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Chapter 474 – Void Wood Stone

It has to be said that most people who were here before would enter from the west gate because it was closer to the free market in the plaza. A lot of things that couldn’t be found at the shops could be found there and the prices would be a bit lower. The only downside was that it would be difficult to tell whether an item was real or fake, unlike in the stores, which would not sell fake items. Shopping in the plaza depended on the buyer’s ability to tell items apart.

As for people who entered from the east gate, it was either their first time entering the city or they were a big customer!

The young man quickly said, “Senior, Junior is Li Dannan. I grew up in Ming Mei city. If Senior is willing, Junior can guide Senior to help avoid a lot of trouble. It would only cost you ten high quality spirit stones…”

Wang Lin looked at the young mang, pondered a bit, and nodded. Ten high quality spirit stones was a bit pricey; with this much, one could buy some low quality treasures and pills. However, just before Wang Lin went to the Suzaku Tomb, he stole a lot of spirit stone from the Forsaken Immortal Clan, so he was very rich right now.

Li Dannan immediately revealed a respectful expression and asked, “Senior, are you looking for magical treasures, celestial jades, or materials? Or some kind of runes or spells?”

Wang Lin’s calmly said, “I want void wood stone. Have you heard of it?”

“Void wood stone…” Li Dannan revealed a pondering expression before his eyes lit up and he said, “Is it the void wood stone that has wood element but grows like stone and only grows one inch every 1,000 years?”

Wang Lin was very shocked that this person knew about the void wood stone. This showed that this person did know quite a bit. The void wood stone was one of the materials from Tu Si’s memories for making an ancient god’s star compass.

The ancient god clan members normally didn’t need something like the star compass because they could fly through space with their bodies.

Only a few special places or low level ancient gods would need such an item. However, the star compass of the ancient gods is a bit different from the ones from the Cultivation Alliance.

It requires some special materials and special methods to refine. However, once completed, it is several times faster and more powerful than the existing star compasses.

Wang Lin plainly said, “That is correct; that is what I’m looking for. Is there any store that sells it?” Seeing that the young man knew about the void wood stone, the ten high quality spirit stones were not wasted.

Li Dannan revealed a difficult expression. He hesitated a bit and said, “Senior, I have only heard this from others: there is someone selling it at the free market, but the price is really high. Aside from making flying objects a bit faster, this item has no other use, so no one has bought it at all. Later, the seller left it at a stall of a friend. If Senior wants it, I can lead the way. However, it is very expensive; if Senior needs materials, won’t it be better to get something else?”

Wang Lin calmly said, “I have my uses for it. Lead the way!”

Li Dannan didn’t say more and led Wang Lin directly to the west side’s free market.

The free market on the west side was very large and was filled with the sounds of haggling. Li Dannan was definitely someone who was born here; he led Wang Lin to the stall very quickly.

The ground was covered in stalls set up by cultivators. There were magical treasures, magical instruments, pills, spells, and anything else you could want. There were even some that were selling ancient treasures with strange shapes. These attracted the attention of a lot of cultivators.

As they walked, Li Dannan explained to Wang Lin the rules of the free market. Li Dannan was no longer as nervous, so he even made some jokes as he quickly explained how the free market worked to Wang Lin.

“Senior, look at that bald cultivator. He comes here every few years and sells some rare things every time.”

“Senior, that person wearing the black and white daoist robe hasn’t been here for long, but everything he sells is fake and he has cheated quite a few people. A few days ago, I saw a person hunting him, so I didn’t expect to see him here again. The person who hunted him either failed or died.”

Wang Lin looked at each person that Li Dannan pointed out.

After a short while, they arrived at a large stall. Li Dannan clasped his hands and said, “Senior
Zhang, do you still remember me?”

The owner of the stall was a red-faced man. He looked at Li Dannan and smiled. “Little brat, which treasure of mine has caught your attention?” As the old man spoke, his gaze casually swept toward Wang Lin, but then his eyes immediately froze and his pupils shrank.

With his cultivation, he was able tell at a glance that Wang Lin was not simple. He immediately became respectful and said, “Senior, junior is Zhang Hualin. I wonder what senior is looking for.”

Wang Lin looked at the red-faced old man and said, “Void wood stone!”

The red-faced old man was started and said, “This item’s price is not low, and junior is selling it for someone else. That person said that it cannot be traded; it can only be sold for five top quality spirit stones!”

