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Chapter 481 – Domineering

Wang Lin looked at the woman and calmly asked, “Why?”

Killing intent filled the woman’s face as she coldly answered, “There is no reason. You can live anywhere but here!”

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and looked at the Purple Cloud Pavilion. He pondered a bit, then he took a few steps back, sat down, and began to cultivate.

Wang Lin wasn’t in the mood to start trouble. He came to planet Tian Yun to find a peaceful place to cultivate, so he really wasn’t willing to get create animosity with someone over a house.

And the situation here was a bit complicated. After pondering for a while, he figure that all of this must be related to this Purple Cloud Pavilion.

When the woman saw Wang Lin sit down, she frowned and coldly said, “You can’t stay there either. You are not allowed to take even half a step within 50 kilometers of the Purple Cloud Pavilion. Now leave!”

Wang Lin suddenly raised his head and a murderous intent flashed through his eyes. This woman was only at the early stage of Soul Transformation, so Wang Lin didn’t consider her a threat.

The woman didn’t flinch and also stared back at Wang Lin.

Shortly after, Wang Lin withdrew his gaze, stood up, and walked into the distance.

It wasn’t until his figure disappeared from her view that a breeze blew by and the woman found that her back was soaked with cold sweat.

She bit her lower lip. Her was gaze depressed as she walked out from the Purple Cloud Pavilion. She sat beside it, stared blankly into the sky, and whispered, “Senior brother Sun Yun, as long as junior apprentice sister is here, no one will replace you, no one!”

On a beautiful cliff 50 kilometers from the Purple Cloud Pavilion, Wang Lin stopped. He waved his hand and a flying sword appeared. The sword flew toward the cliff and shortly after, a cave was formed.

Wang Lin put away the flying sword and walked inside. After placing several restrictions down, he sat down and let out a sigh.

His eyes were filled with a pondering light.

“The atmosphere of the Heavenly Fate Sect is off. I didn’t even pass the three trials and yet that Zhao Xingsha called me junior apprentice brother and told me that master assigned me to live in the Purple Cloud Pavilion.

“And now this Purple Cloud Pavilion has someone guarding it and she won’t allow anyone to get closer…

“All of this is covered by a fog that I’m unable to see through. I must think of a way to see through it all, especially the story behind the Purple Cloud Pavilion!”

The Heavenly Fate Sect was very quiet late at night. Aside from the few disciples on guard duty, everyone else was cultivating.

Wang Lin opened his eyes in the night, stood up, and walked out of the cave he created himself. His eyes lit up as he looked around, then he took one step, turned into black smoke, and disappeared.

The Purple Cloud Pavilion was like a sleeping beast lying in the distance. At this moment, a strand of black smoke entered the Purple Cloud Pavilion.

The Purple Cloud Pavilion had a total of three floors. Wang Lin appeared on the first floor. The surrounding furnishing looked very simple, but instead of looking too ordinary, it gave off a refreshing feeling.

After looking around, Wang Lin walked to the second floor. Here there was a bed along with a few chairs. There was a mountain and river painting hanging on the wall, and beside the painting hung an ancient sword.

All of this looked very ordinary without anything abnormal about it.

The third room was a secret chamber that was used for cultivation. The ceiling was made of a material that Wang Lin had never seen before. It looked like there wasn’t even anything there; one could see the sky outside through it.

Wang Lin couldn’t find anything abnormal about this place.

Time slowly passed, and in the blink of an eye, Wang Lin had already been in the purple division of the Heavenly Fate Sect for half a month.

During this half month, no one came to look for Wang Lin. Even all the other disciples gave him a strange look and stayed away from him as if he was the plague god.

The All-Seer never called for him; it was as if the All-Seer had forgotten about him.

No one dared to enter within 10 kilometers of the cave he created; it was like it was a forbidden area.

During this half a month of time, no one said a word to Wang Lin, and Zhao Xingsha seemed to have disappeared; he never showed up again.

That woman would always appear before the Purple Cloud Pavilion every day at sunrise. She would blankly stare at it for an entire day, and for the last half month, she did it every single day.

If it continued like this, Wang Lin wouldn’t mind. To be able to cultivate without anyone bothering him was very relaxing. However, on the afternoon of the 17th day, Wang Lin was cultivating inside his cave when he suddenly frowned and looked outside the cave.

Outside the cave, two rays of light flew in from the distance. After circling around once, they landed not far away and revealed themselves to be two old men wearing light purple robes.

One of the old men was fat and the other one was skinny. The two of them had cold expressions as they looked at Wang Lin’s cave. One of them shouted, “Which disciple dared to open a cave here without the permission of an elder? Get out here, now!”

Wang Lin’s figure came out from the cave. His face was gloomy as he looked at the two old men. Both of them were at the early stage of Soul Transformation.

One of the old men shouted, “Who allowed you to open a cave here? You have one incense stick of time to destroy this cave and leave here, or else you will be punished according to sect rules!”

