy-like woman. Her mouth formed a smile as bright as the sun and her eyes exuded a happy expression…

This young man was Wang Lin!

“Without at least 100 cycles, how could one seek dao? Without at least 1,000 years of cultivation, how would one seek dao from the heavens… This human trial is interesting!” Wang Lin’s eyes were peaceful right now. This trial made him undergo a mysterious change. However, he hid that change very well, so it was very hard to notice.

His eyes were even clearer than before, like the starry sky.

Wang Lin disappeared from the void and walked out of the Human trial.

“The Earth trial tests cultivation. Are you ready? Do you dare to enter?!”

“Why would I not dare?!” Wang Lin faintly smiled and raised his head.

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