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Chapter 470 – Our fateful connection ends

Planet Suzaku, outside of Phoenix City in Chu, in a mortal village.

It was a morning in spring. There was smoke coming out from the various houses and there were sounds of dogs barking along with children playing.

The fifth house to the east of the village was a humble house. A slightly older woman was squatting in the kitchen, lighting the stove to prepare to cook.

Her figure was slightly bent and filled with age. Smoke came from the firewood, causing her to cough, so she quickly picked up the bamboo fan. After fanning it a bit, the smoke finally scattered.

“Ru’s mom…” A voice called to her from the room next to the kitchen.

The woman put down the fan and wiped her hand on her dress. She quickly left the kitchen and arrived at the room where the voice came from.

After opening the door and entering the room, she saw an old man sitting on the bed. His eyes were sunken in and deep wrinkles covered his face.

The man’s entire body was just skin and bones and his eyes had no light in them.

The woman arrived next to the bed, then she looked at the man and tears came out of her eyes.

“Husband, what do you want to eat?”

The man raised his right hand and the woman quickly helped him sit up.

“Ru’s mom, I had a dream yesterday that our daughter returned home…” A hint of brightness appeared in the man’s dim eyes.

“Our daughter will return home soon…”

The woman’s tears started pouring out. “Yes, she will return home soon…” she said.

“I regretted my decision back then. I shouldn’t have let that daoist take her away. In a flash, 20 years have passed and I have no idea how she is…” The man looked even older.

The woman wiped away her tears and whispered, “Don’t worry, our daughter has good fortune; she is definitely safe.”

These two are Zhou Ru’s parents. During the Forsaken Immortal Clan’s invasion, they were forced to move here to get away from the war.

However, these two elders have always thought of Zhou Ru.

Zhou Ru being taken away by that daoist has always been a thorn in their hearts. The years of longing made this thorn even longer and stronger, making the pain even worse.

Zhou Ru’s father has always regretted this. After he got sick, he never got better and became thinner and thinner by the day.

All of the household’s burdens fell on Zhou Ru’s mother. A housewife had to support the entire family. However, in her dreams, tears filled her eyes and she still called Zhou Ru’s name.

“Our daughter will come home. Husband, you had a dream yesterday about her returning. Your dream will definitely come true…” The woman wiped away her tears.

“Ah…” Zhou Ru’s father let out a deep sigh and was about to say something when his eyes locked onto the door. It was as if his entire person was frozen and couldn’t move a muscle.

The woman was startled as she turned around to see where her husband was looking at. When her gaze reached the door, her entire body began to tremble.

She saw a girl standing at the door. This girl was very charming and had long, flowing black hair. Her appearance was a bit similar to the couple’s vague memories of Zhou Ru.

The woman hesitantly whispered, “You…”

“Mother!!!” Tears suddenly fell from the girl’s eyes as she arrived next to the woman and began to cry.

“Ru Er… it really is Ru Er. Husband, she really came back!” The woman became so excited that tears streamed down her cheeks. The woman hugged the girl and began to cry.

Zhou Ru’s father seemed to be suddenly filled with unimaginable power; he sat up by himself. He looked at Zhou Ru as tears flowed down his cheeks and said, “God have mercy on us! God have mercy on us! My daughter has returned home!”

Outside the house, Wang Lin sighed. He was filled with regret toward these two. He pointed with his right hand and a ray of spiritual energy quietly entered each of Zhou Ru’s parents.

Zhou Ru’s father’s body completely recovered and was filled with vitality; Zhou Ru’s mother was the same.

“Ru Er, uncle is leaving!” After pondering a bit, Wang Lin left. He appeared ever so bleak and lonely.

Inside the house, Zhou Ru seemed to feel something, then she looked out the window and saw the bleak and lonely figure.

“Uncle, will Ru Er have a chance to see you again in this life…” thought Zhou Ru. The sorrow in her heart deepened…

In her heart, Wang Lin was more important than her parents; after all, she had been with Wang Lin ever since she was little.

“Uncle, I’ll continue to cultivate until I can leave planet Suzaku. When I can leave, I’ll… come find you… By then, little Ru Er will no longer be dragging you down.”

Wang Lin left.

Little White let out a few growls outside of Zhou Ru’s house. His big eyes looked into Zhou Ru’s house and filled with reluctance. Shortly after, he let out a loud roar before jumping into the sky and disappearing in a ray of white light.

This roar shocked all of the villagers in the village, but when they came out, they found nothing. However, all of the livestock in the village didn’t dare to leave their pens for a month. Every night, their bodies trembled violently as if they were traumatized.

Country of Chu.

