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Chapter 475 – Bai Wei

“Senior, the one in the back is the Shang clan’s shop. That is not a place someone can simply enter, so there will be people patrolling…” Before Li Dannan could finish speaking, waves of blue ripples appeared out of thin air and spread toward Wang Lin.

“Incomer, stop!” A cold and arrogant voice came from the void.

Wang Lin’s expression remained calm as he raised his hand and casually waved it. A gust wind suddenly appeared, creating a sharp shrill as it rushed toward the blue ripples.

“You!” The voice suddenly became higher, but as the gust of wind closed in, the blue ripples collapsed. The blue light quickly regathered itself 100 feet from Wang Lin into a young man in blue. He stared at Wang Lin with an ugly expression.

Li Dannan’s eyes lit up. He had been in Ming Mei city for a long time and came to the northern part twice before. Although there were people patrolling the northern city, something like this has never happened before someone even entered.

Wang Lin’s expression still remained calm. This young man’s cultivation level wasn’t low. Although he was not at the Soul Transformation stage like Wang Lin, he was half a step into it and was in the process absorbing celestial spiritual energy.

This person had enough celestial spiritual energy to reach the Soul Transformation stage, but he decided to go with the second method of breaking through just like Wang Lin did.

As a result, once he has enough celestial jades and breaks through, his progression through the Soul Transformation stage will be a lot easier.

This young man looked at Wang Lin, coldly snorted, and said, “Scram!”

A hint of coldness appeared in Wang Lin’s eyes and he took one step forward. After fusing with his original body and fighting with Situ Nan for a month, his combat experience had increased by a lot. Now he was simply too fast.

In the blink of an eye, Wang Lin crossed 100 feet. With one punch, his fist created a large amount of force.

There weren’t any sonic booms, but countless cracks appeared in the air as if the space was collapsing.

The young man’s expression changed greatly. He didn’t think an early stage Soul Transformation cultivator could throw such a powerful punch. This kind of attack was something even a peak early stage Soul Transformation cultivator would need to put all their effort into to negate, and if there was any mistake, they would be seriously injured.

He wanted to retreat, but his body seemed to be restricted by an invisible force and he couldn’t move a inch. He could only watch as the fist grew larger before him.

A drop of cold sweat dripped down from the tip of his nose, but his eyes were still calm without a hint of panic. He clearly knew Wang Lin’s cultivation level and yet he dared to act so arrogantly. This meant he either had an amazing cultivation method or amazing status.

“Stop!” A faint sound came from the third shop followed by a green light. Inside the green light was only a teacup, but it flew at an unimaginable speed and was filled with celestial spiritual energy.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. His left hand formed a seal and celestial spiritual energy gathered on the tip of his finger. He pointed at the cup and drew a circle as he said, “Star Rotation!”

As Wang Lin’s finger moved, the arc began to turn solid until it was a circle. Once the circle was complete, it shot toward the teacup.

The speed of the tea cup slowed down and its direction changed along with the rotation of the circle. In the end, it curved around Wang Lin.

A sound of surprise came from inside the shop.

Wang Lin’s right fist moved as fast as lightning and landed on the space before the young man. The young man’s face immediately turned red and he coughed out a mouthful of blood. His eyes dimmed as he stumbled back a few steps, then his body trembled and he coughed out another mouthful of blood.

His body trembled violently as white celestial spiritual energy came out from the pores of his body like crazy. In the blink of an eye, there was no celestial spiritual energy left in his body.

“You… you wasted my celestial foundation!!!” The young man’s face was no longer red but as white as a dead man’s.

Wang Lin’s punch didn’t kill this person but wasted all of his celestial foundation. This was basically knocking the young man from the edge of the Soul Transformation stage back to Soul Formation.

Wang Lin withdrew his fist, put his hands behind his back, and calmly looked at the shop that threw the teacup at him.

The spell Star Rotation was a spell Situ Nan taught him. If it was the him from back on Suzaku, he would have taken out one of his treasures already, but after training with Situ Nan for a month, he no longer needed to rely on his treasures.

“For a real powerful cultivator, magical treasures are only there to support them. What makes cultivators really scary are their spells. If the magical treasure is very powerful, like a mid quality or higher celestial treasure, then those are exceptions.” This was something Situ Nan once told Wang Lin.

“This brother has good techniques. May I know what your name is?” A calm voice came from the shop, and after that a tall and straight figure followed it.

