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Chapter 476 – Solo Journey

After leaving the shop, Wang Lin gave Li Dannan ten high quality spirit stones and left Ming Mei city.

The Shang clan shop did indeed have snow ink, but the price was simply outrageous. Wang Lin calculated that with all the spirit stones that he had, he could only get two or three drops.

This kind of price was beyond Wang Lin’s expectations.

He didn’t think that snow ink was a top quality material in the cultivation world.

The ancient gods could travel from one planet to another to search for snow ink, making it very simple. But for cultivators, snow ink was simply too scarce. From what he heard from the woman, snow ink was very good for nourishing one’s soul. If one had a few drops while possessing a body, then the speed of possession would increase several fold.

If one were to have some in their mouth when their origin soul leaves their body, then it could prevent one’s origin soul from being destroyed even when seriously injured. One would be able to at least return to one’s body.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up, then he found a cliff outside of Ming Mei city and sat down in the lotus position. His divine sense spread out and slowly called for Situ Nan.

Shortly after, Situ Nan responded.

Wang Lin sent out a message: “Ming Mei city, the Shang clan’s shop. I want the snow ink!”

Situ Nan began to laugh and then cut off the connection.

There was a total of nine cities on this trade planet. In three days of time, heaven-shaking news spread out.

The Heaven and Earth city was robbed! This person had very good insight and took all the top quality treasures. Most of them were the shops’ main treasures. Even the shops with backgrounds were robbed.

Even the city lord’s mansion was robbed!

It would be fine if it was only one city, but in the next three days, all nine cities, including Ming Mei city, were robbed by this mysterious person.

This person’s cultivativation was extremely powerful; even when attacked by multiple cultivators, he had no problem.

Finally, in the end, five Ascendant cultivators from the nine cities got together to kill this mysterious person. This fight shocked everyone.

However, all five Ascendant cultivators were forced to retreat.

And the mysterious person calmly left.

This kind of power was only obtainable in the legendary Illusory Yin, Corporeal Yang, and Nirvana Scryer stages! As a result, he moved like a swarm of locusts; no one dared to mess with him or obstruct him.

Wang Lin sat on the cliff for three days, looking at Ming Mei city. On the night of the third day, Wang Lin revealed a faint smile as he took out the straw hat and put it on his head.

In the distance, a figure flew over like lightning, and behind him countless cultivators that seemed to cover the sky chased closely after.

Among the people chasing, there were eight people who were extremely quick. They pulled ahead of everyone else and continue to chase.

Situ Nan arrogantly laughed. “Haha, you little brats, why are you chasing this old man? I’m not a woman! Annoy me and I’ll go steal from all of you again!”

At the moment Situ Nan passed the cliff Wang Lin was on, Situ Nan reached out. A powerful force grabbed Wang Lin and Wang Lin moved like a meteor next to Situ Nan.

Situ Nan touched his bag of holding and laughed. “This old man’s harvest was good. Let us go!” With that, he quickly flew off with Wang Lin.

“Stay, you mad thief!” Waves of angry roars came from behind Situ Nan.

“Unless this old man’s brain was damaged, why would I obediently stay like you all want me to? However, this old man will try to learn from you all once, so don’t chase, you little brats!” Situ Nan laughed out loud as he moved like lightning with Wang Lin. They broke through the atmosphere and turned into two rays of light in the darkness of space.

“The shops on this trade planet have very deep backgrounds. If they send some experts over, it will be hard even for this old man to deal with them. I stole from them quickly so that they don’t have time to call for help. Ye Wuyou and I did this kind of thing a lot in the past!” Situ Nan felt very proud. After they entered space, Wang Lin took out the star compass and the two of them quickly left.

The cultivators of the trade planet chased for a while and then gave up. After all, not many people had a star compass, and Situ Nan’s cultivativation was simply too powerful. Even if they barely managed to catch up, they would only be throwing away their lives.

“Did you get my snow ink?” Wang Lin licked his lips. Although he didn’t join, the snow ink was something he asked for, so he was also associated with this.

Situ Nan laughed and took out a small bottle. He threw it at Wang Lin and said, “For you. There are about two or three drops in there.”

After throwing the bottle, Situ Nan began to check his spoils of war. As he checked them, he revealed a proud smile.

“Haha, not bad. The harvest this time is several times better than before.”

When Wang Lin took the bag and scanned it with his divine sense, his eyes lit up.

Wang Lin secretly decided something in his heart. “This kind of stealing isn’t bad. If I have the opportunity in the future, I must steal like this as well.”