Li Danna bitterly smiled and said, “Five top quality spirit stones… it is a heavenly price. Aside from rank 7 cultivation countries, top quality spirit stones are too rare, and there are better materials that don’t cost this much in rank 7 cultivation countries.”

The red-faced old man sighed. “This price is really too high, but this friend of mine is too stubborn. Senior, what do you think…”

Wang Lin pondered a bit and said, “Let me see it.”

The red-faced old man hesitated a bit and then slapped his bag of holding. A blue stone the size of his palm appeared in his hand. There were branch-like veins on the stone as if there was a plant growing inside.

There was a thin layer of light that surrounded the stone. This was a spell that one must learn in order to do business here. This spell was called the Trap Seal. It would prevent people from taking things by force.

Unless the buyer was one whole level above the seller, it would take ten breaths of time to break it. These ten breaths of time were critical because it would allow the seller to put the item away.

Wang Lin waved his hand. The stone immediately flew out of the old man’s hand and into Wang Lin’s. The light seemed to have no effect at all and broke after the void wood stone left the old man’s hand.

The old man’s expression changed and he sucked in a breath of cold air. He thought that he had overestimated this young man’s cultivation, but it seemed he had actually underestimated it. This young man had to at least be at the Soul Transformation stage!

Wang Lin examined the void wood stone. After confirming it was the right item, he waved his hand and put it away inside his bag of holding.

“Senior…” The red-faced old man’s expression was ugly.

But before he could finish speaking, five milky-white spirit stones appeared before him.

The red-faced old man was able to tell at a glance that the five milky-white spirit stones were top quality spirit stones. He quickly put them away and carefully looked around. After seeing that not many people had noticed them, he let out a breath of relief.

When he looked toward Wang Lin again, he only saw Wang Lin’s back in the crowd.

The red-faced old man pondered a bit. After staying for half a day more, he quickly left the city. He knew that with five top quality spirit stones, those mid stage Soul Formation cultivators would come and hunt him.

He never thought that he would one day sell that void wood stone.

As for Wang Lin, after he left the stall, he casually looked behind him. When he bought the void wood stone, he noticed three gazes lock onto him like lightning.

Wang Lin plainly said, “Li Dannan!”

Li Dannan quickly walked up and respectfully said, “Senior, Junior is here!” He was even more respectful than before. The scene of Wang Lin taking the void wood stone shook his heart.

Wang Lin asked, “If important treasures are traded here, there will naturally be other cultivators snooping around, so why are there still so many cultivators trading here?”

Li Dannan quickly answered, “Senior doesn’t know, but most people who come to deal in these stalls don’t come alone, so they would naturally not be afraid of people spying on them.

“As for those who are worried about it, they can leave it at a trustworthy stall to sell and then come back later when it is sold. This prevents some unnecessary trouble.

“One can even pay to hire guards from the city’s lord. However, since a long time ago, trading has always been very risky, so everything depends on fate.”

Wang Lin smiled. He felt unfamiliar being here, but wasn’t it always like this? Back in the Sea of Devils, he was hunted down because of the pill furnace.

Wang Lin looked into the sky and asked, “Is there any snow ink here?”

“Snow ink …” Li Dannan thought for a long time but couldn’t think of anything. He bitterly smiled and said, “Senior, Junior doesn’t know what that is.”

After he finished speaking, Li Dannan’s eyes suddenly lit up and he said, “Senior, although I don’t know what it is, the Shang clan’s shop collects countless materials. Maybe they have what you need.”

Wang Lin withdrew his gaze and calmly said, “Oh? Tell me about it.”

Li Dannan immediately said, “The Shang clan’s shop is the largest shop in Ming Mei city; it is ranked number 1. It is rumored to be supported by a rank 7 cultivation planet, and they have a branch on multiple trade planets.

“Anyone who buys from there is protected by the shop until they are 50,000 kilometers away from the planet. If requested, they will even protect you until you are back to your cultivation planet!” .

After Wang Lin heard this, he nodded and said, “Lead the way!”

Li Dannan was very excited. He had lived in Ming Mei city for many years, but he had only gone to the northern part twice. He didn’t go into the stores either time. Only powerful cultivators could go inside. Without enough money, one wouldn’t be able to buy a single thing there.

With Li Dannan leading the way, the two of them quickly arrived at the northern part of the city. Before them were nine palace-like shops that towered over everything.

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