This was a tall young man. He had sharp eyebrows and dark eyes. These eyes were like the stars, making it impossible for people to see through him. Just him standing there caused the space around him to ripple. He had clearly reached the peak of the mid stage of Soul Transformation; this was the reason he was emitting celestial spiritual energy.

Wang Lin turned his head and looked at this person. His expression remained calm as he slowly said, “Wang Lin!”

“Wang Lin… I’m Bai Wei!” The young man waved his hand and a white fan appeared in his grasp. This gave him the appearance of a handsome prince.

Not far away, the young man whose celestial foundation was wasted by Wang Lin had an extremely pale expression. He walked up to the shop while staring viciously at Wang Lin and maliciously said, “My lord, kill him!”

Bai Wei frowned. He turned around and said, “You don’t have the right to speak here. Leave!”

The young man was startled. He looked at Bai Wei and then at Wang Lin and revealed a strange expression. He let out a snort but no longer spoke.

Wang Lin’s expression remained the same. Although this person’s name was a bit feminine, Wang Lin was able to immediately tell that this person was male and not female.

“Brother Wang, my servant was rude. I hope you didn’t take offense. I’m from planet Tian Yun and I belong to the Heavenly Fate Sect. Where is brother Wang from?” Bai Wei gently smiled as if all the unhappiness from before disappeared like smoke.

Wang Lin’s eyes revealed a mysterious light and he said, “I’m a wanderer; I don’t have a sect!”

Bai Wei smiled and shook his head. “Since brother Wang doesn’t want to speak, then I won’t force it. However, if brother Wang has time in the future, you must come to planet Tian Yun so I can have the honor of being the host.”

Wang Lin nodded, clasped his hands, and walked past the two. Li Dannan’s heart was beating rapidly as he quickly followed. He was afraid that if he is too slow and something unpredictable happened, he would get hurt.

Bai Wei’s eyes kept tracking Wang Lin’s figure and revealed a strange light. He put away the fan as he slapped his right hand and said, “The mountains have trees and trees have branches, the heart pleases the lord and the lord doesn’t know…”

The young man who had his celestial foundation wasted looked at Bai Wei. The strangeness in his eyes deepened.

It wasn’t until Wang Lin’s figure disappeared into the last store that Bai Wei withdrew his gaze. He looked at his servant on the side and smiled. “It is only celestial foundation. Once this lord returns to planet Tian Yun, I’ll just give it to you again!”

With that, he walked back into the third store. The thing he was looking for wasn’t rare, but after checking all nine stores, he only found it in the third store.

Normally, wherever Bai Wei was present, no others were allowed to be there. This kind of arrogance rubbed off on his servant and that was why his servant prevented Wang Lin from entering the northern city.

Wang Lin walked into the Shang clan’s shop. This placed seemed like a grand and luxurious palace no matter where one looked. There were a total of 999 statues carved from spirit stone all around.

Thick spiritual energy rushed over to them. Li Dannan was completely shocked when he felt it. He had never seen anything like this in his life, especially the dense spiritual energy; it was denser here than in any place he had ever been.

After hesitating for a bit, Li Dannan no longer cared about Wang Lin but sat down and began to cultivate.

Wang Lin examined the spirit stone carvings before him. All of them were carvings of women and all of them were different, but the one thing they had in common was that they were all extremely beautiful.

Inside the hands of each of those spirit stone carvings was a box. Inside the boxes were magical treasure, pills, and anything else you could think of.

At this moment, a crisp laughter came from the void. Shortly after, a voluptuous and beautiful woman came down from the stairs. Her eyes looked toward Wang Lin.

This woman was wearing a snow-white dress with nine mandara flowers embroidered on the edges with silver threads. The contrast with the snow-white dress made it very eye-catching.

Her silk-like black hair casually flowed behind her head. Three light purple crystal hairpins held her hair up, leaving only two strands of purple hair to gently sway in the breeze. There were three thin, pinky-sized pieces of faintly purple accessories that were as thin as cicada wings under her left eye. The light reflecting off them made her as beautiful as a painting.

“Fellow cultivator, welcome to the Shang clan’s store!” The woman’s voice was like the chirping of a songbird.

This woman’s beauty was absolute, but what caught Wang Lin’s attention was the thin accessory under her left eye.

With his insight, he naturally was able to see that the thin accessory was a magical treasure!

Even the nine mandara flowers were extremely rare magical treasures as well!

Even the three hairpins on her head were magical treasures. Her body was filled with magical treasures. It did indeed show just how rich this place was.

Wang Lin didn’t waste any time and calmly asked, “Does this store have snow ink?”

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