Outer space wasn’t completely dark; sometimes there were many colorful lights and objects out in the nothingness. The beauty of it would cause most people’s hearts to tremble with just one look.

Half a month later, a massive nebula that looked like a jelly fish appeared before Wang Lin. Situ Nan looked at the nebula and sighed. “I have to leave now…”

Wang Lin pondered a bit, then he silently looked at the brilliant nebula and asked, “Do you have enough magical treasures?”

Situ Nan laughed and said, “Still not enough, but I’m going to kill my way there and steal along the way. When I get there, I’ll have enough.” With that, he pointed at the nebula and said, “I have been here before with Ye Wuyou. It is time for us to split. Where I’m going is very far from planet Tian Yun. We will split up and go our own ways!”

As Situ Nan spoke, he slapped his bag of holding and a white light flew out of it. The light turned into a large sword. Situ Nan jumped on the sword, turned around, and said, “Wang Lin, planet Tian Yun is filled with strangers and you don’t know the place, so be careful! However, you can’t forget your pride as a cultivator of planet Suzaku. If you have any problems, come find me on planet Feng Luan! With this old man around, no one will dare to mess with you!”

Wang Lin looked at the nebula. He still hadn’t looked at Situ Nan as he said, “If you have any problems, come and find me on planet Tian Yun. With me there, no one will dare to touch you!”

Situ Nan laughed and said, “Good. Wang Lin, if I ever have trouble in the future, I’ll come and find you. However, if your place is too small, I’m not coming over. No matter what, you must create a sect on planet Tian Yun, and I’ll come and be the head elder for you!”

With that, Situ Nan took a deep breath and took another look at Wang Lin. For the first time, he talked to Wang Lin in a soft voice and said, “Wang Lin, take care!” With that, the sword under him lit up and he disappeared, leaving only a trail of light.

“Situ, take care!” Wang Lin turned his head toward where Situ Nan disappeared. In the vast space, only he remained, silently watching.

After a long time, Wang Lin let out a sigh and felt melancholy. Ever since he stepped into the cultivation world, Situ Nan had been with him, and he owed Situ Nan a lot.

Although Situ Nan was sleeping for a long period of time, Wang Lin could clearly feel Situ Nan’s existence through the heaven defying bead.

In his eyes, Situ Nan was no different than a teacher.

This time, it was a true goodbye between them; the melancholy in his heart was very strong.

“I wonder if we’ll meet again in our lifetime…” Wang Lin silently stood there for a long time. He then knelt down on the star compass and kowtowed three times toward where Situ Nan went.

“I, Wang Lin, have never in my life bowed to the heavens or earth, and I don’t pay my respects to ghost or gods; I only bow to my parents and to show respect to Situ…” Wang Lin looked up, suppressed the melancholy in his heart, and the star compass flew off into the distance.

His direction was the opposite of Situ Nan’s and they moved farther and farther apart.

After Wang Lin left, a white light appeared where the two of them were. Situ Nan’s figure appeared. He looked at Wang Lin and let out a sigh.

“Without cruel trials, one can’t be considered a real cultivator. Wang Lin, the reason I took you down the demonic path is because the demonic path is the best one for staying alive. After you created an avatar, you walked out of the demonic path and created your own path. I can no longer be around you because this old man is a demon inside and out!”

Situ Nan took a deep glance at where Wang Lin went and muttered, “Little friend, farewell!” He let out a long sigh and disappeared in a flash of white light…

Space was very large, so if one didn’t have a star map, they would be lost and possibly lost for life.

The All-Seer left a very detailed star map for Wang Lin that marked how to get from planet Suzaku to planet Tian Yun.

Wang Lin sat in the lotus position on the star compass and quickly traveled to planet Tian Yun. During this time, Wang Lin wasn’t idle; he spent the time using the void wood stone and snow ink to refine the star compass once more with the ancient god’s secret technique.

The process wasn’t fast; it went on for the whole trip.

The star compass was now covered by a green light. Inside the green light, one could see countless branches moving and warping around the star compass.

This was the mysterious substance refined from the void wood stone.

This process lasted three months!

Three months of time was only enough for the fusion between the void wood stone and the star compass to reach small completion. Ancient gods didn’t care about time, so when they refined a treasure, the process usually lasted at least 100 years.

A nine-star ancient god would take 1,000 years to refine a treasure. These 1,000 years would pass as quickly as a flick of one’s finger.

Wang Lin calculated and found that at this rate, it wouldn’t be done even by the time he arrived on planet Tian Yun. After pondering a bit, he decided to give up farther integration and used the snow ink to begin the final refining process at this small completion stage.

Several more months passed in the blink of an eye.

On this day…

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