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Chapter 473 – Trading Planet

In the vast space outside of planet Suzaku, a ray of light quickly moved through the empty void.

At the front end of the ray of light was a giant compass. Although it was missing a piece, it was still moving very fast. Wang Lin was sitting at the center while Situ Nan was sitting on the side.

“Wang Lin, we are going the same way now. Once we reach the trade planet and I buy a few things, we will part ways…” Situ Nan’s voice was a bit depressed.

Wang Lin pondered a bit before slowly saying, “There will be a day when we meet again. Didn’t you want to go become a king on planet Feng Luan?”

After hearing the word “king,” Situ Nan immediately laughed. “That is correct; that is my goal!”

Wang Lin faintly smiled, then he turned his focus to the star compass and followed the star map Situ Nan gave him. They turned left toward the endless void of space.

Wang Lin said, “The last time you went to that trade planet was tens of thousands of years ago. I wonder if it is still there.”

Situ Nan pondered a bit and said, “It should be still there. It’s a free trade planet and has already existed for a very long time. Unless there was some heavenly change, it shouldn’t have disappeared.

“There are countless treasures and materials there. Everyone that goes there is normally from the surrounding cultivation planets. I went there with Ye Wuyou once and traded for quite a few treasures.”

Wang Lin nodded. One of the reasons for going to the trade planet was to send Situ Nan off. Situ Nan planned to get some tools he needed to travel long distances through space.

The second reason was Wang Lin wanted to see if there were any materials to fix his star compass. After all, his star compass was only an imitation and was still missing some materials.

With the materials, Wang Lin could refine the star compass and complete it. As a result, not only would the star compass be even faster, it would obtain the ability to attack.

After flying for several days, a small planet appeared in the distance. This wasn’t the trade planet Situ Nan spoke of but planet Suzaku’s moon!

The original body has been here cultivating this entire time.

When the star compass got close to the moon, the original body that was deep within the moon threw a punch. Cracks that looked like terrifying dragons extended from underground all the way to the surface.

A series of cracking sounds followed by a loud boom came from a basin on the moon. At the same time, a black figure flew out from the basin.

This figure had a head full of red hair that moved without any wind and a sharp face that gave off a hardened aura.There were three stars slowly spinning on the figure’s forehead, and it had a pair of cold eyes that were black like the eternal night, giving off a freezing chill.

There were countless cracks on his bronze-colored body, making his skin look very rough, but it was this rough skin that gave his body a desolate aura.

At this moment, the original body was like a primordial beast giving off a monstrous aura.

“Ehh!!!” Situ Nan was shocked. Even though he had heard about Wang Lin’s original body from Wang Lin, he couldn’t help but feel his heart shake even with his vast experience as a cultivator.

“Good!” Situ Nan’s eyes lit up brightly.

The cold eyes of the original body became a bit warmer after seeing Situ Nan. The original body nodded and then landed on the star compass.

Situ Nan looked at the original body and then at Wang Lin. He nodded and said, “Good, even with my cultivation, it is hard to tell that the two of you belong together as one. I believe that once you two fuse, your cultivation will increase by a level!”

Wang Lin faintly smiled and said, “After fusing with my original body, my cultivation will reach the peak of the mid stage of Soul Transformation!”

The original body fused with Wang Lin, causing his body to lightly tremble. Wang Lin’s eyes revealed a hint of coldness as he clenched his fist and said, “This feeling is very good!”

After fusing with the original body, the star compass didn’t make any more stops and flew toward the trade planet Situ Nan spoke of.

In the blink of an eye, one month passed.

During this month, Wang Lin and Situ Nan didn’t sit idly. Situ Nan taught Wang Lin some spells he knew, and they spent the rest of the time sparring with each other. At first Situ Nan would suppress his cultivation to match Wang Lin’s.

They fought at the same cultivation level, without any treasures and only using spells. This exposed Wang Lin’s weakness.

Situ Nan had an endless stream of various spells that he had mastered over the years, so he was very powerful even without any magical treasures. Because of his original body, Wang Lin didn’t lose but was in a very sorry state.

Under Situ Nan’s teaching, Wang Lin slowly relearned a lot of spells he hadn’t used in a long time, and along with the new spells Situ Nan taught him, Wang Lin was able to put up a decent fight.

Then Situ Nan increased his cultivation level to the late stage of Soul Transformation.

