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Chapter 477 – Arriving at Tian Yun

On this day, a ray of silver light flew across the void. The ray of silver light looked like a dragon, moving through space without any obstruction.

There was a person standing on this ray of silver light. This person had a head of long hair flowing behind him, a pair of proud eyes, his facial features were sharp, and his clothes were flapping loudly as if there was a powerful wind blowing on him.

This person’s skin was dark and gave people a sense of spirit; it was filled with deep vitality.

He was Wang Lin!

The journey toward planet has been going for Tian Yun over half a year. During this half a year, Wang Lin changed a lot!

His skin was no longer as white as it was back on planet Suzaku but a bit darker. This was due to a mysterious force among the stars.

As for the silver dragon, it was the star compass after it was refined.

With ancient god Tu Si’s memories, he used a special technique along with the void wood stone to change its structure and complete the fusion with the snow ink. All of this caused a mysterious change.

As for the silver dragon shape, it was an ancient creature called Qiu He from the ancient god’s memories. This creature’s speed was very quick, so the compass used its shape to gain some of its speed. Although it couldn’t compare to the real creature, the compass reached an unimaginable speed.

According to ancient god Tu Si’s memories, the real star compass would need the blood of a Qiu He as an activator to pull out the full potential of the star compass.

At this moment, the silver dragon under Wang Lin wasn’t any slower than an Ascendant cultivator.

The silver light shined in space as it disappeared into the distance.

Time flew by, and another half year passed.

Wang Lin has been traveling through space by himself for over a year. During this year, Wang Lin saw a lot. At the start, he paid close attention to to everything, but now he simply glanced at things when he passed by them.

He was getting closer and closer to planet Tian Yun.

Wang Lin calculated the distance based on the map in his head. Right now he was halfway there.

Along the way, Wang Lin saw countless planets. Some of the planets had cultivators, some were abandoned, and some were filled with powerful and vicious auras.

Aside from these, Wang Lin saw plain robbery. There was a group of people that was rejected by all cultivators; they were called Fringe Cultivators.

These cultivators spent most of their time in space, and none of them were weak. They would steal from any cultivators they came across.

Along the way, Wang Lin met a few, but these people were all very experienced in detecting cultivation levels, so none of them dared to come and stop Wang Lin.

But there was one unskilled Fringe Cultivator that was also at the early stage of Soul Transformation who attacked Wang Lin. He escaped far away after being heavily injured by Wang Lin.

The weak couldn’t survive in space, so Wang Lin no longer hid his aura; he released it all its full power, especially the killing intent from his original body.

This killing intent formed a large aura and moved like a gust of cold wind, causing people’s hearts to tremble.

As a result, when Fringe Cultivators saw Wang Lin, they would move far away and not casually mess with him.

Just like that, Wang Lin continued to fly. He was like a primordial beast descending from the heavens.

Time slowly passed, and in the blink of an eye, another year passed.

On this day, Wang Lin stood on the silver dragon. Before him was a star system surrounded by a green light.

There was a giant, dark purple planet in this system. There were many lights coming from the planet, making it look like a giant crystal. It was very beautiful.

Around this large planet were five smaller planets that orbited the main planet. Outside of that were some smaller planets scattered around. They all emitted waves of spiritual energy fluctuations; it was obvious that there were restrictions placed on them.

Excitement filled Wang Lin’s heart as his gaze locked onto the purple planet. This was the location the All-Seer left him, planet Tian Yun.

At this moment, in Wang Lin’s eyes, planet Tian Yun was too large; in comparison, planet Suzaku was simply too small.

And at this moment, even here he could feel the dense spiritual energy coming from the planet. If he were to step on the planet, the density of the spiritual energy would be unimaginable.

Planet Suzaku was far from being able to compare to planet Tian Yun. The All-Seer said back then that planet Suzaku was a half-wasted planet. Looking at planet Tian Yun now, Wang Lin believed it without any doubt.

After seeing planet Tian Yun, Wang Lin’s heart shook violently as if there was a big wave surging inside him. It was like the first time he went to a city before he started cultivating.

A deep passion appeared in his heart as he silently looked at planet Tian Yun in the distance. “Planet Tian Yun… I, Wang Lin, am coming!” he muttered to himself.

Wang Lin took a deep breath but didn’t walk forward; he actually took a step back. His entire body along with the silver dragon suddenly backed away.

Three days later, he arrived near a small, deserted planet. Wang Lin’s body shook and his original body came out.