Wang Lin’s eyes became even calmer and he asked, “Who are you two?”

The person who still hadn’t said a word now calmly said, “The purple division’s disciplinary elders!”

Wang Lin waved his right hand behind him and with a boom, the cave he lived in for half a month collapsed, creating a cloud of dust.

Wang Lin’s figure seemed to fade in and out in the cloud of dust, but his eyes were calm.

The previously aggressive old man sneered. “Although you have destroyed the cave, you have already broken sect rules. Follow us to the main hall and someone there will naturally convict you of your crime!”

Wang Lin took a deep breath, then he looked at the two of them and calmly said, “I only want to peacefully cultivate and not get involved in all of the scheming, but ever since I came here, the only thing I experienced was prejudice. Forget it!”

With that, he moved forward and slapped his bag of holding. The Soul Lasher suddenly appeared in his hand and he whipped it toward the two like a dragon.

The two old men’s expressions quickly changed and they quickly moved back. The two of them began to chant and soon, a black and white light came out from each of them.

One of the old men quickly shouted, “You dare to attack the disciplinary elder?!”

However, the Soul Lasher was extremely quick. After a string of afterimages, the expression of the old man who shouted immediately changed. His body shook and then, with a crisp popping sound, he was pushed back. Blood came out from the corner of his mouth and his origin soul was whipped out three inches.

The Soul Lasher specialized in attacking the origin soul!

His expression revealed an unimaginable fear as he struggled to re-enter his body. However, Wang Lin wouldn’t give him the chance. Wang Lin’s finger drew an arc.

An arc of red lightning shot out toward the old man. The old man’s expression was very ugly as he spat out a cloud of mist to block the arc of lightning.

The other elder’s face immediately became pale and without a word, he waved the white light in his hand forward. A purple sword immediately appeared in his hand, then he pointed at Wang Lin and shouted, “Seven Broken Stars!”

Just as he spoke, the purple sword cracked and split into seven pieces. The seven pieces of the sword carried the aura of an army of 10,000 and charged toward Wang Lin.

Wang Lin suddenly turned around and his eyes lit up. An enormous amount of killing intent surged out from his eyes.

“What… what kind of gaze is that!?!?! What kind of monster did I provoke!?!?!” After the old man saw the killing intent in Wang Lin’s eyes, his heart trembled. Just at this moment, Wang Lin slapped his bag of holding and the Celestial Sword appeared as fast as lightning!

What appeared after the celestial sword was the half-moon blade that even Wang Lin was extremely wary of.

Waves of rumbling sounds echoed. The seven pieces of sword didn’t even get close before they all shattered due to the pressure of the celestial sword. Xu Liguo’s laughter could be heard from within the celestial sword.

Without any hesitation, the old man turned around to escape. He clearly saw what happened earlier; what caused the seven sword pieces to shatter wasn’t the celestial sword but the half-moon blade behind it. That half-moon blade swung seven times in the blink of an eye, each hit landing on one of the seven pieces and causing them all to shatter.

However, its speed was too fast, so it looked like the seven pieces shattered at the same time.

After seeing this, how could the old man not be shocked? He secretly complained. If he knew that this was going to happen, he wouldn’t have listened to Zhao Xingsha. Although he regretted it now, it was too late.

Wang Lin didn’t even looked at that elder. With one step, he arrived next to the elder who had his origin soul whipped out. The elder was still resisting the arc of lightning when he felt Wang Lin closing in on him. He was about to give up resisting and was going to escape instead.

Wang Lin’s eyes were extremely cold. He waved his hand and the restriction flag appeared in his grasp. With one wave, countless restrictions shot out and completely sealed the escape route of the elder’s origin soul.

At the same time, his hand reached out and he said, “Come back!”

The origin soul only felt a powerful force coming from behind him. Although he was surrounded by restrictions, he only needed a bit of time to break through, but right now that bit of time wasn’t available!

He clenched his teeth as he suddenly turned around and shouted, “I’m the disciplinary elder! Even if you are the All-Seer’s disciple, if you kill me, you will still be punished by the sect!”

Wang Lin sneered. “It looks like you know my identity!” He pulled his right hand back, causing the origin soul to let out a miserable scream and pulling it back.

At the same time, Wang Lin slapped his bag of holding and a bell flew out. The bell grew to three meters long, then Wang Lin threw the origin soul at the bell and the bell trapped the origin soul.

“Refine!” Shouted Wang Lin as he turned around and looked over.

Over there, the other old man was forced back with a bitter look on his face. He stood within 100 feet of Wang Lin and didn’t dare to move at all. The half-moon blade moved threateningly before him, and Xu Liguo’s arrogant laughter came from the celestial sword.

“Grandson, stand still for your grandpa Xu. If you dare to move even one inch, I’ll slice a piece off you!”

Wang Lin calmly looked at the old man and slowly said, “Since this place doesn’t want me to remain silent, I’ll show off a bit and be domineering! Now tell me, who lived inside the Purple Cloud Pavilion before?”

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