Wang Lin was naturally no match when no magical treasures were used, but Situ Nan said, “You have too little combat experience with late stage Soul Transformation and Ascendant cultivators. That is why you can’t make accurate decisions when you fight them. That is why you must use your time with me to experience the power of powerful cultivators and hone your combat experience.”

After Wang Lin heard this, he seemed to have gained some insight. His movements slowly became more astute and more clever.

In the end, Situ Nan increased his cultivation level to the early stage of Ascendant. A cultivator of this level could easily kill Wang Lin, so Situ Nan’s requirement was for Wang Lin to focus on evading and escaping.

This kind of training was very cruel. It was a good thing Wang Lin had fused with his original body; if he didn’t have the body of a three-star ancient god, he would have been seriously injured multiple times.

Situ Nan also saw this and that was whey he steeled his heart to train Wang Lin.

Although one month of time was short, Wang Lin’s gains were not shallow.

On this day, a blue cultivation planet appeared before Wang Lin. A ring of light surrounded the planet and gave off a gentle glow.

Situ Nan’s eyes lit up as he stared at the blue cultivation planet. His powerful divine sense swept forth and extended to the surface of the planet. After a short while, he withdrew his divine sense and proudly said, “It is the same as when I was here last time. There has been no change at all since I was last here. The only difference is that now there is no one with a higher cultivation level than me here! Haha, then I’m going to steal what I need. I came here to steal anyways!”

Wang Lin bitterly smiled. The star compass left a trail of light as he flew toward the cultivation planet.

The gentle light didn’t try to block them at all. When they got close, the light moved apart, opening a passage.

The star compass broke through the atmosphere and entered the cultivation planet.

Just at this moment, three rays of light quickly flew toward them.

Situ Nan looked at the three rays of light and shouted, “Scram for this old man!”

The three rays suddenly stopped. After pondering for a bit, they turned around and left.

Situ Nan laughed out loud, then he jumped off the star compass, flew toward the surface, and said, “Wang Lin, this old man is going to go steal stuff. You can casually look around for a bit. I’ll come find you three days from now.”

The moment the voice entered Wang Lin’s ears, Situ Nan’s figure had already disappeared from Wang Lin’s sight.

After putting away the star compass, Wang Lin took one step, turned into a cloud of green smoke, and quickly flew away.

This cultivation planet was covered mostly by an ocean. Waves of the ocean’s smell hit Wang Lin’s face as he descended.

The dark blue ocean was very rough. Wang Lin was pounded by the ocean breeze as he flew toward the continent.

His divine sense spread out and he could feel the movement of every blade of grass within 5,000 kilometers.

The continent in the distance became closer and closer until he finally landed.

With his divine sense, he saw a giant city that looked like a vicious beast resting.

Ming Mei city was one of the largest cities on this planet. There were no mortals in this city, only cultivators.

There were countless shops covering the entire city. There was also a giant, open-air plaza on the west side of the city. In this plaza, cultivators from other planets could rent a stall with spirit stones to sell treasures, trade treasures, or exchange for spirit stones and celestial jades.

There were countless cultivators moving between the numerous shops; the plaza on the west side of the city was extremely crowded.

The northern side of the city was not so crowded, but this was also where the most expensive shops were located. There were only nine stores on the northern side. Each of them looked like pavilions from the Celestial Realm and all the shopkeepers had high cultivation levels.

This was especially true for ninth shop, which was called the number one store in Ming Mei city.

At this moment, a green-robed young man entered from the eastern gate. He was standing up straight and his long hair flowed behind him, making him appear very elegant.

This person was Wang Lin. After paying spirit stones to enter the city, his gaze swept past the stores one by one.

Wang Lin’s goal was very clear: he needed two materials to repair the star compass. These two materials were very rare and wouldn’t be found in normal shops.

As Wang Lin walked forward, he looked at all the shops he passed by. Sometimes he would pause for a bit before moving on.

When he arrived at the seventh shop, Wang Lin turned around and saw a small young man not far from him.

This young had been secretly following Wang Lin ever since he entered the city.

After seeing Wang Lin look over, the young man didn’t panic at all but instead smiled. He quickly walked up to Wang Lin and clasped his hands. “I presume this is the first time Senior has come to Ming Mei city.”

This person’s cultivation level was late stage Nascent Soul, not yet at the Soul Formation stage.

Wang Lin plainly asked, “What do you want?”

The smile on the young man’s face didn’t change, but his heart was very nervous. When Wang Lin first entered the city, he instantly was able to see that it was Wang Lin’s first time entering this city.

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