The original body flew away as soon as it came out. It burrowed deep into the core of the deserted planet and began to cultivate.

There were many powerful cultivators on planet Tian Yun, and some might realize that his original body is an Ancient God. Just in case, Wang Lin left his original body here and then flew toward planet Tian Yun.

Planet Tian Yun was surrounded by a layer of green gas. It wasn’t dense, but it covered the whole planet. From a distance, the planet looked like it was covered by a thin, green curtain.

Inside the green fog were also spots that sparkled like the stars.

From the large, purple planet at the center, abundant amount of spiritual energy surged into the green gas, causing it to churn and reveal strange scenes.

Wang Lin stopped outside of the green gas. When he looked at the gas, he felt a sense of danger.

“This green gas contains a destructive force. If I recklessly charge in, I will constantly be attacked by it! I wonder what rank this planet is to have such a powerful formation.

“And the five smaller planets around it all have their own formations as well, not to mention the even smaller planets farther away.”

As Wang Lin pondered, his eyes suddenly lit up, then he backed away 1,000 feet and looked at the green gas with a serious expression.

The green gas moved as if there was a pair of giant hands moving it; the gas was split apart by this force. At the same time, a young man wearing a black gown came out. His looks were average and his eyes were calm as he looked at Wang Lin and asked, “Do you have a diplomatic message?”

Although his speech was calm, his eyes were calm, and his entire person exuded a modest feeling, the combination of all of this gave people a sense of arrogance even stronger than those that displayed it outright.

His arrogance no longer needed to be displayed because it had been engraved into his bones.

Wang Lin looked at the person and shook his head. “I don’t have one.”

The young man’s expression remained the same as he calmly asked, “Do you have an invitation?”

Wang Lin pondered a bit and then shook his head again.

The young man looked at Wang Lin and slowly said, “Since you don’t have a diplomatic message nor an invitation, please leave!” With that, he turned around and walked back into the green gas. As he entered, the green gas slowly closed.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he slowly said, “I’m looking for Senior All-Seer!”

The young man stopped, then he turned around and looked at Wang Lin. His gaze became strange and after a short while he asked, “You came from planet Suzaku?”

Wang Lin was startled. He looked at the young man and nodded.

The young man revealed a strange smile, then he waved his hand and the surrounding green gas began to churn violently. It formed dragon-like tentacles that intertwined with each other and charged toward Wang Lin.

Wang Lin’s eyes were calm. He put away the star compass and took a step forward. The dragon-like tentacles fused together as they approached Wang Lin to form a green flying sword.

Wang Lin then stepped onto the sword hilt.

“Many thanks!” Wang Lin’s expression remained the same and he clasped his hands.

The mysterious light in young man’s eyes became even stronger. He looked at Wang Lin and then at the sword hilt before bowing and saying, “Go inside. Senior All-Seer has waited a long time for you.”

After this person finished speaking, the green gas split apart, forming a deep tunnel leading to the planet.

Wang Lin’s body didn’t move, but the green sword under him moved and flew him toward planet Tian Yun.

As he flew, Wang Lin began to ponder.

“This person knew that I came from planet Suzaku and said that Senior All-Seer has been waiting for me. Could this Senior All-Seer really have a spell that lets him see through the heavens and earth and calculate that I’ll come… If that is the case, Senior’s spell is heavenly.” As Wang Lin pondered, the flying sword under him quickly flew toward planet Tian Yun.

Shortly after, planet Tian Yun became larger and larger and soon, the flying sword flew him into the planet.

The wind pressure from the atmosphere blew at his face like sharp knives, but the sword under him emitted a gentle glow that kept the pressure down to a certain degree.

Wang Lin was surrounded by a green light as he was brought through the atmosphere in an instant and entered planet Tian Yun.

From the air, Wang Lin saw that most of the planet’s surface was covered by purple plants. These plants’ leaves were moved by the wind and created waves of rustling sounds.

A feeling of unfamiliarity appeared in his heart. He let out a sigh and quickly flew off into the distance.

The sword created by the green gas was not under Wang Lin’s control; it was flying on its own to bring Wang Lin to the Heavenly Fate Sect. Their entry point wasn’t far from the sect, so after only three incense sticks of time, the Heavenly Fate Sect appeared before Wang Lin.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up, then he jumped off the green sword and landed on the ground. The green sword disappeared in the blink of an eye.

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