Wang Lin’s body appeared outside the Cloud Sky Sect.

“Tie Yan, come out to see me!” Wang Lin’s voice echoed across the Cloud Sky Sect.

A ray of light quickly flew out from the Cloud Sky Sect. The light stopped ten feet before Wang Lin, revealing an old man. This person was Tie Yan.

Ti Yan had reached the Soul Formation and the country of Chu had become a rank 4 cultivation country.

“Tie Yan is here!” Tie Yan clasped his hands and respectfully stood there. His heart was filled with respect toward Wang Lin. On planet Suzaku, Wang Lin’s name was a legend.

Wang Lin, also known as Ceng Niu, chopped Red Butterfly’s arm, killed Qian Feng, surprised Liu Mei, forced Zi Xin to retreat, and with one word made Zhou Wutai the 15th Suzaku.

All of this spread to every cultivator across planet Suzaku. Almost no one didn’t know of these stories.

In Tie Yan’s heart, Wang Lin was the heavens and his words were the heavens’ law that no one could resist.

Wang Lin waved his right hand and a bag of holding flew out and landed in Tie Yan’s hand.

“If Zhou Ru can cultivate to the Nascent Soul stage on her own, give this to her! If she can’t, then forget about it! There is a seal by me on it. This seal is very simple; all you need to do is carefully study it and you will be able to break it one day.”

Wang Lin’s voice was extremely plain.

Tie Yan was startled and then he quickly said, “Tie Yan doesn’t dare. This is your gift to Zhou Ru. Even if I were to die, I wouldn’t dare to break it open!”

Wang Lin looked at Tie Yan and nodded. “You better not lust after it, or else you will have to suffer the consequences. Remember this well!”

Tie Yan’s heart shook and he memorized it in his heart. He wouldn’t dare to disregard Wang Lin’s words, to not believe Wang Lin’s words. This feeling followed him even to his death.

Wang Lin took a good look around before letting out a sigh. Then his body turned into a cloud of green smoke and was scattered by the wind.

Tie Yan was completely soaked in sweat. He carefully put the bag of holding away and returned to the Cloud Sky Sect.

On the extreme northern part of planet Suzaku where the country of Xue Yue used to be, and where the icy wind could chill one to the bones.

No one knew when, but a field of roses had grown here; however, the roses weren’t red but white.

Fields of white roses had grown in this cold place and their fragrance filled the area.

On the eastern part of the area, there was an icy valley, and inside the valley a single blue rose was growing.

It grew facing the cold wind and its branches were like ice. It was like a proud maiden proudly standing there, creating its own charm.

On this day, a person entered the valley.

This person was wearing white robes and looked every calm. At the moment the person entered, the blue rose seemed to have noticed and released a fragrance. The valley was suddenly filled with the fragrance of the blue rose.

It was as if there was a maiden dancing in the valley, giving people a very mysterious feeling.

The white-robed young man stood silently behind the blue rose. He looked at it for a very long time before squatting down and gently plucking it. Then he turned around and left…

As the young man left, the white roses all began to wilt and die; it was as if they only had only grown to accompany that blue rose.

When the blue rose was taken away, they lost their reason for living, so they could only scatter…

Country of Zhao, foot of the Heng Yue Mountain, the Wang Family’s ancestral home.

On this day, a young man wearing a snow-white robe silently appeared in the temple of the ancestral home. He quietly looked at the row of tablets before locking his gaze on the two at the top.

The young man quietly stared at them for very long time and never moved.

This lasted for one day and one night.

On the morning of the second day, a servant came to close the room. When the servant caught sight of the young man in the snow-white robe, he was about to call for help, but his body suddenly softened and fell on the ground.

The young man silently looked at the tablets, his eyes filled with remembrance.

He stood there for three days and three nights. Each day, the remembrance in his eyes deepened. and two streams of tears fell from his cheeks.

After three days, the young man finally moved. He slowly kneeled on the ground and kowtowed.

“Father… Mother… Your son is going to leave….” muttered the young man, then he stood up and walked out of the temple.

Right now there were a lot of people standing outside the temple.

There were men and women, old and young among the people outside. They were all wearing luxurious clothes and all looked like they were blessed. There were even some cultivators among them. Even though their cultivation levels weren’t high, they looked very heroic.

The person in front was Wang Zhuo!

One day ago, Wang Zhuo felt something call for him, so he came here. When he arrived at the temple, he felt Wang Lin’s presence.

He knew that Wang Lin was not hiding his presence and that the call he felt was also from Wang Lin.

That was why he came and also why he called all of the Wang family here. No matter what they were doing, he made them stop and had cultivators bring them here.

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