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Chapter 472 – Planet Suzaku

Late at night, the moon was shining brightly in the sky. A fierce figure was flying slowly through the air.

The fierce figure was a vicious beast, and that beast was shaped like a mosquito countless times larger than a normal one.

On the back of the mosquito stood one person. This person had a head of long hair that flowed elegantly in the air. He had his hands behind his back while standing on the back of the mosquito. His clothes made him look like a very upstanding person.

This person was Wang Lin.

The mosquito slowly closed in on a city below it. This was where the mortal capital city of the country of Zhou was located.

The city was filled with tall buildings and there was a river running through its center going from north to south. There were many boats on this river, and although it was 3 AM, there were lights coming from inside the boats as well as the laughter of women, making this place look even more luxurious.

Wang Lin looked at those boats and ordered the mosquito to fly down. The mosquito silently flew above the river like a god passing by.

On one of the boats, a rich man who was drunk stuck his head out to get some fresh air when he saw the shadow of the mosquito beast. In an instant, all of the alcohol in his system disappeared due to shock. It took a long time for him to recover. He thought that he had drank too much and was hallucinating.

On the east side of the city, there was a very fancy palace where the song of joyous laughter and festivity could be heard. From the back of the mosquito, Wang Lin said, “Situ, it is time to go!”

Shortly after, all of noise stopped. There was no song coming from the palace anymore; it was as if everyone just froze.

A young boy wearing a purple robe walked out. He revealed look of regret and sighed. “This old man hasn’t enjoyed himself enough yet. Cultivate, cultivate, what dogfart is there to cultivate?! My life as a king is still better; I can do whatever I want and no one dares to offend me!”

Wang Lin raised his head, looked at the moon in the sky, and slowly said, “We should be leaving!”

“Wait a moment. The little king of this country has been pretty good to me, so let me reward him.” With that, Situ Nan disappeared.

Half an hour later, Situ Nan’s figure suddenly appeared next to Wang Lin and laughed. “Let us go! Time to leave planet Suzaku!!!”

He then stepped onto the mosquito beast’s back. The mosquito beast was already afraid of him, so it let out a cry. It then rushed into the sky and disappeared into the horizon.

The mosquito flew faster and faster until it reached the end of the first layer of the planet’s atmosphere. Once one goes past the atmosphere, they can leave planet Suzaku!

When they arrived at a certain altitude, Wang Lin put the mosquito away. Then he moved like a meteor through the atmosphere.

Situ Nan was even faster, so he pulled ahead of Wang Lin.

The power of the atmosphere pressed down upon them, creating a powerful resistance force like a giant mountain weighing down on them. Situ Nan laughed and shouted, “Scatter for this old man!”

With one roar, the atmosphere seemed to be torn apart by a pair of giant hands. The layers of the atmosphere were pushed aside, creating a tunnel.

The atmosphere was normally invisible and one could only feel it with their own body. However, right now a ripple was spreading through the atmosphere and all the way around the entire planet.

At this moment, whether they were mortals or cultivators, everyone raised their heads.

From their points of view, the sky suddenly became very colorful as rainbow-colored light shined down on them.

Zhou Wutai was standing at the peak of Mount Suzaku, revealing a look of regret.

Behind him stood several people. These were the newly-appointed messengers of Mount Suzaku. They were in charge of delivering Zhou Wutai’s every order.

Zhou Wutai muttered to himself, “Brother Wang, may your trip be smooth!” Scenes of his time with Wang Lin flashed through his mind. From when they met because of a little prince of the mortal world, to when the Four Sect Alliance was destroyed, to Wang Lin refusing the title of Suzaku and giving it to him.

Zhou Wutai recalled all of it and entered a dream-like state. Time flies, things are ever changing; it has always been like this…

All of the Wang family members in Zhao raised their heads to look at the sky. Wang Zhuo looked at the sky and let out a sigh.

Beside him was a very handsome 14 or 15-year-old teenage boy. He turned to Wang Zhuo and asked, “Ancestor grandpa, is that the other ancestor grandpa in the sky?”

Wang Zhuo rubbed the boy’s head and said, “Yes, he is the person I respect the most in my life, my younger brother.”

In the jungle beside the valley in Chu, a very large and fierce tiger had just pounced on a boar and easily killed it with one bite. He threw the boar behind him toward the seven or eight female tigers that were following him.

The tiger was about to let out a roar when he suddenly looked into the sky and stood there motionless.

“He finally left. Every time this tiger sees him, my heart feels cold.” After a while, the tiger let out a roar filled with joy.

He turned around and led the female tigers behind him into the jungle for the next prey.

Little White was still waiting, waiting for Zhou Ru’s call. To this day, he still had a feeling that Zhou Ru would come to take him away.

Country of Chu, Phoenix village.

Zhou Ru’s parents were talking with Zhou Ru in their yard. They had joyous expressions on their faces. The three of them were talking about something when Zhou Ru suddenly raised her head and looked toward the sky.

“Uncle…” Zhou Ru stared at the sky. At this moment, she could feel that uncle was moving farther and farther away from her. This distance was increasing and seemed like it would continue increasing forever.

Planet Suzaku, where the Forsaken Immortal Clan settled down.

Yunque Zi was sitting by himself on a tall mountain looking at the sky.

His face looked very old, even older than before. He sustained heavy injuries in the Suzaku Tomb, and even after a year of healing, he only recovered little. He also felt his lifespan coming to an end, causing him to feel a burst of fatigue.

The lifespan of Forsaken Immortal Clan members was a bit longer than cultivators’, or else with Yunque Zi’s cultivation, he would have died years ago.

“The younger generation will surpass us in no time…” After a long time, he let out a sigh.

In the area of the Forsaken Immortal Clan, 5,000 kilometers away from Yunque Zi, a young man covered in flashing golden tattoos looked into the sky and revealed a look of melancholy.

“Brother Wang, do you still remember me…” This person was the junior master of the Forsaken Immortal Clan. There was a story behind him. In the Suzaku Tomb, he didn’t make it to the battle for the Cultivation Planet Crystal, but he didn’t lose his life.

“Brother Wang, I’m going to leave planet Suzaku too. I hope we have a chance to meet once more in the future!”

At this moment, all of the cultivators on planet Suzaku felt the fluctuation in the sky. Under their gazes, Wang Lin and Situ Nan broke through the atmosphere and stepped into space.

On planet Suzaku, the ancestor of the Giant Demon Clan trapped under the Corpse Sect was still calling for help.

In the Land of the Ancient God, Tuo Sen’s mad laughter still echoed. The day when he will regain his freedom was not far.

In the Sea of the Devils, the rumor of the kill order still echoed among the demonic cultivators, never to die out…

A legend, a cultivator called Wang Lin left his mark all over planet Suzaku…

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