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Chapter 471 – Refining Treasure

At the moment Wang Lin walked out, Wang Zhuo shouted, “All Wang family members, kneel!”

The more than 100 Wang family descendants outside the temple all kneeled. No matter what their identity was, no matter what status they enjoyed among mortals, they were kneeling before their founding ancestor right now!

The Wang family’s founding ancestor from 600 years ago!

It was the descendants’ filial duty to kneel toward their ancestor!

Also, this ancestor was a very famous person all over planet Suzaku! The Wang family was one of the very few families on planet Suzaku where even if cultivators met them, they would have to be very respectful!

All of this was because the Wang family produced Wang Lin!

Wang Zhuo looked at Wang Lin and said, with a heavy tone, “Wang Lin, I brought all the Wang family descendents to send you off!”

Wang Lin looked at the unfamiliar faces that contained his family’s bloodline and said, “All of you, rise!”

The entire Wang family stood up and respectfully looked at Wang Lin.

“After I leave, I will leave the Wang family to you,” whispered Wang Lin as he looked at Wang Zhuo.

Wang Zhuo pondered a bit. After a while, he let out a sigh and said, “In an instant, 600 years have passed. Wang Lin, you be careful. As for the matters at home, I’ll take care of them.”

Wang Lin turned around and took another good look at the temple. He took one step and then disappeared without a trace.

The ancestral home was completely silent. All of the Wang family members kowtowed once more.

“Good travels, ancestor!”

A wave of respectful send offs came from the Wang family members…

Scenes from the past played in Wang Zhuo’s mind as he looked at the sky. He followed his father to the village where Wang Lin lived. He saw a youth next to second uncle greeting everyone with a smile.

The smile on the youth’s smiling face continued to expand in Wang Zhuo’s mind until it was the only thing left…

“Wang Lin…” Two streams of tears fell from Wang Zhuo’s old eyes.

Eastern part of planet Suzaku.

Wang Lin was flying across a wasteland on top of the mosquito. The sound of the mosquito breaking the sound barrier could be heard as it rushed forward.

His eyes were bright like a torch as he looked around. Shortly after, his expression changed. The mosquito quickly understood Wang Lin’s intentions. It let out a roar and quickly landed on the plain below.

Wang Lin took a step and landed on the ground. The mosquito stood there and cautiously observed its surroundings.

Wang Lin slapped his bag of holding. A ray of green light shot out and turned into the thunder toad.

After the thunder toad came out, it let out a thunderous roar, causing the mosquito to respond. Then the mosquito began to mess with the toad and the two began to play with each other.

Wang Lin opened his bag of holding and his divine sense spread out inside it.

He chose this place because it was remote. He decided to organize and refine the treasures he had inside his bag before leaving.

First was the celestial sword and the half-moon blade. He only took one look at them and then moved on.

As for the axe, he wasn’t going to refine it because he was going to give it to his original body.

As for the four sword sheaths, Wang Lin still didn’t understand them. He felt regretful that he still didn’t understand their mysteries even at this point, where he was about to leave planet Suzaku.

He waved his right hand and the four sword sheaths started floating before him. Then he spat out some origin spiritual energy and quickly surrounded the four sword sheaths.

He began to refine them.

Time slowly passed. Three days later, Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. The connection between him and the four sword sheaths was even stronger now. He waved his right hand and put the sword sheaths away.

This time Wang Lin took out the Soul Lasher.

There was a trace of divine sense on this whip that Wang Lin couldn’t break with his current cultivation, but he still had a way of dealing with it.

With a thought, the pagoda containing Zhou Yi’s domain flew out. It landed on the ground and an Ascendant level domain immediately spread out.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up, then his hand formed a seal, pointed at the Soul Lasher, and sent out a seal.

The whip immediately started shaking and a white aura spread out from it. This white aura was extremely tyrannical and immediately shattered Wang Lin’s seal.

Wang Lin’s expression remained calm as he willed Zhou Yi’s domain to quickly gather around the Soul Lasher. Soon, a mass of green light surrounded the Soul Lasher and the white aura around it.

Wang Lin’s eyes were calm as he pointed at his forehead and his origin soul flew out. He flew at the Soul Lasher and began to refine it.

This process lasted seven days.

Seven days later, with Zhou Yi’s domain and Wang Lin’s origin soul, the divine sense in the Soul Lasher was finally destroyed. With it gone, Wang Lin left his own divine sense on the Soul Lasher with his origin soul.

When he looked at the Soul Lasher, he could feel the connection he had with it; it was as if they were one. There were many layers of restrictions inside the Soul Lasher, just like how the straw hat was constructed with layers of restrictions.

However, there was more than one straw hat, making it worth much less than the Soul Lasher. Aside from hiding one’s appearance, Wang Lin was also able to learn a bit from the jade Yunque Zi gave him.

The most useful thing about the straw hat was that he would learn more restrictions from studying it and thus increase the power of his restriction flag.

Wang Lin’s current goal for the restriction flag was 9,999 sets of restrictions. In order to reach this goal, he would have to learn that many restrictions.

As for the Soul Lasher, Wang Lin was confident that it was not a pseudo celestial treasure. Although he could use celestial spiritual energy on it, it was somehow much weaker than when using spiritual energy.

This point made Wang Lin very confused. He later found out that he didn’t even have to use spiritual energy. As long as he used it, it would produce its own mysterious force.

As a result, this item suddenly became mysterious in Wang Lin’s eyes.

This Soul Lasher belonged to Chu Yunfei, but he was forced to quickly leave the planet. Although Chu Yunfei knew that the Soul Lasher was mysterious, it became a burden to him. The Soul Lasher was in Qian Feng’s hands, and Qian Feng was Zhuque Zi’s disciple. He was afraid that it would cause too much of a commotion, so he abandoned it.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up, he felt that there was something strange about this whip. After pondering a bit, he put it away.

He waved his right hand and one more item appeared: the scroll!

While staring at the scroll, Wang Lin pondered a bit and then put it away. Among all of his treasures, this was the most mysterious treasure he had other than the heaven defying bead, although the Soul Lasher was just added to this list as well.

Wang Lin raised his head to look at the sky and revealed a ponderous expression. He then touched the bag of holding and a war chariot filled with spikes came out, landing on the ground.

The moment this chariot appeared, all of the surrounding sand was blown away as if it were afraid of getting close.

The spikes on the chariot emitted a cold gleam, causing anyone who looked at it to feel fear.

As Wang Lin stared at the chariot, he slapped his bag of holding and took out the beast trap.

After giving Situ Nan one of the war chariots, Wang Lin still had two left. He knew that he couldn’t handle the larger of the two, or else he would definitely be injured by the backlash.

However, Wang Lin was confident in controlling the second war chariot with the beast trap.

Half a month later, Wang Lin left the plain.

During this half a month, roars from a beast constantly echoed across the plain.

These roars shook the high heavens. Even some people from the Forsaken Immortal Clan felt the angry roars from the battle spirit that wouldn’t bow to anyone!

Wang Lin sat on the mosquito beast and quickly flew into the distance. His face was pale and he was holding a celestial jade in his hand. Shortly after, the jade turn to dust and disappeared.

The moment the celestial jade disappeared, another one appeared in his hand and he continued to absorb celestial spiritual energy.

The power of the spirit beast on the war chariot was outside of Wang Lin’s expectations. This beast’s unyielding nature was even more powerful than the previous one’s. This was from the pride of never bowing to anything.

In the end, Wang Lin poured all his effort into trapping the spirit beast inside the beast trap. However, this resulted in a crack appearing on the beast trap.

After restricting this unyielding beast, the spiritual energy in Wang Lin’s body was drained in an instant. He would have died from it had he not been prepared ahead of time.

Wang Lin opened his eyes, touched the beast trap on his wrist, and revealed a look of worry.

“This will be a powerful treasure! Unfortunately, there are only three primary souls left in the soul flag. If I had more, it would be able to stall for time while the the war chariot activates. The activation still takes a long time.

“With my current treasures, I have nothing to fear when facing mid stage Soul Transformation cultivators. Against average late stage Soul Transformation cultivators, as long as I have time to activate the war chariot, I’ll also have the ability to put up a fight. However, against those that have a celestial treasure or are half a step into the Ascendant stage, I’ll likely lose. As for Ascendant cultivators, I have no way of winning.

“I’m still too weak, and planet Tian Yun has far more resources than planet Suzaku. There must be even more powerful cultivators there, so I must be very careful when I’m there!”

“Unfortunately, the heaven defying bead is still missing the metal element. When I killed Qian Feng, I managed to catch Red Butterfly’s metal elemental body, but it only gave the heaven defying ⅓ of the needed metal element…” Wang Lin let out a sigh and flew off into the distance. He was heading toward where Situ Nan was living his life as a king.

In the rank 4 cultivation country of Zhou, in the palace of the mortal capital, Situ Nan’s voice could be heard from within.

“Haha, service this lord well. If this lord enjoys himself, I’ll give you darlings these pills that will keep your skin as smooth and white as it is now for 20 to 30 years…”

Voices like birds chirping continued to come out from the palace. There were also song-like voices mixed within. All of it was very enchanting.

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